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Sins of Harmony Vol I: Balance of Power

By Kalsik

Scifi / Drama

Prologue Timeline

Sins of Harmony

Volume 1: Balance of Power

Prologue, an abbreviated world history.

Abbreviated global history, notable events included.

BNM: Before Nightmare Moon

ANM: After Nightmare Moon

18000-2000 BNM: Creation of various civilisations, and emergence of many intelligent races.

Central Continent [Eoropean Union(Germaneigh, Faroench Republic, Espana, Grecia, Chamitaly, Wolmania, Ewekraine, Nelkway, Gryenmark, Gryitzerland]: Equine races, Cattle, Dog Species, Minotaurs, Gryphons, Wolves, Chamois, Elk, Mountain Sheep

North West Continent [Equestria, New Gryphon Republic, Mutthico] :Bison/Cattle clans, Dog species, Equine/Gryphons [both non-native]

South West continent [Cabryzil, Llamentina, Flamingli, Bullivia, Faroench Guinea] : Equine races, Llama, Water Buffalo, Anaconda, Flamingo, Capybara.

Southern Landmass [South Africka, Leonya, Mambibia, Nageria, Nager, Haygypt, Elephanzania, Saddlgeria, Canteroon, Zebrica] : Lion, Black Mamba, Equine races, African Elephant, Giraffe, Antelope, Egyptian Cobra, Arabian Horses, Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Camel.

Central East [Saddle Arabia, Packistan, Eweuait, Ewisreal, Corsahnistan, Jackaliran, Wolfyria, Moosekistan] : Arabic Horses, Camels, Dog species, Mountain sheep, Jackals, Wolves, Moose.

Cold North [Caninberia] : Dog Species, Cattle, Tiger.

Eastern Sub continent [Indo-Burmese Confederacy, Sri Draka, Khutan, Norpal]: Mountain sheep, Indian Elephant, King Cobra, Reticulated Python, Tiger, Indian Peacock, Cattle, Fire Drake colonies.

Far Eastern Territories [Mongrolia, Pandina, Salaman islands] : Panda, Tiger, Dog species, Cattle, Giant Salamander [isolated on large island], Eastern Dragon colonies.

Oceanic region [Changelia, Komatra, Singapaw [city state], Hundonesia, Muttlaysia, New Changelia, Oranguinea, Fillypines]: Komodo Dragons, Wyverns, Changelings, Orang-utans, King Cobra, Cattle, Equine races.

South Eastern landmass [Dingolia, New Daeland] : Kangaroo, Eastern Brown snake, Goanna, Koala, Dingos.

Various known worldwide races that display intelligence of varying degrees:

Dragon clans [4 limbs, 2 wings, fire, large, built for strength] (More roaming than other dragon groups, so colonies are usually smaller, less structured)

Fire Drakes [2 limbs, 2 wings with hands, large, built for speed and fire power]

Far Eastern Dragon [serpentine, 4 small limbs, 2 small wings, built for fire]

Sea Serpents [serpentine, aquatic, 4 limbs, docile for capabilities]

((All 4 dragon types are varied global.))

Stone golems [moving mountain beings, not too intelligent] Varied global.

Thunderbirds [giant Eagles with complex societies] Northwest continent.

1245-1130 BNM:The Great Century war. Fought by Minotaurs, Gryphons and Equestrians in various micro wars, skirmishes, raids and pillaging of cities.

1200 BNM:North Western Continent discovered by numerous expeditions of Equestrian races and Gryphons looking to break away from Central Empires during Century war. Begin to intermingle with local Bison, Cattle and Wild Dog clans. Future cultural conflicts inevitably occur.

900 BNM:Equestria established with unification of Unicorn, Pegasi and Earth Pony tribes. In history, though relatively fair, a cultural 'level' divide places Unicorns above Pegasi, and above Earth Ponies.

800 BNM:Starswirl, at heeding of an oracle's words of future chaos that may require his aide, begins jumping forwards through time, beginning his legendary reputation. Rival Wizard, Siral the Savant, catches wind, and follow suit.

700 BNM: End of the 3rd Dynasty in Salaman, 4th Dynasty begins under imperialist regime.

500 BNM: Komo Islands fully colonised, evolutionary offshoot species of dragons develops more static, fishing and hunting based civilisation across the islands.

400 BNM: Wyvern colonies discovered in same continental area of Komo Islands. Another evolutionary offshoot of dragons, but retained flight in smaller size. Lost fire breath, like Komodos, but boast significant intelligence and technological prowess among most sentients. Development hampered by small population for most of species existence.

120-98 BNM:Equestria and New Gryphon Kingdom, on north western continent, embark on series of war campaigns, determined to capture valuable lands on the borders of both nations. Instability that follows in wake of the costly series of mini-wars leads civil unrest in Equestria for decades to come.

86 BNM: Equestrian civil war breaks out, nation split into various, oft changing factions. Largest factions remain most stable, such as the Royalists [Crystal Empire allied with them too]. Unicorn class superiority over Pegasi and Earth ponies at height here, made worse by each faction having one or more Alicorn leaders.

79-72 BNM:Equestrian civil war declines, goes into 'Cold War' state.

72-68 BNM:Civil War heats up, worse than before, with emergence of various experiments by many factions' magical members. Most notorious are Siral the Savant's seven monstrous beings, who would inspire the names of the seven deadly sins. [Pride, the seventh, goes into hiding from the outset, will reemerge later as Discord, being of Chaos, hence his forgotten origin].

69 BNM

Starswirl befriends centaur, Scorpan, concinving him not to colaborate with his brother, Tirek, to exploit Equestria's instability, and absorb magic across the land.

Tirek plans to go ahead, and Scorpan informs the Princesses Celestia and Luna [heirs to throne after their parents died in second stage of civil war], of Tirek carrying on the plan. Tirek imprisoned in Tartarus quietly, amidst escalating campaigns in the civil war.

68 BNM:Excessive magical energy drawn from the sun and moon from many factions finally causes permanent damage. A curse on the earth's rotation [day/night], and the moon's orbit, stopping both without magical input. Said input is only temporary by magical means however.

Amidst heavenly damage, civil war ceases not out of surrender, but regret, and uncertainty.

68 BNM: Chaos Magic user Discord takes power, overthrows ruling Unicorns of all factions within a few days amidst shock at heavenly damages done by the war.

Magic unleashed during Discord reshaping Equestria to his rule includes tampering with Earth's rotation in a way that requires foreseeable permanent control of Moon's orbit and Earth's rotation on its axis for days and nights, lest tectonic cataclysms destroy planet he now has dominion over.

68 BNM late:Discord stabilizes Moon's orbit and Earth's rotation on axis, restores routine of day/night. 'Raising/lowering sun' means rotating Earth on its axis, whilst 'raising/lowering Moon/night' controls moon's orbit in correspondence with Earth's rotation.'

Rotating Earth is harder of 2 tasks, due to higher mass.

62 BNM: Starswirl forges Elements of Harmony, fusing his body and soul wholly with them to complete the energy requirements.

62 BNM:Two Unicorns, heirs to throne prior to Discord overthrew rulers, developed magic enough to undergo transformation to mixed Unicorn/Pegasus/Pony hybrid, Alicorns. Discord knows, but over confidently pays no heed.

60 BNM:Self Proclaimed King Discord, chaotic master of Equestria and much of North Western Continent sealed in stone by 6 combined magical artefacts, the Elements of Harmony. Joint rule of Princesses Celestia and Luna begins.Celestia and Luna take over duties of controlling Sun [Earth rotation] and Moon rotation, as no more numerous enough, Alicorn level magic users exist to have enough energy to lift magical damage to Earth's rotation and Moon's orbit.

18 BNM: King Sombra curses self and Crystal Empire into 1020 year vanished state, to prevent twin sun and moon princesses of Equestria from relieving him of throne.

0 ANM:Princess Luna's high magic level, combined with emotional instabilities, sways her into corrupted, dark state 'Nightmare Moon'. Princess Celestia forced to use 6 Elements of Harmony to defeat her. Elements imprison Luna as they deem appropriate in hopes of letting darkness fade, like giving a time out to an angry child. 1000 year banishment to moon.

Celestia conflicted with Elements decision, but continues to utilize them in most dire circumstances.

0-300 ANM.: Numerous empires around the world begin to fracture under emergent religious faiths permeating multiple empires. With exception of adaptable Far Eastern empires, empires of old collapse.

300-500 ANM.:Middle ages, series of religious, glory seeking and new empire expansion.

500-800 ANM.:Renaissance begins in Gryphon peninsula nation on Central Continent. Scientific and Magical theory advances throughout the world.

800-903 ANM.:Industrial era begins, invention of steam power and electricity allows expansion beyond what some work type animals are capable of doing. Magical usage still proliferates, and first true schisms between magic and technology begin to sow their seeds.

903-908 ANM.:First great war, fought in Central Continent, Central East and Cold North. By product of failing empires of various races. Imperial contraction follows. Sanctions placed on Minotaur nation.

931-937 ANM.: Second Great War, fought in Central Continent, Central East, Cold North, Far East, Southern Landmass, Oceanic Territories, and slightly on all other landmass continents. Axis of Central Minotaurs, Cattle, and Far Eastern Salamanders and Dog species defeated by allies around the world.

937-966 ANM.: Series of cultural, resource and religious wars erupt globally, as improvements in communications and rebuilding in some nations after 2nd Great War takes a long time. Numerous cataclysms erupt.

940 ANM.:Wyvern intelligence alarms world when nuclear device tested without warning in oceans. First nuclear devices required international collaboration, whilst Wyverns managed to manufacture technology only 5 years later, alone. Wyverns begin to be seen as dangerous due to intellect and draconian roots.

942 ANM:Komodo islands ransacked by tribal warfare, infrastructure destroyed greatly. Sets back civilisation 20 years.

945-949 ANM:Changeling nation greatly reduced due to aggressive expansion by Eastern Sub continent Cattle, Elephant, Peacock and Tiger species. Changelings reduced to poverty, servant race, due to mistrust by their shapeshifting magic. Such poverty would continue for decades, largely unnoticed by much of the civilised world.

957 ANM:Wyverns seek to expand, hoping to liberate Changelings from Sub Continent Imperial hold in exchange for Coalition government with restored changelings. Technological advancement means Wyverns are a greater force than their numbers suggest, and magical immunity by draconian DNA, even greater than that of Dragons, Fire Drakes and Far East Dragons, makes them all the more powerful.

958-964 ANM:Wyvern-Cattle/Elephant/Peacock/Equestrian war. Technology of Wyverns, and being more local than Equstrian enemy allies, means war is closely fought.

964 ANM:Wyverns detonate nuclear device over Cattle/Elephant fleet, threaten to target civilian sectors unless demands met.

964 ANM:]. Accidentally unleashed plague wracks Wyvern population, an incomplete vaccination in a dangerous state released in a facility raid. Enemy allies drive Wyverns back. [Komodos/Dragons slightly affected, but can easily recover. Plague incurable by Wyverns medicines, very aggressive strain enhanced accidentally by attempts to cure it.

Civil war erupts in Wyvern colonies, 2 nuclear bombs used to try and eradicate heavily infected cities.

967 ANM:Wyvern Plague has weeded out those with genetic immunity, but population declined to 500 in civil war and plague. Theorised to be accidental release of a biological agent from a research lab in a Wyvern Colony.

967- 969 ANM:Wyverns, like Dragons, Fire Drakes and Far Eastern Dragons, decreed as highly prized, due to their technological knowledge. Hunting, slaving and raiding reduces numbers to just a few dozen. Wyverns go into hiding.

970 ANM:International ban on sports hunting of any sentients. Too late for Wyverns. Survivors theorised at only a dozen or so.

971 ANM:Hephaestus Research company established in former Wyvern colony site.

976 ANM:South Eastern Landmass revolution, Equestrian and Gryphon ambassador parties visiting greatly damaged during revolt against corrupt government, dissatisfaction with many rulers of empires/nations being sovereigns, not elected.

976 ANM: Hephaestus Research Company shut down after involvement in incident in South Eastern landmass territory. Princess Celestia and Equestrian visitors involved in uprisings and were victims in skirmishes in revolutionary held cities, whilst trying to negotiate a peaceful settlement.

976 ANM:Starswirl forcibly returns to the world, amidst the unintentional host switch in the 'Aeternum-Tul'rok incident', by Hephaestus leaders.

977 ANM:South Eastern Landmass gains independence across different states, one for each race. Hephaestus Research Company restarted after disappearance of its 2 Wyvern Leaders, and grows over decades under a multi racial leadership. Notable members include civilised Fire Drakes, Dragons, Komodos, Peacocks, and numerous minority, non-herd races from worldwide. Owned by unknown Komodo benefactor.

980 ANM:Changelings released from imperial hold, but poverty caused would resonate for many decades to come, sometimes causing desperate action. [see Canterlot, Changeling attack].

983 ANM, July.:Twilight Sparkle accepted into Royal Equestiran academy for Magic at age 6. Dragon Spike accompanies her through academic years.

1000 ANM, June.:1000 year banishment of Luna ends. Elements of Harmony restore her by removing dark spirit manifested from negative emotions.

1001 ANM, April.:Discord escapes imprisonment, but imprisoned again by Elements of Harmony after a brief reign of chaos in Equestria.

1001 ANM, August.:Changeling attack on Equestria capital, Canterlot. Repelled by combined magical forces of Princess Cadance and fiancé Shining Armor. Changelings involved repulsed by magical means to Equestria's southern, desert borders, and flee subsequently from the nation.

1002 ANM, January.:Crystal Empire returns after 1020 year banishment by KIng Sombra's curse. Crystal heart restored, Sombra's form destroyed.

1002 ANM, March.:Discord released, swayed to conform to Equstrian authority, though will always exhibit unpredictability.

1002 ANM, May.:Coronation of 4th Alicorn Princess in Equestria, as Twilight Sparkle's magical abilities ascend enough to prompt transformation.

1002 ANM, June.:Everfree forest vine incident in Ponyville. Elements returned to tree of Harmony.

1003 ANM, August.:Lord Tirek's attack on Equestria. Enhanced power of 6 Elements of Harmony users overcomes collective magic of all other equestrians.

1005 ANM, January:Story begins.

1005 ANM, March 24-28:Scheme by enemy of foreign research company, Garnet against Hephaestus Research respectively, unleashes engineered rabies plague amidst biannual dragon migration of that year. Global effort to quell infection, and disease cured/culled by the time migration gets to middle of Equestria, starting from Pandina in the far East. In secret, mysterious energy being collaborating with Garnet hijacks Tree of Harmony, and drains all but trace energy in the 6 wielders themselves from the Elements of Harmony.

1006 ANM, January-March:Oceanic Alliance Tsunami, 100 thousand plus dead. Hephaestus framed by Garnet's scheming with energy being. Pursuit investigation eventually halts his various schemes.

1006 ANM, Summer:Entity emerges, skirmishes in Cloudsdale and Canterlot with Garnet's agents, and Equestrian/allied members. Tsunami swamps Manehatten, and a full on day long siege of Manehatten devastates the city, killing thousands.

1007 ANM, June: Birth of twins by Princess Cadance and Shining Armor of Crystal Empire, Obelisk Radiance [male] and Serenity Glimmer [female].

1008 ANM, January:Chemical Weapons attack on Wyvern breeding facility. Leading Hephaestus members strike out to ally with Entity being, Aeternum, splitting from allies in Equestria in violent bid for freedom. Twilight Sparkle kidnapped for later leverage.

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