Chapter 6

"Riley, I need you to listen to me. I'm going to leave the room for a few minutes. I need you to change into your clothes while I'm outside, do you understand? Please say something..." Mikey whispered to me gently, not wanting to get close incase I got scared. His blue eyes looked so sincere and full of pity.

I wanted to tell him that he could stay, I didn't want to be alone in case Bruce came back. But I knew Mikey couldn't stay, and the back of my mind, I knew. I nodded to him, not being able to talk, if I said anything, I would cry more than I already had.

"Ok." He said and stood straight, he walked out of my room, looking back at me and closing the door. I sat there for a second, and gripped the cover tighter around my naked body. I was dirty, not physically but mentally. I stuck out my arm and touch the torn skin on my wrist, you could feel the bumps with only using your fingertips. My scars were deep and needed to be wrapped.

I slowly took one step at a time and got out of the musty bed, clutching the covers and wrapping it closer. I grabbed new clothes from my closet and quickly put them on. I had on a longsleeved gray shirt with a hood, black sweatpants, and slippers.

And then it hit me. How the hell was I going to tell Bruce about the turtles that whisked him out of my room?

I grabbed my duffel bag from the corner and threw in all the things that I had, things that I owned from over the years. I was my clothes and shoes being pushed to the bottom of the bag. I had a photo album filled with pictures of my parents and a sketchbook with colored pencils which a stuffed in my backpack. All I knew is that I had to get out of here, I had to run away before Taylor or worse, the police, came. Bruce probably called them after the turtles pushed him off me.

I tied my hair up and glanced down to the floor, the towel that Raph was cleaning his sai with was laying there. I picked it up and put it towards the light, it was soaked and wet with the red liquid. It smelled like crimson. My eyes widened and my jaw dropped when I realize what it was.


I opened the door quickly, "Riley? Hey, wait don't go in there!" But I pushed Mikey off.

I opened the door for the room across the hallway, he tried to stop me but I kept going.

"Oh my god..." I mumbled under my breath. There stood Leo and Raph talking to each other with Bruce sitting. He wasn't moving, he was dead. I almost threw up when I saw him. His body... Wasn't together. The floor was filled with his body parts. Leo look shocked but Raph was angry.

"Mikey, get her out of here!" He yelled as he pointed his finger out the door. But I stood there, not being able to take my eyes off of the body in front of me. I was shaking as if I was freezing in winter. Mikey grabbed me, and picked me up bridal style. The floorboards creaked every step he took, he placed me on my bed. I noticed Donnie looking out my window as if he was keeping watch. He saw me shaking with wide eyes and his face grew hard. I only saw this face once and that was when I was hurt.

"She's in shock." Don said as he grabbed my blanket and wrapped me up again to warm me up.

"No shit, Don. She just saw the dismembered body of her very best. Who the hell knows how many times he's done this to her?!" Raph said as he leaned against the doorframe of my room. I mentally flinched at what he said. To be honest, I've lost count on how many times Bruce had done this to me, all I know is that is happened for two years. Leo walked in and narrowed his eyes at everyone in the room but stopped as he glanced at my bags that I left on the floor earlier. He went over to them and open the zipper.

"Looks like she was getting ready to book it. I wouldn't blame her, look at what Raph did." I closed my eyes and tried to calm my breathing. The only senses that I was using now was my hearing.

"Hey! What did you expect me to do?! He was about to fuck her!"

"Shh! Raph, lower your voice."

"Leo, what do we do now?"

"The only thing that we can do."

My eyes opened and I looked up when I felt someone pick me up off the bed and carry me. Donnie looked down and smiled at me, his amber eyes stared into my dark brown ones. I looked over his shoulder and saw Mikey carrying my bags out the window. Leo and Raph were nowhere to be seen in my room. I wanted to ask him where we were going but he interrupted me.

"Don't worry about it, Riles. Just go back to sleep. You trust me, right?" Donnie asked, I nodded to him, not wanting to say anything else. Of course, I trusted him and the turtles. I trusted them with my life. I close my eyes and let the sleep overwhelm me.


"Ow." I mumbled under my breath. My left wrist is starting to hurt and it woke me up from my sleep. I glanced around the dark room that I was in, my body was comfortably covered and soft blankets. They were new and not ripped and dirty like my old one. It smelled like mint and lemons and made me want to snuggle closer into it. But I was in too much pain.

I turned on the switch of the lamp next to me and squeaked in terror. The wardrobe in the corner of the room scared me and looked like Bruce for a second in the flash of my eyes. The memories of him started to flood and cloud me. I jumped out of the bed, my body became cold without it's warmth. Where the hell am I? I have to get out of here. Where is Mikey and Leo, or Donnie and Raph?

I walked out of the door and looked around, I was in the lair and was probably sleeping in the spare room. My feet touched the cold floor as I walked around the hallways and made a mental note of all the rooms. There was a lot. It was a large home, too big for five people, it probably could fit an entire family with aunts and uncles, cousins and grandparents.

I made my way to the living room and saw a Raph sleeping on the sofa with the news on and muted. Did you not sleep in his room? I shrugged it off and passed by Splinter's room, the lights were off but a small candle light was shining. He was probably sleeping as well. I don't know how I could go to sleep like they could. Every time I close my eyes, I saw Bruce dead and realized that it was all my fault.

If I hadn't lived there, then he wouldn't be dead. Bruce would be alive. It was all my fault. I felt a pinch in my nose and my eyes got watery but I kept it in. I cried too much for one night. I'm too weak to even be living, I shouldn't have ever been born. If I wasn't born that my parents would be alive as well.

I passed by Donnie's lab and open the door, he wasn't in there so I quickly ran in and dug through his medical things till I found a roll of bandages. Grabbing the scissors, I cut off a piece and wrapped it around my wrist and taped it together. There, hopefully it wouldn't get infected. I covered it with my long sleeves and walked out after I had placed everything in its rightful place.

The eerie silence of the lair made a chill run up my spine and made my body shake. If I went back to the room that I was sleeping in, I knew I would have a nightmare. I walked around until I found Donnie's room and went in. The walls were painted light lilac and gray, the desk was filled with papers and Don was asleep in his bed. He snored very softly with his face and eyes closed towards me. I picked up the blankets and crawled into his bed with him. He muttered softly but didn't wake up. I cuddled against his plastron and curled into a small ball. Unconsciously, I fell asleep.

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