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Tin Man One Shots #1


Like Kryptonite Written under previous pen name, Nuavarion May 11th, 2008 on Live Journal. Dark Haven written May. 11th, 2008 under Nuavarion on Live Journal. Independence Day AKA The OZ's Independence Day written 07-02-09 under Glitchie on Fan Fiction Net. Means to an End written September 6, 2008 under Glitchie on Fan Fiction Net. 10 Random Music Drabbles written under Nuavarion on Live Journal May. 13th, 2008. Paralyzer written under Nuavarion on Live Journal May. 30th, 2008.Things are always better written under Nuavarion on Live Journal on Jun. 15th, 2008. Eye to Eye written under Nuavarion on Live Journal Jun. 15th, 2008. Invisible Lines written under Nuavarion Jun. 15 2008. A Different Kind of Fox written under Nuavarion on Live Journal June 17, 2008. Freedom is Purple written under Nuavarion on Live Journal Jun. 17th, 2008. Hold onto yourself written under Nuavarion on Live Journal June 22, 2008. An Exercise in Trust written under Nuavarion on Live Journal July 8th 2008. Waking Dream written under Nuavarion on Live Journal Jul. 9th, 2008. Head (Case) Games written under Nuavarion on Live Journal Jul. 11th, 2008. S.P.F.L.A.S.L.B. (or Renegade Long Coats & Wild Papays) written under Nuavarion on Live Journal Aug. 6th, 2008. Once a Princess written under PropertyofWyatt on Live Journal 3/27/09

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Like Kryptonite

DG pushed the door open quietly and peered inside. Biting her lip, she studied the man bent over the work bench, her head cocked slightly as she tried to determine just who she was going to be dealing with this time. It was so hard to tell these days, just based on appearance.

Sneaking in, she closed the door softly behind her then crept up behind him and pounced, her hands snapping down over his eyes. “Hello, lover,” she purred in his ear. The soft whimper told her it was Glitch, but then she looked at him quizzically, as he uttered her name… Ambrose?

She shrugged, letting her hands fall from his eyes and he turned to look at her. She supposed it really didn’t matter, after all, her mother had told her that she herself had chosen Ambrose as her intended suitor before she’d left the O.Z. and even if he did seem to be two different people at times, it wasn’t like he actually was; it was simply two sides of his personality that hadn’t meshed yet.

“And what are you doing here, Princess?”

Yep, DG sighed. Definitely Ambrose; Glitch never called her princess. He called her DG or Doll. Ambrose only called her DG when she was interrupting something he was trying hard to finish.

“Do you know what today is?” DG asked.

Ambrose tilted his head as he thought about her question and counted on his fingers briefly. “February 14th,” he replied after a moment. “What about it?”

DG groaned. “It’s Valentine’s Day,” she whined. “You know… a holiday, you really shouldn’t be working.”

Ambrose blinked. “Valentine’s Day?” he asked in bewilderment. “A holiday?”

DG nodded.

“No it’s not,” he said and paused when she sighed in defeat, lowering her gaze. “Oh,” he exclaimed softly in awe. “You mean a holiday on the Other Side…”

DG looked up at him with a timid smile and nodded.

“Hmmm,” he harrumphed as though something just occurred to him and turned back to the work bench picking up what he’d been working on. “So that’s what this is… I wondered what it was for…”

DG blinked in bewilderment, but then her breath hitched when he turned around again and she saw the charm dangling from a delicate chain in his hand. It was a three dimensional gold filigree heart and inside… she blinked. Was that an emerald?

Looking up at him to see him smiling at her, she returned his smile before launching herself at him. “It’s beautiful,” she murmured. “Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me, it was his idea…” Ambrose said cocking his head and giving a slight nod before holding it out to her.

DG accepted it with a slightly trembling hand and giggled as she fastened it around her neck. “I have something for you, too,” she murmured.

“Y-you do?” Ambrose asked in surprise.

DG nodded with a grin. “Well, it’s really for both of you but since only one can come out at a time, you’ll have to do if you don’t want to let him out…”

Ambrose swallowed dryly. “I uh,” he stammered and shook his head as she took his hand in hers and led him in the direction of his bedroom off the lab. “N-no,” he stammered again as he followed her slowly. “We – we have an agreed schedule,” he explained. “It’s not his turn yet.”

DG smiled at him over her shoulder. “Okay,” she replied softly. “Then you get to see it first…”

“S-see what?” Ambrose asked.

DG giggled. “Your gift of course,” she answered.

“Oh,” he said dumbly as he found himself in his bedroom with DG, the door closed softly behind them.

Leaning up, DG kissed his lips gently and sighed heavily when he panicked.

“What are you doing?” he asked, trying to pull away from her suddenly but found his back against the wall.

“I’m kissing you, Ambrose,” DG answered. “Maybe you should talk to Glitch sometime… he enjoys them.”

“You – you’ve kissed him!” Ambrose practically shrieked at her, his eyes wide with surprise.

“Yes, and quite often, I might add,” DG replied becoming annoyed with this part of her lover. “Among other things…”

“But he’s… you’re… I’m…” Ambrose stammered and DG sighed heavily once more.

“Look Ambrose, he’s part of you… you’re the same person, just different sides of that person… I love you, and I love him. Yes, I am the princess, but you are my chosen if you remember correctly,” DG said in annoyance.

“Yes, I – I remember,” Ambrose said lowering his head like a scolded child, his voice barely above a whisper.

DG sighed. “If you don’t want your gift, then fine, but I want to give it to Glitch, so have him find me when he comes out,” she said and turned to go.

“Wait,” Ambrose said and reached out, grabbing her arm as she turned to go. “No, I – I want it… please.”

DG relaxed, exhaling a breath and smiled at him. “All right,” she murmured softly. “Then relax, would you?”

Ambrose swallowed hard, but nodded.

Moving closer once more, DG leaned up and kissed him gently. She kept them soft pecks on the lips at first and opened her eyes briefly to see that Ambrose had his closed. “It’s all right, Ambrose,” she whispered softly against his lips, feeling his hands move as the fabric of her shirt rustled against her skin and she smiled. “You can touch me if you want…”

Ambrose released a measured, shuddering breath as he slowly rested his hands on her waist.

DG hummed at the gentle touch, a small smile playing at her lips. “See?” she murmured against his lips. “That wasn’t so hard, was it?”

Ambrose just opened hooded eyes, swallowing audibly.

“Now,” DG murmured. “Are you going to relax and let me give you your Valentine’s Day present?”

Ambrose swallowed audibly once more but nodded.

“Good,” DG murmured, as she slid her fingers back to tangle in his curly locks, pressing her body against his and kissed him again. Pulling back slightly, after another few pecks, DG slid her tongue along Ambrose’s bottom lip before nipping at it gently and smiled when she heard his breath hitch. “You know, Ambrose,” she murmured huskily. “Glitch is a really good kisser… makes me wonder how good you are… care to show me?”

Ambrose flushed slightly and met her gaze shyly. “I uh… I’ve never…”

DG smiled. “You’ve never kissed anyone…” she finished softly.

Ambrose’s flush deepened and he lowered his eyes.

“Hey,” DG said and peered down at him to see his eyes. “It’s okay.” She watched him for a moment, combing her fingers through his hair. “Want me to show you?”

Ambrose swallowed nervously, but nodded and DG tilted his chin up a bit.

“Remember what I said?” she asked as Ambrose inhaled her scent. “You can touch me if you want…” She paused and smiled. “I won’t care where.”

Ambrose exhaled deeply but nodded.

“Close your eyes,” DG said.

Ambrose blinked. “I thought you said you were going to show me?”

DG giggled. “I am, silly…” she murmured. “But the thing about kissing,” she continued and wiggled her body against his teasingly. “Is that its all about feeling… not seeing.”

“Oh,” Ambrose replied, his breath hitching once more and he closed his eyes as she requested.

“Now, I want you to relax. Don’t hold yourself so stiffly… You are bearing your weight on your feet, nothing more,” she said, shaking him gently in the shoulders and arms and nudging his legs.

“All right,” Ambrose murmured as he felt his muscles loosen beneath her touch.

“Now,” DG murmured before leaning up and kissing him again, satisfied with the tension of his stand. “Don’t think… kissing isn’t about thinking. Let your emotions control your movements.”

Ambrose hummed in response, feeling her lip on his again.

DG pulled back briefly and smiled before leaning forward again and trailed the tip of her tongue over his lips before nipping at the bottom one once more, and he gasped. DG purred softly before slipping her tongue into his warm cavern and Ambrose released a groan, his hands automatically tightening on her waist as she explored the deep recesses of his mouth with her tongue before tangling it with his own.

“Yes,” DG whispered softly when she pulled back.

Ambrose opened hooded eyes, and DG smiled at him.

“Are you ready for your present now?” she asked and he nodded with a shy smile.

“Yes,” he murmured softly.

DG smiled up at him before kissing him briefly, drawing her hands down and beginning to slide them over his chest and sides. “Do you trust me?”

Ambrose swallowed at the question. “Ye-yes…” he stammered, his breath hitching at her touch.

DG nodded, giving him a soft smile and slowly pushed his coat from his shoulders, letting it fall to the floor.

“DG,” Ambrose breathed as she moved on to his unbuttoning his shirt.

“Shh,” DG crooned. “It’s all right… I promise I won’t hurt you… I just want to touch you.” She paused and looked up at him in concern. “Is that all right?”

Ambrose swallowed audibly once again, but nodded.

DG smiled and leaned up, kissing him gently as her nimble fingers continued to unfasten the buttons on his shirt. When she’d finished with it, she pushed it from his shoulders as well, allowing it to join the coat on the floor.

Ambrose whimpered softly but made no move to stop her.

“Do you want to touch me as well?” DG asked breathlessly. Ambrose could only nod in reply and DG smiled. Stepping back, she toed off her shoes and pulled her shirt over her head, then grinned as she saw him blush profusely. “It’s all right, Ambrose,” she murmured. “You don’t have to be embarrassed. I’m not,” she finished, unbuttoning her jeans, and pushing them down stepping out of them.

“I… y-you…” Ambrose squeaked and then fell silent as she smiled at him, lowering his eyes.

DG cocked her head, seeing how nervous he was and that he was actually trembling. “Oh, Ambrose,” she whispered softly. “I’m so sorry…” She moved closer and took his hand gently, drawing him away from the wall and too the bed, laying down with him and drawing him into her arms. “I didn’t mean to scare you… Are you all right, my love?”

Ambrose was still trembling, but clung to her despite his fears, his head resting on her shoulder near her collarbone.

DG smiled when she felt the hand Ambrose still had resting at her hip begin to move slightly and suppressed the urge to laugh as she tried not to squirm at the somewhat ticklish feeling. Hearing a soft sigh come from below, her smile widened.

Ambrose shifted and looked up at her curiously when a soft chuckle escaped her throat. “What?” Ambrose asked quietly, looking at her in confusion.

“Nothing, love,” DG murmured and leaned up to kiss him.

Ambrose sighed against her lips and lay his head back down on her shoulder as his continued to stroke the soft, silky material that covered a small portion of her hip.

DG grinned. Score one for Victoria’s Secret and their Body by Victoria underwear line, she thought. They really were like kryptonite.
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