The Plight of the Rush

Ch 8; The History of Turbo

Vanellope, Jubileena, Cinndon and all the other racers gathered at Sugar Rush Square, waiting for Rancis and Swizzle to join them.

"Do you think they pulled it off?" Cinndon asked.

"I'm not sure, we will find out when they get here." Vanellope said.

Just then, Rancis's and Swizzle's Carts flew over the hill and stopped just short of the group in Sugar Rush Square. They jumped out of their carts and high-fived each other as they approached the rest of the racers.

"How did it go?" Vanellope asked.

"Worked out like a charm, Hook, Line and Sinker." Rancis said, smiling.

"What about Taffyta?" Jubileena asked.

The boys looked at each other, then back at the group, who now had worried faces.

"Unsure, we got out of dodge as soon as we lost Gloyd." Swizzle said.

"I Know he is still in there, I know for a fact that he lost me in the forest." Rancis added

"Lets just hope this plan works." Cinndon replied.

The group nodded in agreement as Rancis walked over to where Cinndon and Vanellope were.

"So, you probably figured out that I lied about Vanellope needing you." Rancis said while rubbing his head.

"Yeah, but I figured it was all apart of this big plan of yours." Cinndon replied.

Rancis perked up a bit after knowing his friend had understood the reason.

"So, how did you get Gloyd to follow you?" Vanellope asked.

Rancis grew a mischievous smile on his face as Swizzle joined in.

"We pushed him to the ground." Rancis laughed after looking at Swizzle.

Vanellope and Cinndon grew wide-eyed. "You pushed him?" she asked

Rancis nodded. "Worked out as I planned, he chased after us the entire way."

"That, is brilliant actually." she replied.

"Well, not as brilliant as your old hiding spot back during King Candy's rule." Rancis admitted.

"Yeah, that was brilliant of me." she replied as Cinndon stood there, confused.

"Who?" Cinndon asked, causing all 3 of the others to turn to him.

"Oh yeah, you just got added in." Vanellope said. "Well, King Can..."

Just then, Taffyta and Gloyd zoomed over the hill, getting the attention of all the others.

Rancis, Swizzle, Vanellope and Jubileena looked up at the strawberry and pumpkin themed racers as they got out of their carts, smiling as they approached the rest of the racers.

"What has you two in such good moods?" Vanellope asked, smiling.

Taffyta and Gloyd looked at each other, then back to the others before joining hands and coming together for a kiss causing the rest of the racers to look on in slight shock. Taffyta broke for air, then turned back toward Vanellope.

"Does that answer your question?" she replied.

Vanellope stiffs a laugh as the rest of the racers begin applauding the newest couple.

Gloyd walked over to where the boys were standing.

"Nice job there Pumpkin head." Rancis said as he gave Gloyd a thumbs up.

"Welcome to the club brother." Swizzle added.

Gloyd crossed his arms as he tried to figure out what happened earlier.

"Whats wrong Gloyd?" Rancis asks.

After a minute, Gloyd's eyes shoot open in sudden realization.

"You sly dogs, you had this planned out, didn't you?" he said.

"Plan what out Gloyd?" Swizzle says suggestively.

"You two had something to do with this." Gloyd continued.

"Oh, no. We wouldn't ever do anything like that." Rancis said, sarcastically.

Gloyd rolled his eyes as the rest of the racers merged in with them.

"Congrats Gloyd, looks like I was right." Cinndon said.

Gloyd stiffed a laugh. "I doubt you had any idea about this."

"Not a clue." Cinndon concluded.

"Well, we are all happy for both of you." Vanellope stated.

"Thank you Vanellope." Taffyta replied.

Cinndon turned back toward Vanellope. "I believe you were telling me a story?"

Taffyta and Gloyd raised an eyebrow at this as they looked toward Vanellope.

She nodded her head. "Right, right."

"So, who is King Candy?"

Taffyta and Gloyd jumped slightly at hearing the name of their old leader

"Sixteen years ago, King Candy was the ruler of Sugar Rush. He ruled for fifteen years before it was revealed he wasnt the true leader." Vanellope explained.

The old racers began to lower their heads in shame.

"Not the true leader? How so?" Cinndon asked.

Rancis lifted his head up and stepped up to Vanellope's side. "It was revealed that he was a Game Jumper. He came in, took over the game, locked up all of our memories, and worse of all, tried to delete Vanellope's Code."

Cinndon was shocked. He couldnt believe that anyone would try to do something like that to Vanellope.

Lizzy then spoke up as she emerged from the crowd. "Why would he try to kill Vanellope?"

Vanellope turned to face her. "He wanted the throne, so he locked up the memories of every racer and citizen, then when he failed to get rid of me entirely, he put me as an outcast in the eyes of everyone else. He put the image that I was nothing but a dangerous glitch that would cause the destruction of the game if I were to race into the minds of all the other racers, who bullied me because of it."

All the other racers, especially Taffyta, removed their hats and hung their heads in shame.

Cinndon and Lizzy looked around at all the others. "What changed?" they both asked.

"It was revealed that King Candy was really another character, named Turbo, who was from another game from long ago, named 'TurboTime'. Long story short, he was upstaged, and tried to take over the game that overshadowed his, he failed, and put both games out of order."

"That's terrible." Lizzy stated.

Vanellope looked around at her fellow racers, who still had their heads down in shame.

"After Turbo's Defeat, all the racers apologized for what had happened over those 15 years. Even though it wasn't really their fault." Vanellope stated.

At this point, the rest of the racers raised their heads back up and replaced their hats back on their heads.

"Even a year afterwards, many of us still feel guilty for our actions." Rancis said, earning himself a hug from Vanellope.

Taffyta took a step forward. "None of us should have earned any type of forgiveness from Vanellope. We have tried to make it up to her as much as possible."

Vanellope smiled as she looked out among the racers. "You guys have done plenty, really."

Cinndon spoke up again. "So, what happened to this Turbo?"

"There was this large infestation of these things called Cy-Bugs, they are from another game. According to my friend, Wreck-It Ralph, he turned into one of these bugs, but was destroyed along with the rest of them when he set off Diet Cola Mountain." she explained as she pointed toward said mountain in the distance.

"I see" Cinndon replied.

"Well its starting to get late, we should get going, we have a busy day tomorrow." Vanellope said as the Sugar Rush sun began to set.

With that, all the racers began to drift back toward their homes. Lizzy and Cinndon tagged along with Jubi and Swizzle as they left for Jubi's home. Taffyta and Gloyd walked back toward her home, and the rest of the racers left Sugar Rush Square for their own homes, leaving Vanellope and Rancis alone.

"Well Flugs, shall we adjure to the Castle for the night?" She said seductively.

"Lead the way Nelly." he replied as they jumped in their carts and raced off toward the castle.

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