A Yautja's Suffering


A haze.

That was all I could see. Behind my eyes, in the darkness there were swirling colours that moulded and shaped themselves before me. I did not know whether I was slowly beginning to stir or if I was too far in the realm of sleep. Nothing made sense to me anymore. So much had changed. For the better? That I feel I still need to decide.

Decide....Decisions? How long has it been since I had made my own choices? Has it truly been that long? For so long I have been under complete dominance and now I that I am beginning to think again I ask; has it truly been so long since I have been free?


Something I believed that I would never know again. Something I would never have.

But everything changed....I....I was....saved. I was...rescued. For so long I had come to believe that I was alone. That no one was there for me, that those I loved, those who had passed, had deserted me. I feel small streams of wetness run down the sides of my eyes and mandibles. Someone had come. I was taken and I am alive...

...we are alive.

Molo’ had been watching her ever since she had shown the first signs of awakening, she watched as the young female lying before slowly lolled her head from side to side. It was the most movement she had ever seen from this young female ever since...what was his name? Wazu? Weku? Wolf! That was his name. She never bothered to remember their names, they were all the same to her.

And this young female lying malnourished and dehydrated was one of the most classic examples she could get as to why she hated them. Suppressing a lowly growl emitting in the back of her throat she slowly and quietly sat down beside her as she continued to wake.

To her it was like looking in a mirror. A window into her own past. Something that she not see repeated on any other female. She only prayed that these unborn babies would survive. Unlike her own.

Letting out a shuddering breath at the memory, she continued scanning her emerald green eyes over the frail body before her she could tell that the young female’s body was trying to come to life. Her limbs were beginning to slowly stretch and her chest was letting out somewhat shaky breaths, which came as no surprise at all to Molo given the condition of this young one when she first laid eyes on her. She dreaded to think of what her life was like at the hands of those-

A small whimper snapped her out of her musing as she looked around to see a pair of blue, tired eyes looking back at her. Molo lifted her head slowly as she returned the emotionless gaze. She had not expected her to awaken so soon, and she was also remaining calm which was another good sign.

“Hello Nach’she” Molo said as gently as she could, still never taking her gaze of the fragile form.

Nach’she blinked slowly and tiredly, cocking her head to the side. How did she know her name? How long had she been there? How long had she been asleep? How long-

“Sshhh...” Molo soothed as she rested a large hand over Nach’she’s stomach. She could see that everything was a shock to her. And to Molo, it was only to be expected. Nach’she had been drifting in and out of consciousness for the past day, how could she know what was going on? But nevertheless, her soothing tone had appeared to calm Nach’she down considerably. She was once again lying her head back down and she was showing no resistance with Molo physically touching her, especially around her abdominal area which Molo took as a good sign. It appeared she was comfortable in her presence.

Although it did seem like Nach’she was not going to be openly talking anytime soon and that was quite alright with Molo. As long as she was comfortable in her presence that was all that mattered. Although that did not mean that Molo would not simply ignore her just because she did not feel like speaking. She knew firsthand what it was like to be in an isolated world. And her own experience is something that she would protect Nach’she from at all costs. That she swore by. To her community, her people, she was a doctor, devoted to the practice of medicine and she would not refuse treatment to anyone who came to her in need but when it came to females, when it came to violent abuse.

She looked away.

When it came to patients like this.

Then that was when everything escalated to a more personal scale.

Over the next few hours Nach’she had begun to stir even more. Her head lolled weakly from side to side as she slowly regained conciseness. Everything that had happened within the last few days had really taken its toll on her, her body had all but shut down as she retreated into her sub consciousness in a weak attempt to protect her. Even though she had slowly begun to accept that she was safe, there were times when she had still feared that this was all a dream. Nothing more an illusion that her mind has created to escape the pain and hardship of the cruelty and brutality she had to endure for years.

A lowly rumble emitted from the back of her throat as she slowly began to regain her consciousness. Upon hearing the small noise, Molo stopped what she was doing and slowly approached the bed. She was not going to interfere. For if Nach’she was going to come back to them then she must do so of her own accord.

Upon watching Nach,she trying to awaken, Molo shook her head. After all she has been through. All of the abuse and hardship, the beatings and neglect, she is still fighting.

And that if nothing else told Molo just how strong this young female was. It made her smile. She was not truly broken. And the older Yautja knew all too well that if she had the spirit that Nach’she has inside her now then she would not harbour the hatred she had then and still carries to this day.

Hearing another low groan, Molo quickly snapped out of her own thoughts to be greeted with a pair of dulled green eyes staring back at her. She was finally awake and seemingly calm which could only be good news considering everything this young one had been through.

The older Yautja took a another tentative step closer to the bed, her eyes never leaving Nach’she’s. She had figured that after all this young female has been through she may be intimidated or even fightend at the sight of a larger Yautja looming over her so with one graceful movement Molo lowered herself to her knees so that she was at Nach’she’s level. Nach’she never moved and her eyes never left the older female before her.

“Nach’she.” Molo said in a quiet voice, trying to sound as reassuring as she could towards her. Nach’she still never moved nor did she speak but that was to be expected as far as Molo was concerned. All she cared about right now was Nach’she’s own sense of safety.

“My name is Zu’Molo,” By the Gods she hated her full name. She never knew exactly why but she had always preferred ‘Molo’ for short. “but many here know me as Molo.”

Nach’she blinked.

Suddenly feeling at a loss from the lack of response Molo looked down, breathing out as she thought over what she could say to her without bringing up anything that may trigger an emotional reaction. The last thing she wanted was for Nach’she was fear. But what she heard next was something that she was not expecting; “Wo..lf”

Molo looked up with wide eyes, unsure of what she had just heard. Wolf?

“...Wol..f” Nach’she croaked, her throat dry from lack of water. She wanted Wolf.

“You want...Wolf?” Molo repeated.

“..W..olf...” Nach’she repeated, her speech beginning to strain in fatigue .The young female let out a slow, lingering breath before her eyes began closing from exhaustion.

Molo watched as Nach’she slowly succumbed to sleep once again.

Slowly rising to her full height, she remained motionless and in complete silence with her yellow eyes still on Nach’she.

Molo closed her eyes. If she had remembered the young male that had brought her here...

She let out a low, rumbling sigh. It sounded almost mournful.

Then who knew what else she remembered. It was something that the elder female did not want to think about. Without a word, she turned and strode as quietly as she could, giving Nach’she one last sad glance before pushing aside the tanned hide that covered the entrance to the hut.

As soon as Molo was outside of the hut she held a large talon hand to her brow, her eyes closed as she fought to keep her breathing regular. Looking at the young female in the bed just brought up too many painful memories. Looking at Nach’she, she just saw herself. She had been just about Nach’she’s age, if not a little older and there was not a single day that went by when she did not remember. She could only hope that Nach’she was stronger, that she could one day leave the past in the past and not carry it with her for the rest of her life. If she did she would only life in fear of those around her and she was too young to hate. That young one had her whole life ahead of her.

She was going to do everything she could to give Nach’she the future that she never had. And in order to do that she needed to gain her trust, her friendship and her confidence. She already knew she would need to keep a watchful eye on her more often especially when her unborn twin pups were continuing to develop.

Sighing in reluctance she knew there was something that needed to be done first if only for Nach’she’s sake.

Now to find this ‘Wolf’

It was truly a wonder finding yourself between the realm of sleep and the land of the living. For Wolf he was there. Behind his closed eyes was total blackness with the occasional flicker of colour as he slowly made his way back to reality, to the world around him. Slowly opening his ember eyes he could see nothing but the blinding sun shining directly into his eyes, the cries of soaring birds and the distant bellowing of the Megafauna.

No longer asleep but not yet fully awake he lazily raised an arm in a feeble attempt to shield his eyes from the blinding onslaught of light. He groaned, he was many things but he was not a morning creature. Summoning the strength to lift his head he peered though half closed lids to the campsite around him. The fire in the centre had almost completely extinguished, the spit over the smouldering charcoal and wood was clean of the carcass that had hung from it the previous night.

Even his fellow hunters had retired to their homes and mates for the night, leaving him where he was. It was only then that Wolf realised just how dead on his feet he must have been. He had just been so preoccupied with other matters. Arriving back home safely to his people, making sure that Nach’she was in good hands.

Wolf head then shot up, all traces of fatigue gone. Nach’she! He had not seen her since he had left her in the care of that female doctor, the one who bore an instant grudge against him for reasons he had no idea about and he would be lying if he said that he had not felt intimidated by her. Even the thought of her sometimes made him feel uneasy. He shrugged. He was sure that she had her reasons; whatever they were but what did it have to do with him? He had no idea and right now he did not care. All he cared about was Nach’she. He needed to see her. Was she awake? Was she frightened? Did she ask for him? Did she-

His musings was suddenly interrupted by the sound of steady footsteps approaching him. Looking up he saw the form of a large female Yautja and not just any large female. It was her. The one he had left Nach’she in the care of.

Wolf eyes locked with her piercing yellow ones. They were same emotionless eyes that he had seen the previous day. She came to a brief halt just a few feet from where he lay.

“With me.” Was all she said before turning and leaving again, not giving him a second glance.

Wolf cocked his head to the side. That did go slightly better than what he had first expected. For that he supposed he should be thankful.

Did she have news of Nach’she? Her unborn pup? Shaking his head he snapped himself out of his thoughts. Did he even hear himself? She had been through so much, so much cruelty and brutality. She had been violated and was now pregnant because of it! The last thing she would want would be a large male whom she had just barley met continuously thinking about her. It was harmless on his part, that he already knew but what worried him was what Nach’she was going to think.

He would need to be cautious around her for her own sake and safety.

But what if she had asked for him?

Slowly rising to his feet he stood to his full height wincing as he heard his back pop back into place. Coming to a decision despite the numerous musings shooting through his head he slowly but steadily made his way back to the medical hut where Nach’she waited.

They walked in complete silence, the only sound that could be heard echoing throughout the settlement was the birds as they scoured the jungle for their morning meal. To say that the silence was welcome was an understatement to Wolf, his head was still reeling with thoughts of Nach’she and he did not exactly want to begin engaging her in conversation.

He had faced many challenges in his life, many dangers and many enemies. He was prepared for danger, for the unexpected to happen. It kept him alert. Kept him focused. But everything that had happened, especially with Nach’she he had not felt the same. He felt...unsure. Unsure as to what he could do. All his life he had trained. Trained not to feel pain, not to feel fear and most importantly not let his emotions control him, make him weak. On missions, scouts and hunts it was this that would get him killed. By learning to govern his emotions as a hunter is the reason that he lived to see another day.

He exhaled.

But...with Nach’she it was different. All his life his sole instinct was to protect himself....but now with Nach’she that instinct had changed somehow. It was now Nach’she that-

A soild mass of muscle is what brought him to a halt, snapping him out of his musings. He had been so immersed in his own thoughts he had not noticed that Molo had stopped abruptly, resulting in him hitting into the back of her. Alarmed, his orange eyes shot up to see the huge female towering over him, growling threateningly.

“Stay. Silent

Angering this female was something he would not do to save his own life, forget his training. Deciding that remaining speechless would be the best course of action right now, he gave a small but affirmative nod.

Narrowing her eyes at his lack of silence she turned and strode into the hut without a word, pushing aside the tanned hide draped over the entrance as though it were in her way.

Wolf stood astonished. Did she want him to come in or not? As though hearing his thoughts she hastily pulled back the drape and stuck her head out of the hut.

Are you coming in or not?” She seethed in a low rumble, quiet enough not to wake the hut’s resting occupant.

Already mentally drained from trying to comprehend her, he just followed behind her as though he were in a daze.

Walking slowly into the hut he noticed from the corner of his eye that Molo was holding the drape open for him but Wolf did not think for one second that it was common curtsey more of a precaution on her part that he did not enter the hut first. Ignoring the notion entirely he continued to make his way inside the structure, Molo walking slowly and quite intimidating behind him. He knew full well that if he made a single gesture that Molo deemed out of line he would be out of that hut before he could blink. And whether he blinked or not, it would not enable him to see any clearer. The only light that illuminated the hut was a small sliver coming from the tiny window on the right side of the bed, the light shown over the bed, just enough for Wolf to see the sleeping occupant in the bed.

Walking as quietly as he could, he kept his eyes on the illuminated figure in the bed. Her head was lolled to the side opposite the window, a tanned hide draped over her pregnant abdomen.

Molo walked ahead of him to stand by her bedside, eyes still on him. But he did not care. Not anymore. All that mattered was-


Upon hearing the weak moan, they looked down in union. Molo took a step closer, tentatively raising her arm. Wolf took a step closer and the moment he did Nach’she’s eyes began to open. Her mandibles slowly flexing as her head rolled slowly to look at Molo who had kept a silent vigil over her while she had slept. Molo’s eyes smiled but she cocked her head gently in the direction of the door. Nach’she followed her motion and who she saw almost made her heart stop.

Blinking sleepily, a single tear rolled down her cheek.


Wolf’s eyes softened.

She remembered.

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