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A Yautja's Suffering


A female Yautja is beaten and abused for not being able to produce a pup. Rescued, she is given another chance.

Scifi / Drama
Christine Shields
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I remember pain, abuse and suffering. I was in so much agony. Every day for so many years I was growled at and beaten. And there was something else also; I was carrying a pup.

My name is Nach’she. I am a female Yautja. I am 21 cycles and I am the mate of a bad-blooded hunter. His clan killed my mother and father and they would have killed me also if he hadn’t of claimed me as his own, his mate.

For five years I had been a mate to him and as the years passed on I lost my honour, my strength, my pride and my virginity.

He had hurt me so much. He was so painful with me, I could barely stand it. My life was all but over and I feared that it soon would have been. He had forcefully mated with me and my body was not strong enough. I miscarried not once but twice. I could not carry an unborn pup.

This angered and enraged him. I was useless. I was a female that could not even produce an offspring. I tried to tell myself that my life would mend. I spent many sleepless nights thinking, thinking about how I had enraged my mate so.

Time after time he had tried to get me to produce a pup but I was that weak and my body was that fragile after all the beatings I had received as punishment. I thought that he would never stop. I knew that he would not set me free. I would either be a captive mate or be killed.

I whimpered as I struggled to get away from him, he stripped me from my clothing and held me to his bed. He was brutal and violent as he mated with me. I kept my eyes shut as I tried to overcome the pain of this courtship.

I wanted this suffering to end; I could bear it no longer. The louder I cried the harder he was on my body.

I knew this torture would continue until I gave him what he wanted. I felt his body enter mine. Even though I continued to sob and whimper I at least tried to be strong.

When he finally stopped I exhaled deeply. The pain was easing. I opened my eyes and for the strangest reason I was glad that I was still alive.

I heard him growling but I was too weak and too afraid to look around. I did not have to; his hand gripped my hair and pulled my head round to face him. His great chest muscles began to constrict and tighten. His broad spiked head looked down on me and his eyes were fiery yellow with a glint of green.

I did not face him. How could I? I already had an idea of what he was going to do to me if he did not impregnate me.

He sensed my fear and misery but did not care. He would never feel compassion for me. I was only a female. A worthless female.

He snarled at me and without any sign at all he just slammed my head down and began to mate again.

No shock came from me. I knew what he was about to do. I simply bowed me head down, closed my eyes and went through it.

He began softly but as he felt my body suddenly weaken he began to get harder. I winced in strain as the agony of reproduction came back to me.

When he finally stopped, I knew that he grew tired to trying. But the more impatient he got the very worst for me it would soon get. He was a ft bigger than me and over the years of being his slave mate I had lost weight and muscle.

I was nothing except skin and fragile bone. I was small, weak and a slave, a pathetic excuse for a Yautja.

Once I was returned to my chamber which was merely an animal hide in a hole in the wall. I tried to walk but I soon collapsed onto the thin, small, ragged blanket and felt as if I was laying down to die. I was that tired from my mate and so hungry also.

I was completely bare and all I had to keep myself warm was that thin hide. As I lay down my thoughts turned to my mother and father and wondered if they missed me, wherever they were, as much as I missed them.

The next morning I was once again brought out of my chamber and brought to my mate’s. They had always done this. He would not stop, I needed help and I needed it fast. Time I feared was running out as fast as I could blink.

Once I was brought into his sleeping chamber I saw that he was obviously expecting me. He was always expecting me and he always expected something else from me too.

He approached me as the members of the clan which held me left. He stopped and looked down on my pitiful form.

He towered above me and it sometimes hurt as I strained my neck to look up at him but then again, all of my body hurt. From head to toe it eternally ached.

I lowered my head, refusing to look up at him as he ran his hand tenderly across my shoulder. He had never been gentle like this before and it was strange to me. He watched his hand as they moved away from my shoulders and soon across my breast. I foolishly but bravely interfered by slapping his hand away and backing away from him altogether.

His smile soon turned to a fit of rage. His giant mandibles flared in rage. At that moment I felt sheer fear. There was nothing I could have done to prevent him grabbing me and then throwing me onto his bed. I tried to get up but his massive muscular bulk lay on top of me.

I panicked; I could not take any more hours of torture. His bulk was crushing my body. It pinned me to the bed as my mouth was covered by his large clawed hand. And to make my anguish worse he began to mate with me. I could feel it. It was the most painful thing I had ever felt.

It kept up until I nearly felt sick. I had cried out and whimpered so much until my throat hurt. But my attempt to cry for help cost me dearly. He clenched his fist and punched me in the throat, in my windpipe. My heart throbbed and my lungs could not breathe. I tried to call out again but I could not. I could not speak.

I felt tears fall down my eyes as knew I had no choice but to lay there and take it. I was a mute oh so suddenly and again he did not care about it, about me. My only purpose was to produce a pup. I was expected to do nothing more than give birth to the future heir to the bad-blood clan. To him that was my only purpose in the universe. It was the only thing I was born to do.

By the time he was done and I was once again dragged back to my shabby looking chamber I felt as though I could barely walk. The in-between of my legs hurt so much, because of him!

I remember I curled up in a tight ball that following night and thought about what it would be like to be free. Free from suffering, free from pain, free from this life.

As I lay there, I listened to the grunting and growling of other males. I knew that two already stood outside my poor excuse for a chamber, guarding the entrance which was nothing more than a dusty, oversized crack in the wall.

Then as I continued to listen to the continuous noises and disturbances coming from outside I suddenly felt the last of my strength fade and my weary eyes grow slightly heavier.

Then before I could think anything else I let my instincts of sleep take over. Then within a few moments all my pain and suffering ceased to exist as my world went black.

Meanwhile in the outer rims of the galaxy a Yautja flagship was drifting through the different atmospheres of different planets, different worlds to be explored.

The ship was truly beautiful. Its size was beyond compare and their designs were ancient. The glowing red writing of their language decorated the walls and chambers of the giant craft.

It was merely a symbol of the Yautja’s ability of master space craft and travel. Their very race was ancient but powerful.

They were natural born hunters; they fought and hunted dangerous and lethal prey for sport and honour. To be accepted as a blooded hunter.

As beautiful and magnificent as the giant space craft was it was still a hard place for a Yautja to live for several months while on a hunting trip.

All Yautja clans were all put under the leadership of one alpha male, an elder. Very rarely was there a matriarch female.

The elder of the predator flagship was both brave and wise. His name was elder Tarik. He was a highly respected member of the Yautia clan. He had hunted and survived many hunts and that had earned him the right to mate, to continue his blood line.

He had spawned a son, a healthy young male hunter named La’Takesh who was nicknamed ‘Wolf’ by his father and fellow Yautja for his speed and Agility in a hunt. He was also called Wolf because he had the call of the creature. He was one of the youngest hunters to ever have become blooded and was also well known for it.

He was considered a loner; he had no time for females. He did not have many friends. As the son of an elder he was always taught that he had responsibilities as a future leader, as a hunter, as a Yautia.

Deep inside the flagship Wolf was enduring his usual routine. He was being trained by his father’s best warriors. He had found the training slightly simple but boring.

He was a fully skilled hunter and had never found the need to know thing that according to him he already knew.

His ceremonial dagger was sharpened and he was keen and agile. His opponent had struck him numerous times and had succeeded. The young predator as the humans called the species was simply in no mood to carry on with his training.

It was even clear to his trainer that practicing his hunting skills was simply not his number one priority at the moment.

Sensing what was wrong the warrior stopped and retracted his large wrist blades as he strode powerfully over to the young hunter. He shook Wolf’s shoulder in a gesture of rough play. His trainers name was Hiju.

He had known him since he was a pup and he had always been there for him, especially at the time of his mother’s death.

As he continued to stride over to his leader’s son, Wolf saw him approaching and rose to his feet before his comrade could sit beside him.

The strong young male bowed his head in respect to his trainer “I will be in my chamber.” He said in a deep, echoing voice.

The older Yauja nodded and replied “I shall inform your father that your training has ended for now.”

He nodded as they beat their chests and without saying another word he left the training quarters of the ship.

He was silent as he wandered the silent corridors of the gigantic craft that was built under the orders of his father himself.

All he could hear was the distant echoes of his fellow Yautja that wandered throughout the ship. There were very few females or huntresses aboard his father’s flagship and unlike the other males it did not bother Scar in the slightest.

He proceeded to walk to the end of the long corridor where his chamber was situated. Like the outside of the ship it was decorated with their native language.

He entered into the privacy of his chamber and stripped himself from his armour. He had always felt relieved when he freed himself from it. He relaxed and soothed. By the time he had finished all he had on was sweatbands around his wrists and ankles. Everything else was removed and set in the corner of the large room.

The young Yautja sat down on his bed and as he sat feelings began to come to him. Feelings of his mother. He missed her dearly and yet he felt as though he did not even know her to begin with.

As he lay down on the bed, he closed his eyes and thought about her. She was killed by a clan of bad-bloods. How he hated them! He would wipe out every one of them even if it took him his entire life.

He vowed to himself and to his father that he would destroy them for what they did, for their ways and for their dishonour to all Yautja.

As the minutes passed and he became slightly weary he could not vanquish the thought of his mother and the bad-bloods from his head. He closed his eyes and exhaled deeply, the only thing that was relaxing was the silence.

As he slowly became one with the rhythm of silence he slowly began to sleep in comfort and undisturbed until he was startled all of a sudden by a loud and violent banging on his sealed entrance.

He winced in annoyance and frustration as he forced his tired body to arise and answer but he just felt like he could not. He slammed his head and ignored the irritating racket, but as soon as he heard “Wolf! I know you’re in there!” He jumped to his feet and rushed to answer the door.

It was his father, the elder. He looked out of breath and frustrated. “Even as a pup you were always difficult.” He groaned in his usual, joyless voice. His young son shrugged and waited for his father to catch his breath.

Once the older male stopped breathing hoarsely he looked up at his son and began. “There is a signal that has been picked up on the ships radar. A planet called Vanjun.” Wolf looked surprised. He had never heard of such a place but by the tone in his voice it sounded as though his father had heard of it.

He nodded in understanding as the elder continued “The planet of Vanjun is the home to a clan of dishonoured bad-bloods who have no respect for our race and show no mercy to anyone!”

At those words Wolf felt his anger brew and it was not hard to see. His chest muscles tightened and he began to breathe heavily.

His father saw his anger rise. He knew that he was thinking about his mother who fell victim to the same type of hunters.

The young Yautia looked down and clenched his fists before looking back up at his father again. The elder moaned in slight sadness as he too thought of his mate, Wolf’s mother.

Wolf bowed his head and remembered her. But the memory of his mother only brought back thoughts of the brutal bad-bloods.

He looked up at his father who had his eyes lowered. “What is to be done about them?! The younger hunter asked in eager curiosity.

The old male did not respond. He knew what had to be done. His most skilled hunters would confront the clan and their leader. Like most respected leaders, he did not want to invade on them and start a feud or a fight. But it was also in a leader’s duty not to show his personal emotions and do what had to be done to preserve the safety of his own clan.

After much thought he eventually looked up at his son and gave a solid reply “we are to confront them!” With those words the young hunter could feel vengeance flowing throughout him. At last they would pay for what their kind down to his mother, him and his father. He was sure that he would be the one showing no mercy!

“Father?” He said in another curious voice. His father was too lost in thought to possibly even hear him. The young Yautja gently shook his father’s shoulder in an attempt to get his attention.

The wiser male gave a startled jump as he came back to reality. He looked his son in the eyes and replied rather wearily “yes, Wolf?”

“If I may, I would like to lead our hunters to confront the bad-bloods.”

His father was struck. His son wanted to fight against such a ruthless group of killers?

He did not know what to say in reply and Wolf personally did not know what to expect. He wanted to avenge his mother and make his father proud but he knew that if he went through with it he would be putting his own life at risk.

His father did not hold anything back this time. This time he faced Wolf and asked like a normal worried parent “h-how could you ask such a thing?! You will fail!”

Wolf shook his head “No father. I will not fail. I ask this because I wish to bring honour, to you and to myself as a blooded hunter.”

His father was no fool. He knew that Wolf was willing to do this for honour but he knew that he was also doing it for his mother. He loved her still. Even when she was not with him, he still yearned for her again. And so did he.

The elder still continued to remain in utter silence. He still did not know what to say or how to act. Was it a brave act or a foolish one that could cost him his life but then again he was 23 cycles and he was one of the best hunters.

Wolf stood stiffly with his fists clenched as his father finally knew what had to be done. He lowered his eyes and hoped that his father would understand as much as he wanted him to.

As the huge male looked upon his young offspring and at long last replied with a defeated sigh “do what you must Wolf.” The hunter breathed out in relief but still saw that his father was afraid. It was highly unusual for a Yautja especially an elder to feel fear but he did. It was for Wolf. His father had fought bad-bloods before and he knew what they were like.

“Forgive me father.” He bowed his head in shame but his father was not angry. Instead he lifted Wolf’s head up and replied with a gentle growl “there is nothing to forgive my son. You are doing what you think is right and I shall stand by your side.”

Wolf felt happy at his father’s words and nodded. He exhaled deeply as he father made instructed “I would like you to take two of your closest comrades, if you have any, for protection.”

Wolf nodded and replied without hesitation. “I shall do so father. I promise you, I will not fail.”

“Then let us hope your vow will not be in vein.” His father replied in a still, defeated tone.

“It will not be.” Was the only thing truly reassuring the elder had ever heard from his son since they began talking. There was another long silence between the two of them before the larger male spoke one again.

“Very well then son. Prepare yourself well, adorn your armour and for stars sake put a loincloth on!

Only then did Wolf remember that he was standing bare in front of his father. Their elder! He blushed and covered his manhood. The elder shook his head typically and without saying another word he turned and left his son to prepare.

As he watched his father leave he quickly turned and prepared himself for what lay ahead. He fastened a loincloth tightly around his waist before adorning his armour.

Once he was ready he paused for a moment. His father had not instructed him to go to any certain places so he simply estimated that he should gather possibly with the others at ships main bridge.

It was decided then. He would take his trainer, Hiju and his friend who he’d known since he was a little pup, Scar. His real name Cun’sha but was called ‘Scar’ because of a giant scar in the side of his face. It was caused by the acidic blood of a species known as Kiande Amedha but they were mostly known just as ‘aliens’ to humans.

He and Wolf had been through almost everything together and he could trust him with anything. They were like brothers.

When he left his quarters and once again travelled down the giant corridors of the ship. As he looked about he could see the carvings that his people had done under the construction orders of his father.

It showed most of their history of hunting over the centuries. The pictures were similar to human Aztec design and it showed his people including his father mostly in combat with the Kiande Amedha.

He continued to stride powerfully down the dimly lit corridor, looking at the designs as he went along until finally they stopped when he came to a doorway which led to the ships main bridge.

He took a deep breath and entered slowly but proudly but he found that there was hardly anyone there. He saw his father again, but he also saw Tak’sun who was a prey tracker in a hunt. There was Ta’cunak who was the weapons provider for their hunts. Ta’cunak was one of the very few hunters who hunted the Kiande Amedha with a true passion. Then finally there was Hiju and Scar.

He ran to the two of them and greeted his trainer but put apparently put Scar in a tight headlock. Scar flinched at first in surprise but soon played along by punching him in the shoulder and attempting to grab his friends head.

They snarled and growled, trying to see which one was the strongest until the both fell literally on top of each other.

Even then they still did not give up, the both of them were determined to prove that they were better that the other but just before they could settle the competition they were both grabbed by the nape of the neck by the elder. He picked the both of them up off the floor and into the air then looked at them both.

They both turned their heads away from him but as soon as the giant male growled for their attention, he sure got it!

“Are you done yet?” He asked in a stern voice. He was sick of always separating young Yautja who were always trying to be better than others, no matter if it was just rough play.

They waited for a moment before Wolf answered “Yes father, I apologise. It will not happen again.”

His father would have believed it if he had not have been laughing as he said it. The old predator shook him by the scruff of his neck and replied “I want you to apologise to me again Wolf. And this time mean it!”

The young predator looked to his friend who nodded over to the elder as if he was saying ‘go on apologise’. Wolf looked his father straight in the eyes and said “I truly apologise father.”

“For what?” His father asked, hoping that his son knew why he was apologising.

“For not apologising properly when you ordered me to do so?” The young Yautja ended up guessing.

His father rolled his eyes and answered with a groan “close enough.” And with that he let the both of them go. They landed on the ground with a large thud making the both of them groan.

As they hit the ground the elder looked down at them and warned “If you ever behave like that again Wolf, your backside will shine like your armour. Understand?”

“Yes father.” Wolf lowered his eyes as he heard Scar chuckle.

The elder kept his eye on his son but as soon as he heard the shallow chuckling he quickly focused his keen eyes on the other young hunter. “Is there a problem Scar?” He demanded.

Scar looked away from the elder’s serious gaze and replied meekly “no, Elder Tarik.”

“Then I sincerely hope that you will not be too annoyed when I say that the same threat applies to you also. Do I make myself clear?” He warned the young hunter in a scolding tone.

He said nothing, only nodded still not making any eye contact with his leader. Scar was a brave Yautja but when it came to higher ranks he did not dare to speak out or object.

Once the elder knew that there would be no more horseplay from the two of them he turned to the rest of his hunters and ordered “Make sure that you all are prepared and equipped for the mission that lies ahead.”

Like Scar the hunters said nothing, they simply beat their chests and bowed their heads in respect. Wolf’s father bowed in approval and turned to his son “Are you ready, my son?”

“Yes father, I am prepared.” Wolf replied. He was ready for whatever lay ahead. He was prepared to take risks and it made his father proud.

He nodded in satisfaction and announced “Then let us proceed.”

Wolf smiled at his father and even Scar gave a smile as they made the final preparations for their mission. Once their armour was adorned, their weapons were sharpened and their personal Yautja hunting masks which partly resembled each of their unique faces.

By the time they were finally ready the ship was almost through Vanjun’s atmosphere. The ship shook as it attempted to break through it.

Some of the passengers grunted as they were shook or thrown about, its whole atmosphere was too much for them to handle but they were hunters. They were born strong.

As soon as they felt the rattling and boisterous bumping begin to ease they knew that they were almost through. After a few moments they were through and the young Yautja knew for certain that they were going to land soon.

The ship was beginning to move diagonally and that mean that they were about to come in for a landing.

They could all sense that it would soon be time to meet the opposing clan.

By the time the ship finally came to land some of the predators were already beginning to have doubts about of their mission.

Like the elder, they kept their fears and worries hidden but on rare occasions their problems and personal feelings got the better of them.

Despite sharing some of the worries that their elder had, they still did not dare to show them to him.

Once they had arrived on Vanjuin surface it did not take long for them to depart the ship after bidding farewell to the huntresses and females. The females were only like the males two ways. Most of them were huntresses and they were Yautja.

The males were always cautious around the females and they were highly respected also. The female Yautja were larger and stronger than the males. For huntresses they were considered intelligent and sometimes headstrong.

Even though the females were stronger and more agile than the hunters they still decided that it would be best that the females should stay on the ship. They were responsible for the continuation of the Yautja race and they could not afford for anything to happen to them.

The elder on the other hand had decided to go with them after all on this mission. The younger hunters had disagreed with it. The elder, ignoring the younger ones protests simply told them that he felt that it was his duty to fight his clan and for honour. The moment he said the word ‘honour’ he smiled as he glanced over at his son.

He knew how much his son wanted honour and only then did he realise that he wanted exactly the same thing.

As soon as they parted from the females they did not look back. They just kept on walking with their weapons ready. The females watched as their males leave and called out to them but they were that far away the males did not hear them.

Once the hunters were nothing but spots in the distance the females soon retreated back into the safety of the ship to wait for the males return.

The hunters felt as though they had been walking for miles. The whole planet was hazardous. They winds were like cyclones and the ground was hot and cracked.

There was very little life on the planet, the sky was red and the air was also filled with noxious fumes that were already making some of the slightly Yautja lightheaded.

“Do not let your guard down. Any of you!” Scar had instructed to his fellow hunters as they observed the strange and silent atmosphere.

He walked alongside his father and the others stuck together in a group with their daggers firmly held and their plasma cannons constantly moving in all directions ready to put an end to anything that dared to challenge them.

They continued to walk at a mild pace, saying very little to one another. The only ones who talked were Scar, the elder and Wolf. They knew that it was possibly going to be a long walk but they all assumed that it would be worth it.

Just as the Planet’s twin suns were highest in the sky only then did one of the other Yautja speak by shouting “Elder Tarik, look! Straight ahead!” The older male turned his head in sudden shock. The hunter’s booming voice echoed throughout their ears as it broke the deathly silence.

They all looked where he was pointing continuously. There was nothing there except for mounds that were clearly made up of rock and earth. At first they assumed that it was nothing but pathetic earth but one sight of typical Yautja behaviour soon caught their eye; skulls.

Some of the skulls were also mounded but they were stacked up in small towers whilst others were impaled through spikes.

The skulls were not too far away; it only took a few moments for them to go to them. Scar was one of the first ones to begin to inspect the skulls but he was soon followed by the others. The skulls were of different species that possibly either once inhabited the planet along with the bad-bloods or they could have arrived from somewhere else. Either way it still looked as though they fallen victim to them all the same.

They continued to observe the skulls and bones that the clan of bad-bloods had possibly collected until their curiosity went further. Scar was the first one to attempt to go into one of the caves. As soon as he could set a foot inside his was seized roughly by the elder.

“In the name of the Gods, Scar! Just what do you think you are doing?!” The elder demanded to know. He did not know why was he about to enter without signalling the others or any backup. He did not answer the older Yautja, all he did was sigh and shrug until he let go of him.

He threw him back amongst the other hunters and explained “we do not know what lies ahead. Anything could happen if you let your guard down. If there are any bad-bloods here they will kill you if they see you unarmed or unaware. Do not!I repeat, not give them that chance!”

Understandingly, they bowed their heads as Wolf took over “Hiju, you go with my father. Scar, you come with me. And Tak’sun, you stand guard with Ta’cunak . And with that they beat a fist across their chests and went their separate ways to investigate each of the dwellings.

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