The Plight of the Rush

Ch 14; The Battle of Sugar Rush, Part 4, A Hero's Duty

The group left the mountain and emerged back outside, where Cybugs continued to swarm throughout the entire game.

“This is bad.” Cinndon stated as he walked out of the mountain, Lizzy next to him

Calhoun walked out and looked up at the swarms of Cybugs that darken the sky.

“This ends now.” Calhoun said as she produced her cruiser.

Suddenly, several groups of Cybugs dropped from the sky, forcing Calhoun back to the ground to help defend with Ralph and the others who remained armed.

“There are too many of them!” Ralph said as he punched 3 Cybugs in the face, destroying each.

“We need to trigger the mountain so we can get rid the Cybugs once and for all.” Calhoun replied.

“Calhoun, we need you down here to help defend the group, your the best shot here.” Vanellope said as she took shots at more Cybugs.

“But someone needs to trigger that explosion.” Calhoun argued.

“I will.”

Everyone turned to face Lizzy, who had stepped in front of Cinndon.

“Lizzy?” Rancis said.

“What do you mean by 'You Will' ?” Calhoun asked the Racer.

“I will blow the charges.” Lizzy said as she approached Calhoun.

“Lizzy, There is a chance you wont make it. Are you sure?” Calhoun said.

Cinndon walked up.

“What do you mean Calhoun?” he asked.

Calhoun faced him. “The explosives attract the Cybugs as they prep for detonation, the chance for her to escape is slim. She will have to distract the Cybugs that are attracted to the detonator before they reach it. If we lose the detonator, we wont be able to use the explosives. If the Cybugs don't kill her first, the explosion will.”

Cinndon turned to Lizzy, who had also faced him.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked.

She nods. “Calhoun needs to be down here to help get you guys to safety, so I will blow the mountain.”

Cinndon stands speechless as she turns back to Calhoun, who hands Lizzy the explosives and detonator and explains how to set it.

“You got this?” Calhoun asked her.

Lizzy nods as she takes the pack of explosives from Calhoun before turning to Cinndon.

“Lizzy, I.” Cinndon starts before she cuts him off by kissing his lips.

“Be strong Cinndon.” Lizzy said before beginning her climb up the mountain.

Tears formed in Cinndon's eyes as he watched Lizzy climb the mountain side. Vanellope shook him, bringing him back to reality.

“Cinndon, we have to go now, come on.” Vanellope yelled as she started to pull Cinndon away from the mountain as the group began to retreat.

“We cant just leave her to die Vanellope.” Cinndon interjected with tears in his eyes as the group runs away from Diet Cola Mountain.

Vanellope turned to him, her eyes also foggy. “Cinndon, she is sacrificing herself for us to get to safety. Her mind is already made up, there is nothing we can do about it now.”

Cinndon took one last look at the mountain, tears in his eyes. “Mod speed Lizzy.” he said before turning tail and running with the group towards Sugar Rush Square.

Back at the mountain, Lizzy reached the top of the mountain and walked to the center of the mentos.

“I hope the others are safe.” She said as she primed and armed the explosives.

Lizzy punched in the final codes into the number pad, arming the device. A countdown timer of two minutes appeared and started to count down.

“Two Minutes, that should give them enough time to get to a safe distance.” She said as she also produced the sidearm that Calhoun had also given her. As she looked up, she noticed two groups of Cybugs flying toward her. She primed the sidearm and started to fire at them, causing them to divert their course from the device to Lizzy. She began to run around the top of the mountain, shooting the Cybugs as they landed.

One minute, thirty seconds remain.

“You will have to go through me if you want that device!” she screamed at the Cybugs, who charged her. She took out two Cybugs before she started running again. One Cybug landed in front of her, Lizzy bashed her sidearm into the side of the Cybug as she ran around it.

Sixty Seconds left.

Lizzy took out another Cybug before she heard a noise that sealed her fate.

Her Sidearm was empty.

Lizzy cursed the empty clip as she tossed it at one of the approaching Cybugs, then turned tail and continued to run around the top of the mountain.

Thirty Seconds.

Lizzy jumped on top of a Cybug that landed in front of her, causing the one that was on her tail to smash into it. She jumped from the top of the Cybug as the two Cybugs rolled off the mountain edge, She landed in the center of the mountain, next to the detonator, she looked around her and noticed Cybugs slowly creeping toward her from all sides.

Fifteen Seconds.

She took a swing at one Cybug, clipping its face before another knocked her off her feet. What she saw next made her blood go cold. Her right foot landed in a Cybug's mouth.

Ten Seconds.

As the Cybug consumed her, she felt her code being torn apart as she slowly began to disappear inside of the Cybug.

Five Seconds.

A final tear rolled down her face as she was fully consumed.

Zero Seconds.

The Detonator detonated the explosives, destroying all the Cybugs on the mountain top instantly, as well as causing the mentos to come lose and fall into the Diet Cola Hot Springs below.

The rest of the Racers reached Sugar Rush Square just in time to see the explosion from the top of the mountain. Ten seconds later, Diet Cola erupted from the mountain, causing all the Cybugs in Sugar Rush to go rushing to it, destroying them all.

The group watched in awe as the eruption continued. Thirty Seconds later, the cola died down, spilling over the sides off the mountain.

Cinndon dropped to his knees as he looked across the dark landscape at the mountain, tears flowed from his eyes.

Rancis and Sticky rush to his side, the remaining characters removed their hats as a sign of respect for their lost friend.

“She saved us all.” Taffyta said softly.

“She sacrificed herself for us.” Vanellope added.

“Lizzy died a hero.” Swizzle said.

Calhoun looked at the Racers.

“Sometimes, its a Hero's Duty to pay the ultimate price.” Calhoun stated.

“She is a true hero.” Taffyta said.

The Battle for Sugar Rush was over.

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