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William Bartowski vs the New York Conundrum

By eastcoastcaptain2

Action / Drama

So it Begins

Author's Note: This is a future fic, I came up with last year and decided to have a go at it again. So as always I thank my invaluable beta PJ Murphy for being awesome and for taking the time out of his schedule for making this readable so again thank you. Now on with the show!

Disclaimer: I do not own Chuck but I do the protagonist and several OC.

Glenview, Illinois

June 25, 2014

6:31 pm

Sarah's screams tore through the delivery room. She took a deep breath and grabbed the rails of the bed. The former spy had been in labor since early this afternoon. They were visiting the Woodcombs in their suburban Chicago home when her water broke. The labor had approached its seventh hour as the sun was setting outside. Her loving husband, Chuck, was by her side holding her hand. And like any good husband in this situation, he ignored the pain as she squeezed his hand far too tightly.

"You can do it Sarah. Just a little more," Chuck said soothingly. He kissed her hand.

Sarah nodded and began to push again, the pain ripping through her body. Chuck hated seeing his beloved wife in pain; he could only whisper words of love to her comforting the former spy as best he could. He didn't think they would be here two years ago after nearly losing her to her former self. But a few weeks after their talk on that beach she had recovered most of her memories coming back, piece by piece. Nine months after that, their first born, Stephen Jack Bartowski, came along. Sarah considered the moment she held the little child named for his grandfathers the greatest moment of her life.

"I can see the head," the doctor said calmly with hands at the ready. "Keep pushing Mrs. Bartowski. We're almost there."

"We better be or someone is getting hurt!" she exclaimed as the pain ripped through her.

Sarah pushed one final time screaming at the top of her lungs. The cries of a baby followed soon after. Sarah slumped back against the pillow in complete exhaustion. The nurses cleaned the infant, letting Chuck to cut the umbilical cord. They then wrapped the newborn in a bright blue blanket with a rabbit printed on it and presented him to his proud parents. The baby boy had calmed down.

"It's a boy!" The nurse announced happily with a huge grin handing the infant to his father.

Chuck took the baby boy into his arms, as Sarah was too tired to hold him. She reached up to cradle the child's face with her hand.

"He´s beautiful," Sarah whispered as the exhaustion began to overtake her.

"Go to sleep, honey. You were incredible today," Chuck said passionately.

"Love you," she whispered as she closed her eyes drifting off to sleep.

"I love you, too."

Chuck gave Sarah a gentle kiss to her forehead and took a look at his newborn. The infant looked tiredly up at his father and Chuck noticed his newborn son had blue eyes that looked almost like his wife's eye color.

Chuck looked up as there was a knock on the door. He saw his mother, Ellie, and a certain toddler named Stephen Jack Bartowski. The nurses finished with Sarah by helping to deliver the placenta then left the family to enjoy this special day.

"Hey, Daddy. Stevie was asking for his parents," Ellie said, holding her nephew in her arms. Devon had gone home with Clara while they stayed to support Chuck and Sarah with their second birth.

"Dada," Stevie squeaked, happy to see his father holding out his arms. He looked at his mother who was asleep. "Mama," he said as he pointed a little finger at his mother.

"She's asleep, little buddy."

Chuck handed the baby to his mother, who held her youngest grandson for the first time, almost reminding her when Chuck was born.

"I'd like for you to meet someone." Chuck grinned as he took his oldest son into his arms. The nineteen-month old wasn't old enough to understand why he was here or what the bundle in Grandma's arms was. Chuck stepped carefully over to his mother, and little Stephen saw the small child in his grandmother's arms. His eyes stared in wonder at the sleeping baby.

"This is your little brother," Chuck said proudly.

"Baby," Stevie squeaked in awe.

"He looks just like you, Chuck, after you were born." Mary said lovingly.

Ellie had tears in her eyes at the scene that played out before her, the respected doctor could barely believe this was happening after so much that has happened between her baby brother and Sarah. After all of the struggles they went through, they were finally getting the family they deserved.

"Did you decide on a name?" Ellie asked with tears in her eyes.

Chuck thought for a second and knew of a good name. It was one of the names he wanted in case they had a boy.

"William," Chuck replied, looking at his youngest son. "William Bartowski."

Three thousand feet above the South China Sea

August 10, 2033

10:24 pm

Nineteen-year-old William "Liam" Bartowski sat in a chartered plane watching the ocean waves below...what he could see of them, anyway. Ten other interns had joined him for this flight. He was reading the local newspaper translated into English, the front page reporting about a mysterious computer hacker wreaking havoc across several Asian countries. The top computer experts in the region were dumbfounded.

The plane had taken off from Singapore just twenty minutes ago. His boss, Dr. Ed Ramirez was talking on his headphones to the control back at NASA. The young man could not believe his luck when he was chosen earlier this year as an intern to NASA of all places, and he was only in his first year at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where he was studying Forensic Science.

"It seems the mission is going along smoothly, those revamped space suits worked just like I knew they would." Ramirez announced with a grin, shutting off his headphones and meeting the gaze of his shaggy-haired protege.

Liam smiled. Last month, humans set foot on the barren world of Mars. It was a mission for the ages, a gigantic team effort for Project Red Sunrise. It took many of the greatest minds on the planet more than a decade to make this a reality. Thanks to the Galileo Drive System invented by four engineers on the project, it took the international team of ten astronauts only seven weeks to reach the fourth planet instead of the standard eighteen it took for satellites and unmanned equipment earlier in the century.

"I knew they would make it," Liam said proudly. Liam's older brother, Stephen, could never pronounce his name correctly as a child, always calling him Liam instead of William, and it stuck. It used to annoy Liam, but then his older brother probably saved him a lot of ridicule of having such a formal name as William growing up.

"By the beginning of next century we may be calling Mars our second home and after that, beyond this solar system." Ramirez sat back and grinned self-assuredly. "My father would have been proud. I wish he would have lived to see this."

Juan ''Johnny'' Ramirez was a scientist, the son of humble Ecuadorian immigrants. Eduardo promised that he would make his parents proud. Unfortunately, his father never got to see many of his accomplishments, having been one of the millions of victims of the Pluto Plague, a deadly man-made virus that struck in the spring of 2020. It swept out of control for three months across the globe until midsummer when a cure was discovered and distributed. However, the cure came too late to save his parents.

Liam's ePhone buzzed in his shirt pocket. The ID indicated it was from the Bartowski homestead. He picked up and heard a familiar voice.

"Hey, Mom."

"Hey sweetie. Just checking in," Sarah said. His mother worried at times. Fortunately she kept it only to days that ended in the letter 'y'. "How was the conference?"

"Excellent. We had some great speakers, ate some Chinese food…which for some reason, they just call it food…and we took off just fifteen minutes ago," Liam replied. "How's Dad?"

"Skyping with some of the team. Again." She laughed merrily.

Liam shook his head and smiled. His father was one of the most hard-working men he had ever known, as was his mother. They both ran a successful electronics company called Carmichael Technologies. It was headquartered on Main Street back home in Iowa and they were also in the middle of setting up a green technology division as well. That work ethic certainly passed down to him having worked at an antique restoration shop in town during the summer when he was sixteen, but he certainly learned a great many things. They also owned a great deli and a book store that sold all types of literature on the opposite side of the HQ.

"What a surprise," Liam replied with a chuckle.

The dark sky flashed outside as the plane flew into a storm. The plane began to shake. The university student could hear the rumbling of a thunderstorm outside.

"Liam, are you there?" Sarah asked with a lot of concern.

"Yeah, Mom. Just some turbulence." He took a quick look out the window as rain sprayed on their windows, the plan had entered into a storm. "How's Steve? I haven't heard from him in since last Friday."

His brother had traveled along with their childhood friend and Steve´s girlfriend, Lara, to the South American country of Costa Gravas where she was born. Lara use to be Liam's former crush, but he had gotten over it quickly when he saw how close she was getting to his brother during senior year. Liam knew they had feelings for each other for a few years now but he didn´t let them know that.

"He actually called me this morning. Lara is teaching him Spanish." Sarah laughed at the thought of Steve trying to learn Spanish from a not-so-patient instructor.

The plane rumbled more violently this time causing Liam to drop the phone on the floor. A flash and an explosion followed, sending everybody into a panic as both engines were struck. Everyone held on for dear life as the engines failed. The plane went down, and everyone was screaming.

"Liam!" cried a frantic Sarah as she heard the chaos, completely powerless to do anything. The line went dead.

The plane skipped twice off the surface of the ocean before falling in. The fuselage filled quickly with water because of the damage the lightning caused. Ramirez floated to the surface in his life jacket with the other interns. The scientist looked around for the one intern who was missing, but it was too dark to see.

"William!" he called, looking around for the lost young man in the darkness of the sea. Lighting flashed in the sky above.

Eight Years Later…

New York City

December 15, 2041

10:28 am

The sun rose over the skyline in this metropolis of four million, ushering in a new day. For centuries many have called this vast city home.

Lara Bartowski stirred, trying to put an arm around her bed mate but finding only empty white sheets. It seemed her significant other was already awake, and judging by the pleasant smell of pancakes in the air, he was making breakfast. The respected attorney threw the white sheets aside and slipped on a red silk bathrobe. She stepped into the kitchen of their Queens loft apartment located in Forest Hills and saw a familiar sight. A shirtless Steven wearing only a pair of boxers; he flipped a last stack of pancakes onto a second plate. To say it wasn't an unpleasant sight to wake up to would be underselling it by a landslide. Yesterday they celebrated her twenty ninth birthday. In fact, they had so much fun, that they came home after one in the morning and 'celebrated' some more.

She wrapped her arms around him from behind. They would be celebrating two wonderful years of marriage next May. On the special window made of digital glass it indicated the weather as sunny and cool. It was another beautiful day in this city. They had moved here after graduation. It was the one thing she missed about Costa Gravas more than anything else; temperatures that made you want to mainline frozen margaritas instead of coffee.

"Morning," she said happily squeezing him feeling his impressive physique.

"Hope you're hungry. I made banana pancakes. Grandpa Steve's specialty," he turned in her direction and grinned gallantly. One of the reasons she loved her husband was his chivalry and his good heart.

"That I am, Agent Bartowski," Lara purred as she stood on her toes for a kiss. The ringing phone prevented it from going beyond chaste.

"I'll get it," he said, chuckling at their romantic moment being interrupted.

He picked up the phone, holding it to his ear. The Caller ID indicated a number from outside the country, it was an Ontario area area code.

"Agent Bartowski speaking…" Steven answered cheerfully.

The NOI agent's eyes widened as soon as the person on the other side line told him the reason for the call. His cheeky demeanor turning serious in a split second.

"What!?" he exclaimed, shocked to the core before calming down. "Of course, sure."

Lara looked worried; it wasn't a usual call from the office. This was something far more serious. Steven threw the phone on the sofa, completely speechless from the call. His heart was beating faster than usual.

"Steven, what's wrong?" asked his wife apprehensively.

"It's…uh Liam." The name of his dead brother rolling awkwardly off his tongue. It had been a long while since he said his name but he thought of him quite often.

The Latina beauty gasped softly, fearing the worst. For Lara, Liam was her best friend throughout childhood and high school. She regretted when they lost contact, rarely seeing each other when she went to Boston University around the same time she got together with Steven.

"He´s alive. They found him, he´s in a hospital in Canada right now." Steven said his voice quivering. He was shaking. Lara put her arms around him and held him tightly, letting him know that she was there for him since it was her family, too.

Steven wondered how he was going to tell his parents. For two weeks after the crash, they searched and searched but to no avail. Eventually the regional authorities called off the search, and after six years he was declared dead in absentia. But now he was alive.

What happened? Why was he found now? And why was he in a hospital in Canada?

The questions raced through Steven's mind, but he knew he had to put them aside. Delay was not an option. Immediately he pressed the speed dial on his phone reaching his parents back home in Iowa.

Hillyheim, Iowa

December 15, 2041

7:35 am

The town was a picturesque, tight-knit, peaceful place founded by German, Finnish and many others in 1882, and it was inhabited by only fourteen-thousand people. It was a friendly place, and everyone knew each other. A majority of the buildings were made of stones and bricks, and the townspeople liked it that way. It was a quiet place. In fact, it was so peaceful that the last murder happened over forty years ago.

The Bartowski house was a beautiful two story, red brick Prairie School style home with a red door and a white picket fence around it. They bought in early 2016 moving in by the summertime. Chuck and Sarah fixed it up and made it into a worthy home. It was a noisy home growing up with two rambunctious boys, but it was as happy of a home as any in this pristine area where they raised a family and laid down roots.

Chuck was outside working on the old 2018 Ford while Sarah was inside preparing for the 160th anniversary of the town's founding. It was still six months away but it was prepared in advance, the celebrations were going to be jovial and fun. Chuck and Sarah always got an early start to the day, a habit kept over from when their children still lived in the house. Those days were hectic, waking up early in the morning during weekdays making sure they had their breakfast and sending them on their way to school.

The phone rang. "Answer," Sarah said to the voice activated phone.

"Hi, Mom." It was her oldest son, Steven. She wondered why he sounded subdued.

"Hey sweetie. what´s up?" she asked cheerfully as she got a plate from the cabinet.

"They found him, Mom. They found Liam," he said solemnly.

Sarah dropped the plate, which shattered on the floor in several pieces. Chuck hurriedly came inside seeing something wrong.

"Sarah, What´s wrong?" he asked nervously.

"It's Liam, Chuck, he´s alive." She said happy tears streaming down her eyes. After eight long years, their son was back. They prayed all these years for their son's return.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

December 15, 2041

5:45 pm

Night had already fallen by the time Bartowskis arrived in the second largest city in Canada. A late flight left at four in the afternoon, and an already impatient and anxious Sarah went up the seventh floor with her husband, her son, and his wife trailing behind her trying to keep her calm.

The doctor attending Liam spoke to them before going to his room. It was a lot to take in, after so many years their son was back, his brother was back.

"He was shot in the shoulder by a mugger but that's not the main problem. For years he had amnesia, getting it after the plane crash, and only in the last few weeks has his memories returned to him. I would caution you to be careful because the William you lost may not be the one that was found."

The doctor opened the door to the room where Liam stood looking out the window at the bright city lights as they shone in the night, Toronto was a beautiful city. He turned and gave his family a smile. "Hi, guys."

Sarah crossed the room and wrapped her arms around her baby boy who returned the embrace. Sarah cried happily as she had her youngest son back. Chuck soon joined the hug, crying as well. Steven stared at his younger brother in awe, seeing how much he had changed. Gone was the lanky one-hundred and thirty pound shaggy-haired boy with an idealistic view on the world. In his place stood a man with short hair and much more toned.


Zachary Levi - Liam Bartowski/Chuck Bartowski

Dominic Cooper - Stephen B. Bartowski

Laura Donnelly - Autumn McArthur

Mark Dacascos - Qiu

Cote de Pablo - Lara Bartowski

Yvonne Strahovski - Sarah Bartowski

Natalie Martinez - Maria Lobo

Christopher Heyerdahl - Jacob Mortley

Giancarlo Esposito - Peter Briggs

Edward James Olmos - Dr. Eduardo Ramirez.

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