Chapter 11

To say that I was uncomfortable around other people was an understatement. I was petrified of any person whom I didn't know personally. Walking in hallways or in the streets has always been a struggle, saying a sentence out loud in class is terrifying to me. I survived high school yet I can't survive meeting new people, especially people whom in trying to impress.

I sat down next to Mikey on the sofa as he played some fighting game against Raph on the big screen TV. I seemed interesting enough to get my nerves off of everything around me for a few seconds.

Mikey glanced at me in the corner of his eyes and grinned, causing a chain reaction for me to smirk at him back. He paused the game quickly, much to Raph's distaste and turned to me. He picked me up as fast as the ninja that he was was and set me down on his lap and continued the game.

My cheeks turned to a blood cherry red as I blushed hard. My face was burning. Raph turned around ad looked at me. He gave me this smile that looked like he was saying, 'I told ya so'.

"M-Mikey!" I stuttered saying and tried to get off of him but he held onto me tight with a hug, never losing his concentration on the game.

"What? I need my good luck charm!" He laughed out loud.

I huffed where I was as I pretended to look angry when I really was just embarrassed. Cuddling with another person was a big NO before I met the turtles but now, it's not the same. They've changed me.

"Guys! April and Casey are here!" I turned around quickly and saw a couple carrying large bags in their arms and talking to Donnie. They seemed to be catching up and laughing with each other. I felt like shrinking in Mikey's lap and just staying there hoping that they wouldn't notice me.

It didn't last long though.

"Hey Riley! Come here, I want to introduce you!" Donnie called me over causing the other two humans to look at me and smile. I feel like I'm melting.

"Um Mikey?" I whispered to him.

"Yeah?" He said staring at the TV, not even noticing that I was still sitting on him and his death grip around my waist.

"Can you like, oh I don't know, let me go?" I whispered loudly hoping it would get his attention off of the video game.

"Uh? Oh! Yeah. Sorry about that." He said sheepishly as he let me go. I got off of the orange turtle and walked over to Donnie where he was still talking to the couple.

"Um hi there." I said shyly as I waved my hand slightly to get their attention so that I could go back to hiding.

The girl was definitely beautiful, she had straight red hair and colorful bright eyes. She looked completely opposite from me. She had a figure and stood confidently in it. I looked nothing like her. I had brown long waves and poop brown eyes. I didn't have a figure, I was just plainly skinny and had no confidence whatsoever. She looked in her late 20's, I was only 17.

The man standing next to her was tall and buff. He had dark black hair and chocolate eyes that stood out from his tan skin. He definitely worked out or did some other kind of physical activity to get him those many muscles.

"Hi there! My name is April and this is Casey! It's so nice to finally meet you!" She said loudly in a happy voice, the woman was bubbly, I give her that.

I opened my mouth to say my name but couldn't, my eyes widened as I realized that I just couldn't talk. It's not that j wouldn't because I didn't want to, but I just couldn't do it. I tried once more and it didn't work.

"This is Riley Matthews, she's our new friend. She's uh, a bit shy." Donnie said quickly for me when he realized too that I couldn't. The couple looked confused at first but shrugged it off and continued to talk.

"Riley... Matthews?" April said out loud, the expression on her face showed she was thinking hard about something which scarred me. Was there something wrong that I did.

"Yeah, that's me." I mumbled softly hoping to get her attention off of whatever it was that she was thinking hard about. I shifted slightly back and forth in the balls of my feet. My eyes kept staring down at my slippers.

"How old are you?" Casey asked as his eyebrows raised up at me. I felt uncomfortable as he looked me up and down.

"Uh, 17." I whispered under my breath and I wrapped my arms around my body. Today probably was a bad day to wear a short sleeved shirt.

"Drat, still a minor!" He cursed under his breath as his fingers made a snap that echoed throughout the lair. April hit him in the stomach and muttered 'perv'. Yep, I didn't think that I possibly could've been more awkward. Casey had proved me wrong.

I part of me is thinking that he's going to be proving me wrong for a long time now.

"Oh! I know who you are! You're the girl that was on the news" April said loudly, casing me to jump from the sudden jolt of surprise.

Man, what is wrong with this woman?! I wanted to tell her to calm down it to at least get her husband to stop giving her coffee but that probably would've been rude. No, you would have to know me better for me to say snarky and rude remarks that I won't feel guilty about in the future.

April wasn't even close.

"Who was on what news?" Leo said as he walked into the kitchen where we were talking. Casey had already put most of the food away during introductions and Leo came along to help him.

"Riley was, I remembered her name when Donnie told me it a few days ago but I couldn't put my finger on it until now." April said as she dug through her bag only to pull out her phone and start tapping with her nails.

"You see, there was this news broadcast of this crazy lady and she kept mentioning Riley here. Look, just watch this..." She said as she passes me the phone and pressed play, all of the turtles crowdedness around me to get a quick peek as to what she was talking about.

The dark screen lit up to show a reporter outside of the Smith's apartment with police and ambulances around. People crowded, trying to get a looks as to what happened, even though I knew what this was all about.

"Thanks Sarah, I am standing here outside on Eastman avenue where a terrible thing has occurred tonight. Earlier this evening, a woman by the name of Taylor Smith left her apartment at precisely 8 pm, she later came back at midnight to find her husband, Bruce Smith, completely slaughtered.

There is no forensic evidence as to who murdered Mr. Smith for the authorities to trace with. All the police know was that no one in the apartment was home besides Bruce. The only other person who lives with them is a teenage girl, by the name of Riley Matthews, who is currently missing. Now Taylor testifies for Riley saying that the girl was gone for three day before the murder. Ms. Matthews is foster child who usuals leaves for several days without notice.

Here is an interview recorded earlier concerning Riley's disappearance by Mrs. Smith."

I quickly paused the video before the clip started. My head felt like it was going to fall off of my shoulders as I processed what had happened.

"Why the hell would Taylor testify for me?! She hates me, she's hated me since she's met me! I have the bruises, I can show you!" I said furiously, almost throwing April's phone on the floor before Raph grabbed it from my hands and started to play it again.

The screen showed Taylor, puffy faced and red eyed with a dry tissue in her hand. The sight of her made me want to scream.

"I only hope that I can find Riley in time, she's such a treasure and I adore her immensely. Her favorite animals are turtles, you know."

My back straightened as she talked, "No, they're not." I whispered under my breath in spite. "I like dogs."

"To assist me with this great task, I ordered the help of Saki's Industry to find my poor girl. My good friend, Karai, has already put everything in preparation to keep Riley off the streets. Thank you."

The screen went dark.

"She's using the Shredder! When I see that two faced bitch with fake boo-" Raph yelled out as he put his hands on his sais, ready to attack the first thing that moves for revenge.

"Woah, wait a minute! Who is the Shredder?" I asked as Mikey put his arm around me to get me to calm down which didn't really help much.

All of the turtles looked at each other and then back at me. They looked tense and nervous but most of all uncomfortable. They looked like me whenever I met new people. The tables had turned.

"He was our worst enemy, he died a while back but that doesn't mean that his army isn't still alive. His second in command, Karai, still runs the show. We've been fighting them ever since. And now they've got their lock on you." Leo said as he banged his fist on the countertops.

I shuttered at the thought of more people, more people who were going to hurt me when they don't even know me. I mean, who's kidding? No one really wants to get to know me.

"Why? Why do they want me?" I whispered. I crouched closer into Mikey's grasp, hoping that his warm would somehow be able to calm me down from the panic attack that I was probably going to have.

"They probably saw us when we were following you on the way to your apartment. They must've followed and got you connected with us. I'm guessing that they think you're their next target." Raphael said.

Insert panic attack here.

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