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Broken Jewel


"Eyes on me little one..." he hissed as he scanned her terror-stricken face. "Please don't do this to me.... I beg you!" she screamed as his fingers tightened around her throat. He was a celebrity with an inflated ego. He was arrogant, selfish and charming. He never compromised for anything in life. He believed that he could get whatever he wanted till he met her. She was an abused, naive and soft hearted person. She feared to trust people around her. Her only motivation to live, was her determination to reach her dreams! What happens when a celebrity enters her life and causes destruction to her already-broken life?

Romance / Mystery
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Ugly World

“Mum......I need........to go....to college today...“Sonakshi stammered, looking pale and tired.

“Please stop calling me mum! I don’t have time for this stupid talks! If you are done with that kitchen work you can get lost...” Rinitha screamed as Sonakshi gulped her fear and sped towards the door.

Sonakshi Agarwal was born in small village near Narela at Delhi. Sonakshi’s mum died when she was three and her father Sanjay, turned into an alcoholic after her death. Sonakshi suffered from an abusive childhood as she never received any love or care from anyone. She was physically and mentally tortured in the house. Nevertheless she decided to remain silent about her abuse as she had no courage to speak against her dad.

Her grandparents were the only ones who cared of her whenever her father left her alone. Seeing Sanjay’s behaviour his parents got worried and convinced him to get married again.

After a year, Sanjay eventually decided to marry his family friend called Rinitha. The couple soon had a daughter called Jia. Rinitha hated Sonakshi ever since she married Sanjay. She never saw Sona as her daughter at all.

Sanjay was too busy to take care of Sona as he always considered her as a burden. He was involved in the underworld drug lords and that was how he earned for his family. Whenever he was at home, he would either take the drugs and drown in the intoxication state or abuse Sonakshi to vent his frustrations.

On the other hand, Rinitha would always torture and starve Sonakshi whenever she did small mistakes. Sonakshi’s humbleness and beauty irritated Rinitha. The hatred kept growing to a point that everything about Sonakshi made her feel insecure and jealous.

However, Sonakshi was well known in her village for her kindness and sweet nature. She was also known as the most beautiful girl of the town. Boys in the village would trip over themselves in her presence as her beauty was too captivating for their eyes. She had long, curvy and natural wavy tresses. Although she was grown in a place where cosmetics were alien, her skin would glow naturally whenever she smiled at others.

Even her teachers favoured her over the other students. At school she was popular without even trying. She was always the topper in class. No matter how hard life was, Sonakshi never stopped trying to reach her goals in life. She had lots of dreams. Dreams which were far from reality, but that never stopped her from trying. She wanted to become a medical practitioner and she strived hard for it.

Sonakshi’s family was against her decision on continuing her education but thankfully her grandparents managed to convince Sanjay and Rinitha about letting her complete her degree. Sonakshi had to travel to the city for her education and her entire family hated it.

Since Sona’s family kept discouraging and abusing her, she grew up with little confidence. She was never a brave or a courageous girl. She believed that she was a bad-luck to her family. She was easily frightened and bullied. People found it easy to deceive her. Due to her shy and introvert nature, Sonakshi never communicated with many people. Whoever behaved nicely to her, became her friends easily.

And that’s how she met Natasha.

“Hey Sonakshi! You know how long I was searching for you? What took you so long? Were you crawling from home?” Natasha asked angrily as Sonakshi sighed.

“Same thing Nats......my step-mum stopped me as usual!” Sona replied as she started walking in with Natasha.

Natasha was the only daughter of a rich and influential businessman. She lived in a house which looked like a fortress. She befriended Sonakshi only for her own benefits and because of that, she managed to pass all the subjects too. She knew Sonakshi was always the topper in the class and she would blindly help her in all the class assignments.

Natasha had two personalities inside her. Certain times, she would treat Sonakshi like her slave and insult her cruelly. However the other times, she would just be like a normal friend and be a good listener to Sona. She would even help Sonakshi whenever she didn’t have money for lunch or other mild needs.

But Sonakshi always saw Natasha as her best friend despite her bold and bossy behaviour. She cared immensely for her and was truly grateful to get a friend like Natasha.

That year, was the last semester for Sonakshi. She had done extremely well in all the subjects and was ranked the first in her batch. However, there was no happiness in her eyes. Fear engulfed her conscience, knocking all other thoughts aside. She just sat dejectedly in the corner of the sports hall when Natasha came there.

“Hey Sona! Why are you sitting here? Come let’s go! You know all the lecturers are all looking for you? What are you doing here?” Natasha asked as Sonakshi just shrugged and dug her head between her palms.

“No Nats, I am not in the mood.... Tell them I am not feeling well...” Sonakshi said as Natasha narrowed her eyes at Sona.

“Why? What’s wrong? You have scored well in all the subjects’ right? Then what? Look at me.... I didn’t do well like the last time....but it wasn’t so bad either. In fact I nearly failed a few modules.... But I am still happy” Natasha chuckled as Sona smiled sadly.

“You are lucky unlike me.... You are going London after this. Even if you didn’t do well.....your dad will make sure he finds the best university and put you in. But me........ I have to stop my studies after this. Because my parents are not willing to pay for my fees hereafter.... They are saying that I am destroying their savings....” Sonakshi said as her eyes still gazed down on the floor.

“Oh come on! Your grades are .....just impossible girl! Whose parents wouldn’t want that?” Natasha asked dramatically.


“You know what? I have a solution to your problem...” Natasha winked as Sonakshi looked at her curiously.


“WHAT? What the hell are you thinking of yourself you ungrateful brat!” Sanjay yelled as Sonakshi’s heart was thumping loudly.

“Dad..........please........ This is my only chance. I have to do a few more years... to be exact...another 4. Natasha’s father has............... has decided to sponsor me together with Natasha................to get me a place in University College London. It would be easy for me to get my admission...... since my grades are not......so bad.” Sonakshi said as her eyes started tearing. Sanjay was burning with rage while Rinitha frowned at Sonakshi.

“And how do you think we are going to pay him back? Do you think money is growing from the tree? You should be grateful that we let you study for this long instead of getting you married!” Rinitha scowled as Sona’s eyes widened.

“Natasha’s dad said.............we can p-pay....them slowly or maybe once I start working..... I can pay him back...” Sonakshi fumbled looking at the angry faces in front of her.

“NO LONDON! You are getting married to my friend’s son! I gave him my word. That’s it.... My decision is final!” Sanjay screamed before he banged his room door shut.

Rinitha smirked at Sonakshi and walked towards her menacingly.

“Now...it’s time to sit down at home and learn how to please your husband after marriage! After all, a generous guy had agreed to marry someone as ugly as you! You should be grateful to him for your whole life......”

“But.....I dreamed to be a doctor....” She whispered softly and looked at the floor. Unfortunately those words reached Rinitha’s ears. Her eyes widened as she walked towards Sona and pulled her hair harshly.

“Look here! No matter how much you study, you still are going to be holding a broom in someone’s house.... So stop dreaming about something that will never happen.” She spat harshly and pushed Sonakshi on the floor.

Sonakshi had never felt that insulted in her life. She was so close to reaching her dreams but everything now was going to remain just as a dream. She was so ashamed that she didn’t even have the courage to speak back to anyone. She loathed herself for being so weak and such a coward. She sat on the floor with a broken heart.

She knew that her father was a fierce person and no one could change his mind. Even now, he wanted her to get her married only because the proposal was from a wealthy place. He never once thought of asking Sonakshi of her opinion.

Sanjay’s POV

I went inside the room and quickly took the alcohol bottle which I had kept near my bed. I took a few sips and tried to calm myself down.

This girl was seriously getting on my nerves. I had tried to get rid of her few years back but she kept insisting that she wanted to study. Manohar had been pestering me that he wanted his son to marry Sonakshi. I don’t see a reason why he wanted my ugly daughter. But that’s another advantage for me. That guy was rich and maybe he could help me in my business too.

Now it’s time for Sona to sit at home like a proper woman and serve the man!

Just when I was about to take another sip, the landline phone plugged near my bed rang loudly.

“Hello?” I answered with frustration.

“Hi, this is Mr Kunal Oberoi.........CEO of Oberoi’s Industries...may I know who am I speaking to?” the person asked as I gasped.

CEO of the Oberoi’s Industries.... WTF?

“Erm....Hello sir, this is Sanjay speaking. May I know how can I help you?”

“Hi Mr Sanjay, I heard a lot about you from my daughter Natasha. I am just here to inform you that I have booked the flight tickets for London under your daughter’s name.............Sonakshi Agarwal..... right? Your daughter’s grades are incredible.....the university is willing to accept her in immediately. Money isn’t a problem. I will sponsor all her education fee. Your daughter will be sharing a flat with my daughter so you wouldn’t need to worry about her safety. Is there anything else you would like to ask Mr Sanjay?” he spoke authoritatively as my anger rose every minute.

“Yea.... I am so sorry to tell you that Sona won’t be going to London. We are planning to get her married soon. So I would appreciate if you excuse us” I spoke rudely as I heard a small chuckle from his side.

“Ouhh.... I wasn’t asking you Mr Sanjay. I was informing you that Sonakshi will be leaving to London in a month’s time! You see, my daughter had informed me everything about you..... I am sorry to say that you have no choice now. The central Minister is my close friend and he had agreed to send proper securities to bring Sonakshi from your village.................so I guess you know better things than messing up with big people!” he said and cut the phone.

What the hell?

Who the hell was he to decide for my daughter? No one tells me what to do! What if the minister was his friend? Did he think I would get scared? I wouldn’t let this bitch go to London no matter what!

I would get Sonakshi married to my friend’s son.....Karan...or Karthik? Whatever! She was staying here and that’s it!

*End of POV*

Sonakshi was still crying on the floor when her father opened the door. Her entire body went rigid as she stared at him with fear. He walked towards her with bloodshot eyes. She quickly stood up and straightened her dress. Her hands were clenched in fists as she was trying to calm her erratic heart.

Sanjay’s hand cracked across her face, snapping it back with the force of his blow and causing her head to reel sickeningly while it slammed into the wall behind her. Black dots covered her vision as she stood in the middle of the room with her father holding her arms tightly behind her back. The pain of his hold causing her to let out a startled little gasp of pain.

“How dare you ask your friend’s father to threaten me? Did you think you could just escape like that?” he asked looking at her.

Sona couldn’t breathe. It felt as if someone was choking her. Her heart was racing rapidly and all she wanted was to curl up into a ball and wait for someone to save her. But no one would. She knew that no one was there for her. A choked cry for help forced itself up her throat and she felt a drop of tear running down her cheek.

“You better tell them you are not going! Or else, trust me..... I won’t even care whether you are my daughter or not! I will kill you brutally and bury you next to your mother’s grave!” he spat and pushed her harshly on the wall behind her.

Sona fell on the floor while her parents walked away heartlessly. This wasn’t new to her. She had become accustomed to the treatment at home. It didn’t feel like home anymore. The more they tortured, the more she wanted to be away from her family. She wiped the blood which was oozing from her temple and stared at the ceiling, wishing that her pain would dissolve quickly as possible.

What should I do?


Yayyy so finally I am back guys! So how is the chapter guys? Give me some feedback.

I hope everyone who read this story, comes here with an open mind! I don’t know whether it will be as good as my previous story but keeping my fingers crossed :)

I will start updating frequently in May.... till then, updates will be slow.

Precap : Dev Sharma’s introduction 😍 😍

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