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A Rogue's Sacrifice


Three years into U.A. and graduation just around the corner, the class of 3-A celebrated their last summer training camp together. What started off as a fun night of laughter and food, ended up with shackles and blood. All they needed to save themselves was a little time and a steamy distraction. One Rogue Omega had the perfect trick up his sleeve. He just hoped those he cared about still loved him when it was all said and done. Disclaimer: All cover photo rights belong to @currynim_ on Twitter. Please follow them and shower with all the love and support you can give. Happy Ending End Game.

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Ditch With Me


It happened in an instant.

The class of 3-A gathered for their last summer training camp in an undisclosed location. After a brutal day of extensive exercise, they were standing around and discussing the improvements everyone made over the years. Small plates of food rested in their hands while they talked and the sound of laughter could be heard from across the room. Everyone was thrilled to be in their last year with the thought of becoming Pro-Heroes steadily approaching.

This dinner hadn’t been like any of the others before it. With all the work the class had put into their day, it only made sense for their reward to reflect that. It was the last night they would spend together on the trip and the staff wanted to make it a little extra special. The room was adorned in soft ambient lights with a deep thudding of music playing through speakers in the corner. White tablecloths draped over waist-high tables, each containing various hors d’oeuvres and beverages for the students to munch on.

Izuku Midoriya stepped away from the laughter of his friends and made his way to an empty table at the back corner. The pounding of the music reverberated in his mind and a headache began to form. He needed to relax, but his group of friends wanted to stay near the loud booming. His fingers fiddled with the fruit on his plate while he smiled gently at his friends laughing faces.

“You’ve improved,” a low voice tickled near his ear. Izuku tensed for a moment, but easily relaxed when he set his eyes upon ruby-red irises. The low lights in the room caught the tips of ash-blond spikes, casting a soft glow into the dark.

“Kacchan,” Izuku breathed. “You left your group?” Katsuki set his drink down next to Izuku’s and leaned his forearms against the tabletop. The greenette noticed how the hems of Katsuki’s forearm sleeves tightened under the strain of his muscles. Their shoulders brushed together, making him shiver at the warmth the Alpha brought.

“Yeah, they’re talkin’ about this being our last camp or some shit and gettin’ all emotional.” Izuku watched the tips of Katsuki’s canines gleam each time the lights reflected off the points. Every time his lip curled up, they barely revealed themselves, but he knew just how dangerous they could be when the blond needed them. His mind wandered, endlessly dreaming under the warm timbre of the Alpha’s voice while he spoke. The drawl that dipped in and out with each word made him swoon. “I left before they had the chance to rope me in with ’em. What about you? Where’s the rest of the nerds?”

Izuku snapped out of his daze and turned his attention back to the twiddling of his fingers. “Right over there.” He gestured with a flip of his wrist. “Uraraka’s crying on Todoroki while he pleads with Iida with his eyes to make her stop. Iida’s too dense to understand Todoroki’s stoic expressions though. It’s really the funniest thing.”

Katsuki flicked his gaze over to the trio across the room and hummed in acknowledgment. “I don’t know how y’know what he’s fuckin’ thinking. There’s nothing different from the usual on that damn face of his. He pisses me off just lookin’ at him.”

Izuku shook his head while a quiet chuckle passed his lips. The sound forced the breath from Katsuki’s lungs and his eyes snapped to the soft pink flesh rolling between the greenette’s teeth. The curling tufts of hair bouncing on his head while he laughed caused a slight smirk to form at the edges of the blond’s mouth. He loved the way Izuku’s voice rang brighter than the dull thud of music around them. It chimed through the air, sending shivers down his spine.

“I don’t know,” Izuku mused. “Maybe it’s because we’re so close now?”

“Close?” Katsuki’s smile twitched. “How close?”

“Like how they’re all my best friends, you know? I would trust my life in their hands any day. Everyone’s hands here actually. I’m not the only one that’s improved.” Izuku looked up at the blond and gave his shoulder a slight shove with his own. “Thanks for noticing by the way. I didn’t think I registered on your radar.”

“Pfft, of course, y’don’t. You just force your way into it until I can’t help but notice.” Katsuki muttered. “Quit doin’ it. It’s annoying.”

“Right.” Izuku pursed his lips. He cocked an eyebrow and let a playful smile dance across his face while glancing sideways at the Alpha. “So, that explains why you came over here to talk to me? The ‘one that doesn’t register on your radar’ but also was doing nothing to ‘force himself there’, either. Sounds like your logic is a little flawed, Kacchan.”

“It ain’t flawed. Your lonely and depressive ass was radiatin’ negative energy and it was irritatin’ the shit outta me,” the blond huffed.

“That’s why you came over here? Because I looked lonely to you?”

“You’re annoying as fuck. Shove off, Deku and quit askin’ questions. Y’don’t need to know shit. I ain’t here to be your shoulder to cry on.” Katsuki brought his drink to his lips and turned away so he wouldn’t have to face Izuku’s wide, emerald eyes and long-fluttering lashes. The greenette knew exactly what he was doing to the Alpha, Katsuki was sure of it.

“Are you here to be my dick to ride on then?” Izuku murmured seductively. Katsuki sputtered out his drink, coughing under the water while struggling to stop it from spilling past his lips. He slammed the cup back down and tried to shoot a menacing glare toward the freckled-male. But his cheeks were flaming bright red and his look held no malice.

“Fucking hell, Deku?!” Katsuki rasped when he composed himself.

“What?” Izuku chuckled. He didn’t look at the blond still struggling to breathe as he popped a grape into his mouth - his eyes focused off into the distance. “You set yourself up for that one, Kacchan. It’s just the rest of the saying that you started. So, don’t get mad at me for finishing it.”

“You’re the one that took it too damn far.”

“Hasn’t anyone ever told you to start what you finish?” Izuku teased. Katsuki didn’t look too amused, so he shrugged his shoulder. “Use a different expression then.”

“Like what? What other shitty expressions are there about shoulders and fucking crying?”

“How did we get on this topic?” Izuku laughed and shook his head in disbelief. Katsuki sighed before turning to watch the rest of the class meander. His gaze kept drifting toward the forlorn expression on the greenette’s face. He looked like the world was about to end and these were his last few precious moments in it - spent with Katsuki.

“What agency are you goin’ for?” The blond asked after several minutes of comfortable silence settled between them.

“Might Tower, of course.” Izuku’s smile was calm - knowing. Katsuki just rolled his eyes at the response. It was practically a given, considering who the leader of Might Tower was.

“So, the same as me, huh? I shoulda known. Gonna be stuck together once again.”

“I guess so.” Izuku popped another grape passed his lips and Katsuki struggled to pull his gaze away from the way they curled around the fruit. He couldn’t stop himself from wondering if they tasted sweet - coated in the sugary syrup lingering behind. Izuku smirked to himself, catching where Katsuki’s eyes drifted. He teasingly trailed his finger along his bottom lip, sucking it inside to lick the taste from his hands.

“Why’d ya choose that one instead of joinin’ Endeavor’s with IcyHot?” The Alpha shifted his feet while clearing his throat. His eye twitched slightly at the greenette’s taunting gestures. His mouth felt dry and the music was nothing more than background noise compared to the pounding of his heart through his head.

“Todoroki and I were gonna try and be together, but he suggested I stick to going here, instead. Something about it better suited to my needs and how our fighting styles are just too different,” Izuku said. It wasn’t the first time Katsuki secretly thanked Todoroki, but he would never tell the duo-toned Alpha that. “What about you and Kiri? What does the class’s favorite hero duo have planned?”

“Hero duo? With him?” Katsuki frowned. “No, we have two entirely different fightin’ styles. He’s more defense while I’m offense. Kirishima makes good back-up for me, but we’re not what I’d call a duo. So, we’re going to different agencies, too. He would pair up better with someone whose attacks are more long-distance based than mine. Like Pikachu.”

“Why wouldn’t you call it a ‘duo’? You guys work so well together. You’re practically joined at the hip and it’s almost impossible to beat the two of you.”

“A duo, to me, would be two offenses that can support each other on the front lines with the same style, but coverin’ up for the flaws the other lacks.” Katsuki swallowed heavily before turning to the greenette. “L - Like us.”

He instantly wanted to pull the words back into his mouth, but it was too late. Izuku’s brow furrowed and his cheeks warmed a soft pink. The light dusting of freckles looked like stars dancing across a sunset. Katsuki could melt under the greenette’s beauty shining through in the semi-dark room.

“Us?” Izuku’s heart rammed against his ribcage while he struggled to stay composed. His fingers absently rubbed the tips of his ears to ease the burn he felt settling there.

“It’s ‘cause your nerdy ass overanalyzed my fightin’ style and morphed it into your own. It’s similar but it ain’t the same anymore. I’d say we’d be more of a duo than me and Kirishima. What you lack, I’d pick up. Because you’re just the inferior carbon copy of me.”

“That’s not true!” Izuku panicked. His hand landed on Katsuki’s arm, making the Alpha’s heart stutter. “I just... I just knew your style better than anyone else’s so it sorta stuck with me.”

“Yeah, I know,” Katsuki smirked. “I can fuckin’ tell.” Izuku frowned and pulled his arm away. His eyes flicked around the room while his lips tightened and Katsuki hated the way the mood suddenly dropped. He waited for Izuku to remark on his taunt, but the greenette didn’t utter another word. It took him a moment before he finally caved.

“Shit, Deku. You’re more graceful in your moves than I am and your strength is impeccable. Don’t start a pity party, dammit,” Katsuki admitted. Izuku perked up at the unexpected compliment and went to thank the Alpha but a flash a spiky-red hair coming from the side stopped him. Kirishima leaned across the table with a wide smile spread across his cheeks.

“You’re talking about Midoriya’s moves? Man, you’re hella strong. I can’t wait to be busting more villains out on the field with you. You know something, Bakugou? I’ve always thought he was like a bunny with the way he kept hopping all over the place. Don’t ya think?” Kirishima curled his fingers above his head to mimic rabbit ears. His tone was light and playful, but Katsuki noticed the way Izuku flinched at the redhead’s words. He turned away from the other two at the table, letting the heavy atmosphere settle back in.

“Nah, he’s like a cat,” Katsuki murmured. Izuku inhaled sharply and let the world fade away from focus. He tilted his head to the side and waited for the Alpha to explain. His hands felt clammy in the dark and Izuku was thankful no one could see just how nervous he was feeling. Katsuki tossed the rest of his drink back before continuing.

“His reflexes are sharp and he’s so fuckin’ coy you don’t know what he’s gonna do next. He’s quick and agile and can flip around in the air with more dexterity than any fuckin’ rabbit I’ve ever seen. At first glance, he doesn’t seem harmful, but it’s like he’s hiding deadly claws just waiting to come out for the kill. So, as I said, he’s a cat.”

“I can totally see it now, man,” Kirishima nodded. He reached across the table and snatched a piece of Izuku’s fruit. “What about the little bunny ears on his costume though?”

Katsuki snorted while side-eyeing Izuku’s flustered expression. “T - Those are - uh - meant to mimic All-Might...”

“Oh, dude. You fanboy hard, don’t you?” Kirishima’s laughter boomed throughout the room. Izuku couldn’t help but smile alongside him. It wasn’t like Kirishima was wrong by any means. He really did ‘fanboy’ hard. He had grown out of the ‘All-Might’ faze long ago, though. Izuku’s eyes flicked over to the blond at his side for a moment. He wanted to let his gaze linger - take in everything Katsuki said or did - but he knew when it became too much. Even for himself.

“Kirishima, did you hear thi - Where’d he go?” Denki’s voice could be heard in the distance.

“Oh. I’ll be right back. The crew is calling me!” The pair watched as Kirishima turned on his heel and headed back to where he came from.

“A cat, huh?” Izuku hushed in the silence that followed their friend’s departure. “N - Not a bunny?”

“No, you’re not ‘prey’ anymore and any fool to think that has got another thing comin’. You’re a hunter, Deku. You’ll give any villain a run for their money.”

“Who are you and what have you done with Kacchan?” Izuku smiled. If Katsuki knew just how much the words meant to the greenette, he would have said it over and over again.

“Fuck off. I’m just saying you’ve come a long way from the whiny little kid I used to know. You’re not the same. You’re stronger and I’ll admit to that.” Katsuki steadily met Izuku’s emerald eyes. He loved the way the greenette’s lips curled up around the edges.

“Hmm. I’ll take all those compliments to heart, Kacchan. Thank you.” He playfully shoved Katsuki’s shoulder with his own once more. This time, the blond returned it.

“Shove it,” he muttered.

“I’ve been wondering,” Izuku mused. “Why is this dinner more elegant than anything before?”

Katsuki’s eyes flicked around the room before he shrugged, “Hell if I know.”

“You would think with how much they hyped tonight up, we would be wearing more than our hero costumes,” Izuku commented. “It’s like they are preparing us for the meetings and dinner parties that are to come.”

“They can fuckin’ stop it then ’cause it’s stifling.” Katsuki was thankful he didn’t have to wear the gauntlets or gloves all night. The room was too hot for everyone in their costumes, but if this was what they wanted the class to experience, then they were doing a good job at making them all feel slightly uncomfortable.

“I know what you mean. I would rather be out training some more than munching on these dry crackers and day-old grapes.” Izuku rolled another one around on his plate in mild distaste.

“Do y’wanna?” Katsuki tilted his head to the side and peered down at the greenette.

“Do I want to, what?” Izuku questioned.

Katsuki leaned in close, letting his lips brush softly against the shell of Izuku’s ear. When the Alpha whispered, his warm breath caressed down the greenette’s neck and he shivered in delight. “Ditch this shit and go outside?”

“Yeah?” Izuku’s heart was beating rapidly while water gathered in his mouth. He could feel his face heat up for the umpteenth time since Katsuki joined him at the table.

“Yeah,” the Alpha hummed again. “Ditch with me.” Izuku turned his head to rest his eyes on the blond just inches away from his face. Their lips buzzed, barely touching and their gazes locked. Time stilled and the room began to spin while Izuku’s mind swirled in a dizzying haze.

“A - And do what, exactly, Kacchan?” When he spoke, Izuku swore their lips brushed ever-so-slightly.

“I don’t know,” Katsuki teased.

“We could train.” His fingers reached out to softly dance with the greenette’s on the table. Timidly intertwining, before tightening. His other arm wrapped around Izuku’s waist, slowly inching them closer together.

“Just talk.” A cherry-red dusting settled across Izuku’s face when Katsuki nuzzled their noses together slightly. His breath hitched in his chest when he saw the greenette’s long lashes flutter against plump freckled cheeks.

“Or maybe something... more...” The bright emerald irises darkened in desire with every word Katsuki whispered. Izuku rested his palm on the broad chest before him. They were so close - bodies flushed pressing against each other - and Izuku hadn’t the slightest clue what was happening. But whatever it was, he never wanted it to end.

“Yeah, o - okay. That sounds like fun actua - ”

“Deku! C’mere!” Uraraka suddenly turned their way and waved her hand excitedly in the air. Katsuki quickly pulled back from Izuku and growled lowly. “I want a picture to celebrate our last night of training camp together!”

“Ah. Okay, Ura,” Izuku smiled back at her. Before he left, he turned to the Alpha who was angrily tossing a grape into his mouth.

“Kacchan?” He said timidly. “W - Wanna meet in 15? Outside? Looks like I’ve got things to do before I can successfully get away.”

“Whatever,” Katsuki smirked.

“Go make your shitty memories, nerd.”


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