The Plight of the Rush

Ch 4; Beauty of Red Sugar

Swizzle and Gloyd walked up to Vanellope's Castle about 10 minutes after they left Tapper's. As they reached the Castle doors they stopped for a second.

“So, do you think Ralph's plan will actually work?” Gloyd asked.

“I think so, Ralph and Vanellope are like best friends, why wouldn't she want to see him?” Swizzle responded.

Gloyd nodded as they knocked on the castle door. After a min, Sour Bill opened the door.

“Can I help you?” he asked in his monotone voice.

“We have a message for Vanellope from Ralph.” Swizzle said.

“I can relay it to the president, what is the message?” Sour Bill said.

“Ralph wants to meet the president at Diet Cola Mountain Tomorrow morning, 3 hours before the arcade opens, Tell her its urgent.” Swizzle answered.

“Okay, I will tell the president.” Sour Bill responded as he closed the door.

“Do you think it will work?” Gloyd asked again.

“Is your hat orange?” Swizzle responded as the two of them walked home.

Candlehead was the last one awake out of everyone else. She was playing with her candle when she heard a knock on the door. She opened the door to find Sour Bill standing there.

“Hey Sour Bill” she started.

“Can you wake President Vanellope, its important.” Sour Bill said in a monotone voice.

Candlehead nodded as she walked over to where Vanellope was passed out.

“Vanellope, wake up.” she said as she lightly shook the president out of her sleep.

Vanellope glared at Candlehead wondering why she woke her up.

“Yes Candlehead.” she asked.

“Sour Bill is at the door for you.” Candlehead told her.

“Cant it wait until morning?” Vanellope asked.

“He says its important.” she responded.

Vanellope grunted as she got out of bed and walked over to the door to where Sour Bill was waiting.

“Yes Sour Bill?” Vanellope asked.

“I'm sorry to wake you Madam President, but I have an urgent message from Wreck-It Ralph.” he said.

Vanellope snapped out of her sleepy trance when he mentioned Ralph.

“What is it?” she asked.

“Ralph wants to meet you at Diet Cola Mountain Three hours before the arcade opens tomorrow.” he responded.

“Okay, thank you Sour Bill.” Vanellope said as she walked back into her bedroom.

As she got back into her bed, she couldn't help but wonder why Ralph wanted to meet her 3 hours before the arcade opened. She waved over to Candlehead when she noticed that she was still awake.

“Candlehead, can you wake me up three and a half hours before the arcade opens?” Vanellope asked.

“Sure Vanellope.” Candlehead responded.

“Thank you.” she said as she fell back asleep.

Saturday Morning; Three and a half hours before the arcade opens.

Candlehead had stayed awake the entire night, starring at her candle. She looked up a the clock and saw that it was the time that Vanellope wanted to be up at. She walked over to Vanellope's bed.

“Wake up Vanellope.” she said as she tapped her on the shoulder.

Vanellope woke up quickly, knowing that she requested this wake up call.

“Thank you Candlehead.” she said as she got out of bed and started to get ready to meet Ralph at Diet Cola Mountain.

The Sugar Rush Speedway; 20 minutes later.

Rancis sat in his cart at the starting line of the Sugar Rush Speedway, watching as the Sun began to rise over the Sugar Rush Horizon.

'This is it.' he thought to himself. I'm going to finally figure out if she likes me.' He smiled at the thought.

As he was thinking about how this would go, Ralph walked up behind him.

“Well Rancis” he started. “Are you ready for this?”

“As ready as I will ever be.” Rancis replied as he turned to face Ralph.

“Then lets get a move on then.” Ralph said as he got on the back of Rancis's Kart.

“Sounds good.” Rancis responded as he and Ralph drove off to Diet Cola Mountain.

Vanellope's Hide Out, Diet Cola Mountain; 5 Minutes Later.

Vanellope sat on a rock inside of Diet Cola Mountain, watching the Hot Springs, her back facing the entrance.

'I wonder where Ralph is, or why he wanted to meet me this early in the morning?' She thought to herself as she threw a rock at the mentos hanging from the roof, causing one to fall.

Back outside, Rancis and Ralph drove up to to the mountain.

“Where is Vanellope?” Rancis asked.

“Somewhere behind that wall I'm guessing.” Ralph replied as he pointed at the wall, between 2 sugar free lollipops.

“Behind the wall?” Rancis wondered.

Ralph nodded. “Just walk through it.”

Rancis took a deep breath. “Anything I should know before I go in there?”

Ralph leaned down beside Rancis. “Just be yourself.” he said. “That's the best advice I can give you.”

“Thanks Ralph.” Rancis said as he walked toward the wall.

“Good luck kid” Ralph said quietly as he walked back toward the game exit.

As Rancis approached the wall, he quickly ran through what the story Ralph had told him to say on their way here.

'Remember Rancis, Ralph wanted to talk to me here as well, I didn't know that Vanellope was going to be here.' he thought to himself as he got up to the wall.

He paused for a moment, wondering why Ralph said to walk through a wall. After a few seconds, he slowly pushed his hand on the wall, surprised that he went right through it. After he got through the wall, he looked around at the cave, then began to quietly walk toward the other end of it.

Vanellope was still sitting on a rock at the Hot Springs, oblivious to Rancis's presence in the mountain. 'Where is Ralph?' she thought 'Its not like him to just miss a meeting like this, and he said it was important, so why would he just not show up?'

As Vanellope was deep in her own thought, Rancis walked into the central cavern without her noticing him there. He awed at the sight of the cavern as he looked around. Remembering the task at hand, he started to look around for Vanellope, who was a few feet in front of him, her back was turned to him, she didn't know he was even there. Rancis's heart began to race and he found it hard to move closer to Vanellope. He felt like turning around and running, but he knew he had to see this through, so he took a quiet deep breath and started to walk toward Vanellope.

Vanellope came back to her own state of mind when she started to hear footsteps behind her. She knew that they were too small to be Ralph so she slowly turned around.

As Vanellope started to turn around, Rancis stopped in his tracks, his heart was racing, his legs wanted to run, but he stood his ground.

She turned around and was slightly shocked to see Rancis standing there.

“Whoa.” Vanellope exclaimed in shock as she stood up from the rock she was previously sitting on.

Rancis stood there, wanting to say something, but he was frozen stiff, so he just rubbed his hands together in a nervous fashion.

Vanellope noticed he was nervous about something and began to try to loosen him up a bit.

“Hey Rancis, I didn't see you there, your very quiet.” she began.

“I-I'm Sorry, D-Did I scare you?” he finally replied, nervously.

“No, I just didn't expect to see you here.” She responded.

Vanellope noticed that he was still nervous about something, and was also wondering why he was even here.

“Not, to be rude, but why are you here?” she asked.

Remembering what Ralph had said to him on the way here. “R-Ralph said he wanted to talk to me about something” he answered.

Vanellope began to wonder what was going on here, because if Ralph wasn't here, and he wanted to talk to both of us here, now, then where was he? She looked at Rancis, He had a nervous smile on his face, he was rubbing his hands, he had a nervous shudder in his voice, and one of his legs was rubbing the back of the other.

Rancis watched Vanellope scan over him. He really felt like running now, but he bit his lower lip and continued to stand his ground.

After a few minutes of silence, Vanellope finally decided to say something.

“So, Do you know where Ralph is?” she asked him

Rancis, who was frozen stiff again just shook his head 'no'.

Vanellope figured he wasn't telling her everything. So she decided to dig deeper.

“Why are you so nervous Rancis?” she asked him.

Rancis became even more nervous from the question, and took a slight step backwards and lowered his head a bit into a defensive state.

Vanellope just tilted her head in response to his slight retreat.

“Rancis? Are you okay?” she asked him, hoping for another answer from him.

Rancis just stood there in silence, too nervous to say a word.

Vanellope was curious as to why Rancis wasn't answering any of her questions. Then she got an idea.

“Well if you cant answer any of my questions, then I will be going then.” she said, sarcastically.

She started to slowly walk toward the exit, hoping he would take the bait.

Rancis jumped out of his state of nervousness as he saw that Vanellope was beginning to leave.

“Vanellope, Wait!” he yelled.

'Hook, line, and sinker' she thought to herself as she turned back around to face Rancis, who was walking up to her.

“Yes Rancis?” she asked.

“I, um. Well, I” He tried to start.

Vanellope became interested as to why he was failing to say start a conversation.

“Yes?” she asked.

Rancis sighed “I-I have a question I wanted to ask you.”

Vanellope's ears perked up. “What may that be Rancis” she asked.

“D-Do you like me?” he stuttered.

“As a friend?” Vanellope responded, interested.

“Um, more, like, 'like like'?” he replied.

Vanellope felt her blood go cold. ' does he like me?' she thought to herself.

Rancis stood there, waiting for a response from Vanellope, but she just stood there in shock. His nervousness subsided and was replaced by a slight disappointment.

Vanellope was too much in shock to even speak a word, let alone tell her that she liked him, even though she did.

Rancis took her silence as a no and lowered his head in sadness.

Vanellope knew she had to respond to him, but she just couldn't say a word.

Rancis figured she didn't like him. “Vanellope, I...”

Just then, Vanellope jumped forward, wrapped her arms around his neck and locked lips with him, taking him completely by surprise. After his mind comprehended what had just happened, he wrapped his arms around her and joined in the kiss.

As they broke for air, Vanellope decided to continue the previous conversation.

“Did that answer your question Rancis?”

“Did it ever.” he responded.

Vanellope smiled as they came together for a hug.

“Wait a second.” Vanellope said as she remembered about Ralph.

“What is it Vanellope?” Rancis asked.

“Did Ralph help you set this up?” she asked.

“Well, he may have had a part in this.” he responded.

Vanellope rolled her eyes. “That explains why he isn't here.”

“Ya, I think he left as soon as I walked in here.” Rancis said.

“We should get going, the arcade is going to be opening in a few hours.” Vanellope said.

“Good point, lets get going.” Rancis responded as they pecked each other on the lips before walking out.”

High above Diet Cola Hot Springs, on the unfinished track, a shadowy figure walked out on to the ledge overlooking the Hot Springs.

“Looks like its time to put my plan into action.” he said with a devious smile on his face.

“I will have my revenge on you Vanellope Von Schweetz!” laughed the figure as he backed into the shadows.

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