The Plight of the Rush

Ch 5; The Upgrade

Vanellope and Rancis walked out of Diet Cola Mountain holding each others hands, with smiles on their faces.

“Hey Nelly?” Rancis began.

Vanellope blushed at the nickname her new boyfriend had just given her.

“Yes Rancis?” she responded.

“Where is your cart?” he asked her as they walked up to his cart.

“I walked here.” she responded.

“Well, hop in.” Rancis said as he got in his cart. “I can give you a ride back to the castle.”

“Well thank you Flugs.” replied Vanellope as she climbed on to the back of his cart.

Rancis smiled as she climbed on his cart.

“Nice nickname.” he said.

“Well I cant let you have a nickname for me when I don't.” Vanellope responded as she kissed him on his cheek.

Rancis smiled as he drove off to the castle.

Later that day, after the arcade closes.

Vanellope crosses the finish line as the last race of the day comes to a close.

“What a day.” she says as she gets out of her cart.

She looks back to see her boyfriend crossing the finish line and coming to a stop a few feet from her.

“Hey Flugs, you raced great today.” She said as she walked over to him.

“So did you Nelly.” He said as he got out of his cart and started to make out with her.

The other racers began to cross the finish line behind the two of them. Taffyta, Candlehead and Jubileena were the first to cross and noticed that Rancis and Vanellope were kissing.

Taffyta circled around and stopped her cart, Candlehead and Jubileena, who were both in awe of the kissing couple, crashed into each other.

“What in the world?” expressed Vanellope as she turned around to observe the carnage that just took place.

Candlehead had crashed into the side wall, then Jubileena careened into the back of her cart, causing her to fly into Candlehead, who ended up in the dirt on the other side of the wreckage.

“My Candle!” Candlehead exclaimed, noticing that her candle was put out when she hit the ground.

“Are you alright Candlehead?” Jubi said as she got up and ran over to help her up.

“Yeah, im fine.” Candlehead said as she re lit her candle and put it back on her head.

“What in the mod was that all about?” Vanellope asked as she ran over to the two racers.

“Sorry Vanellope, we just got distracted by a pair of kissing racers.” Jubileena said.

“They are cute together.” Candlehead added.

Vanellope blushed. “Well as long as you guys are okay.” She walked back over to Rancis.

“What was that about?” he asked her.

“Oh nothing, they just got a bit side tracked.” Vanellope said.

“I think I know why too.”

Vanellope and Rancis turned around and saw Taffyta, who had been lucky to avoid the crash.

“Why then?” Rancis asked.

“All three of us had noticed that the two of you were making out over here.” Taffyta answered.

Rancis blushed a bit as Vanellope gave him a hug.

“Well you managed not to crash like the other two” Vanellope replied.

Taffyta nodded as she looked over at Jubileena and Candlehead.

“Yeah, well I'm just good like that.” she said as she walked off, leaving Vanellope and Rancis there.

“Hey, Nelly.” Rancis started.

“Yes Flugs?” Vanellope replied.

“Do you want to come over to my house for the night?” he asked.

“That sounds like fun Flugs, why don't you pick me up at the castle in an hour.” she said.

“Okay, see you then.” he responded.

Vanellope gave him a quick kiss on the lips before jumping in her cart and driving off toward the castle. Rancis leaned up against his cart, looking on as Vanellope drove away.

“So, I take it his plan worked?” Swizzle asked, walking up to Rancis.

“Yep.” Rancis replied, still looking toward the castle.

Swizzle lightly punched him in the arm.

“Good job Fluggerbutter.” he said.

“Thanks, I couldn't have done it without you guys.” Rancis replied, rubbing his arm.

“So, you got the girl of your dreams.” Swizzle started. “Whats next for you Rancis?”

“I don't know, I'm just going to go with the wind.” Rancis answered.

“Well good luck with you Rancis.” Swizzle said.

“Thanks, you too.” he said as he got in his cart and drove away.

1 Hour Later

Rancis walked up to the castle door, thinking about how this night would go.

'I don't think anything too crazy will happen tonight.' he thought as he knocked on the door.

One minute later, Sour Bill opened the door and looked up at Rancis.

“One minute Mr. Fluggerbutter.” he said as he closed the door.

A few minutes later, Vanellope opened the door, walked into her boyfriend's arms and gave him a kiss.

“Hey Flugs.” she said.

“Hey Nelly.” he replied. “Are you ready to go?”

“No, I just have a bag packed for no reason.” she said, sarcastically.

Rancis smiled and picked her up. Vanellope kissed him on the nose as he carried her to his cart.

“I love you Nelly.” Rancis said as he sat her down on his cart.

“I love you too, Flugs.” Vanellope replied as he got in the driver's seat and began to drive away.

About five minutes later, Rancis parked his cart at his house and him and Vanellope got off the cart and walked up to the door.

“You know Flugs, I don't think I've been inside your house yet.” she said as he got the door key.

“Well, I think you will like it.” he said as he unlocked and opened the door.

They stepped inside and Rancis closed the door behind him.

“Do you want something to drink Nelly?” he asked as he hung his coat on a nearby hook.

“Yes, thank you.” Vanellope responded as she put her overnight bag down on the couch then followed Rancis into the kitchen.

Rancis went for the fridge as Vanellope sat down at the island bar.

“Is chocolate milk okay?” he asked.

Vanellope nodded.

Rancis produced a gallon of chocolate milk and 2 cups from the cupboard.

“You were right Flugs, I do love your house.” Vanellope said as he poured 2 glasses of chocolate milk.

“Well I'm glad Nelly.” He said as he handed her one of the cups of milk. “Maybe I can show you the rest of it later.”

“Cool” she said as she took a drink.

“Want to watch some TV?” Rancis asked.

“Sure, lead the way.” Vanellope answered as her and Rancis walked back into the living room.

Vanellope moved her bag to the floor as Rancis looked for the remote.

“Need help there Flugs?” she asked as she sat down.

“No, I can find it.” he responded as he continued to look around.

Vanellope rolled her eyes as she sat her drink on the table next to the love seat. She noticed the TV Remote sitting on the same table. “Flugs.” she sighed.

“I'm close, I know it Nelly.” he said as he was searching over by the Entertainment Center.

Vanellope sighed again, picked up the remote and hit the power button, turning on the entire Entertainment Center, causing Rancis to jump a bit before he turned back around to her. She shook the remote in front of her, Rancis sighed as he sat on the love seat, next to his girlfriend.

“Maybe you should ask for my help more often.” she joked.

Rancis kissed her on the lips. “Maybe.” he smiled.

They Cuddled in front of the TV.

“Hey Flugs, I have a question.” Vanellope asked.

“What may that be Nelly?” he responded.

“How long have you liked me?” she asked as she put her head on his shoulder.

Rancis laded his head back. “To be honest with you Nelly, I've had a crush on you for around the last 16 years.”

Vanellope's eyes widened. “Really?”

Rancis nodded. “Even back during King Candy's rule, I always thought you were cute.”

“Aw, that's sweet Rancis.” she said.

“I still feel bad about those 15 years of torment.” he said with a frown.

Vanellope lifted his head up and kissed him him on the lips.

“Hey, look.” She started. “Those times are over, King Candy is gone, so we can put all that behind us.”

Rancis smiled as he kissed her back.

“Hey, I also had a crush on you too Flugs.” she said.

Rancis raised an eyebrow in response. “How long?”

Vanellope laughed a bit. “as long as you have.”

“So we have been each others crush for the last 16 years?” he asked.

“I guess so, its crazy isn't it.” she said.

“Very.” he responded before starting to make out with her.

After a few minutes, they broke for air.

“I love you Rancis.” Vanellope said.

“I love you to Vanellope, and I always will.” Rancis responded.

Vanellope blushed. “How about some more TV.”

“Sure.” he responded before cuddling up with her for the next few hours.

Later on that night.

“Are you getting tired Nelly?” Rancis asked her. Yawning.

“A bit, yes.” she answered.

“Do you want to crash here with me?” he asked.

“Sure.” Vanellope said as she turned the TV off.

Rancis walked back to his bedroom as Vanellope was getting her bag.

“Where is your bathroom?” she asked as she got her bag.

“Over there.” he said as he pointed to the door on the other side of the hall.

“Okay thanks.” she said as she walked into the bathroom to change.

Rancis closed his bedroom door and got changed into his own pjs when he heard a knock at his door.

“Come in.” he said.

Vanellope opened the door and walked inside, she was in her pjs as well.

“I like your nightwear Nelly.” Rancis said.

“Yours looks nice too.” she responded as she gave him a hug.

“Lets get some sleep.” Rancis said as she kissed his girlfriend.

Rancis and Vanellope got under the covers, kissed each other and fell asleep in each other arms.

Sunday Morning.

A Bright light engulfed Sugar Rush as the game's upgrade was being installed.

“Okay, Mr Litwak. The upgrade is in progress, it will take a few hours to finish. The game will boot back up on its own.” said Tom, a Game Technician that Litwak had brought in to give Sugar Rush an upgrade, a treat to his customers.

“Thanks Tom, I know the customers will love it.” Mr Litwak said. “Whats all included in it?”

Tom got out a paper about the game upgrade. “Lets see here, The Racer models will look around nineteen years old instead of nine like before, all the carts are going to be faster, and 2 new characters will be put in.”

“Sounds great.” Litwak said as him and Tom walked out of the Arcade. “I know the kids will love it.”

Mr Litwak locked the arcade back up and left with Tom.

A few hours later, Sugar Rush booted back up with its opening movie playing.

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