The Client

Chapter 46

"We're really here," Abby breathed. She clutched Mike's arm just a little tighter. He smiled at his girlfriend who was practically vibrating. After the plane ride they had done a little bit of site seeing before heading to their hotel. Even then it didn't seem real. Now at the door to the suite they were to stay in for the week, it hit her.

Mike slid the card key into the lock and opened the door. He led Abby in then stopped a few steps into the room to close the door. Abby went on ahead into the room. She flopped herself stomach first onto the large hotel bed and sank in the comforter. Mike chuckled. He stood back enjoying the view. Yep, the two week wait to heal up and the flight over the channel was more than worth it. Abby lifted herself on her elbows and angled back to him with a saucy grin. "Stop staring at my butt and get over here," she beckoned.

Mike plopped himself down into a seated position beside her. "Dinner is still some hours away," he offered, "Anything you want to do? Another place you want to go visit?"

"Well," She dipped her head slightly, "We haven't…" Abby's voice trailed off. Mike understood the unspoken words. "Not since before the car bomb."

"No, we haven't," Mike shook his head, "But we can fix that now."

"Are you sure you are ok for that?" Abby bit her bottom lip looking up at him with some concern.

"I am just fine," Mike replied. He cupped her cheek and drew her in for a kiss. They continued kissing as he lowered her back into the bed. His nimble fingers found the buttons on her blouse. The delicate touch felt like feathers to Abby as Mike undid the buttons one by one. He let her up. Abby began to shrug out of her blouse. Mike helped her push the fabric off. The soft skin of her neck tempted him. He couldn't resist. Mike devoured her neck while out appreciative noises escaped from her throat.

Abby leveraged herself to flip Mike over to his back. "Whoa!" he gasped. She swiftly straddled him before he could completely settle. "Well, hello," he crooned. Abby smirked in response. She grabbed his face and she dipped down and attacked his mouth with hers. Mike sat up, bringing Abby with him. He broke the kiss long enough to reach behind and take hold of his shirt. Mike pulled the cotton garment off over his head and tossed it to the side. They began kissing again. He drew his hands up Abby's arms. He brought them over her shoulders then down her back. Mike made quick work of her bra which Abby disposed of in like manner as their shirts. His hands returned to her back he pulled Abby flush to him- their bodies chest to chest. Abby reached for his belt buckle and unbuckled it. Soon the rest of their clothes were gone. Neither of them minded. They were too busy losing themselves in each other.

Lauren knew Brennan was in-between meetings and was more than likely alone, but knocked on his office door anyway. "Come in," the man in question beckoned.

She opened the door and stepped in, "Hi."

"Hi," Brennan smiled. Lauren was one of the only people his assistant would let back without announcing. He stood and came around to the front of his desk. "What can I do for you today?" Brennan asked.

"We'll get to that. Did Mike and Abby take off ok?" Lauren questioned.

"Yeah, Abby and Mike should be landing in London any time now," Brennan smiled.

"How are you handling having her out of the country?" she queried.

"I'm dealing with it," he replied, "I think I am driving her a bit crazy checking in on her every chance I get."

"Abby knows it's just because you love her," Lauren smiled. Brennan was a good father.

"That I do," he acknowledged, "She's pretty excited to go meet Mike's Mom."

"It is pretty exciting and a whole trip to another country to do it too," she replied.

Brennan nodded, "After the summer Abby's had she deserves this break."

"Have you been sleeping better? You look like it," she offered.

"Yes, actually. Now that everything has settled down, it's nice to be able to get back to a routine- Maybe we'll get some work done," he answered.

"About that," Lauren handed him an envelope.

Brennan raised an eyebrow, "What's this?"

"I am resigning as your chief of security- effective at the end of the month," she said. Brennan's eyes dimmed. His chest fell. "I see," he tapped the envelope in the palm of his hands, "This is an unexpected blow."

"I have already lined up several candidates for you to choose a new one from," Lauren offered.

"Things won't be the same around here without you," Brennan shook his head.

"Oh, I'm not going anywhere," she replied. Lauren grabbed him by the lapels of his suit and pulled him to her. She pressed her lips to his. At first he stiffened, surprised by the kiss. After a moment Brennan relaxed and surrendered to the passion of it. Lauren released Brennan's suit and rested her hands on his chest as the kiss lingered.

When they parted Brennan took in a deep breath. "It's been a while since I've been kissed like that," he licked his lips.

"If I knew it would feel like that I would have done it sooner," she smiled.

Brennan brought his hands up to cup the back of her neck, "Does this mean what I think it does?"

"If you feel the same way, I want to try with you. Do you want that?" Lauren asked.

Brennan's brown eyes focused on her lips. He dipped in and kissed her, "Does that answer your question?" She grinned.

His cellphone beeped. Lauren wiped her lipstick off of the corner of his mouth, "You should check that." He got his phone out of his pocket. It was a message from Abby. "Well, look at that," Brennan grinned. He turned and showed Lauren the picture Abby had texted him.

London, Baby! Lucia grinned at the caption. She had gotten the same exact message that Brennan had. Abby sent a selfie with Mike that had Big Ben in the background.

Johnny returned with their ice cream cones. He handed Lucia hers. "Thank you," she replied.

"No problem," he lowered himself into his seat beside her, "Sorry this was so spontaneous." An ice cream in the park wasn't exactly what he had in mind for their first date, but it was better than nothing.

"It's my crazy schedule that's gotten in the way of dinner or drinks," Lucia shrugged. She had been slammed with work in the week and a half since the abduction. "This is good," Lucia took his hand as she began to eat her ice cream. The park was a beautiful place.

Johnny took a big lick off of his cone before the melting ice cream dripped off. He looked over and saw the picture on Lucia's phone. "When did that come in?" Johnny asked.

"While you were getting the ice cream," Lucia answered.

"How come I didn't get it?" Johnny played pouted. His fingers itched to get out his phone and check it, but it should have gone off already. He didn't want to let go of Lucia's hand or the yummy ice cream either. Lucia looked through the list of recipients. Charlie had gotten it as well and Lauren too. "I am sure she just missed you," she said.

"Mike's fingers aren't broken," Johnny quipped.

"I think Mike is more interested in Abby than pictures," Lucia wriggled her eyebrows.

In the picture while Abby was grinning for the camera Mike was nuzzling her cheek, his eyes completely fixed on her. He was all about Abby.

"He's got it bad," Johnny agreed. He lifted his arm and wrapped it around Lucia's shoulders.

She wiggled in closer to him. Johnny offered her a taste of his ice cream. Lucia ate some, "Yummy."

"How long are you staying in the city for?" Lucia inquired.

"Probably until the end of the week," he said. Lucia held up her cone to let him a have a lick of her ice cream. "I wanna help get Charlie and Hannah settled in the house before I go- and to see you again of course," Johnny added before starting on the cone.

Lucia laid her head on his shoulder, "Do you have another job lined up?"

"Yeah, Briggs already has one with my name on it," Johnny answered.

"I guess I can't get you to tell them where it is?" she asked upon finishing her ice cream.

"It's only a state or two away," he smiled.

"I'm going to miss you," Lucia told him.

"Hey, hey- enough of that mess, I'm here now and I'll be back," Johnny nudged her with his shoulder.

"You better be," she snuggled down.

They sat in light conversation enjoying the day and each other. Johnny's phone went off as he finished his ice cream.

"See they didn't forget you," she nudged him with her elbow.

"They were just slow," Johnny pursed his lips.

"Are you happy now?" Lucia smirked.

"Very," he leaned in and kissed her, "You?"

"Very happy," Lucia echoed.

The taxi carrying Mike & Abby from their hotel pulled up to the front of an upscale restaurant and stopped. Mike opened his door and egressed first. He reached in and offered Abby his hand. She let him help her out of the taxi. Abby fluffed out her hair and smoothed down her knee length wrap dress in an attempt to calm a different kind of butterflies in her stomach as Mike paid the fare. He came up beside her and could tell she was nervous. "I must say you look great in white," Mike said. She blushed slightly.

Rachel & Emmet where already inside. They walked up to the Maitre d' station. "Hello," Emmet greeted.

"Hello. Do you have a reservation?" Maitre d' asked.

"Yes, under Churchill, table for four," Emmet answered.

"Your table will be ready momentarily," the Maitre d' said.

"Four? Where did you come up with four?" Rachel asked, "It's just us."

"You'll find out," Emmet promised. Just then the doorman held the main door open. Emmet looked up over Rachel's head. He grinned as Mike & Abby entered hand in hand. They approached the couple.

"What are you smiling at?" Rachel inquired.

"Why don't you turn around and look?" Emmet motioned with his head.

She pivoted in the direction he had indicated. Her face lit up when she saw Mike. "My baby!" Rachel squealed. She threw her arms around Mike's neck.

Mike let go of Abby's hand momentarily to return the deep hug. He breathed his mother in, "I've missed you, Mama."

"Let me look at you," Rachel pulled back and surveyed her son. Mike's cheeks were fuller in a healthy way. Over all he looked much healthier than the last time she had visited him. Someone was taking care of her boy. "It's been too long," Rachel said.

Mike reached behind for Abby and brought her to his side, "Mom, I'd like you to meet Abby- Abby, this is my Mom."

"It's a pleasure to meet you," Abby said.

"Likewise," Rachel replied, "So you're the girl, that's making my son's heart skip a beat."

Mike chuckled. Abby wrapped her arms around Mike's waist, "I think my heart has the same reaction to him." He kissed her temple. Abby beamed up at him. Rachel liked the way Abby looked at her son.

"This is my husband Emmet," Rachel gestured to the sepia haired man with a dimpled chin, behind her.

He tipped his head to them, "Hello, Abby. Happy to make your acquaintance. Hey, Mike."

Hearing his voice, Rachel connected the dots with the reservation. "You knew he was coming didn't you?" she accused.

Emmet threw his hands up, "Mike swore me to secrecy- it was his idea."

"Oh, yeah- go ahead and throw me under the bus," Mike snickered.

"Your table is ready, Mr. Churchill," the Maitre d' announced. He gestured for them to follow.

They were soon led to their table. Mike pulled out Abby's chair for her as Emmet did for Rachel. After they were all settled and had ordered their drinks. Abby & Mike held hands over the table. That wasn't lost on Rachel. She looked forward to learning about the girl Mike brought to meet her.

"Well, Abby won't you tell us a little bit about yourself?" Rachel requested.

"Well, I'm a lawyer," Abby replied.

"No way, so is Emmet," Rachel patted his shoulder.

"What kind of work do you do? Corporate, Family, Criminal?" Emmet asked.

"I specialized in corporate law, but took more than the required criminal law classes," Abby answered, "I run a foundation in my late mother and brother's names now."

"Oh," Rachel coaxed the younger woman to continue.

"We aim to help low income families get medical treatment for their kids," Abby explained.

"A noble endeavor," Rachel bobbed her head.

"What kind of law do you practice? Do you have a firm?" Abby inquired of Emmet.

"I work for the Crown Prosecution Service," Emmet answered.

"So you're like a District Attorney," she replied.

"Yeah," Emmet nodded. She knew her stuff.

"I still say if this one ever gets bored of his security job- he'd make a kick butt prosecutor," Abby nudged Mike. Their drinks arrived and were divvied out. The waiter took their orders before leaving them to return to their conversation.

"A toast," Emmet raised his glass. The others did the same. "To my wife. Thank you for another wonderful year and here's to many more. There will never be enough time for me to tell you how much I love you. Happy birthday, my Darling." They all clanked glasses and each took a sip.

"It's my turn," Mike said, "To birthdays, to family, to togetherness." He turned his eyes to Abby before finishing. "To the future."

"Here, here," Rachel concurred as the second round of glasses clinking began.

"One more?" Abby asked. They kept their glasses up. "Here's to the birthday girl and to our handsome, smart companions," she quipped. Rachel threw her head back and laughed. Everyone else laughed too. After they each drank another sip, Mike took up Abby's hand and pressed a kiss to her knuckles. Rachel smiled. Her kid was doing all right for himself.

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