Chapter 14

"Psst! Leooo! Leooo Beooo! Fearless!" I whispered loudly in Leonardo's face as I was positioned correctly, waiting for him to open his eyes.

I had been trying to get Leo out of his trance while he meditated in the dojo. I held tightly in my hands, the camera that Donnie had graciously gave me earlier, I decided to take advantage of it and put it to good use.

Leo was my first target, my goal was to get a picture of his electrical bright blue eyes that I absolutely adored. I always wondered why the turtles had so beautiful eyes and I'm just here with my poop brown ones. Even Donnie's eyes which were also brown, had red and orange mixed in. It made me jealous but also gave me many opportunities to use them in my advantage.

Like taking millions of pictures of them until they go blind.

"Leo, c'mon! Just open your eyes! Please, do it for me! I already took like a bunch of you while you were meditating. I just need like a perfect picture of your eyes." I muttered as I pouted and begged Leo in such a childish way. If I saw myself like this 2 months ago, I would have been so embarrassed and uncomfortable. But I'm not the same anymore, I've changed for the better.

Leo quickly opened one eyelids which caused me to jump up and almost throw the camera at his face. I got too excited. Instead, I simply tripped over my own foot for the second time today and fell on my face.

I could see the smirk playing on his face as he saw me fall. He didn't even try to help me from falling, the turtle didn't even flinch. I groaned in annoyance as I sat back up and stared at Leo.

"Fine, just don't hurt yourself anymore." He said as he sighed in defeat as he positioned himself for me to take pictures.

"No promises, Mr. Leader." I said as I put my hand up and saluted to him.

I quickly started to take as many pictures as possible, using many different settings and having the camera's focus on different things.

From the way I was making the pictures come out, I was completely surprised for a newbie photographer. A part of me loves taking pictures so much. It felt like enough to make a career out of it.

"Thanks Leo!" I yelled out as I walked away from him, looking through all the pictures that I had taken if him.

The pictures actually turned out really good. I should probably ask Donnie if he could possibly print them out. Maybe I could go get frames for them and give it to the turtles as gifts as a thank you. I should probably-

"Oof!" I said as I hit myself against a great bodily mass that cause me to stop and almost fall on my butt. I almost hit the ground if the thing that I had bumped into didn't catch me.

"You okay, Ryle?" Mikey said with concerned eyes and voice.

"Oh yeah, I'm fine. I didn't almost trip there if that's what you're thinking. No sir." I whispered under my breath to conceal my clumsiness in front of him but it clearly wasn't working.

"So um, Ryle? What's with that nickname?"

"Well, Donnie always calls you Riles, Leo just calls you Riley, I don't know what the hell Raph calls you-"

"It's normally Ms. Sunshine." I said as I made a sarcastic face and chuckled causing Mikey to smile brightly at me.

"Well Ms. Sunshine, I think I have the right to have my own nickname for you. Ryle, kinda like Kyle but with an R." He said as he put on a face that made him look like he was thinking really hard. I stuck my tongue out and him and rolled my eyes.

"You're an idiot."

"Yes, I know I am." He said.

"So uh, you want to let go of me?" I said as I realized that Mikey was still holding on to me by my waist, our bodies were close to each other and was radiating heat. My cheeks turned blood red when Mikey kept staring at me.

"Do you want to go somewhere?" He said quickly, almost too fast for me to even understand if I wasn't paying enough close attention to. Mikey's face wasn't smiling like it usually was, it was serious and he looked so nervous.

I couldn't turn him down.

"Uh sure, yeah, where?" I said curiously as he grabbed my hand and started to lead my near the exit. He wasn't answering, he was too focused.

"Mike? Mikey! It's the middle of the night, let me at least get a jacket. What about your brothers, don't you think that they have I right to know if we leave? Hell! I haven't left this place in two months!" I said as I grabbed my hoodie off if the couch where it laid.

Mikey was starting to scare me but I didn't care. I knew what he was doing and I knew why he was so nervous.

"No, we can't tell them, they'll only get in the way! I have to do this before I lose this feeling..." My heart softened when I heard him say that. He was reminding me of myself and how anxious I can be.

"Then lead the way, goofball." I whispered to him as I got giddy with excitement as to where he was going to take me.

Mikey quickly smiled brightly and picked me up, giving me a piggy back ride as we left the lair. I squealed a bit, scared that he was going to drop me but I simply trusted him...and held on just a bit tighter to his shell.

Once we made it to the sewer cover, Mikey let go and climes up the ladder with me following behind him. He quickly checked if there was anyone and luckily there wasn't.

The smell of New York had filled up my nose. Car horns and the smell of fresh coffee went throughout the air. It felt so nice to be on the outside once more and not in the sewers. Mikey then picked me up again but in bridal style and climbed up the fire escape of a building till we reached the top.

"And this is where the fun begins." He whispered as he smiled down at me.

"Wha-what are you talking about? Mike? Mikey?!? Mikey!!!" I yelled as he started to run off the edge of the building, I covered my eyes in the crook of his arm. The wind hit my body hard as I thought that he was going to drop me or he was going to to trip

Once we finally landed on the building across from us, I could finally breathe, not realizing that I had been holding my breathing. I could hear Mikey chucking at me.

"Open your eyes, Riley."

And I did. A small gasp escaped my lips as I saw everything around me. The city looked more beautiful than ever. There was so many lights that shined so bright that put my in a trance.

"I-it's beautiful here...just wow." I said as my mouth fell. I got off of Mikey as carefully sat down in the ledge if the building so that I could get a better view.

"Yeah, I know." I turned to him as saw that he was staring at me. I quickly turned away back to the city, my cheeks were turning bright red when I realized what he was referring to.

"So um, there's something I wanted to tell you." Mikey started but I quickly interrupted.

"Mike, it's fine-"

"No, I need to say this because I know, that you know already. Today, Donnie called me in his lab to talk about you, he said that you weren't there because you were sleeping. Riley, from the night when you first fell asleep with me, you haven't been able to close you're eyes if I'm not with you. So that makes me wonder exactly where were you?

You and I both know the truth, so why are we hiding it from each other?"

I sat there, shocked and mentally smitten as to what Mikey had said.

"Take a step forward, you may think you're not ready for it but you'll never know unless you try." I whispered under my breath, not really caring if he heard me or not. I only cared about one thing now.


I stopped him, his lips were already too busy to continue his question.

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