Chapter 16

"What do you want with me?" I sneered at Karai.

She pushed me into a cell and locked the door behind her. It smelled like rotten flesh and dry blood, my stomach churned and twisted. The walls were barren black, the only other thing in the room was a worn out bed that was dirty and moldy.

Karai rolled her eyes at me and pulled out something from her belt, it was a phone. She typed buttons in quickly and held it to her ear.

"Bring her in." And cut the conversation. She walked out of the room, the only sound of her heels clicking against the flood as it fades away.

I cower into the corner of the room as I hug my legs and dug my face in my hands. I miss Mikey. I miss Leo. I miss Donnie. I miss Raph. I miss them all.

The door flew open and emerged from the darkness, Taylor.

Taylor was a lanky woman, she had blond hair that was a thin as air and hung dead on her shoulders. Her blue eyes held nothing but anger and bitterness to them.

She was the kind of person that would try to be your friend at first. She would be nice and kind until one day, it turns around. Taylor would turn into a bitch, she was two faced and deceitful. No one loves her, she was an outcast that deserved to be in the place that she was.

Taylor opened the cell door and walked over to me, her eyes narrowed at the sight of me.

"You killed my husband." She spitted out in a nasty way.

"He was filing for divorce anyways." I said as I shrugged my shoulders. If I knew one thing about Taylor, it is that she gets annoyed easily. Her annoyance and anger always clouded her from everything. If I did this right, then she would leave me alone.

Taylor glared at me and lifted her hand, I flinched. Her hand came down to a slap that echoed throughout the entire cell.

"Don't you dare talk about him in that way!" She screamed at me.

"Why? He definitely liked fucking me more that he liked shagging you. Maybe he likes something younger, instead of- oh I didn't know, old." I said to her. The side of my cheek was stinging but I had to keep going. It was my only hope of getting out of here.

Taylor grabbed me by the hair and threw me toward the wall. I swallowed down the scream that rose up in my throat. My face hit the cold assault, it help the stinging from her slap a bit.

"Look where we are, honey. You're just a worm underneath my feet." Taylor said as she chuckled and started to pick at her nails to show how much she didn't care about what I was saying. But I knew. I knew how much of a fake person she was.

"Well, if turtles can kill your husband then I guess the most idiotic things can happen in life."

"You are a fucking bitch that need to be shown where her fucking place is!" Taylor kicking me hard in the gut, I started to cough up blood and spit it out.

"You're an idiot! I can't fucking deal with you!" She said as she threw her arms up into the air and walked out loudly if the room.

"This is one of those times when saying you're an idiot, is actually what it says it is." I chuckled to myself but immediately groaned in pain.

There were chains around my wrists that hooked them both together. I could only move my hands a certain distance, I felt like I was choking.

The coldness around me made me shiver, my wrists were in pain. I was starting to get lightheaded and swimming vision. I dug my fingernails into my palms to ignore the hurt.

It felt like my chest was on fire. My head hit the ground, I touched my forehead with my fingertips. I brought it back towards my eyes, they were dripping with crimson. My lungs were gasping for air, the fire in my chest was blazing, burning, spreading all over my body. It felt like a million needles stabbing me at once.

It overwhelmed me, there was nothing else I could think of besides the pain surging throughout me. I had no energy to even let out a little scream.

When something hurts, there is nothing else you can think of. You head aches along with it and everything gets blurry. You get confused and frustrated and sad at the same time. If it hurts really bad, people start crying or going temporarily insane or they just faint.

It felt like the story of my life.

I closed my eyes and let the sleep take me away.


When I would wake up from a nightmare, depending on how bad it is, sometimes I bolt upright in bed and just sit there thinking for a minute and sometimes my breathing gets heavier, most of the time I can't go back to sleep.

It was the same now.

But what happened wasn't a nightmare, it was real life. It felt like a dream to me. It felt groggy and blurry. I was incapable to make out all the small details that happened in the past.

After you have a dream, you think about it for a few seconds. Then stop. When you try to go back to thinking about it, it's gone. You've forgotten everything that's happened, the entire story felt like a mystery. Like its erased from your memories forever.

I looked around and my heart jumped when the door swung open with a loud creek.

"Those freaks are fucking crazy." A woman yelled out as she slammed the door shut and pushed her back to it.

I stared at her, trying to think of what exactly had happened.


She walked over to me with terror in her eyes. They were wide. Scared out of her skins you could see her heart beathing emphatically; her body trembling.


Taylor walked over to me and opened the cell door.



It all started to flood back into my brain. Karai kidnapping me, Taylor beating me, and now they are coming to rescue me.

"Those turtles are crazy. I'm just glad Karai told me to finish the job." She mumbled. Taylor was talking to herself, she always did that when she was scarred or overwhelmed by something. But it gave me a leg up.

She pulled a knife out of her boot and started to walk closer. She was going to kill me.

I immediately pushed myself up against the wall, I had to get up. I used the wall as support and tried to ignore the pain. I had to get over it, I had to think. I closed my eyes quickly and thought about the lessons that Leo gave me in meditation.

"Meditating helps with everything. it clears you're mind of all of your surroundings. It helps your core and helps you find peace. It will calm yourself when nothing else will."

"Come here, you little fucking slut. You're absolutely disgusting, you and your fucking turtle." Taylor said as she came over to me, I quickly opened me eyes but I wasn't fast enough. The knife went through my stomach.

"AAAAH!" I screamed out from the sharpe object impaling my skin.

If I wanted to survive, I had to act fast. I ignored the pain and tried to find my center, just like how Leonardo showed me.

I stood up and swiftly tripped Taylor, causing her to drop her knife across the floor. Everything happened so quickly. Taylor struggle to grab it, she scratched the back of my heels to stop me from defending myself.

Somehow, I got behind her. I used the chains on my arms to hook on the front of her neck. I was choking her. I was killing her.



Don't do it.

It's not worth it.

I moved away from her when everything started to hit me. Taylor started to cough and breath. She tried to regain the air in her lungs that she had lost.

"I wouldn't kill you. I'm nothing like you." I muttered under my breath as I walked over to the knife and held it tightly in my fingers. I eyed the woman carefully incase she tired to do something stupid.

The door swung open.



I moaned from the tapping fluorescent light against my face, it was blinding. How long have I been asleep?

I blinked, shut my eyes, and blinked
again. I yawned, managed to fully open both eyes.

I shrugged it off and got out of bed. Glancing at a near by mirror, I could see my hair standing up in every direction.

My side was hurting so much, I pulled up my shirt and saw bandages wrapped around my waist. My face was purple and blue and every part of me hurt. My body was sore and my wrist was killing me.

He saved me.


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