The Plight of the Rush

Ch 7; Pink Love

While Vanellope and the other racers were running practice laps, another shadowy figure stood in the hills overlooking the track.

“The time is almost here..” the figure snickered.

The figure looked down at the track and noticed Vanellope racing.

“..and your time is almost up, Glitch.” said the figure as it narrowed its yellow eyes at the sight of Vanellope before turning back toward the entrance to the Sugar Rush Caverns.

Vanellope and the others cross the finish line on their final practice lap.

“Man, these carts are so much faster then our other ones.” Gloyd expressed as he got out of his cart.

“I agree, they handle better too.” Swizzle responded.

After all the racers had finished, Jubileena and Minty approached Lizzy, who was talking to Vanellope.

“Hey Lizzy.” Jubileena said.

“Hey Jubi.” she replied.

“Minty.” Vanellope said.

“Vanellope” Minty responded, smiling.

“You raced good out there today Lizzy.” Minty said as she turned toward her.

“Thanks Minty, you guys did good too.” Lizzy replied.

“Lizzy, the girls are going to be hanging out over at my place if you want to join us.” Jubileena said.

“Cool, sounds like fun.” Lizzy expressed.

“You want to come with us Vanellope?” Minty asked.

Vanellope thought for a moment before Rancis interrupted her thoughts.

“Hey Nelly.” Rancis said as he ran over to his girlfriend.

“Hey Flugs.” Vanellope replied as he crashed into her arms.

“Did you have any trouble on the track today?” she asked as she wrapped her arms around him.

“No I didn't, I readjusted to the new upgrades quickly.” he said as he followed suit and hugged his girlfriend.

“Well that's good.” she says as she pulls him in and starts to make out with him.

Jubileena, Minty and Lizzy looks on from the side as Rancis and Vanellope continue to make out. After a minute or so, Minty clears her throat, interrupting the extended make out session. Vanellope breaks the kiss, a bit agitated from the interruption.

“Get a room you two.” Minty says while rolling her eyes.

Vanellope shoots her a glance, then turns back to Rancis.

“So, I will see you tonight?” she asks.

“Sure will Nelly.” he replies as he pecks her on the lips before leaving the group of girls.

“So, did you want to join us Vanellope?” Minty asks again

“Sure, I don't have anything to do until tonight.” she said.

“Sweet, lets go round up the rest of them.” Jubileena said as the four of them walked away.

Meanwhile, in the Sugar Rush Caverns, The shadowy figure looked out across a large cave at a glowing sea of green light.

“My army is just about ready, it wont be long now.” he said as it picked up one of the green eggs in his hands.

“It was too easy to sneak you out of your game.” the figure said, smiling as he looked up at the rest of them.

Jubileena, Minty, Lizzy, Vanellope and the other girls all gathered at Jubileena's house, talking, laughing, and just having a good time getting to know their new friend.

“So Lizzy, tell us, who do you have a crush on?” Minty asked her.

Lizzy rubbed her head nervously. ”I don't know, no one I guess.”

“Is it that hunk Cinndon?” Vanellope asked.

Lizzy blushed as the other girls leaned in closer to her.

“Why are you asking me about this?” she said defensively.

“Don't try to trick us Lizzy” Jubi started. “We saw you staring at Cinndon after the race today.”

“Can you blame me?” Lizzy asked, blushing. “He is just so dreamy” she continued as she started to get lost in her own thoughts before realizing that she just blew her cover.

“So you do have a crush on him.” Sticky said as the others giggled.

Not wanting the spotlight anymore, Lizzy decided to find a way to divert their attention.

“Your all singling me out here, why don't you talk about your crushes” Lizzy says defensively.

“Well, Lizzy, all the guys are already taken.” Minty stated.

“Yeah, Jubi has Swizz, I have Rancis, and you have your eyes on Cinndon.” Vanellope said.

“Wait a second.” Sticky said. “Doesn't that leave one more?”

After thinking for a moment, Vanellope realized that there was one more guy that wasn't taken. “That's right, Gloyd isn't taken yet.”

Taffyta inconspicuously bit her lip in nervousness, not revealing her true intentions to her friends.

Lizzy smiled after learning that there is one guy left for them to fuss over.

“Why do we start trying to find out if anyone has a crush on Gloyd.” Lizzy said.

Vanellope and Jubileena shook their heads in agreement while looking at all the single girls.

“One of you probably has a crush on him, but just isn't telling us.” Vanellope concluded.

“Then lets discuss it.” Lizzy said. “Lets start with you.” She pointed at Taffyta.

She started to mentally sweat as she felt every pair of eyes looking directly at her.

“I don't know, I know I don't have a crush on Gloyd.” she said in a quick, yet defensive tone.

The others narrowed their eyes at her quick response.

Taking notice of this, Taffyta knew she had to get the attention away from her.

“Why are you all staring at me?” she asked the group.

“You responded quite quickly Taffy.” Vanellope said. “ No one responds that quickly to a question like that unless their hiding something.”

Taffyta started to sweat a bit as she bit her lip. She wanted to retaliate at Vanellope's accusations, but she came up blank.

The others smiled at her, knowing they found their missing piece of the puzzle.

“Your silence betrays you Taffyta.” Sticky said.

Lizzy follows along, just happy that the spotlight is on someone else for a change.

Taffyta starts slowly backing away from the group as her face starts to blush and her eyes begin to worry as the rest of the group starts to move closer to her.

“Why are you backing up Taffy?” Vanellope asked.

Taffyta tries to think of an answer to her question, but comes up blank. “Um.”

Knowing they have her in a corner, the group pounces.

“You have a crush on Gloyd, don't you Taffyta.” Lizzy states from the back of the group.

Taffyta sweats as her face blushes at Lizzy's accusation, knowing in her mind that she was caught red handed.

“N-No.” she stuttered.

The group gasped at her answer, knowing that she was caught.

“You do.” Jubileena said as the group starts to giggle.

Taffyta blushes even more as she hangs her head down in defeat.

“Okay, so I do, So what?” she finally says.

“So, why don't you ask him out?” Minty says.

“Yeah, everyone knows that Gloyd has always had a crush on you.” Sticky adds.

“Because, he just seems so immature, always pranks everyone.” Taffyta states, her head still down and blushing.

Vanellope walked over to her and knelled down beside the embarrassed racer.

“Taffy, don't you think that the upgrade has made him more mature?” she asks.

She slowly pulling her head back up, knowing that Vanellope had a point.

“I didn't think about it like that to be honest.” she said.

Vanellope turns back to the rest of the group.

“Guys, we have some work to do.” she states.

“Vanellope, what are you talking about?” Taffyta asks, confused.

“We are going to get you two together, by the end of the night.” Vanellope said.

“Now?” she asks, shocked

“Yes Taffy, now.” Vanellope replies.

“This seems a bit to fast doesn't it?” Taffyta asks

“Taffyta,” Vanellope starts. “You like him, he likes you. This apple is prime for picking.”

“I guess your right.” Taffyta admits. “Do you have a plan?”

Vanellope starts thinking of how best to get Gloyd and Taffyta together.

“I got it” She exclaims. “I know of a cliff that has a great view of the entire game, one of the best spots for a romantic setting. So the plan is to get both of you there, then the rest is up to you.” she states.

“To me?” Taffyta asks.

“Well we cant ask him for you now can we?” Vanellope states.

“I don't know guys.” Taffyta says, worried.

“Taffy, just relax, we will help you.” Vanellope said.

“Thanks guys.” Taffyta replies.

“Okay, Girls, lets set the bait.” Vanellope said as she nods to Jubileena and they both pull out their phones.

20 Minutes Earlier.

Rancis walks up to Swizzle, Gloyd and Cinndon after making out with his girlfriend.

“Hey Rancis, enjoy your make-out session?” Gloyd says as he rejoins the group.

“You know it.” Rancis replies with a smile on his face.

“So what are we going to do now?” Cinndon asks the boys.

“Well the girls are having some get together or something, so we could head to Tapper's I guess.” Rancis replies.

Gloyd and Swizzle nod their heads in agreement.

“Tapper's?” Cinndon asks.

“Root Beer bar game.” Swizzle explains.

“Oh, Cool.” Cinndon replies.

“That's right, you don't know about anything outside of our game.” Rancis says.

“Lets fix that boys” Gloyd says as the four of them walk out of the game.

A few minutes and a tram ride later, the group arrives in Game Central Station. They walk out of their outlet and Cinndon looks around in amazement.

“Wow, this place is incredible.” he says as he walks out of the outlet.

A loud buzzer breaks the group out of their mind set as Cinndon walks into GCS. A few seconds later, Surge Protector appears.

“Oh that's right, new character.” Rancis mumbles as the three of them move back to Cinndon.

“Whom might you be?” Cinndon asks Surge.

Surge looks up from his clipboard. “You new?” he asks.

Cinndon nods as Rancis, Gloyd and Swizzle rejoin the two of them.

“This guy with you?” Surge asks the trio.

“Yes.” they say in unison.

Surge turns back to Cinndon.

“I'm Surge, I am the security guard for Game Central.”

“Oh, nice to meet you.” Cinndon replies.

“All new characters that walk into GCS trip the alarm, let me just get your information and I will put it in the systems.” Surge explains.

“Oh okay.” Cinndon responds as Surge looks back down at his clipboard.

“Name?” Surge asks.

“Cinndon Sodagard.” he answers

“Game of Origin?”

Not sure, he turns to his friends who point to the sign above his head.

“Sugar Rush.” he reads.

“Okay, and just for security reasons, where are you heading?” Surge asks.

“Tapper's” Rancis answers for him.

Surge bats an eye at Rancis for a second before looking back at his clipboard.

“Okay, your clear. Proceed.” Surge says as he waves the group on shortly before disappearing.

“Sorry Cinndon, I forgot to tell you that.” Rancis says as the group starts walking toward Tapper's Outlet.

“Its fine, just jumped me a bit, you know.” Cinndon replies as they reach Tapper's outlet.

Cinndon stops short of the outlet. “Its not going to happen again right?” he asks.

“It shouldn't” Swizzle replies.

Cinndon slowly steps into the outlet, after realizing that the alarm didn't trip this time, he caught back up with the group as they got on the tram to Tapper's.

A short tram ride later, they walked into Tapper's Bar and sat down at the bar as Tapper approached the group.

“What can I get you kids?” Tapper asks them.

“Four regular root beers please Tapper.” Rancis answers.

“Coming right up.” Tapper said as he walked away to get their drinks.

“So Cinndon, how do you like it here so far?” Swizzle asks.

“Don't worry, you can answer honestly, we wont bite your head off like Vanellope.” Gloyd jokes.

Rancis glares at Gloyd before turning to Cinndon.

“Don't listen to Gloyd, Vanellope is a kind soul, and im not just saying that because I'm her boyfriend.”

Cinndon smiles. “My answer hasn't changed, I really like it here.”

“Well that's good” Rancis says as Tapper sets down their drinks in front of them.

“Thanks Tapper.” they all say.

“So lets get down to business.” Gloyd says after he takes a swig of his drink.

“Business?” Cinndon asks as Rancis rolls his eyes.

“Yeah, who do you have your eyes on?” Gloyd asks.

Rancis buries his head in his hands. “Gloyd.” he grunts.

“Come on Rancis, aren't you interested at all?” Swizzle asks

“Well yes, but..” Rancis started before Swizzle interrupted him.

“But nothing Rancis.” Swizzle replies.

Rancis sighs out a grunt as Gloyd and Swizzle begin to do their digging.

“Well, to be honest. Lizzy is very cute.” Cinndon says.

Gloyd and Swizzle lean in interested as Rancis just shakes his head.

“Mod, they are like school girls.” Rancis whispers to himself.

“You have a crush on Lizzy?” Swizzle asks.

“You could say that I guess.” Cinndon says.

“My main man!” Gloyd says as he slaps Cinndon on the back. “That's getting it done!”

“Have you asked her yet?” Swizzle asks.

“No, not yet.” Cinndon replies.

“Why not?” Gloyd asks.

“Just nervous, that's all.” Cinndon says.

“Nervous, nothing, just ask her.” Swizzle says.

By this point, Rancis has had enough.

“Come on guys, give him some breathing room. Mod, sometimes your just as bad as the girls.” Rancis exclaims at the other two.

Swizzle and Gloyd give Cinndon a break from their questioning as he leans over to Rancis.

“Thanks Rancis, I didn't know when they would stop.” he says.

“No problem Cinndon.” Rancis replies as he takes a drink.

Cinndon desided to take a few shots at Swizzle and Gloyd.

“So Guys, I know about Rancis and Vanellope already, but what about you two? Who do you have?” Cinndon asks.

“Well, im very happy with Jubileena.” Swizzle states as he takes a drink.

“What about you Gloyd?” Cinndon asks.

“I don't have anyone actually.” Gloyd admits.

Rancis leans over to Cinndon.

“He has a crush on Taffyta.” he says.

“Oh, I see.” Cinndon said as he too another drink as Swizzle's and Rancis's phones rung.

They both looked at their phones and noticed that it was their girlfriends that were calling them.

“Excuse me Gentlemen” Rancis said as he walked off to the side to answer his phone.

“Has to be polite.” Swizzle said as he answered his phone. “Hey Jubi, Whats up”

“Hey Swizz, are you with the others right now?” Jubi said over the phone.

Swizzle looked around at Rancis who was off to the side, as well as Gloyd and Cinndon who were talking just to the side of him.

“Yeah, why?” he asked.

“Put some distance between you and Gloyd for a minute.” she asked.

“Okay, whats going on?” he said as he slid down a seat.

“You know that Gloyd has a crush on Taffy right.” she asks

“Of course, everyone knows that, whats your point?” Swizzle wonders.

“The feeling is mutual.” Jubi says.

Swizzle's eyes widen at what he was just told.

“You mean?” he starts.

“Yes.” she answers.

“Why are you telling me this?” Swizzle asks.

“Because we are going to get them together, tonight, and we will need to work together to make it happen.” she responds.

Swizzle looks over at Cinndon and Gloyd, who are having a grand time chatting it up.

“Okay, lets play matchmaker.” he whispers with a smile.

“Okay, Vanellope is telling Rancis, he will know where to go. You guys just get him there.” she says.

“Sounds good, see you then Jubi.” he says.

“Love you.” She says.

“Love you too.” Swizzle responds as they hang up.

Swizzle scoots back to his original seat as Rancis makes his way back to the bar. Swizzle nods to him as he sits back down, Rancis nods back, knowing whats about to go down.

“Hey guys, we should start heading back.” Swizzle said as he finished his drink.

“Any reason why?” Gloyd asks. “We are having a grand time here.”

“Maybe that crush of yours finally came to her senses.” Cinndon laughed as he poked Gloyd with his elbow.

Rancis and Swizzle hid their nervousness, unsure of if Cinndon was just joking or not.

“I wish Cinndon, I doubt she would have the lollipops to make the first move.” Gloyd laughed as Rancis and Swizzle breathed a sigh of relief.

“Well, I guess we can go.” Gloyd continues as the 4 of them pay for their drinks before walking out of Tapper's Bar.

5 Minutes Later

Vanellope, Taffyta, Jubileena and the other girls made their way to the cliff that Vanellope told them about.

“This is an incredible view Vanellope.” Lizzy said.

“I told you this is a great spot.” Vanellope responded as she was walking over to Taffyta, who was shifting her feet in the brown sugar dust with her hands in her pockets.

“Taffy, you okay?” Vanellope asked.

“Yeah, I'm just nervous, that's all.” she says.

“Don't be, we all know that he likes you, so what is there to be nervous about?” she responds.

Taffyta hangs her head and looks at the ground, not saying a word.

“Look Taffy, you got this.” Vanellope says as she puts her hand on her shoulder in comfort.

Taffyta looks back up. “Thanks Vanellope.”

“Have you thought of what your going to do yet?” Vanellope asks.

“Yes,I'm going to approach him when he gets to the cliff, but the boys will have to get him there first.” Taffyta exclaims.

“That's a good idea, I will let Rancis know what to do.” Vanellope says as she gets out her phone.

The boys were about half way back to Sugar Rush when Rancis's phone rang.

“Hey Nelly.” he answers.

“Hey Flugs.” She replies.

“Whats up?” he asks.

“Taffy has a plan, we need to get Gloyd to the cliff edge, alone. Can you guys handle that?”

Rancis thought up a plan in his head for a second. “Yeah, I think we can manage that.”

“Cool, and are we still on for tonight?” she asks seductively.

“Of course.” he responds.

“Okay, see you guys when you all get here, by the way, meet us all at Sugar Rush Square after you get Gloyd to the cliff, that way they can have their peace together.” Vanellope says.

“Sounds good Nelly, see you then.” Rancis replies.

“Love you Flugs, good luck.” she says.

“Love you too Nelly.” he replies as he hangs up the phone.

The Tram pulls up to Sugar Rush and the 4 of them get off. Rancis pulls Swizzle off to the side.

“Whats up Rancis?” Swizzle asks.

“We need to get Gloyd to the cliff overlooking the game. We need to ditch him there and meet up with everyone else at Sugar Rush Square.” Rancis tells him.

“How do you intend on doing that?” Swizzle wonders.

Rancis looks up at Gloyd and gets an idea. “Just follow my lead.” he says as they walk back to the others.

Cinndon and Gloyd were laughing when Rancis and Swizzle rejoined them.

“Hey guys” Gloyd says. “Did you have any ideas on what to do next?”

“Well Vanellope wanted to talk to you Cinndon.” Rancis started.

“Is it bad?” Cinndon asked, worried.

“No, its not bad.” he tells the worried racer.

“Oh good.” Cinndon says.

“She is at Sugar Rush Square.” Rancis starts.

“Back where we first met?” he asks.

“Yeah, go ahead and head down there, we will catch you later.” Rancis says.

“Okay, see you guys later.” Cinndon says as he runs toward his cart, leaving Gloyd, Rancis and Swizzle at the top of the rainbow bridge, with Rancis and Swizzle behind Gloyd.

Rancis nodded to Swizzle as he silently showed him what do to. Swizzle smiled when he understood the plan. Rancis signaled him and together they ran at Gloyd.

“So guys, what are we going to..” Gloyd started before being pushed to the ground. He looked up in a daze and saw Rancis and Swizzle running toward their carts.

“I will get you for that!” Gloyd yelled as he got back to his feet and chased after them.

“Good, he took the bait.” Rancis said as he and Swizzle jumped in their carts and sped off to the Candy Tree Forest, with Gloyd in hot pursuit.

Meanwhile, all the girls, minus Taffyta had left the forest for Sugar Rush Square, leaving the strawberry themed racer waiting for her crush to trip the bait.

As Vanellope and the others got to Sugar Rush Square, they saw Cinndon's Cart approaching as well.

Vanellope jumped out of her cart and approached him, seeing how he was in a bit of a hurry.

“Cinndon, whats up? You seem in a bit of a hurry.” Vanellope asked.

“Rancis said you needed to tell me something.” he told her.

Vanellope looked at him, confused. “I don't need to tell you anything.” she replied as she began to think of why Rancis would tell him that. “I'm not sure why he would tell you that.”

“We could ask him.” he suggested.

“Yeah, but it will have to be later.” she says.

“Why is that?” Cinndon wonders.

“Rancis and Swizzle are luring Gloyd to the Candy Tree Forest.” Jubileena said as she approached the two of them.

“Whats going on there?” he asks.

“Did they not tell you?” Vanellope asks.

“Tell me what?” Cinndon wonders.

Vanellope rolls her eyes. “We are hooking Taffyta and Gloyd up.”

Cinndon's eyes widen. “You mean she likes him?”

They all nod.

“I jokingly said that to him before we left Tappers.” he said. “He said he doesn't think she will ask him.”

Vanellope and the others smile. “Well, he is in for a shocking surprise then.”

At the Candy Tree Forest.

Rancis and Swizzle stop their carts just outside the Candy Tree Forest and jump out laughing, with Gloyd still hot on their tails.

“You girls think that is funny?” Gloyd yells. “Just wait until I catch you!”

“That wont happen Pumpkin Head!” Rancis yells back as him and Swizzle continue running toward the cliff edge.

“Just you wait Pretty Boy!” Gloyd threatens as he continues to chase down Rancis and Swizzle.

“Now!” Rancis says to Swizzle.

The two of them split, Swizzle runs back toward the exit of the forest while Rancis runs toward the cliff where Taffyta is waiting.

“You two think your clever?” Gloyd says as he continues after Rancis. “I will get you for this Pretty Boy!”

'Good he is chasing me still' Rancis thought to himself as he got ever so closer to the cliff edge.

“This can only end one way Rancis!” Gloyd yells.

Just then, Rancis pulls a fast one and hides behind a tree and watches as Gloyd runs by.

'You will thank me later Gloyd.' Rancis thinks as he quietly runs back to his cart. 'Now back to Sugar Rush Square.'

Gloyd continues to run until he reaches the cliff and stops, out of breath.

“Where. Did. He. Go?” he says, panting.

Off to the side in the brush. Taffyta peeks out and sees Gloyd, out of breath from chasing down Rancis.

'Show time Taffyta' she thinks to herself.

Gloyd continues to catch his breath while looking out over the cliff.

'This is a nice spot to see the entire game.' he thinks to himself when the sound of the brush interrupts his thoughts.

“Rancis.” he says as he starts turning around. “You better keep running Rancis, before I...” he is cut short and shocked when he notices Taffyta standing there, not Rancis.

“T-Taffyta?” he says, shocked. “What are you doing here?”

“Why are you so out of breath?” she asks him.

“I was chasing after Rancis and Swizzle, they knocked me to the ground back at the game exit.” he answers. “But why are you here?”

“Well.” She starts while she runs her hand through her hair while she took a deep breath. “I wanted to tell you something.”

Gloyd's heart started beating at a faster pace and his ears perked up. “What might that be?”

“Well, I wanted to tell you that I like you.” Taffyta admitted.

Gloyd's Eyes shot open. “Y-You do?”

Taffyta nods and smiles.

Gloyd started looking around frantically.

“Whats wrong Gloyd?” Taffyta asks.

“Where are the others?” he starts. “This has to be a trick.”

“This isn't a trick Gloyd.” she says as she walks closer to him.

“It has to be, you have always said that you didn't like....” Gloyd started before Taffyta kissed him on the lips mid sentence, taking him by surprise. It didn't take long for Gloyd to catch on.

After a minute, she broke the kiss and looked up at Gloyd, who was smiling.

“Was that enough proof, or do you need more?” Taffyta asked, seductively.

“Maybe a bit more proof.” he said.

Taffyta giggled a bit before starting to make out with Gloyd. This time, they both were ready for it. They both wrapped their arms around each other and enjoyed their make out session. Gloyd enjoyed the mixed taste of strawberry from her lips with the pumpkin from his. They continued their session for the next minute before breaking for air.

“Enough yet?” she asked him.

“Yes.” he said with a smile on his face.

“What changed your mind?” Gloyd asked.

“Well, I was nervous at first, but the others helped me.” Taffyta explained.

“And the upgrade?” Gloyd asked again.

“Yeah, that had a part to play too.” she admitted.

Gloyd smiled before kissing her on the lips again.

“We should find the others.” Gloyd suggested.

“Good idea.” Taffyta agreed as they walked away from the cliff, holding each other.

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