The Plight of the Rush

Ch 12; The Battle of Sugar Rush, Part 2, A Sticky Situation

The once bright pink skies of Sugar Rush are now darkened with swarms of Cybugs as Ralph, Felix, Calhoun, Vanellope and the rest of the Sugar Rush Racers reentered the game, all of them armed.

“Oh mod, this doesnt look like Sugar Rush anymore.” Cinndon said as he looks across the now dark landscape.

“We need to find Turbo.” Ralph interjects.

“We also need to neutralize the Cybugs” Calhoun adds.

“How do we do that? There are so many of them.” Taffyta asked.

“Simple Taffy, We just need to set off Diet Cola Mountain.” Vanellope said as she points to the mountain in the distance. “It worked last time, it will work now.”

“Then that should be our first destination.” Rancis suggests.

“Agreed, lets go troops.” Calhoun said as the army got a move on.

As the group of armed racers moved down the rainbow bridge, a group of Cybugs spots them and swoops in for an attack.

“Cybugs, 2:00 High.” Calhoun barked.

Rancis, Taffyta, Cinndon and Calhoun opened fire, destroying the group of Cybugs.

“Clear.” Cinndon replied as the group continued on.

The militant force reached the finish line which lay in ruins, karts lay upside down across the track and in the now abandoned grandstands, some karts are destroyed, grandstands are flipped. Two groups of Cybugs crawl throughout the wreckage and start to approach the group, a third drops in from the sky.

“Here they come!” Rancis yelled as the group opened fire.

3 groups of Cybugs attacked the racers. The first came from the left, Vanellope, Candlehead, Sticky, and Gloyd opened fire and destroyed all but two, who crawled up close. Ralph finished the job by punching both Cybugs, wrecking them both.

The next group attacked from the right. Rancis, Taffyta, Cinndon, Adorabeezle and Minty hit them with a barrage of gunfire, leaving the group of Cybugs as nothing more then evaporating code.

The last group flew in from the front. Calhoun, Swizzle, Jubileena and Lizzy clip half of the Cybugs as they fly over and land behind the group. Nougetsia, Torvald, Snowanna and Citrusella finish off the other half.

“Good Shooting everyone.” Vanellope said.

“Lets move people” Calhoun barked.

The group moved into the gumdrop hills between the track and Diet Cola Mountain, shooting stray Cybugs as they went.

“What if some of the Cybugs get into Game Central?” Ralph asked.

“I had Serge call in some reinforcements to help defend GCS if some escape.” Calhoun reassured him.

The group reaches a clearing, Diet Cola Mountain is on the other side. Several groups of Cybugs are landed here.

“That's a lot of Cybugs.” Rancis said.

“Yeah, how are we going to get past them all?” Cinndon asked.

“Set up a concave in this choke, Ralph, get in front to prevent any of them from getting too close.” Calhoun said.

Ralph nods as the group forms up.

“Okay, open fire troops!” Calhoun barked.

Ralph gets on a knee as the group of racers open fire at the groups of Cybugs in the clearing, clipping a good number of them before they turn and start approaching. The group continues to lay down heavy fire against the approaching threat. As they got closer, Ralph took a few shots and wrecked a few of them before they could reach the racers.

“Keep firing people, we can finish this.” Vanellope encouraged.

Soon, the field of Cybugs lay in piles of code on the ground as the group reloaded their weapons.

“Good work, now lets get inside before more come.” Calhoun suggested as the group of racers shuffled their way in through the secret opening.

The group made their way into the main chamber of the mountain, which contained Diet Cola Hot Springs.

“What is this place?” Cinndon asked.

“Its some sort of unfinished bonus level.” Rancis said.

“This is where I lived when King Candy was in charge.” Vanellope said.

All the racers besides Rancis turned and faced Vanellope.

“This is where you were the entire time?” Taffyta asked.

Vanellope nodded. “I had found that secret opening and lived here for those 15 years.”

“Whats up with the bright pool?” Swizzle asked.

“That's whats going to kill all the Cybugs.” Ralph answered.

“Look up.” Vanellope said.

All the racers looked up at the Mentos that hung from the top of the mountain.

“Are those Mentos?” Gloyd asked.

Vanellope nodded again as she picked up a nerd rock and threw it at one, causing it to fall and impact the pool, a short explosion followed as the group jumped back from the splash.

“Cool!” Cinndon said. “I wonder what it will be like if we drop them all in.”

Vanellope smiles. “That's why we are here.”

“We need to release all those Mentos and drop them all into the Hot Springs, the resulting eruption will draw in all the Cybugs from the entire game.” Ralph explained.

“You wont be releasing anything!”

All the racers turn around, guns raised.

“Where are you Turbo?” Vanellope yelled.

Suddenly a Mento dropped into the pool and the resulting explosion sent Hot Cola towards the group, Ralph, Felix and Calhoun dove off to the left. Vanellope glitched to the right with her rifle in her hand. The rest of the racers dropped their weapons and ran for cover, all of the weapons got hit and dissipated from the hot cola.

“Welcome to the Boss Level!” Turbo said as he revealed himself from the top of the unfinished track, A Sweet Seeker cannon in his hand.

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