Chapter 5

"I think I should go"

I've been stuck in the sewers for so long and my lungs were tired of the strange smell of the turtles home. As much as I hate leaving and going back to my foster parents house, I knew that the longer I would be gone, the more of a punishment I would get. Leonardo wouldn't let me leave without their supervision and since it was the middle of the day when I asked earlier, I had to wait until nighttime.

"I guess, it's already midnight so..." Donnie said as he turned off the TV that we were watching. Mikey was playing with some handheld game and Raph was reading a magazine. Leo came walking in as we all got up from the couch, Don simply gave him a slight nod and knew what was going on.

"I'm going to tell sensei." The blue mask turtle said as he left the room and quickly came back. I noticed that all of the turtles have their weapons on their belts now as if they were going into battle.

"Um, what's with all the swords and stuff, you're just like dropping me off at my apartment. It's not like it's war or something." I mumbled as I hugged my arms. I always did that when I was scared or nervous about something and it terrified me that they were going to see my home. It terrified me that there could be a possibility of them seeing my foster parents and how mean they were to me. If they did, they'll think I'm garbage too.

"We always have to be prepared for things like this, who knows what might attack us." Mikey said as he wrapped and arm around my shoulder. A chill went down my back and I shuttered out of his grasp, uncomfortable against anyone's touch. I could see the smile that was plastered on his face fade to a frown like he caught my sadness as if it were a disease. It only made me feel worse than I was before.

We all left together beforebut before I placed a foot out the door, I turned around and took in one last look of the home that belonged to four turtles and a rat. I took in the smell of one pizza and smelly socks that hurt my lungs but became so accustomed to it that it was comfortable. I felt safer in a place that I've stayed in for two days more than I have in a palm that I've lived in for two years.

"Okay, uh, Riley here's the plan. We can't be seen walking with you down the sidewalk and you too injured for us to carry while we jump off the rooftops so we're going to be following you from above and you're going to be walking. As soon as you get in your apartment, we'll leave." I nodded to him, by the time Leo finish telling me what the plan was we had all reach the manhole. I felt someone push me forward to signal me that I would go first. Through my teeth, I sucked in air and started to climb up the rusty latter, it hurt the soft flesh on my palms.

It took all the strength I had, even though I was so weak, to lift the metal plate from the ground above. A loud groan escaped my lips as the skin from my back that was cut up moved. It almost made me regret not telling Donnie about it so he could bandage it. But it's worth the pain, I deserve it, I couldn't bear to look at his face if he ever saw the scars on my wrists.

The moment that I stepped out, the cold wind brushed against holes in my clothes. I had completely forgot that I probably looked like a hobo with the ripped clothes. A quiet swoosh from behind me made my tangled hair move upwards and get messed up even more. I turned around, looked down the whole, and found that all of the turtles were gone. I looked around frantic to see if they actually existed or my mind just made them up and disappeared when I left the sewers. A small cough echoed the alleyway where I stood, I looked up and saw the outline of four mutant turtles.

"Okay, I'm not crazy. Now I can check that off my list." I mumble and close the manhole once more. Taking it step-by-step, I stuck my hands in my pocket and my breathing became rigid as I walked down the streets of New York in the middle of the night.

The apartment was only a few blocks away and I knew it wouldn't be long before I got there. I tried to keep my eyes down so that I stared at my feet and not the people around me. They probably thought I was homeless or something. I felt the stinging feeling in my eyes, I tried to blink away the tears that had started to form.

I didn't want to go back to that place, I didn't want to be near Bruce and Taylor, they are cruel people. I rather be with mutants than them. When I looked up I saw that I was only two buildings away from apartment, I quickly got into the lobby of the building next to it and waited for two minutes. The shadows of the turtles soon went away and I knew that the friends that were so kind to me left.

I wouldn't see them again. The door squealed from the hinges as I opened it and walked. I made my way down the alley next to my apartment and climbed up the fire escape. Once I made it to the right floor, I opened the window and stuck 1 foot after the other, careful to skip over the creaky floorboard. I could hear Bruce and Taylor yelling at each other like they always do even if I'm there or not. I don't even think they noticed that I was gone. Suddenly heavy footsteps started pounding, they stopped talking, the only time I hear those footsteps is when they come into my room.

The door flew open.

A red eyed Bruce came yelling into my bare room.

"Where have you been!? What kind of a fucking teen are you!? You probably went to have sex for two whole fucking days!" Bruce's voice felt like knives piercing into my stomach and just sinking deeper and deeper into my flesh.

"How the hell did you hear me come in?" I mumbled to myself, not really expecting for him to hear or to even answer me. It twisted smirk formed on his mouth, he always did that when it was only the two of us at home. he points just above my window, my eyes followed the gaze and saw a camera that I had never noticed in my room. I froze. It made me sick in the stomach.

"I didn't hear you come in, I saw you."

"How long have you had that in here?" I whispered, staring at his dirty loafers. My voice had turned from a strong mumble to be scared whisper.

"Since you started living here. Every time that you changed clothes, I saw it all. There is an exact replica in your bathroom. I'm surprised you hadn't noticed sooner." Bruce took one step closer to me. The sudden close of the front apartment door signaled that Taylor left. The two of us were alone.

"And now that we're alone, I can punish you. Just like how I always do." I crept to the corner and close my eyes, every step that he took, I pushed myself closer to the brick wall. His rugged hands grabbed my forearm tightly and pulled me towards him, a slight yelp escaped my lips.

I could yell, I knew that would only make it worse and no one would come. I tried yelling for help the first time that this happened, as a result I couldn't walk correctly for a week. Bruce pulled out four pieces of rope which he always kept in his pockets for times like these. He was stronger than me, no matter how many times I try to push him away, he held me tighter.

"No." I whispered, even though it was fruitless. He tore everything off me;my shirt, pants, undergarments, and shoes fell to the floor. He didn't even question the bruises and cuts that I had on me for being jumped by the Purple Dragons. He didn't stop until I was completely naked.

Bruce grabbed the rope and tied both arms and legs to the posts that were at every corner of my bed. I closed my eyes, hearing the clank of his belt and un-hook, waiting for the worst. But it never came. I heard a loud swish and groans while keeping my eyes closed. I couldn't bear to think what was happening around me. I was soon and engulfed with the softness of my blankets the covered my body.

My eyes flew open. I looked around and saw a familiar figure next to me untying the rope around my wrist.

"M-mikey?" I whispered as my vision got clear, it was dark and hard to make out details. He was sounding too when he heard me, he gave me a soft smile, probably out of pity. Mike's usual bright blue eyes were dark now, but the shape of the ocean at night. I told against the rope, wanting to be free from it and hide under the blanket. I didn't want the turtle to see me like this.

Unknowingly, I whimpered. Mikey stopped and knew that I had no patience for every not to be untangled, he quickly pulled a knife out of this belts and started to cut the rope. Once I was free, I wrapped myself in the blankets and cowered in the corner.

"Oh Riley." he said, wanting to get closer but stopped himself. I knew is painful for him too. The door opened and revealed Raph wiping his sai with one of the towels for my bathroom, he looked at me and quickly turned away. I could see that he was angry by the way is sneer kept turning up words. He walked over to Mikey and whispered to him so that I couldn't hear and walked out once more.


Mikey gently talked to me, not wanting to scare me even more than I already was.

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