Chapter 15

I grabbed him by the neck and launched myself at him, our noses bumping before our lips touched. But when the kiss started it was like dynamite exploding. He pulled me close to him, holding me around my waist and then entwining his fingers with my hair. Neither of us noticed the city around.

His body was hot against mine, his chest still heaving from the run. I felt Mikey's heart beating beneath my clothes. It made me nervous. Yet free. That feeling of freedom multiplied by a billion until she felt so alive.

Pressed against me, his body is firmer than I would have guessed. It's terrifying and exciting. The responsible voice in my head demands that I push him away. But how much harm can one kiss do, really?

I waited for a protest that didn't come. His lips were so soft and warm. Placing my hands behind his head, I pulled him into me, pushing my mouth to his. The pressure in me built up to an unbearable level as I moved my lips to his with an urgency that threatened to shatter me. Placing my hand against his chest, I felt his heart racing, his breathing quick and ragged.

I tried to pull away. Mikey shook his head; pulling me back he pressed his body to mine. Mikey's mouth was so very wet, his skin so smooth and fiery near mine. His hands moved over me with such eagerness that I was shaking. I thought he was moving next to me, but then I realized I was quivering. He urged his tongue to my lips touching it to mine; he growled and gripped my leg pulling me onto his lap.

My hair fell over his face, his neck, and I felt him reach up and grab it, twisting it in his hands. I heard him moaning and I began losing my sense of sanity as I straddled him, touching every bit of naked skin I could find. Mikey put his hand on the back of my head crushing my lips to his. He pulled away and let his kisses linger on my neck, his hot breath leaving a burning trail on my skin.

My head tilted back as I grasped at the back of his neck and his lips traveled down my throat, over my collarbone, then lower. His harsh breath left me gasping for air; to think that the sound of his breathing could leave me feeling so stripped thrilled me. I felt feverish as his hands traveled over my body. I didn't know what to do with mine.

"M-Mikey. Stop, I can't." A part of me loved this side of Mikey, letting his animal side lose. But another side of me wishes for the innocence of a relationship like pecks, holding hands, and cuddling.

Once he got the message, he leaned his forehead on mine and stared into my eyes. I started to count his freckles, one by one, making sure not to lose ourselves again.

"Wow, that was just- wow." He whispered to me. I simply chuckled at him and rolled my eyes.

"You're an idiot."

"So you were there when I told Donnie." He said as a cheeky smile spreader across his face.

"I thought you said you knew!" I gasped jokingly and laughed at his silliness. The turtle had taken my heart. I trusted him.

"I took a chance." We both laughed together as we looked around the city. NYC is unlike any other city in the world, as most anyone can tell you. When it comes to differentiating any one type of person as a "New Yorker," it's apparent that there really are no two people in this city who are the same. People flock to NYC from all over the world and with good reason.

"Did you hear that?" Mikey said as he quickly got up from the ledge of the building and put his hand on his nunchucks.

I looked around the building, half expecting to see a murderer with an ax and half expecting to see a shredder. Not like THE Shredder but like an office store paper shredder. Well can you blame me? The turtles never describe what the guy looked like.

"Karai! I know your here! Show yourself!" Mikey yelled out like the 20 year old that he was and not like the Mikey that I knew. He got something unhooked from his belt and put it in my hands.

"Riley, call Leo. Say I need backup and that Karai is here." I nodded quickly and started to press the buttons on the phone. I speed dialed Leo's number and presses it to my ear.


"Leo, um something is going on."

"Riley? What happened?"

"Mikey told me to call you, he said that Karai was here and that he needed backup."

"Ok. We're on our way."

The line was cut before I could say anything else. My heart was beating out of my chest as I saw Mikey narrow his eyes into the darkness of the building.

Then a small freckle of movement, a hair raider that almost caused me to fall of the building.

"Why Michelangelo, you've been improving quite well. If I hadn't known you for so long, I wouldn't have considered you as the idiot if the family." A girl said as she walked out of the shadows with a knife in hand.

She had long straight black hair that reached her ribs that was flying in the wind. She wore armor and had an athletic physique to her. The only thing I was focused on was the smirk she had plastered on her face. Karai was taunting Mikey, trying to get his blood to boil.

Mikey held tightly in his hands, his nunchucks. They were wore out yet still looked in great shape.

"What do you want, Karai?!" He snarled at her as he took a step back towards me as if he was shielding me from her.

The woman simply chuckled and gazed her eyes upon the knife that she had. It was long but not as big as Leo's katana. It looked more light weight and lenient for her to master.

"I want to get to know your little friend here, that's all. From what I just saw, I'd say you two are pretty close to each other." Mikey's lips turned into sneer.

"You'll never touch, Riley."

"I beg to differ." She said as she moved her sword around and looked at it with desire, like she cared for it with her heart. What kind of sick minded person is she?

Her eyes narrowed at me as she saw that I stood up. I was short, a good 5'3, she looked to be 5'11, much more taller than me. I shook like a chihuahua. I was cold and tired and in shock.

The harsh winds were terrible at the middle of the night. My brown hair flew and snapped back and fourth, my breath was hitched and off beat.

Karai ran to Mikey with the sword pointed directly at my heart. She yelled a battle cry.

Mikey clashes his chains against her knife with the crazy woman. She seemed irritated that he stopped her. His's bright orange bandanna was soaring in the sky and his tough shell was facing me . My frown turned upwards as he fought more with her. I was saved.

"Karai, what do you want with her? Who ordered you to attack? Tell me now!" He growled as they tossed and moved for dominance of the fight. Karai's lips formed to a smirk as she outwitted Mikey and slashed his upper arm. I gasped and tried to walk towards to him.

"DON'T!" He yelled out to me and I immediately stopped. It scared me the way that he talked to me.

There was so much pain in my heart of not being able to help him. It hurt me more than all the times that I've cut my wrist. I have to help him, yet I cant.

Suddenly, a hand covered my mouth and pulled me down off the building. I landed on the fire escape of the building as I surge of pain ran up my spine. I clenched my teeth together and bit down on my bottom lip to stop myself from screaming.

A man, with a black mask covering his face, wrapped rope around me and covered my mouth with duck tape. I tired to struggle and worm myself out of his grasp, he slapped me across my face harshly and shoved me against the wall.

He pulled me up on top of the building again, Mikey was so concerned on defeating Karai that he didn't noticed that was gone. There was sweat dripping off of his face and his breathing was rugged. He looked tired and worn out. The cut on his upper arm wouldn't stop bleeding, it was dripping on the concrete.

"Give her to me!" She commanded the man. Mikey turned back to me and his eyes went wide at the sight. It probably would have been worst that I thought I looked.

Mikey quickly ran to me but Karai beat him to it, she slashed another cut of his calf causing him to fall in pain.

"Well aren't you a pretty one." She said as she pulled my hair and dragged me to the edge.

"DONT TOUCH HER!" Mikey screamed as he tried to get up.

"RILEY!" I heard Donnie as Leo and Raph filled after him. Leo helped Mikey get up and used him as support.

Karai pulled her knife and cut a long gash on my left forearm, I screamed loudly in pain. She then pulled the knife on my neck and held it there.

I was now zero days clean.

"Unless you want me to match the cut that I just did on her arm, on her neck, then I suggest you don't move one foot. Follow us, and she's dead."

Help me.

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