The Plight of the Rush

Ch 13; The Battle of Sugar Rush, Part 3, The Final Showdown

“Duck in cover!”

Turbo fired his Sweet Seeker cannon from atop the unfinished section of track down on the group, causing the other racers to fall back into the tunnel, leaving Ralph, Vanellope, Felix and Calhoun to fight Turbo.

Turbo continued to fire volleys of Sweet Seekers down from his perch, keeping the main four in cover. Vanellope and Calhoun turned out of cover and took a shot at Turbo, causing him to fall back to avoid getting hit.

“Calhoun, the others lost their weapons, is their a way to get more?” Vanellope asked the sergeant.

Calhoun shook her head. “Not without going all the way back to Hero's Duty, what we have is what we have.”

“Maybe you three should pass your weapons off to the other racers, Turbo is armed with some heavy firepower, I don't want you three to get hurt.” Vanellope stated, concerned for her friend's safety

Felix nodded as the three of them passed of their weapons to some of the others. Calhoun passed her rifle to Rancis, Felix passed his to Cinndon, and Ralph passed his to Taffyta. Calhoun pulled out her pistol as the three of them fell back to protect the other racers leaving Vanellope, Rancis, Cinndon and Taffyta in the main chamber.

Turbo appeared again and opened fire again, pelting the area with Sweet Seekers as the four racers took cover.

“You fools shouldn't have come back here!” Turbo shouted as he continued to fire at the racers.

Vanellope turned from her cover and fired a few rounds toward Turbo's position, causing him to duck into nearby cover, allowing the others to get to better spots. Being the closest to Turbo, Rancis suppressed Turbo, keeping him in cover as Vanellope and Taffyta started to climb the mountain, toward the track.

Turbo saw this and took aim at Vanellope. Before he could get a shot off, Cinndon forced him back into cover. Turbo decided to fall back up the mountain, back toward the broken bridge. Rancis and Cinndon continued to fire at Turbo as he ran up the mountain.

Vanellope and Taffyta reached the other side of the bridge and set up near it, ready for a firefight. Turbo came into sight of the girls and they opened fire, causing him to jump back into cover. Turbo pointed his cannon in the direction of Vanellope and Taffyta and blindly fired. One shot hit a Mentos stalactite, causing a few to fall into the hot springs below, causing explosions. The other two flew past Vanellope and Taffyta and hit the wall behind them.

Rancis and Cinndon started to make their way up the track, behind Turbo. Turbo noticed this and fired at the duo, forcing them behind cover as Sweet Seekers blew up where they stood mere seconds prior.

Taffyta continued to suppress Turbo from this angle as Vanellope decided to get a better spot. As Taffyta suppressed Turbo, Turbo suppressed both Rancis and Cinndon as Vanellope climbed to a better vantage point.

“This is a good spot.” Vanellope said quietly as she started to fire at Turbo, causing him to fall back again.

Taffyta got a hit on Turbo as he fell back, shooting one of his legs.

“Take that.” She said in triumph.

Rancis and Cinndon closed on Turbo, but jumped back into cover as he continued to fire Sweet Seekers from his position on the ground. Vanellope got another good angle as she shot Turbo's Cannon out of his hands, which landed several feet away from him. With no more shots being fired at them, Rancis and Cinndon close the gap with Turbo before he can get his cannon back and grabbed his arms, pinning him to the ground. Taffyta, Vanellope and all the others ran up to where Cinndon and Rancis had Turbo pinned.

“Got you now, Turbo.” Vanellope said smiling.

“What do we do with him Vanellope?” Cinndon asked.

“We could throw him into the Diet Cola.” Rancis suggested.

Vanellope looked at Turbo. “No, we must finish the job here ourselves, to make sure its done.”

“Why not the Diet Cola?” Taffyta asked.

“Because he survived it somehow.” Vanellope said.

“You Dumb Glitch. Did you not think I would have a way to regenerate myself in this game?” Turbo spat.

“That would explain how you survived the hot cola.” Vanellope started.

“Don't you realize you wont be able to kill me here?” Turbo started. “This is as much my game as yours.”

Vanellope thought for a minute, Turbo was right, as long as he was in Sugar Rush, he couldn't be permanently killed by any of our weapons. Then she got an idea.

“Calhoun, let me see your pistol.” Vanellope said as Calhoun handed Vanellope her sidearm.

“You never learn do you Glitch? I cant die here.” Turbo spat again.

“Maybe by our weapons or methods.” Vanellope started as she inspected the sidearm in her hand. “However, if your killed with a weapon that is outside your own game, it has the same effect as dying outside your own game.”

Turbo's eyes widened and his face dropped at the new knowledge. “No.” He said.

“Yes.” Vanellope replied. “The game will not see it as a death. You wont regenerate this time.”

Turbo squirmed about in Rancis's and Cinndon's arms, trying to escape, but with no luck.

“This ends here.” Vanellope said as she raised the sidearm to Turbo's head.

Turbo stopped moving and looked up at Vanellope.

“Any last words?” Vanellope offered.

Turbo smiled as he stared Death in the face. “I will see you in Development Hell.”

Vanellope fired the sidearm, Turbo hit the ground and disintegrated into red pixels as his body dissipated. Everyone stood in silence as Vanellope handed Calhoun back her sidearm.

“Its done. He wont come back from that.” Vanellope finally said.

“Lets hope not.” Cinndon replied.

“What about the Cybugs?” Gloyd reminded the group.

“Right, you all will head back to a safe distance as I fly up and plant explosives on the top of the mountain, I will fly away and detonate them.” Calhoun explained.

“Then lets get going.” Taffyta said as the group left Diet Cola Mountain.

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