Chapter 10

"Riley, wake up. Riley. C'mon, wake up already, I have to go train." I heard in a distance but I knew he was right next to me. I swatted him in the face and covered myself deeper into the blankets. They were so warm and comfortable, I just needed...five more...minutes...

"That's it." I felt hands travel up my body and to my armpits. My eyes widened as I gasped and started to laugh out loud hysterically. I struggled to push away Mikey's hand from me so that I could stop laughing and breathe but the turtle wouldn't stop.

"Ok! Ok! I give!" I yelled out between breaths to get him to stop, he did this every morning now. It was starting to get annoying but I loved it. I started everyday smiling. I've been getting better, at least I think so. Everything has changed so quickly around me, it feels different being around people that actually care.

Bruce and Taylor were heartless, they didn't care about me. They wouldn't care if I died. They weren't human at all.

But the turtles are so different. Leo has been so kind and respectful, he's such a sweet guy and we get into pleasant debates of petty things that his brothers would never do. He's been teaching me how to meditate and clear my mind. Leo is one of my best friends.

Raph and I haven't been awkward ever since that time we almost kissed. We don't talk much but when we do, he's always a big softie. Once when I told him I was craving caramel popcorn, he got up and dressed in some weird trench coat and went to go buy some. He's like the big brother I never had, they all are.

Now Donnie has been my therapist ever since the turtles have found out about my scars. We talk everyday about how I feel and how I've been getting better. Donnie is like a doctor, he's patient and caring and no one is like him. Because of him, I've been clean for a week.

And then there's Mikey. Mikey has done the most to help me out of all of the turtles. A part of me is actually think that what Raph said is true, Mikey is my superhero. He's been saving me from falling deeper. Mike has done stupid things that simply make me chuckle and roll my eyes at the poor turtle. And I didn't think about this before, but I am truly falling in love with Michelangelo.

"You are the cruelest turtle that I've ever met." I mumbled under my breath as I tried to act like I was actually annoyed at his antics even though I wasn't, and Mikey knew it. He laughed out loud and scooped me up off the bed and into his arms as he carried me bridal style to the bathroom.

I gently punched his chest and groaned to show him that I was angry but I couldn't. I smirked and rolled my eyes as he placed me down if the cold tile floor of the bathroom. A small shiver ran down my spine as my body got comfortable to the different climate that I was used to.

"Aw, c'mon Riles. You know you love me." He said as his raised his eyebrow ridge obnoxiously and wrapped me into a hug.

I do.

"Yeah right! Next thing you know, pigs will start to fly!" I said and I pushed him away and started to brush my hair as stuck my tongue out at him playfully.

"Well if mutant turtles are possible, then who knows?"

"Get out of here, I need to get ready!" I scoffed at him and huffed childishly, I pushed him out and locked the door behind him.

After I took a quick shower and brushed my teeth, I changed into grey sweatpants and a dark green long sleeved shirt that was way too baggy on my body and looked at myself in the mirror. I frowned at my reflection, I looked messy and sloppy. My eyes glanced at my closet. Maybe, I could wear a regular t shirt?

I walked over to it and pulled out a red short sleeved shirt and pulled it over my body. I glanced back at the mirror. The shirt was definitely more formed fitted to my body and showed off my curves. Not only did it show more, but it showed my scars, they stood out from the rest of my body.

It always scared me when I wore clothes that showed my body, I felt like someone would turn into Bruce and hurt me. Then it hit me. I didn't see anyone else besides the turtles and Splinter. I trusted then with my life, I can trust them enough to do this. Donnie always said take a step forward, you may think you're not ready for it but you'll never know unless you try.

I sighed deeply as I looked at my cuts. They were completely healed and not red anymore. The only thing that was left was small bumps with pale markings. I could do this, I thought as I put on my my sock and slippers.

I walked out of my room and went down the stairs and into the living room to find the turtles were done with their morning training. Wow, I guess I took longer today then I normally. I stood where I was until they noticed me.

"Hey Riles! What took ya so- wow..." Raph started to say but completely stopped when he turned around and saw me. His reaction made all of the turtles turn around as well and stare at me. I shifted around uncomfortably and bit the inside of my cheek. Ok, this was definitely a mistake.

"Uh, sorry. I'll go and change back." I muttered as I frowned and headed back to my room to change back into the baggy long sleeved shirt that I had on earlier. I definitely wasn't ready for this step.

"No, wait." Raph said as he ran over to me to stop me.

"I didn't mean it like that. You're beautiful, I'm just surprised to see you like this. I know this took a lot of courage for you, I'm sorry Riley." He mustered together as he gently hugged me and brought me back to the living room where the turtles were eating their breakfast.

I didn't look at them as I grabbed a bowl of cereal and a bowl. I sat down next to Mikey and Leo and started to eat my breakfast. Mikey looked over to me and gave me a reassuring smiled which caused me to feel comfortable again.

As I munched on my food, I thought back to how amazing things have been going. There was no trouble around me. Everything just felt small too me, I was happy and that was all that mattered now. I only hoped that it would stay like this.

"Guys, we're running low on food, do you want me to call April and Casey and see if they can swing by to drop some stuff off?" Donnie said as he got up and inspected the refrigerator to see if there was any food left. To be honest, there wasn't much. I had eaten most of the fruit and vegetables that the turtles never touched and the only thing left was condiments and frozen pizza in the freezer.

"Whose April and Casey?" I asked no one in particular as I took a bite of my cereal.

"They're our other friends, they're humans. We've known them since we were teenagers. But now that we're 20 and they're married, we don't see them as much as we used too. You saw that picture of them the first time you came here, remember?" Donnie said.

I thought back to the first night I came to the sewers, it felt like years ago but it was only last week. I remember staring at a picture that Don showed me of them when they were younger.

"Oh, yeah." I mumbled under my breath.

For a minute there, I thought that I was the only other friend of turtles. But I wasn't.

I glanced at Leo as he picked up the phone and tossed it to Donnie which he gladly grasped and started to punch in different numbers into the keypad, making a bunch of beeps and boops.

What if they don't like me?

What if they want me to leave?

What if they don't think I'm good to be with their friends?

What if...?

"Hey April! How's it going? Good, good, we're a good here! We actually made a new friend, she lives with us now. Yeah. Leo's fine, so is everyone else. Splinter asked about you the other day. So look, we're running low. You mind coming over to- oh great thanks so much! Great, we'll see you in a hour, bye!"

"So does that mean I'm going to meet the both of them?" I asked as I put my bowl in the sink and started to clean up.

Please say no.



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