The Lost Girl

Krochan Vocabulary

Krochan Vocabulary & Character Names:

*Planet names & descriptions

A: I

Achee: Are [AH-chi]

Adiamo: Look/Looking [AH-dee-ah-mow]

Ahsee: Anything [AH-see]

Aht: And

Ail: Beauty [ALE]

Akko: What [AH-ko]

Atch: And [AH-t-ch]

A’t: I’m [Ah-t]

Badiamo: Shit [BAH-dee-ah-mow]

Bam: Am

Bracha: Drink (s) [B-rack-ah]

Chal’ka: Come [CH-al-kah]

Cho: Is

Cluta: Part cow, part water buffalo. The skin is used to make clothes while the meat is used for food and the milk is used to drink as well as make butter and whatever else is needed. The blood fertilizes the ground to grow crops. [CLUE-tah]

Co-: Fellow

Cocoba: Of course [CO-co-bah]

Commardes: Comrades [COM-are-d-s]

Crosten: A mineral that when crafted into a storage tin, keeps things cool like a fridge would. [CROW-s-ten]

*Crotate: Where all the slaves are raised, bred, sold and trained [CROW-t-ate]

Crotune porcay: Good luck charm [CROW-tune pour-kay]

Crut’chen: Hungry [CREW-t-chen]

Dakk: Do [DAH-k]

Di: Yes [DEE]

Do: No

Dort: Dad [oor-t]

Dorta: Daddy [Door-tah]

Dreaps: Dreams [D-ree-aps]

Dreat: Dance/Dancer/Dancing [D-re-ah-t]

Ehtcha: Sweetener [EH-t-cha]

Estlax: Exam/Examined [EH-st-lax]

Fay: For/To [FAE]

Falt: Go/Going [Fault]

Finaol: Finale (the end of some kind of entertainment)]FIN-ay-ol]

*Florineta: Medical Communities medicinal college [FLOOR-in-eh-tah]

Florine’s: Living flowers; otherwise known as giant fly traps (the flowers that look like they have a bunch of teeth when they open their mouths) [FLOOR-een-s]

Gokhan: Enchanted [GO-k-han]

Grach: Give [G-rah-ch]

Grishca: Ambush [GR-ish-kah]

Hissa: Shoot [HE-sah]

Hort: Hell [HOR-t]

*Hortate: Where all the racists in the galaxy have converged to live [HOR-t-ate]

Iil: It [EEL]

Inglishi: English [EEN-glee-she]

Ith: Control [I-th]

Jinga: Lord/God/Deity [JEEN-gah]

Jingul: The Minister of Aphelion/President [JEEN-gull]

Jingul Law: No slave was allowed to become a slave again if they had their freedom. If a slave was taken back after freedom was given, then the Master shall have prison time and lose all his possessions and standings in the community. When the Master got out of the prison, he was automatically made a slave and would never get his freedom given to him (or he would die a slave). [JEEN-gull]

Klu’chen: Pregnant [CLUE-chen]

Kroupa: We [CREW-pah]

Krut: Keep [CREW-t]

Krut’pake: Keep Running [CREW-t-pahk-ay]

Kutchan: Horror [COO-t-chan]

Lakte: Looking [LAH-k-t-ay]

Lok’re: Let [LOW-k-ray]

Meela: Meals [ME-lah]

Medicinal’s: Medicine’s

Meitra: Mine [MAY-t-rah]

Mila-Shuttle: The equivalent to a post man but in a space cargo ship [MEE-lah]

Mit: My/Me [MEET]

Mort: Mom [MORE-t]

Morta: Mommy [MORE-tah]

Neita: Need [N-eh-ee-tah]

Numrat: Name [NUMB-rah-t]

Nupa: Now [NEW-pah]

Olf: Off [OL-f]

Ool: You [OO-l]

Oon: In [OO-n]

Orphelia: Like an open farmer’s market [OR-fell-ee-ah]

Pake: Run [PAHK-ay]

Piandese: Broken [PEE-on-dee-z]

Por: For [Pour]

Putaq: Bomb [POO-tack]

Pyre: Funeral casket [PIE-er]

Qutar: Waterfall Mountains, also within the floating islands [KOO-tar]

Rache: Like [RAH-ch-eh]

Raj: Forever [RAH-j]

Raniva: Journey [RAH-knee-vah]

Ratush: Warring [RAH-tush]

Riid: Did [REED]

Rotun: Rape/Raped [ROW-ton]

Sabrekey (s): Saber Patrol Rider(s) [SABE-reh-key]

Sabretite (s): Saber fight(s) [SABE-reh-tight]

Satorius: Fire [SAH-tore-ee-us]

Shate: Sun [SH-ate]

Shutu: Observant [SHOE-to]

Shwambug: Ah darn! [SH-wah-m-bug]

Spake: Speak [S-p-ay-k]

Spike: Don’t

Storku: Enslaved or slavery [STORK-oo]

Stritu: A domed portable beehive that automatically collects the honey and deposit’s it in the bottom of the dome where the bees can’t get to it; fresh honey every seven days. [STREET-oo]

Taltusfa: Travelers [TAL-to-s-fah]

Ti: To [TEE]

Totruta: In peace; peaceful [TOE-true-tah]

Tro’sten’ta: Hooked up [T-row-s-ten-tah]

Tut: These

Tutra: Trade [TUT-rah]

Ul’tra’ka: Wonderful [OL-t-rah-kah]

Untrea dreat: Musical & Dance Festival [OON-tree-ah d-re-ah-t]

Untrena: Stone/Stones/Stoned [UN-t-ren-ah]

Vart: Magic [V-art]

Vate: Have [V-ate]

Vidoa: Last words recorded before death [VID-oh-ah]

Wishk: Whip/Whipped [W-ish-k]

Wolch: What [W-ol-ch]

Xanchor: Freedom [ZAN-core]

Xilch: Children [Zilch]

Xxamer: Carnival [Z-am-er]

Ya: You

Yit: Yet [YEE-t]

Yourt: Your [YOUR-t]

Zeyla: Show [Z-ay-lah]

Zeta: Give [ZEE-tah]

Zutan: Fight [ZOO-tan]

Zool: Bless [ZOO-l]

Zoga: Family [Z-oh-gah]

Character Names:

Nukk’ra: Commander of the Sabrekey on Florineta, brother of Kut’ra. [NUKE-raw]

Kut’rat’a: The man that won Myst her freedom, husband of Kut’ra, father of Eterna; died in the crash that stranded Myst and Storm on Dinoplenta. [KOOT-rat-ah]

Kut’ra: The widow of Kut’rat’a, mother of Eterna, sister of Nukk’ra. [KOOT-rah]

Eterna: The daughter of Kut’rat’a & Kut’ra, niece of Nukk’ra. [EH-turn-ah]

Klut’ane: The main permanent doctor on Florineta. She runs the Medical Campus. [CLUE-t-ay-n]

Kli’ta: Klut’ane’s daughter and also runs the Tailor shop at the Medical Campus. [K-lee-tah]

Mak’ro: The name of Myst’s old Master. [MAH-k-row]

Quinain: Myst’s 14yr. old sister who loves to dance [Q-win-ay-n]

Mitko: Myst’s 11yr. old sister who loves to sing [MIT-co]

Jaqurn: Myst’s 8 yr. old brother and twin of Jaquim who wants to be a Sabrekey when he gets of age [WA-kern]

Jaquim: Myst’s 8yr. old brother & twin of Jaqurn who likes carving [WA-keem]

Coalsaphina: Myst’s 5yr. old sister who likes just about anything someone puts in front of her [COAL-sah-fee-nah]

Varek: A

Eon: A

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