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Harry and Severus One Shots


Valentines Surprise Written 2/4/2008 under Glitchie on Fan Fiction Net Helping Hands Written May. 13th, 2008 under Nuavarion on Live Journal Dare to Dream Written 1/9/2006 under Glitchie on Fan Fiction Net A Second Chance Written for The Hex Files/Ensnared Lurvefest, February 2006 and posted under Glitchie on Fan Fiction Net 1/23/2008 A Little St. Patrick's Day Fun submission for Accio-Quill-and-Ink's contest for St. Patrick's Day and Easter and posted on Fan Fiction Net on 3/14/2008 under Glitchie.

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Valentines Surprise

Severus grumbled as he headed to his chambers after a long day of dunderheads blowing up caldrons. He sneered at the students who as he passed, scaring several into dropping their books and anything else they happened to be carrying. Most were distracted by the day’s festivities. Not one of his classes had failed to be interrupted by confetti, gifts or bad poetry… he hated today… every year it was the same; Valentine’s Day.

Reaching his rooms, he looked around with a sigh. At last, blissful silence and normal colors; everywhere he had turned had been pink, red and white. He gave a shudder as the relaxed to the calming earth tones of his chambers. With a sigh, he headed to his bedchamber looking forward to getting out of his work robes and into a nice hot shower.

Entering the room though, he halted abruptly. He blinked, swallowing dryly at the sight before him. There, on his bed, looking utterly comfortable and at home was none other than the man that had haunted his dreams since he had disappeared four years ago after the Final Battle; there, lounging on his bed in nothing but white silk boxers with pink and red hearts on them was none other than Harry Potter.

The man looked up when Severus entered, smiling at him before reaching out his hand. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Severus…” he murmured softly.

Severus blinked again, and moved forward slowly. Sensing no lies within the other man’s emerald gaze, he accepted the out stretched hand. Yes, it would be a very happy Valentine’s Day this year indeed…

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