The Plight of the Rush

Ch 11; The Battle of Sugar Rush, Part 1, Rushing Red

Every single racer began to run away from the Cybugs as more and more of them continued to stream out of the Sugar Rush Caverns below.

“What are those things?” Cinndon asked.

“Cybugs. Turbo must have snuck them in here.” Vanellope answered as they ran.

“But how?” Candlehead wondered.

“That will have to wait for another time Candles.” Rancis said as the racers began to retreat up the ramp toward the game exit.”

“What do we do now?” Lizzy asked.

“First, we have to get to Game Central Station, Everyone move your molasses!” Vanellope barked as the group picked up the pace, running out of the game.

As they all reached GCS, they stopped and took a breath.

“I. Think. We escaped.” Rancis said, panting.

“We aren't out of trouble yet, come on!” Vanellope said as she waved the group to follow her.

The Sugar Rush Racers all crossed into GSC, however Lizzy, who hasn't been outside of the game yet, tripped the alarm, causing Serge to appear.

“Name?” Serge said in his normal tone.

Everyone turned to face Serge as Vanellope ran up to him.

“Serge! Turbo came back, and brought Cybugs with him!” Vanellope screamed.

Serge looked up “Here to play a joke on old Serge Protector are you?”

“Listen here Taffy-for-brains,” Rancis said as he got up to Serge. “We aren't kidding, Turbo has bred an entire army of Cybugs and unleashed them into our game!”

Serge's eyes widened as he realized that they were not kidding.

All of the screaming caught the attention of Ralph leaving Tappers with Fix-It Felix and his wife, Sgt Tammy Calhoun.

“Whats up with the sugar convention?” Calhoun asked.

“Are they beating up on Serge?” Felix asked.

“Lets go break it up.” Ralph said as the trio ran over to the Sugar Rush Racers.

“Mod help us.” Serge said as Rancis let him go.

“What do we do now?” Lizzy asked the group.

Ralph, Felix and Calhoun reached the group.

“What are you munchkins doing beating up Serge here?” Calhoun questioned.

Vanellope ran up to the Trio with a scared look on her face.

“President Fart-Feathers, Whats got you scared?” Ralph asked Vanellope.

“Cybugs. In Sugar Rush!” she answered

All 3 of them felt their blood run cold.

“Cybugs? But how?” Calhoun asked as she produced her gun.

“It was Turbo!” Rancis said. “He Survived and brought the Cybugs back to Sugar Rush some how!”

Calhoun turned to Serge.

“Serge, get all non-combatants out of GSC and back to their own games. Get any combatants here to defend, NOW!” Calhoun barked.

Serge dissipated moments later and an announcement was heard throughout GSC, having all non-combat characters go back to their games. Calhoun pulled her radio from her utility belt.

“Kohut! Gather as many weapons as you can carry and get all your asses to GSC, NOW!”

“Yes Sarge!”

Vanellope turned around to face the other racers, all of them scared for their lives and their homes.

“Vanellope, What are we going to do?” Cinndon asked.

Vanellope looked up at the racers, a look of bravery and determination on her face.

“We fight back, that's what we do.” Vanellope said. “We will take the fight back to Turbo, Defeat him, and reclaim our game!”

The others looked up at Vanellope.

“We all will take up arms, and defend our homes!”

Some of the racers lost their look of fear as Vanellope continued with her speech.

“We will not allow Turbo to take over Sugar Rush, not again! We will take him down, for good!”

the other Hero's Duty soldiers joined the group, carrying many weapons.

“Now lets go and take back Sugar Rush!”

Everyone Cheered as weapons were passed out to the racers.

“Remember Soldiers, shoot any Cybug you see.”

Everyone nodded as Vanellope, Rancis, Calhoun, Ralph and Felix got in front of the rest of the troops.

“Lets Go!” Vanellope yelled as the army of armed racers stormed back into Sugar Rush.

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