A Yautja's Suffering


Wolf had left the room and was stealthily making his way through the long, winding corridors of his father’s ship. He could not understand it, why was he so concerned about this female? Yes, she was in urgent need of help and he would see immediately to that but his mind as clouded as it was before told him that this was something else. He, over the past number of hours had been feeling the need to be with her, to be beside her.

He continued to walk, seeing no one as he entered the ships supply room at the top left hand corner of the blackened corridors.

Taking no hesitation he switched on the dim lights of the small cabin-like room and found to his expectance a dozen canisters of water along with the usual daily equipment for a hunting trip. It included emergency oxygen breathers, spare wire mesh for the hunter’s body heat, the odd pound of flesh and the water.

He took a number of water canisters as well as a small slab of meat all within a flash, and then hastily retreated from the store room, slamming the door in the process, causing the light to automatically blow. Not caring in the slightest about the small electrical device he only focused his mind on getting back to her.

He, at that moment did not want to be seen bringing those things to the female. His father had ordered the ship’s guards to tend to her needs and that Wolf should not concern himself with such tasks.

But personally, as much as he trusted the ship’s guards and as well as his fellow hunters and huntresses, he still wanted her to have the best of care and to him, he was the only male for the job. She trusted him more that everyone else. He knew that and refused to forget it.

As soon as he arrived at the foot of her door he could hear a low groan, almost a whimpering sound. Knowing that it could only be coming from the inside of the room he hastily opened the doors and found her tossing and turning.

Her body was now racked with spasms; it looked as though she was having a seizure. At once he ran to her side, at this point not caring if anyone was watching.

Gently laying a large hand on her sweated forehead he found that she was burning up as well and appeared to be dehydrated. At once he unbuckled the straps that were attaching the canisters to her back and opened one of them.

The silver container was still cold with the water and as soon as his rough hands adapted to the temperature of the surface he slowly slid his hand around the nape of her neck, carefully raising it to meet the gleaming container which was soon brought to her mouth.

At first she resisted and tried to move away but at the same time barely moved at all. She was too frail and he had well noticed that by now. Seeing that she was in a difficult position he slowly let her head rest back on the pillow before pouring some of that water into the palm of his strong yet graceful clawed hand.

By the time he was done it looked as though there was a small, circular transparent crystal rippling in the deep palm of his hand. He looked at his reflection in the tiny lake and also saw her reflection. She was so pale, her markings were barely visible and her poor eyes looked heavy and yet still troubled with fear.

Knowing what she needed he once again moved closer to her and cautiously poured the chilled water into her mouth. As soon as she felt it touch her she immediately began to stir, letting the water drip onto her face and even that seemed to perk her up a little. He however smiled ever so slightly as his ears picked up the sound of her sucking at that water which was being provided for her.

The edgy look of worry began to leave his facial appearance as she weakly stretched out her hand towards whoever was providing such a treat and Wolf somehow got the gesture that she wanted more.

Again taking that canister and pouring more into his hand he once again let it fall into her dry mouth and as usual she wanted some more.

He, this time took the canister and brought it to her lips and to his surprise her small, weak manibles locked loosely around that container as she continued to suck at the water.

As she hydrated herself Wolf kneeled down patiently. He was in no hurry, she was not wasting his time and she herself was not a waste of time. He would personally spend that whole night by her side, aiding her.

At last as he let out a tired yawn she finally let go and nestled back against that soft, deep pillows, once again welcoming the sense of sleep. Wolf did not know writher or not she was hungry. He would be more than happy to let her sleep and recover but what if she was hungry, starving maybe?

Up until he had started to water her she had tried to squirm away, possibly not even knowing that it was him but that beside the point. She had acted as if she was fine when she was completely parched.

Knowing that she maybe was not hungry he still preferred to give it a shot. Carefully he took a small, shining dagger from the side of his foot and used to cut a little strip off the juicy, red meat. I’ll try you on this he said to himself as her head was once again lifted and the meat was placed carefully into her mouth but she appeared to have problems with it. Her eyes closed tightly and her small mandibles tried to find the food.

She made a moaning noise before here pregnant abdomen heaved as if she was choking. Hurrying, he took it back out of her mouth and placed it in his own, beginning to chew it in his inner mouth until it was moist and mushy. As soon as it was ready he leaned forward, trying not to cause any harm to her feeble body with his massive, muscular bulk.

He continued to lean forward until their mouths joined, the food being deposited into hers in the process. At that moment she began to chew at that tiny pieces of mushed up meat but before she could make an effort to open her eyes she felt more being put in, and then again and again until there were very few strips of the meat left.

Once Wolf stopped to take a breath he saw that she was trying to lie in the direction of the large window, her eyes were still not open and she still did not appear to be better. Reaching out, he began to slowly help her roll onto her side so that she could face the window which offered a glimpse of the large yet beautiful outside world of space.

Continuous comets flew by and the odd planet was seen also. It was a magnificent view for any creature to watch and it was all hers.

Wolf, for a brief moment watched as the shooting stars flew by and only then did he imagine his own mother. She was strong yet beautiful, graceful yet powerful. He did not even know if she had even seen the birth of her newborn pup.

It was this female who had reminded him so much of his mother and he would not let her fall into the same hands.

Never again.

As he continued to watch that stars dart by he was soon brought back from his thoughts a by quiet, gentle snoring sound, almost like purring.

He looked down at her now sleeping form and saw that she was curled within the warmth of the bed blankets.

Smiling, he knew it was now best to leave her in peace for the night. Slowly straightening his back he heard a crack as he rose to his feet. Wasting no time in leaving the sleeping female alone he looked back at her in the bed. She was in his care now. He had fed and watered her and he would bathe her in the morning.

Just before leaving he let out a low purr towards her and then gently closed the door behind him. It was now time for him to rest.

He drifted down the hallway to his own chambers; he could feel his eyes begin to drift shut. It had been a long day.

Finally he arrived at his chambers, he locked his door shut and set about removing his armour, mask and loincloth and just as soon as he collapsed down on his bunk, the world around him went black as he fell into a deep sleep.

The ship was quiet. None of the other warriors could be heard or seen. It was peaceful, almost and that was the way he liked it. Pity he could not get enough of it! Tarik had been the clan leader or ‘Elder’ for decades, way before Wolf was conceived and now that status would soon fall onto Wolf.

Tarik scoffed to himself at the thought. ‘Elder Wolf’. He could just imagine his son as the new leader of his clan. His son would make a fine leader, yes, but he was reckless nonetheless, reckless and even arrogant at times but he had a brave heart. But stupid, ignorant like a pup and he would have to learn and he would have to learn fast. He was a hunter now, not a little pup needing protection from danger. By now he should be facing danger. He was a hunter, not the hunted.

Tarik sighed…he was exhausting himself now. Wolf knew how to control himself…most of the time, but he was an incredibly matured young Yautja for his age and he was proud of him. Yes, he would make a fine leader for the clan and the female would….

Tarik stopped himself. Female? What was he thinking?! He should not be thinking about the female as a vital asset to his clan’s continuing existence. Not after what she had been through! He cursed himself. Dishonour!

He growled in annoyance. This female needed help and she needed cared for, and he was in no way going to let himself take advantage of the situation. He was not going to sink to a Bad-Blood’s level. Ever. He intended to become better than what his father was, he was…

The old Yautja froze in thought. His father? How did his father come into this? Why was he even thinking about his father?! He despised him! He made sure that everything of his father was erased! He would not have a Bad-Blood as a father! Never!

The Elder hunter closed his eyes and sighed. He was exhausted now. It had been a hard day for all of them. Tomorrow would be a new dawn. A new day. A new day to lead. But for now it was time to rest.

“Another day.” Tarik said rubbing his patterned temple. Now he would retire for the night. He had checked the ship’s orbit scanners, if everything proceeded correctly then he assumed that they should reach homeland within a few days and he looked forward to it. He had always hated being away from his homeland so much, he was getting older and he knew soon he would step down and Wolf would be the new leader of the clan.

But Tarik sighed Wolf will not lead tomorrow. Maybe someday. Yes, someday…”But not tomorrow…another day.”

Tarik nodded to himself and without saying another word or thinking another thought, he let out a bellowing yawn before finally retreating to his chambers, falling soon into a deep sleep himself.

……The darkness soon became light. A shrill cry echoing throughout his ears followed by pained whimpers.

The vision then became clearer; a female Yautja was crying in pain, her breath laboured and as she let out a deafening cry of pain, the female’s face, severely contorted with pain, tears streaming down her face as she let out a shrill cry of anguish….then another sound…the shrill cry of a newborn Yautja pup.

Then everything faded.

Wolf’s eyes shot open as he sat up, his naked body drenched in sweat. Just a dream; The realization slowly dawned on him, “only a dream.” He sighed, pulling his sheets back and swinging his legs over the edge of his bunk.

Only a dream. How he tried to convince himself that this was all. Nothing more but his beliefs taught him otherwise. His father was wise and brave. He had taught Wolf that physical signs were not the only telltale signs of caution or danger but dreams were signs. Glances of the future or events yet to pass. Something was going to happen. He knew it. And to be sure he would consult Shalah.

Shalah. Their Goddess of guidance. Only the Elder and the High Priests had access to Shalah through the Chamber of Voices. A Spiritual chamber in which the Yautja could listen to the voices of their ancestors and call to Shalah for guidance in times of need.

But in order to do this he knew he would speak to his father. Tarik as Elder had authority to Shalah. He knew that he would not be permitted to Shalah without his father’s authority.

Rising from his bunk, he stretched and adorned his armour, loincloth and mask and left his chambers to find his father on the main control bridge with the rest of the Yautja. They were up and alert and ready for orders which his father had no problem in giving in order to maintain stability.

He breathed deep and approached his father.

“Son,” Tarik greeted.

“Father,” Wolf bowed his head, signing his respect.

Tarik bowed back then turned his head away again and resumed watching the gigantic planets slowly float by, colliding with the occasional shooting stars which rained down in showers. A spectacular sight.

“You have questions.” Tarik assumed without Wolf saying a word.

“I am troubled.” Wolf corrected which made Tarik turn around in curiosity.

“What troubles you?”

Wolf bowed his head feeling weak “the female, father.”

Tarik closed his eyes and lowered his head. He sighed deeply. He should have known.

“Is she safe?” He asked, wondering still what could trouble Wolf.

“She is. But I have had dreams that-“He was cut off by Tarik’s clawed hand in his face. He did not need this.

Tarik kept his hand in place and remained silent. Wolf remained silent in anticipation of his father’s response.

“Reality can be changed in dreams,” his father began “..but that does not indicate that the dream is real. Your mind can play tricks on you, Wolf. Do you understand?”

The young Yautja nodded. He understood but that still gave him no comfort. He needed to consult Shalah.

Tarik looked at his son “nothing more now, Wolf.” He turned to walk away.

“Father,” Wolf murmured lowly. Tarik turned. What now?

“…I wish to consult Shalah.”Wolf gulped the hard lump in his throat.

Tarik stood motionless. Shalah?! For what?! Was he insane?!

“Out of the question!” Tarik shouted making Wolf jump at his father’s immediate reaction.

Father…” Wolf began trying to make his father see reason “something I fear is going to happen! Listen to me!” Wolf begged.

Enough wolf” Tarik bellowed. He’d had enough!

“If you would only listen-” Wolf bellowed back, now losing his own patience.

The Elder’s yellow eyes narrowed threateningly “do not raise your voice to me, Wolf…” Tarik hissed lowly, making his threat clear, grinding his fistsas he advanced closer making Wolf instantly back down.

“It is clear that you need time alone with your thoughts. I advise you to train. We will be coming into our atmosphere soon.” The Elder stated, slowly calming as he once again turned his back to the younger Yautja “dismissed.”

Wolf hesitated, feeling defeated under his father.

“Tarik’s shoulders tensed, still sensing his son’s presence “dismissed Wolf,” making his point clear to his son.

Understanding Wolf let out a deep sigh “yes, father.”

“Humph..” Tarik snorted, his large claws clasped behind his back.

Seeing now that he was neither being seen nor heard, the young Yautja turned and left. Not saying another word.

The world around me is now becoming brighter as the darkness began to fade. I hurt to open my eyes as the world around me was unfocused and blurry and my body and limbs still hurt. I stretched my arms and felt a painful crack. I winced and remained still for the quick but stinging to pass. When it did I began to slowly flew my wrists and wince again at a terrible pain in one of my wrists. That was when I remembered that one of my wrists were broken.

I moved my broken wrist slowly, not wanting to damage it further, rubbing it gently as my vision became even clearer. I looked around and found that I was in a large, grand room filled with red luminous inscriptions of my race and hanging on the wall were battle worn masks of Yautja, the polished gleam shining. That was when I remembered;

I was brought here by a Yautja. A male. A well respected hunter.

….I was rescued. He saved me…there were two….I-I remember now!

I tried to think even harder…I remembered that I mate was dead. The one who had caused me so much pain…He was dead and I was…that’s right…I’m with pup!

My hand traced over my swollen stomach where my pup, my baby was growing. I could feel it…I felt it kicking! It was alive, my baby was kicking!

I placed my hand over my pregnant stomach and waited….there! It kicked again! I felt it!

A smile appeared over my bruised and battered face as tears rolled down my face. My baby. My little one…

It continued to kick as I gently massaged my stomach, a small, hoarse purr escaping my throat-

“You have awoken…” I heard a voice say from the other side of the room. Alarmed I looked up and saw a large, trim Yautja standing at the door and I realised that it was the same one that had saved me. And that was when I remembered his name; Wolf.

Wolf looked at this young female that lay before him. Her eyes were only half open and she was shaking a little, from cold or instinctive fear, he did not know and he did not intend to make it worse. He would have to be patient with her. She needed time to recover from the past ordeal and he was not going to inflict any more pain on her. She’d been through enough already!

He advanced closer to the small frame on the bed and immediately saw that she recognised him. She lifted her head up higher to see him come closer to her until he was at the foot of the large bed.

“How are you feeling?” Wolf asked, feeling rather unsure to whether he would get a response from her.

She looked at him and nodded as best she could without hurting her already strained muscles. A low groan came from her throat followed by a hoarse sounding purr.

Wolf nodded in understanding, feeling a great deal of relief at the same time. She appeared to be better. She had been fed, watered and rested. It seemed to be working.

“Do you remember me?” He asked, moving forward.

Again the female nodded before attempting “..W..W-o..lf” but winced, placed a hand around her burning throat. She had not talked for so long and it hurt to do so but it astonished Wolf.

She had said his name?! She did remember him! He moved slowly around the bed until he was closely at her side. She never took her eyes off him.

“What else do you remember?” He asked her, kneeling down to meet her gaze.

But this time there was no attempted response, instead she looked away from him.

“What’s wrong?” Wolf asked, his concern growing.

She turned around to face him and gently patted her throat, hoping he would get the message.

“Your throat? Does it hurt you to speak?” The young Yautja asked. He needed to know. The female immediately responded, nodding hastily but soon stopped as the throbbing pain started to return to her body.

He understood. She was still in pain, as he would expect and feeling foolish for feeling that she was otherwise. She was only awake and just regaining her memory!

A low groan escaped the female’s throat as the throbbing pain continued. She felt as though her raw throat was burning. She tried to massage her throat until she saw Wolf holding a small canister filled with clear liquid.

“Take this,” the young male instructed, holding it to her mouth.

She hesitated for a moment, not knowing whether to take it or not. She gave him a confused look, the confusion clear in her tired eyes.

“It will help,” Wolf encouraged, still holding it within her reach.

It worked…

With shaking hands she slowly took the canister out of his hands and brought it to her lips, carefully tipping it backwards and within a few short minutes she had finished the whole canister. She handed it back to him, now purring loudly. The extent of her recovery becoming more apparent now.

Settling down further into the bed, she placed her hands over her pregnant stomach, gently massaging it.

“What’s your name?” The young hunter asked.

She looked at him and said nothing for a moment before attempting again “…N-Na-ch’..sh-e” Her voice was improving

“Nach’she?” Was that right?

She nodded and squeaked making Wolf chuckle at her response. Suddenly feeling more confident, he reached out and stroked her head, “Nach’she” he repeated, massaging soothing circles on her forehead, making the younger Yautja sigh in relaxation.

For the next half hour both of them sat in the same position, Nach’she feeling safe and Wolf reassured.

As the time passed she attempted more at speaking and her voice was becoming stronger, Wolf could now understand fully what she was saying and she was not intimidated by him in the least.

“How many cycles are you?” He asked, wanting to know more about her.

She looked up at him “…21..c-cy-cles” She was getting better!

Wolf looked shocked. 21 cycles?! She was a fully matured adult?! But she looked so young and small! He was nearly double her size and he was 23 cycles! They were practically the same and yet there was so much difference between them!

“W-Wo-lf...” She gave him a weak shake to get his attention but he was too lost in thought! He was staring into thin air; she doubted he had heard her. She sighed, shifting herself into a more comfortable position and was shocked to find how easy it was to do so. The pain in her body was starting to ease and she was slowly beginning to feel stronger.

She shifted again and jumped suddenly feeling her pup kick again. She smiled. The pup was getting stronger too!

Looking down at her stomach she gently placed a hand over the swollen bulge where the pup was growing but felt something else also; Wolf’s hand on top of hers.

She winced at the touch.

“Did I hurt you?” He asked, concerned for her shock

Confused, she looked at him. No one ever cared whether she was hurt or not. But he did. She nodded, gently rubbing her already broken wrist, massaging her hand.

“Would you like me to take a look?” He offered.

She paused for a moment but nodded her head slightly, giving him her wrist.

He took her wrist and examined it. He did not touch it. His infrared lenses scanned through the flesh of her hand, scanning through her muscles until the bones in her wrist and hand became clearly visible. They were thin and looked brittle and had a broken wrist in her right hand along with two fractured finger bones.

“A broken wrist ligament and two fractured finger bones.” The young Yautja observed from what he had seen.

Nach’she nodded. She already knew it was broken. She knew she was broken! And it was all because of that vicious creature that she had known as her mate. Nothing more than a vicious, mass-murdering Bad-Blood!

She let out a low growl that soon turned into what Wolf thought to be a snarl. He knew something was wrong as he looked down and saw both her weak hands clench into painfully tight fists.

“Nach,” He called her, cupping her chin, turning her head gently to meet his eyes, but immediately seeing tears come from hers.

“It’s alright.” He reassured her but she averted her eyes.

“Nach, look at me.” He commanded softly. She did, tears still welling up in her eyes.

He leaned closer to her “memories can hurt,” he whispered using one of his clawed fingers to gently wipe the tears still rolling down the sides of her face “…but only if you let them.” And he knew about painful memories. But what had happened next was something Wolf had not expected in the least; she hugged him.

Wolf sat still as her arms wrapped around him, her face burying into his chest, tears still falling. He didn’t know what to do. He hadn’t expected her to suddenly hug him and yet he was not shocked by it.

Not knowing what else to do or say, he reached out and carefully wrapped his arms around her, holding her as she let more tears come.

He continued to hold her, trying to comfort her as best he could until he felt her go limp against him.

Knowing that she had completely lost consciousness, Wolf sighed, trying to unwrap her arms still holding onto him before finally laying her back down and covering her with a thick blanket.

Just as well Wolf thought she was exhausted and both she and the pup need to rest.

Finally standing up he felt the bones in his arms, legs and spine crack as he stretched, flexing his now sore muscles.

Waiting until the pain had eased in his neck and back, he turned around and was just about to leave the room before gazing back at her now sleeping form, She looked so peaceful and yet so vulnerable at the same time. The young Yautja sighed and left the room.

She reminded him so much of his own mother. She had suffered a similar fate at the hands of Bad-Bloods. She had been taken as his father had told him. He had never really known his mother; he had very little memory of her. All he knew about her was that he missed her dearly and wished he had got a chance to have known her as his mother….

He was only a little pup at the time, running around chasing flying insects, trying to jump and catch them and always got frustrated when they swooped higher and he could not catch them. They always got away from him! He chased them for hours, losing himself following them, always trying to find new ways to outsmart them! He never caught them! And yet Scar had always been able to snatch them out of the air easily! It wasn’t fair!

He and Scar had grown up together, done everything together! And been everywhere together! Both Scar’s father and his had been close friends since they were young and that is how they came to know one another, they were like brothers.

He remembered now….

They had been chasing those insects, both him and Scar counting how many they had caught. As usual Scar had caught a lot of them and Wolf… how he remembered how proud he had been when he had finally caught one! He was so proud! He could not wait to show his mother and father!

He had heard rumours that both his parents had returned from their journey. They had been away for a few weeks. His father, his mother, Scar’s father and some more Yautja from his father’s clan.

He couldn’t wait to see them! That is what was different about him as a pup. Most of the other pups his age weren’t bothered about their parents, they were so busy going off on their own and exploring the world around them. But he had always been attached to his parents, including his mother and he couldn’t wait to see her!

He remembered seeing his father’s ship land the slow descent of the ship’s ramp. He remembered seeing a few of members of his father’s clan appear first, soon followed by Scar’s father, then his own father. He remembered rushing up to them! He remembered searching for his mother among them but could not find her.

He remembered calling out for her with no response. He remembered his father picking him up and taking him out of the ship, seeing Scar beside his own father, following the Elder out of the ship.

He remembered his father’s silence as his father carried him.

“ Mother?” The little pup asked, looking around him.

His father shook his head but said nothing, still overcome with grief of what had passed.

“Where….mother?..” The little pup asked again, oblivious and again his father said nothing, only holding the little pup tighter into him. He was all he had now.

“Mother?” The little Yautja’s voice was breaking, tears welling up in his eyes as he held tightly into his father, finally letting tears come…..

He remembered. He remembered it like it happened the previous day. A memory his own grief had drowned out and yet he refused to believe it as a pup. He still believed that she would come back. But she never did. She was gone. His father had lost his mate and he had lost his mother.

Memories can hurt…but only if you let them

They were his very words. And yet here he was, letting his own tears fall.

Wolf, being himself, had always kept his personal feelings hidden, especially from his father concerning the matter of his mother but now it was becoming so hard to keep everything concealed like had done before. He simply couldn’t. For the first time in his life as a Yaujta hunter, he felt fear.

Fear for that young female, Nach’she and fear for his own sanity, with haunting memories of events long passed and glimpses of an uncertain future.

Stretching backwards, he grimaced at the sounds of his bones cracking, granted that he had not trained in a while to keep his body in shape.

Wolf smiled at the thought. Training had always calmed him down when he was stressed, worried or angry and it seemed like the perfect solution.

For the first time, Wolf chirruped positively as he turned in the opposite direction to the ‘Training and Weaponry Facility’

By the time he got there, he saw that Hiju, Scar and Tak’shun already occupied the room.

Hiju and Tak’shun both doing push-ups and covered in sweat from working out and Scar were lifting weights; he too was completely covered in sweat.

“Gkaun-yte, Wolf.” Scar greeted, nodding his head in respect. Hello, Wolf

“Gkaun-yte, Mei-hswei.” Wolf smiled as he greeted the other young Yautja. Hello, brother

Scar smiled. It was true, they were like brothers. Brothers in all but blood. They had done everything together ever since they were both pups.

Wolf returned the slight smile and soon along with Scar, resumed with his training exercises.

They continued to participate in their exercises as well as their combat exercises, practicing with each other to test their skill and agility for the oncoming hunts when they reached home. They were all looking forward to returning to their home-world again.

They continued with their combat exercises for the next hour, each taking turns in combat trials until they were eventually interrupted by Wolf’s father, Elder Tarik, who stood at the large doorway with expressionless mask over his face, inscribed with the native language of the Yautja.

Tak’sun and Hiju were the first to notice him as both Wolf and Scar were oblivious, still practicing. Tarik waited patiently. However Tak’sun and Hiju knew that would possibly be short-lived.

“Wolf…” Tak’shun whispered

“Scar…” Hiju whispered too until they eventually noticed him and immediately stood up.

“Father…” Wolf said in complete surprise “..I did not see you,”

“Obviously.” Tarik remarked.

Feeling embarrassed under his father’s gaze, Wolf remained silent.

Tarik cleared his throat, a low growl escaping “no matter, I have come to inform you that we have just entered the Ta’shula atmosphere. We will be landing soon. Be ready.”

“I will be father.” Wolf assured.

And with a low chirrup his father left the room, leaving the four of them to their thoughts.

Within a half hour they had all assembled on the bridge with Elder Tarik as the engines of the ship were finally being shut down into ‘hibernation’ mode.

They had all adorned their armour, carried their weapons, their trophies and each wore their own distinctive mask. Each one a blooded hunter.

Just as the ship’s ramp was about to descend, Wolf appeared, in full armour along with his own mask, his weapons fastened and in his arms was the still sleeping body of Nach’she. She immediately caught the attention of the other Yautja on the ship. She was still so thin and fragile and her pregnancy was visible to the others and it angered the other Yautja. What happened to her was not funny nor was it a joke….it was disgraceful, dishonourable and degrading! She had more than one purpose!

A few even growled, upon seeing her poor condition. Dishonour!

She was breathing lightly as Wolf carried her. The other Yautja hunters including Scar, Hiju and Tak’shun watched them both as he walked past them to where his father stood.

Tarik looked down at her. Wolf had covered her in a thick blanket and even still he could see her shivering slightly. She had no clothes when they had found her on Vanjuin.

She had nothing.

“How is she, Wolf?” The Elder asked, quietly, not wanting to wake her.

“She’s holding on, father.” Wolf replied as he shifted her gently in his arms.

Tarik nodded. “And what of her pup?”

“She still carries it.” Sadly, it was all Wolf could say. He did not know its fate and she still needed help, emotionally and physically.

Understanding, Tarik bowed his head to look at the sleeping female bundled in his son’s arms, gently stroking the back of her head, making her stir slightly in her sleep.

Wolf also watched, chirruping softly as Nach’she resettled in his arms, just before the ramp of the ship let out a loud hiss and slowly began to descend, bright rays of morning sunlight illuminating the inside of the ship, almost blinding them all along with the sounds of familiar chirrups and low induced growls coming from the rays of sunlight.

They were home!

All of the Yautja hunters, finally home, stood up straight as they began to follow Elder Tarik as he strode slowly down the ship’s ramp, his long cloak blowing at the air hit against him.

The other hunters including Wolf, Scar, Hiju and Tak’shun moved down the ship’s steep ramp and past the gleaming rays of light, Wolf shading Nach’she’s eyes as she again, began to stir in his sleep, until they were finally out of the ship and soon surrounded by lush vegetation, the sounds of birds echoing throughout the large trees and the rippling sounds of running water running straight from the Tuzu Mountains.

Their settlement was situated just below the great mountains. A truly beautiful sight. For Wolf, it was a paradise.

I’m back…

The young Yautja breathed in, hearing the wild sounds around him and also the sounds of the other Yautja whom they had returned to.

His people.

He, with Nach’she still in his arms followed his father as he strode alongside Scar and Tak’shun, Hiju beside Elder Tarik as they were greeted in relief by their people both male and female alike.

They had finally returned after so long!

They had left many months ago. But they had left for a sporting game hunt. They had left an extermination party. Wolf knew and had once feared for his people as his father had. Over time emerging clan’s of Bad-Bloods began to grow in numbers and had once posed a great threat to his people’s survival. That was why they had left. They had left to ensure that his people would never be put in such a risk ever again.

That was why there lived where they did. They had only been on this planet for little over a cycle and only now where they finding their new way of life.

His previous home, the home he had known for most of his life had been destroyed by Bad-Bloods. Evidence of his people wiped out. His people either killed or taken prisoner. He had no doubt that they had met the same fate as Nach’she had, only not as lucky to survive as she had been.

The whole reality of it disgusted him!

Both he and his father managed to escape along with Scar and Hiju. They had found this backwater planet and had settled.

The other Yautja including Tak’shun had found them and were welcomed.

That was when they had formed a community together. That was what they had had in common.

Wolf sighed knowing that the threat of Bad-Bloods were still out there.

He hated them! They had no honour! No morals! They were nothing!

Sometimes he was even disgusted to know that they were the same species as him. It degraded him!

Taking a deep breath he shifted Nach’she into a more comfortable position in his arms, he looked down and saw weak eyes looking up at him as he carried her into the small village.

Her breathing had calmed and she appeared to be no longer frightened as other members of the Yautja clan some armoured and masked, come not, approached him with Nach’she still in his arms.

They came so close to her, looking at her rather pathetic appearance but they did not judge her. It was clear that she was pregnant, even through the blanket.

She never made a sound as her eyes travelled, looking around her new surroundings and the other Yautja surrounding her and Wolf, especially as they were approached by another large Yautja, only a little larger than Wolf.

“Hello, Ku’tan,” She heard Wolf greet the large male Yautja as he loomed over her, covering her in his shadow.

“Welcome back, Wolf.” Ku’tan greeted to the young Yautja before looking down at her shadowed form.

“Who is this?” He asked in deep voice almost intimidating voice, and yet there was something that told her that there was nothing vicious or intimidating about him.

“Her name’s Nach’she,” Wolf explained looking down at her, noticing her eyes were fixed on Ku’tan, making him and Wolf chuckle. Neither Yautja had any reason to look at her any differently as they would look at each other. They had all suffered a similar fate to Nach’she. She was not a stranger.

But Before she was frightened and confused. Now it was clear thatshe was just merely curious.

“Have you seen my sister, lately?” Wolf asked the larger male, breaking the silence between them.

Nach’she looked at Wolf with confusion. He had a sister?

Ku’tan shook his head.

Wolf scoffed. Typical Vitani. There one minute then gone the next. Wolf had always joked about putting a tracker on her which usually earned him a punch to the ribs. Vitani, being his older sister had always used the advantage of being bigger than her brother as females tended to be larger than the males.

Suddenly Nach’she gasped and jumped again, immediately holding her swollen bulge, startling both males.

“Nach! Are you alright?!” Wolf asked, worriedly in concern.

She let out a low groan as she closed her eyes “….ki..ck..”

Wolf leaned closer to her “kick?”

She nodded weakly….

The pup kicked. She’ll possibly be having it within a few months. Wolf smiled

“Is she alright, Wolf?” Ku’tan asked, concerned, after seeing what had just happened.

Breathing a sigh of relief, the young hunter nodded “she’s fine. Her pup just kicked.”

Ku’tan ‘s eyes widened “pup?” Did he hear that right?

Wolf nodded. He was feeling rather tired now.

Ku’tan stepped closer and placed a hand over her head. She was too warm. He looked straight at Wolf with concern “Wolf. If she’s pregnant, she needs to be brought to a medic. She’s really burning up.”

Wolf looked down at her worriedly before looking back at Ku’tan before he felt her forehead. He was right. She was burning up a lot.

Then, without any further hesitation, he pulled the blanket around her tightly before setting off in search of the medical facility, Ku’tan following close behind.

It wasn’t long before they found it in the centre of the settlement and Wolf brought her inside the large structure.

The inside of the medical hut was indeed large with dozens of various tubes and vials filled with blue and clear liquid as well as vials of green blood and yellow urine samples for various illnesses.

In another corner of the room were wooden shelves; each row soldered onto the side of the wall, all the way along the numerous constructed shelves were silver medical tools of all shapes and sizes. Nach’she cringed seeing them.

They looked fierce.

Were they going to be used on her?

Wolf, feeling her tense continued to hold her close to him as he continued to look about the room before he heard a deep voice, almost demanding voice “can I help you?” Jumping, he looked around to see a large, muscular female Yautja looming over him, her stare intense making Wolf gulp. She was absolutely huge.

Wolf knew that it would be best to at least say something, even if she was extremely intimidating to him.

“She needs medical attention,” He finally spoke, gesturing to Nach’she in his arms, looking just as shocked as he was, if not more!

The large female let out a grunt, looking down at Nach’she pitiful form.

“She’s with pup,” Wolf added; trying to breaking the tension between the three of them.

The large female looked up giving a questioning look “are you the pup’s father?”

What?! Wolf’s eyes widened “no!” Hewas shocked.

Him?! The pup’s father?! How could he be?! The pup’s father was…. Wolf growled, emitting a low snarl.

Rolling her eyes, the large female continued examining Nach’she, noticing her nervousness towards her.

“I need to examine her stomach,” The large female said as she instructed Wolf to lay Nach’she on a nearby bed for a proper examination. It was vital her pregnancy was confirmed and monitored.

Nach’she immediately looked frightened as she was taken out of Wolf’s arms and laid on the bed; she tried to hold onto him.

“It’s alright, Nach,” Wolf smiled, stroking her arm in a soothing gesture.

Noticing the weak female was naked underneath she bent down to Nach “I need to remove this…” she told her as gently as she could, gesturing towards the blanket she was covered with.

“And I need you to turn around.” She ordered sharply towards Wolf. She would not expose her in front of a male standing in the room.

Wolf looked to Nach who looked at him with pleading eyes, tears now falling from them.

Without him near her she was terrified..

Feeling a tiny surge guilt for letting her go, he stepped forward so he was now standing closer to the bed, letting Nach’she hold onto one of his hands before turning his back as the larger female removed the blanket and began to examine the younger female lying before her.

The larger female looked all over her body for signs of damage or abuse. The telltale signs of long term abuse was clear through numerous healing cuts and scabs all over hear body as well as purple and yellow bruises, some just beginning to fade and some still swollen.

The Yautja shook her head. This was sad. Very sad.

Violent domestic abuse to females. It was the one thing she despised! It ravaged her own past…she had never looked at males the same way again. She never would…Ever

As she continued to examine Nach’she she found more evidence of violent abuse. Her wrist was indeed broken and her fingers fractured and she had at least one broken rib which from her knowledge was already showing signs of healing.

It was clear…

This had been going on for months!

Finally when she moved down to Nach’she’s abdomen she gently massaged around the swollen bulge where her pup was growing. Just from the bulge alone she could tell that this female was indeed pregnant.

It made the larger Yautja heave a sigh of relief. From what she could see, the pup had not been harmed but just to be sure of the unborn pup’s health was stable she could scan Nach’she’s womb to insure that she was not in danger of a miscarriage.

She turned to face Wolf with stern eyes “You….” She growled.

He looked at her immediately; her eyes narrowed “make yourself useful…” She gestured to the next room, the entrance covered with a dried out animal hide.

She was not going to leave a naked, pregnant female alone in the company of a male. There was no chance…

Reluctantly, Wolf did as he was ordered, assuring a now frightened Nach’she that he would be right back, petting her head in an attempt to calm her.

Move..” The larger female hissed at him, covering Nach’she’s body from him.

What did I ever do you? Wolf thought as he left the chamber and went through a draped animal hide, into the room that was reserved for storing larger medical equipment.

Within a few minutes and constant shouting from the larger Yautja on what the machine looked like, he emerged again carrying the large metal scanner over to where Nach’she lay.

He tried to set it down as gently as he could, the larger female heating up the scanner so that it would be able to recognise the unborn pup within Nach’she’s womb.

Once it was ready, she looked at the young female “ready?” She asked gently

Nach’she looked at Wolf who gave a reassuring nod before she looked back at the larger female and nodded too.

“Alright,” She muttered as she prepared to scan the young female’s womb. Before she once again removed the blanket to reveal the young female’s naked body, she looked at Wolf and moved one of her clawed fingers in a circular motion, indicating for him to turn around.

Sighing deeply he did as he was told and turned his back, letting Nach’she take hold of one of his hands.

By now the machine had heated up and was now vibrating softly as she placed it over the young Yautja’s swollen bulge and gently traced it over the swollen area where the pup was growing. The image appeared in front of her and she could now see the tiny formation of a baby Yautja. She could now see its tiny hands and feet. She could see it moving slightly against the umbilical cord, in response to the scanner against Nach’she’s womb.

The tiny baby’s mandibles and dreadlocks had not yet formed, but she could still see the faint bones in the side and top of the unborn pup’s head and face that would soon become its mandibles and dreadlocks.

As the larger female continued to scan the unborn pup, she could already tell that it was forming well as she could tell by its shape and size.

Satisfied with the scan, she smiled as she was just about to shut down the scanner until something caught her attention

She looked closer at the image of the pup and saw a strange developing formation at the side of the already developing pup which Nach’she was carrying.

She had not seen that before as proceeded to do a double scan, this time scanning in three different mode.

Something was there…

She narrowed her eyes, looking at the screen while her hand guided the scanner down the sides of the swollen bulge, the image on the screen moving with the scanner until when finally she scanned down the left side of Nach’she’s womb, opposite the pup, the image became clear; it was another unborn pup

The larger female’s heart leapt at the sudden realization….

Nach’she was pregnant with twins!

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