The Plight of the Rush

Ch 6; Cinndon and Lizzy

As the upgrade finished installing into Sugar Rush, the bright light faded from the game, revealing the sugary landscape lit by the Sugar Rush sun. All the racers were still asleep in their beds.

Down at the Finish line, two Racers, one male, the other one female, lay in the driver seats of their carts.

The male racer had semi-short light brown hair, hazel eyes, a red t-shirt with a short cape that was black on the inside and light brown on the outside that sparked with cinnamon, red pants with light brown stripes down the outside of each leg and black shoes.

The female racer had long green hair, light blue eyes, a bright red t-shirt with a dark violet jacket on over it, light blue pants with bright red stripes spiraling down the legs and bright orange shoes.

The male racer woke up first.

“Ugg.” he said with a grunt as he opened his eyes for the first time.

He opened his eyes and looked out across the Sugar Rush landscape.

“Wow, this place is cool.” he said out loud. “I like this cart too.”

The cart he sat in had the same shape as Vanellope's cart. The entire thing was colored light brown with a cinnamon coating. The cart had no spoiler but instead has 4 cinnamon stick pipes sticking out of the top where the fender normally is. It sits on 4 cinnamon roll wheels and on the front, it has a red circle with a black outline with CC written in white lettering.

As he looked up from his cart, he noticed the other racer, sitting in her cart, asleep.

“I guess I should wake her up too.” he said as he got out of his cart.

As he walked over to her cart, he got a good look at it. It had the same shape as King Candy's old cart, the base of the cart was made out of a big red pez tablet, had lifesaver wheels, had a white pez spoiler that was held up by two Jolly Rancers.

'She looks cute like that' he thought to himself as he shook her out of her sleep.

“Hey, wake up.” he said as he lightly shook the other racer.

“What?” she said tiredly. As she opened her eyes she saw the male racer in front of her face.

'Well he is cute' she thought as she slowly woke up.

“Who might you be?” she asked him.

“My name is Cinndon, Cinndon Sodagard.” he introduced.

“Nice to meet you Cinndon, I'm Lizzy Bezet.” she replied as she shook Cinndon's hand.

'She has a cute name too.' he thought to himself.

“So do you know where we are?” Lizzy asked as she looked around them.

“I'm not too sure.” Cinndon answered as he also looked around for an answer.

Cinndon then spotted Sugar Rush Square down a ways from the track.

“Hey, look.” he said pointing. “looks like some sort of social spot.”

“Maybe we can find the other racers.” Lizzy concluded.

“I was thinking the same thing Lizzy.” Cinndon replied as the two of them jumped in their carts and drove off toward Sugar Rush Square.

Rancis's House, 5 minutes earlier.

Rancis slowly opened his eyes up and stretched out.

'What a night' he thought before he noticed that he seemed taller then when he fell asleep.

He looked down and noticed that his arms and legs grew longer literally overnight. He got out of bed and walked over to a nearby mirror. What he saw shocked him. Not only had his arms and legs gotten longer, but his muscles had grown, his shoulders broadened out, he developed a six pack and facial hair had invaded his chin.

'Oh mod' he thought. 'What happened last night?' Then his eyes grew larger as he remembered something else.


Rancis quickly turned around and walked back over to his girlfriend. Who was facing away from him and was almost completely covered by the blankets.

“Vanellope, Wake up.” he said as he shook Vanellope out of her sleep, noticing that his voice had also gotten deeper.

As she woke up, Rancis backed away just a bit. Vanellope slowly opened her eyes and turned around to Rancis. Shocked, she glitched out of the bed and over to a corner of the room.

“Who are you and what have you done with my Flugs?” she said, not even noticing her changes.

“Nelly, its me.” Rancis said as he slowly walked toward her.

Realizing that the tall hunk of man in front of her was in fact her boyfriend, her eyes widened as she took in his new looks.

“Rancis?” she asked. “What happened to you?”

“I should be asking you the same thing Nelly.” he said as he scanned his girlfriend's new body, causing her to look at herself in a nearby mirror. Her eyes grew as she took in her changes

Like Rancis, Vanellope's arms and legs had also grown longer, in addition, her hair grew longer, her hips became more defined, and her breasts had also grown.

“Oh mod.” she said as she lifted her breasts in amusement.

She turned back to her boyfriend. “Rancis, what happened to us?” she asked.

“I don't know, but I don't think we are 9 anymore.” he replied.

Vanellope then snapped her fingers as she realized what had happened.

“Litwak must have given us an upgrade.” she exclaimed.

“That would explain the changes to us.” Rancis replied.

She walked over to the window before realizing that the others must have also been upgraded.

“We should get the others woken up.” Vanellope said.

“Good idea, lets go” Rancis started before a scream rocked the entire neighborhood.

“That sounds like Taffyta.” Vanellope said as she rushed out the door with Rancis following behind her.

Taffyta had woken up and walked into her bathroom to get ready for the day. When she looked into her bathroom mirror at herself, she let out a scream so loud that it woke the entire neighborhood up.

“What happened to me?” she asked as she touched her face.

She continued to scan herself in the mirror in awe. In shock, she ran out of her house in her pjs into Vanellope and Rancis who had just gotten there. Shocked by their changes, she fell back on to the ground.

“Taffy, calm down.” Vanellope said to the shocked racer.

“V-Vanellope?” Taffyta asked, shocked. “Is that you?”

“Well duh, of course its me.” she replied as she helped Taffyta to her feet.

“What happened to you? What happened to me?” she asked.

“The game must have gotten an upgrade while we were all asleep.” Vanellope said.

“That would explain everything” Jubileena said as she and all the other racers walked into Sugar Rush Square. Silence engulfed the square as everyone looked over everyone else. Just then, the sound of two cart engines were heard heading toward them.

“That sounds like cart engines.” Swizzle said.

“Look!” Rancis said as he pointed to the approaching brown sugar dust cloud.

Off in the distance, Cinndon and Lizzy were driving toward Sugar Rush Square, in search of the other racers.

“Do you think they will be there?” Lizzy asked.

“I would think so Lizzy” Cinndon replied.

'I just hope they are friendly.' he thought as they arrived.

Lizzy and Cinndon's carts came to a stop a few feet from the other racers, the dust cloud masking their features. They got out of their carts and walked out of the dust cloud.

Both groups just stood their and stared at each other, unsure of how to exactly start.

“Hello there.” Vanellope finally said. “I'm Vanellope Von Schweetz, the president of Sugar Rush.”

“Hi there Vanellope.” Cinndon said as he shook her hand “My name is Cinndon Sodagard. I'm guessing you guys are the other racers of the game?”

“You got that right.” Rancis said as he approached Cinndon. “The name is Rancis, Rancis Fluggerbutter, I'm the boyfriend of our lovely president.” he said.

“You just love showing me off like a trophy, don't you Flugs.” Vanellope said.

Catching on, Cinndon understood what Rancis was talking about. “Don't worry Rancis, I have my eyes on someone else, although you do have a very good looking girl there.” he whispered as he shook Rancis's hand.

Hearing that Cinndon wasn't after Vanellope, Rancis smiled as he shook his new friend's hand.

“Glad to know it.” Rancis replied as they both laughed it off.

Vanellope rolled her eyes as she walked over to the other racer.

“Hello there, I didn't catch your name.” Vanellope said as she extended her arm.

“Lizzy, Lizzy Bezet.” she responded as she shook Vanellope's hand.

The rest of the racers approached and introduced themselves to the new racers.

“Its very nice to meet all of you” Cinndon said after everyone introduced themselves.

“Same, but do you know how me and Cinndon got here?” Lizzy asked.

“I'm guessing you two came with the update that bumped up our ages.” Vanellope responded.

“That makes sense.” Cinndon said.

“So how do you like it here?” Candlehead asked.

“I like it here.” Cinndon answered.

“I do too.” Lizzy said.

“I think our carts got faster too.” Vanellope said.

“We should go test them out on the track.” Rancis replied.

“Sounds good, but I think we should get changed first.” Taffyta said.

“Speaking of that, do you know when we will be getting our homes?” Lizzy asked.

“It takes about a day or so for the game code to readjust for new character homes” Vanellope said. “Until then, you will have to bunk with someone else.”

“That's fine.” Cinndon replied.

“Lizzy, you can bunk with me” Jubileena said

“Thanks, um, what was your name again?” Lizzy asked, slightly embarrassed.

“Its Jubileena, but you can call me Jubi.” she said.

“Okay, thanks Jubi.” Lizzy replied as Jubileena dragged her toward her house.

“Hey Cinndon, Me and Gloyd were going to have a movie night if you want to join us at my place.” Swizzle said.

“Sounds great, lead the way.” Cinndon responded as Gloyd walked them to Swizzle's house.

“Hey Rancis.” Swizzle said.

“Yeah?” Rancis responded.

“Do you want to join us tonight?” Swizzle asked.

“No, I wanted to spend some time with Vanellope tonight.” Rancis answered.

Swizzle laughed a bit. “I can understand that. Well your welcome to join us again later.”

“Thanks Swizzle.” Rancis said as he walked back toward Vanellope who was talking to Taffyta.

Rancis walked up behind Vanellope and hugged her. She turned around and planted her lips against his. Taffyta just put her hands on her hips and smiled. “You know, with the upgrade, you guys look even better together.”

“Thanks Taffy.” Vanellope said as her and Rancis broke for air. “You should try to find someone yourself you know.”

“Well you have Rancis and Jubileena has Swizzle.” Taffyta started.

“That leaves Gloyd and our newest, Cinndon.” Rancis replied.

“Gloyd isn't really my type.” She said defensively.

“What about that Cinndon guy?” Vanellope asked.

“Well, he is cute, but I think he has his eyes set on Lizzy.” Taffyta responded.

“The two new racers have a crush on each other?” Rancis asked.

“They do look good together.” Vanellope said.

“Look on the bright side Taffyta, your bound to find someone.” Rancis said to the strawberry racer.

“Well, I guess your right, it did take more the fifteen years for you two to get together.” Taffyta replied.

“And it was well worth it.” Vanellope said as she and Rancis started making out.

“I will take that as my cue to leave, just don't forget about the practice race you two.” Taffyta said as she walked back into her house, leaving Vanellope and Rancis there.

As they broke for air, they started to walk back to Rancis's house.

“Hey, Nelly.” Rancis said

“Yes my Flugs?” Vanellope responded.

“Well, there is something I wanted to admit to you.” he said as the two of them stopped in front of his house.

“What is it Flugs?” Vanellope asked, worried.

“Well, when I saw you this morning, I felt something that I never have felt before.” Rancis said.

“Funny, I had a strange feeling this morning when I saw you too.” Vanellope responded.

“Well, that is funny.” Rancis wondered. “Well, how about we spend the night together.”

“I did have a great time with you last time.” Vanellope said with as smile on her face.

“Its settled, where do you want to be this time?” Rancis asked as the two of them walked into his house.

“How about the castle this time.” Vanellope said as she got her overnight bag.

“Works for me. How about I come by at nine tonight?” Rancis asked.

“Sounds good, lets get changed and get down to the track.” Vanellope said.

“You will need your cart Nelly.” Rancis added.

“Oh right, can you race me up there?” Vanellope asked.

“Of course Nelly.” he said as he kissed her. “But lets get changed first.”

“Sounds good” she said as she jumped into the bathroom to change.

'I wonder what that feeling was about this morning.' he wondered as he walked into his bedroom to change.

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