Chapter 4

"Where am I?"

I gripped tightly to the sides of the table that I was sitting on. I woke up only a few seconds ago to Donnie's intense typing on a computer, he apologized, of course, and showed me to the bathroom so I could freshen up. It took me a few minutes to realize where exactly I was. Then thoughts of the past two days started to flood my mind, it was crazy to think that I actually was in the sewers with giant turtles but then again, here I am.

After aimlessly trying to get my hair to even resemble like actual hair and not a monster, I searched for a way out of there. If I missed more than three days at my foster house, they were going to kill me...and call the police, let's not forget about that. I searched through the hallways. There were pictures hanging of four turtles and a rat. I stared at it, trying to figure out who was who.

"I see you've found the rest of the family...sort of." I looked up and saw Donnie looking down at me with a small smile. His auburn brown eyes were shining under the lights above us. I stared back and forth between the photo and him. I noticed that there were two other people in the picture, humans, a boy and a girl to exact.

"I guess. You seem older than you do in the picture. Is it old?" I asked as I narrowed my eyes at his toothy smile in the photo. He had his arm around the girl who had natural red hair. She was in the middle of laughing while it was being taken. Most of the turtles were laughing. I could see Splinter smirking a bit. The picture made me want to be with them there, laughing and creating memories.

"Yeah, that was taken back when we were all younger, crazy and wild teenagers. No offence." He said as he rubbed the back of his neck with his palms. His face was turning a darker shade of green with a hint of red. I never knew turtles could blush. I guess I should write about that for a biology report. I chuckled under my breath as I thought of the idea of actually doing it.

"None taken. How old are you, if that's even possible to record?"

"I'm 20, actually. You?"

"17, a senior in high school."

"Here, are you hungry? I could ask Mikey to make you some breakfast." He said as he led me down the hall and to the kitchen. He motioned for me to sit on one of the stood next to the counter. Donnie looked through the fridge to see if there was something he could make. It took me a second to decide if I really did want to bother them to make me food. Before I could even respond, my stomach growled extremely loud. That's when I realized that I couldn't remember the last time I ate food.

"Haha, I take that as a yes, hold on, I'm going to go wake him up." Donnie walked out the kitchen and left me alone there, sitting awkwardly with my hands on my lap. When was the last time I ate something? Probably before I ran away from my foster parents, Splinter did tell Leonardo to bring me food last night but he never did. I guess he forgot to. I wouldn't blame him, he doesn't know me, I doubt he would want to.

I heard groaning behind me and quickly turned around to see another turtle waking up from the couch. I could hear him mumbling about hating it when people left the lights on. He wore a deep red mask that covered his emerald green eyes. He was stiff half asleep and didn't notice me sitting and staring at him. I heard footsteps coming down the hallway and noticed Donnie walking along with another turtle. Jeez, how many of these guys are there? Oh wait, 4...I forgot I knew that.

"Hi there! It's nice to meet you! My name is Mikey or Michelangelo, but I prefer the first one instead. What's your name?" The new turtles said, he was too excited. Didn't Donnie just wake him up? It scared me how happy this turtle was. The amount of energy that this turtle was displaying was not even close to how much energy I put into my happiness for an entire year. And it seemed so easy for him. I have to struggle to just smile to show people that I'm alright. But I'm not, and I'm just waiting for someone, anyone, to see through my shity disguise.

"Um, hi. I'm Riley." I said as I stared down at myself. I'm sure my hair must've looked disguising since I haven't washed it for days and probably smelled like a dead rodent. My long sleeved shirt was filled with holes everywhere, but thank god that they weren't near my breast area or wrists. I noticed that my jeans were ripped at the knees, I didn't mind, it looked better that way.

Mikey gave me a warm smile and walked passed me and into the kitchen. He pulled out pots and pan with arm full's of food. The site of it made me stomach churn even louder. He definitely heard it as he started to chuckle under his breath. I sat silently as the turtle started to prepare the feast. Instead of having my head down and looking at my hands in my lap, my eyes diverted to the creature in front of me. Michelangelo wore a bright orange mask that seemed to outshine all of the other colors that his bothers wore. He was always smiling and didn't stop the entire time. His eyes were crystal blue that gave him an innocence that I haven't seen in years. Mikey's face was covered in freckles and spots that were slightly covered by his mask yet you could still seem a bountiful amount of.

"Do you need any help?" I asked in a low voice, hoping that he had heard me correctly

He turned to me with a half cooked pancake stuck to his spatula,

"No, thanks. I think I've got this all under control. I'm used to cooking breakfast for everyone here. You can just go back to staring at me; maybe I could stare at your beautiful face later." He responded by winking at me and going back to cooking.

I could feel my cheeks getting warmer and warmer as I thought about what he had said. I swallowed hard at his remark since he must be mistaken. He was the beautiful one here, not me. I squirmed in my seat as I played with my fingers to try and distract myself from the turtle in front of me.

"Looks like you're finally awake. Took you long enough, huh?" I squeaked as I was scared by the gruff voice behind me that appeared out of nowhere. I turned around quickly and was towered over by the large turtle I saw wake up on the couch. I completely forgot he was there during my encounter with Mikey. His eyes were much brighter that my mossy one that noticed now that he was up-close.

"Raph! Stop scaring the poor girl! You might give her a heart attack. Just ignore him, he can be such an ass at times." Mikey shooed him away with the spoon filled of pancake batter being thrown his way. I could feel the sides of my mouth being tugged to become a smile but decided to swallow it. I didn't want to smile even though they made me without even thinking.

I stared in front of me, a large plate filled with pancakes, hash browns, bacon, and scrambles eggs. The entire thing looked bigger than me. Then again, everything was bigger than me, I was a thin as a twig. I glanced at the orange turtles that had a cheerful smile and was humming. He had the same amount on his plate yet he was about 4 of me's.

"BREAKFAST!" HE screamed out throughout the tunnels of the lair. Footsteps pattered against the ground. One by one each turtle made his way to the table and grabbed a plateful of food. Raph was the first since he was the closest then Donnie. Leonardo came out of a room that had sliding doors and was covered in sweat. He had a white towel hanging around his neck while he panted in an in sync manner. The last one to arrive was Splinter who didn't grab food but instead a pot of boiling tea and walked back to his room.

All of the turtles were looking at me as I sat alone on the stool next to the kitchen counter while all of them sat at table. I guess they wanted me to join them but I played dumb. I'm not worthy enough to sit next to them. They were special creatures. I wasn't.

"Um, Riley, do you want to sit here with us?" I could hear Donnie say behind my back but I just shook my head no. I was better to be alone then to be with someone else. That way I can make sure that I could never ever hurt the people I loved. Then again, no one loves me, so why the hell should I love them?

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