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Mary Baker

Romance / Drama
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There was once a girl named Mary. She was adopted at a very young age by the king of France. He changed her name from Lillianna Marie Petrova to Mary Lee Baker. One time when she was 16 her father took her with him into a village full of Vikings. Little did she know that she would meet her twin sister Tatia Petrova. They looked very much alike. Her father left her with the Petrova family for over a year to keep her safe from what was happening back in France. Tatia and her became really great friends when a family moved to the small village. Within that family there was six children. The only girl out of the six children became friends with Tatia and Mary. Only a month after the family moved to the small village a boy in their family started to develop feelings for Mary. That boy was named Niklaus. From there on everything went wrong. Mary was told that her father had died protecting her from someone that knew the truth about Mary that only he knew. She went back to England and ruled her kingdom. This happened back in the year of 993.

In the year of 1527 that’s when she sees Niklaus and his siblings for the first time in 534 years. They were all shocked that Mary was still alive but that’s when it clicked. Mary wasn’t just a human. She was the first original tribrid. She was a witch, vampire, and werewolf. Niklaus walked up to Mary and asked her to dance with him which she gladly accepted. From then on her and Niklaus rules side by side until 1838. Niklaus ended up disappearing and that was the last time they ever saw each other.

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