The Plight of the Rush

Ch 10; Turbotime for Trouble

Vanellope slowly wakes up, the memories of last night crash down on her like a wave and she can only smile. As she opens her eyes, she notices Rancis right in front of her, fast asleep, no doubt worn out from last night as well. Vanellope smiles and wraps herself around him in a morning hug, causing him to wake up as well.

“Morning Flugs.” Vanellope says with a smile on her face.

“Good morning Nelly.” he replies as he starts to wake up.

“I had fun last night Flugs.” she mentions suggestively.

Rancis was reminded of what happened as the memories flooded his mind, causing him to smile as well.

“I did as well Nelly. You were very good.”

She blushes before snuggling up closer to him.

“You weren't bad yourself there.” she whispers.

Rancis chuckles as he combs his hand through Vanellope's hair.

“We should get ready, the Roster Race will be starting soon.” she states.

“I thought Litwak was out sick today.” he replies.

“Well if we get it done now, we don't have to worry about it later.”

Rancis had to admit that she proved a point there. As Vanellope had no clothes on after the events of last night, he respectfully looked away as she entered her bathroom. After she closed the door, he started to look around for his own clothes.

Meanwhile down at the Starting Line, a single, shadowy figure stands behind the bleachers near the tracks, just waiting to launch his attack on an unsuspecting game.

Back at the castle Vanellope finished her shower and rejoined Rancis in her bedroom, both of them are dressed in their racing attire.

“You ready for the race Nelly?” Rancis asked her, holding his hand out.

Vanellope smiled as she took his hand.

“Yes, lets get down to the track.”

The other racers soon began to gather at the starting line for the Roster Race.

“Where is Vanellope and Rancis?” Asked Taffyta.

“Yeah, its not like them to be late.” Gloyd responded as he kissed Taffyta on the cheek, causing her to blush.

“Maybe they got up late, besides it not like we are in a rush, Litwag is out sick today, we have all day.” Jubileena said.

“Why would they get up this late?” Swizzle asked.

“Maybe it had something to do with those strange noises I heard coming from the castle last night.” Candlehead replied.

Everyone turned to face Candlehead, interested in both what she was talking about, and why she knew this.

“Why are you all looking at me?” Candlehead asked.

Minty stepped closer to her. “What do you mean by 'noises'?”

“Oh, well I heard a lot of grunting coming from this open balcony door at the castle, I'm guessing they were working out or something.”

Everyone's eyes shot open.

“Grunting.” Minty started

“From an open balcony door,” Jubileena continued

“At the Castle last night.” Taffyta finished.

“Whoa now, hang on a minute here.” Cinndon interjected, causing the group to look at him.

“Your not suggesting that they were.......”

“The Evidence fits perfectly Sodagard. Yes, I'm suggesting that Rancis and Vanellope were....”

Before Taffyta could finish her statement, Rancis and Vanellope walked onto the starting grid.

“Were what Taffyta?” Vanellope stated as she approached the rest of the racers.

Taffyta froze mid sentence, as she slowly turned to face Vanellope and Rancis.

“Were, Were, Running Late. Yeah that.” Taffyta finished nervously.

“Taffyta, you never were good at lying.” Rancis stated as he walked up to Vanellope's side.

“Shut up Rancis, we all know what happened..”

Taffyta caught herself before she could finish.

Rancis started to sweat a bit as everyone looked at him and Vanellope.

“So Vanellope, who was working out in the Castle last night?” Candlehead asked.

Vanellope was shocked as she looked at Candlehead.

“W-Why do you ask Candles?” Vanellope asked nervously.

“Well I was walking along the castle walls on a stroll last night when I started to hear a lot of grunting and moaning noises from an open balcony door.”

Everyone gasped at this new information as they looked at Vanellope and Rancis with shocked faces.

“Candlehead, you do know I'm going to have to drop you into Diet Cola Hot Springs now.” Vanellope said.

“Are we going for a swim?” Candlehead said excitedly, causing Vanellope to face-palm.

“Candles, your too stupid for your own good.” Vanellope replied as she turned to face the mob of racers who were starring down her and Rancis.

“Is it true Vanellope?” Taffyta asked.

“Did you two....” Sticky started.

Cinndon and Lizzy looked at each other as they stood behind the crowd, not wanting to dig deeper into Vanellope's and Rancis's personal business.

“I will throw you all in the Fungeon if you don't back off.” Vanellope blankly threatened as the others slowly creeped closer to her and Rancis.

Cinndon looked up. “Come on guys, do you really want to know that bad?”

Vanellope had enough. “Fine, Fine, the answer is yes!”

The crowd besides Candlehead, Cinndon and Lizzy started ooing. Candlehead was busy looking at her candle, Lizzy rolled her eyes at the paparazzi, and Cinndon just face-palmed as he shook his head.

“Oh mod you guys.” Vanellope started “Will you...”

At that moment, the ground began to shake, causing everyone to stop what they were doing.

“Is the ground suppose to shake?” Cinndon asked.

“No.” Taffyta said.

“Who is that?” Lizzy asked.

“Who is who?” Vanellope replied.

A laugh broke through the shaking of the ground, causing everyone to look at the grand stands as the shadowy figure stepped out and revealed itself.

Everyone of the old racers faces dropped as soon as they saw who was laughing.


Cinndon and Lizzy looked up at Turbo, knowing what happened before, they grew concerned.

“That's not good.” Cinndon said.

“Did you miss me Glitch?” Turbo said as he talked down to the racers.

“How did you survive?!” Vanellope asked in anger and fear.

“Did you think I wouldn't have had a back up plan? I copied my code. So when the game was upgraded, my code remade me.”

“Well don't think your going to stay around long.” Rancis said as all the racers began to gather to attack Turbo.

“Yeah, there are seventeen of us and one of you!” Taffyta exclaimed.

“Did you fools think I would have come alone?” Turbo laughed as the ground shaking intensified.

“What do you mean?” Jubileena asked.

Just then, a massive swarm of Cybugs erupted from the ground.

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