The Plight of the Rush

Ch 2; A Lovers Secret Revealed, Part 1

As the celebration finished up, all the racers started to separate into two different groups. Rancis, Gloyd and Swizzle walked over the rainbow bridge toward the exit of Sugar Rush on their way to Tapper's and Vanellope, Jubileena, Taffyta, Candlehead and all the others started walking up to Vanellope's Castle.

Vanellope couldn't help but think about Rancis's actions down at the finish line after the Random Roster Race earlier that day. Candlehead walked up beside her and tapped her, bringing her back to reality.

“You alright Vanellope?” asked Candlehead.

“Yeah, I was just thinking” Vanellope responded.

“Thinking about?” replied Candlehead

“Just something that happened at the track today, nothing special.” Vanellope answered.

“Nothing Special? I don't think so” Jubileena interjected as she walked up to the other side of Vanellope.

“What happened Jubi?” Candlehead asked her.

“Nothing” Vanellope interrupted quickly.

“Rancis raced off with a face so red I could have mistaken it for my cherry.” Jubileena said. ”We aren't sure why.”

“Isn't it obvious?” Taffyta interjected as she joined the group.

“Whats obvious Taffy?” Vanellope asked.

“He likes you Vanellope, like likes you.” she replied, causing the group to fall silent as they reached the door to the castle. Everyone looked at Vanellope, whom was starting to blush.

“You think so Taffy?” she asked.

“I know so.” Taffyta responded. “He has had his eyes on you for awhile now.”

Vanellope blushed more as she opened the door to the castle. The group moved up to Vanellope's Bedroom.

“What about you Vanellope? Do you have a crush on him?” asked Candlehead.

“Now why in Mod's name would I have a crush on him? Vanellope defended.

“Well you were blushing when you heard the possibility that he may have one on you.” Jubi explained.

Some of the girls giggled as Vanellope blushed more.

“Come on Vanellope.” Minty started. “You have to admit he is cute.”

Vanellope rubbed her head nervously. All eyes were on her.

“Why are you all looking at me?” Vanellope asked the group.

“We all want to know Vanellope.” explained Adora.

“Yeah Vanellope, tell us.” Taffyta asked.

“Okay, okay, fine.” Vanellope started. Everyone leaned in closer to her.

“I may have a slight crush on him.” she finished.

“Awwww.” replied the group.

“That's sweet Vanellope.” Jubileena said.

“How long have you had a crush on him?” asked Taffyta.

Vanellope rubbed her head nervously as she looked at the ground

“16 Years.” she finally said. Everyone gasped.

The room fell into silence.

“16 Years?” Candlehead asked in shock.

Vanellope nodded.

“But that would mean....” Candlehead started.

“You've had a crush on him, even during King Candy's time?” Taffyta asked.

Vanellope nodded again.

The group gasped again, remembering everything that happened over the 15 years King Candy was in charge.

“That explains why you didn't ask him Vanellope.” Jubi finally said.

“But what about now?” Minty asked. “King Candy is gone, why don't you ask him out Vanellope?”

“I have that strange feeling that he will come back.” Vanellope said.

Taffyta got up and walked over to Vanellope, putting her hand on Vanellope's shoulder.

“Vanellope, King Candy is gone, and he wont come back.” She reassured her.

“Yeah Vanellope. You shouldn't let that stop you from asking out Rancis.” Candlehead responded.

Vanellope's face brightened up.

“You know guys, your right.” she responded. “I shouldn't let that stop me from asking him if he likes me.”

“Yeah!” the group replied.

“You should ask him tomorrow, before the arcade opens.” Jubi suggested.

“That sounds like a great idea.” Vanellope yawned. “We should get some sleep for tomorrow, your all welcome to stay here.”

“A sleep over, sweet!” Candlehead exclaimed.

As Vanellope and the others settle down and start to fall asleep, Vanellope couldn't help but smile as she began to imagine her and Rancis, together.

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