The Plight of the Rush

Ch 15; All's Fair in Love and War

The group of characters stood in Sugar Rush Square, Sticky was standing off to the side holding Cinndon while he cried into her shoulder. Everyone else discussed what the next move was.

“We have to reset the game.” Taffyta said.

Vanellope nodded in agreement. “Its the only way to reverse the damage done to the game.” She glanced over to Sticky and Cinndon, remembering that Lizzy couldn't regenerate. “Well, most of it at least.”

The other racers sadly nodded as the group began walking toward the track. Vanellope and Rancis approached Sticky, who held a weeping Cinndon in her arms.

“How is he?” Vanellope asked, concerned about her friend.

Sticky sadly shook her head while hugging Cinndon. “Not well, he is very upset.”

Rancis patted Cinndon's back as he cried into Sticky's shoulder, upset over Lizzy's death.

“Sticky, We need to go and reset the game, why don't you take Cinndon home with you.” Vanellope suggested.

Sticky's eyes landed on the still weeping Cinndon that she held in her arms before looking back at Vanellope. “Yeah, I can keep him company.”

Vanellope smiled. “Thank you Sticky.” Vanellope and Rancis left Sugar Rush Square to catch up with the rest of the group, leaving Sticky alone with Cinndon.

“Come on Cinndon, lets go back to my house.” Sticky said to her sad friend.

Cinndon slowly nodded as Sticky led him back to her home.

Up at the Track, The rest of the Racers found rampant destruction. Their karts lay all over the track, most of them flipped upside down and on their sides, some in pieces. Many of the grandstands lay in ruin.

“What a mess.” Candlehead exclaimed.

Rancis picked up and studied one of his front wheels from his now destroyed Kit Kart. “Well, I found on of my wheels.” he said as he held up the peanut butter wheel and showed it to the others.

“Well Flugs, your missing another ninety five percent of your kart.” Vanellope stated.

Jubileena walked up to Rancis and Vanellope. “Rancis, the rest of your kart is over there.” Jubi said as she pointed to a pile of chocolate scrap that once was Rancis's kart.

“That's one mystery solved.” Rancis said as he walked off to find Felix.

“Vanellope, where is your Kart?” Jubi asked.

Vanellope looked around the ruins of the starting grid, viewing the different destroyed karts, yet couldnt find hers anywhere.

“That's a good question.” Vanellope replied.

Candlehead ran up to Vanellope and Jubileena. “Jubi, Jubi. I found your kart.”

“Where is it Candles?” Jubileena asked the birthday themed racer, who pulled both girls to a pile of karts. Jubi's Cheriot was flipped and leaning on the side of the pile, but was in one piece. Candlehead's Ice Screamer was flipped completely over and was covering up what seemed to be another kart.

Vanellope looked over the pile of wrecked karts, thinking of a way to get them back on their wheels again before Jubileena interrupted her train of thought.

“Guys, there is another kart under this pile.” Jubi said, getting the attention of the other two racers.

“Who's is it?” Vanellope asked as she walked over to her.

“Isn't that your wheel Vanellope?” she asked, showing her the wheel that stuck out of the pile.

Vanellope nodded. “Well at least I know where my Kart is.”

“Your big friend could lift the karts off the pile right Vanellope?” Candlehead asked, refering to Ralph.

Vanellope nodded. “That's a good idea, I will be right back” she said as she ran off to find Ralph.

Sticky finally lead the still crying Cinndon to her home, which remained in one piece. The two of them sat down on her couch. Cinndon buried his head into Sticky's shoulder as she held him again.

“Would you like a drink Cinndon?” Sticky asked her moping friend, who nodded his head as he freed Sticky from his hold.

Sticky got up and walked into her kitchen, and prepped some drinks. Cinndon cried into his hands as Sticky brought back two glasses of milk, offering one to him.

“Here you go.” Sticky said, holding a glass of milk near Cinndon.

Cinndon looked up and accepted the drink with a sad nod. Sticky sat back down next to him as he took a drink and calmed down to the point where he could talk.

“T-Thank you Sticky.” he said, still sad as he sat the glass on the table in front of him.

Sticky took a drink before also setting her glass on the table. “No problem Cinndon, anything for a friend.” she said as she looked over at him, who was looking down sadly, tears rolling down his face.

Sticky took his hand in her own, Cinndon returned the grip.

“Cinndon, I cant begin to imagine how you must feel right now.” Sticky said sympathetically.

“She kissed me before she climbed that mountain.” Cinndon replied, tears continuing to fall.

Sticky wrapped her arm around him, pulling him closer to her. Cinndon put his head on Sticky's shoulder as she rubbed his left arm.

“I know.” she said as she pulled him into another hug, burying his head into her upper chest in a warm embrace.

Back at the Track, The Racers finished repairing all the damage and put all the karts on their proper places on the starting grid. Vanellope stood next to Lizzy's Kart, rubbing it with her hand as Taffyta and Rancis approached her, they also instantly knew who's kart stood in front of them.

“What are we going to do with her kart Vanellope?” Taffyta asked.

Vanellope looked over the kart again, the Red Pez body, the lifesaver wheels, and the white pez spoiler. She knew the kart wouldnt be driven again, so she knew what she had to do. She jumped into the kart and started it up. Rancis and Taffyta looked at her in confusion.

“Nelly?” Rancis asked. “What are you doing?”

“Honoring her. Because she died in a way that wasnt known by the code, the game will view it as a glitch in the system and all data related to her will be removed when the game is reset, this includes her Kart and her home. The only thing that will remain of her will be our memories of her. Nothing more.” Vanellope stated.

Rancis and Taffyta shook their heads and returned to their karts. Ralph moved her kart off the starting grid, along with Cinndon's and Sticky's karts before sitting with Felix and Calhoun in the grandstands. The timer began counting down to start the race.

As the Race began, everyone allowed Vanellope to take the lead, knowing that she was honoring their lost friend by driving her kart, everyone else battled for the remaining spots, not one of them dare to appose Vanellope's victory today.

Sticky continued to hold Cinndon close to her. He finally stopped crying and started to feel a bit better.

“Thank you Sticky.” he said as he leaned back from the hug.

“Not a problem Cinndon.” she replied as she looked at the cinnamon racer.

Cinndon looked up into Sticky's soft, teal eyes and smiled. Sticky gazed into his hazel eyes with a smile as her heart fluttered a bit. She slowly took Cinndon's hand in her own again. Cinndon lightly placed his other hand on the side of Sticky's chin as they started to drift toward each other.

They both closed their eyes as they tilted their heads. Moments later their lips connected in a passionate kiss. Sticky wrapped her arms around Cinndon and pulled him closer to her. They both savored every moment of their slow and passionate make out session.

After a few minutes, they both pulled back, opening their eyes. Sticky and Cinndon both blushed brightly.

“Cinndon, would you like to stay here for the night?” Sticky asked.

“I would love to.” he said as he gave Sticky a hug, smiling.

As the race hit the final leg, Vanellope got one last good look at the kart she was driving and took in its features. Rancis, Candlehead and Taffyta were right behind her, but didnt attempt to pass her.

When Vanellope crossed the finish line, it sent a regenerative wave across the entire game, resetting it to how it was before. The sky lit up its normal shade of pink and blue. Moments later, Lizzy's kart began to disintegrate into blue pixels and dissipated, leaving Vanellope sitting on the ground, the other racers swerved around her.

Rancis and Taffyta walked up to her as she got to her feet.

“I guess its done.” Rancis said.

Vanellope nodded as she looked at the spot where Lizzy's Kart once stood.

“Yeah. Its done.” Vanellope said as she held Rancis.

“What do we do now?” Taffyta asked as Gloyd wrapped his hand around her.

Vanellope looked at Taffyta and smiled.

“How about we all go get some drinks at the Chocolate Bar?” Vanellope suggested.

“Drinks are on the house!” Swizzle yelled as he lead the group of now cheering racers toward his bar.

Rancis turned to Vanellope. “This has been an interesting weekend, don't you think Nelly?”

Vanellope gives him a kiss on the lips. “A very interesting weekend, now lets go get some drinks.” she said as she held out her hand.

Rancis took her hand in his and they both walked along the sugar path back to town.

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