The Lost Girl

A New Home

The Destiny:

James and Varo were the first through the gate then went Scott and Grear and the looks on everyone’s faces when Chloe wasn’t with them was one of disappointment. But the four had turned back towards the gate which hadn’t shut down yet and the rest of the crew understood why as Storm made his way through the gate. It had been sometime since the giant cat had been through the gate but you could see he was right at home with gate travel. When Storm was all the way through, he moved out of the way of the gate and the gate was shut down.

I jumped down first before turning back towards Storm and helped Chloe down. She was smiling as Eli was the first to move and hug her. I moved Storm off to the side and out of the way. The crew all but ignored me while they reunited with Chloe. The girl was being hugged by everyone and it brought a smile to my face. Storm had lain down and was resting his head on his paws when Chloe finally pulled away and walked towards me, grabbing my hand and pulling me back towards her friends.


“This is Myst and she saved my life back on the planet.”

“Hi, everyone.”

“Hello, I’m Colonel Young. I hate to say it but the cat needs to go back to the planet.”

“He goes I go, but I really hope that’s not the case. We’ve been stuck on that planet for three years and have been itching to get off since we crashed there. Besides, it wouldn’t be fair.”

“Fair? How would it not be fair?”

“Well I saved one of your people so you in return saved us. See, that’s fair. Not kicking us off the minute you see Storm. That isn’t fair. Besides, you could use my knowledge of this galaxy as well as the next four seeing as they are all populated by millions and millions of people.”

“Every single planet has people on them?” Grear asked.

“Well, not all of them. Some of them are not habitable, like the one we just came from, or as I like to call it: Dinoplenta.”

“Dinoplenta? Any reason for that name?”

“Too many dinosaurs to my liking and almost all of them were carnivores. If there had been some herbivores then I wouldn’t have minded, but the only herbivores I knew of wouldn’t have been able to fit on this ship let alone through the gate.”

“Too fat huh?” Eli asked.

“No, just too tall. They were Brach’s.”

“Brach’s?” Varo asked.

“As in twenty foot tall Brachiosaurus, duh!”

“How long were you on that planet, Ms. Myst?” Colonel Young asked.

“Oh god, please don’t call me Ms. My name is Myst and that’s all. I don’t have a last name and even if I do, I don’t remember what it is. And to answer your question, it has been almost three years. My transport shuttle crashed on the planet just under three years ago and Storm and I were the only ones to survive the crash so we made our home on the planet and since I knew that nobody would come rescue me, I lived my life by surviving.”

“Why would no one come to rescue you? You never did tell me that part.” Chloe said.

“Maybe later, right now I want to get this food off of Storm and somewhere where it won’t rot and get settled down. Storm hasn’t really run as much as he did today so he’s a little tired.”

“I can bet. Well why don’t you follow Chloe and Scott to your quarters and we’ll make room in the storage for the food that you brought with. You can bring it to the storage when you are done settling in.”

“Thank you Colonel. For letting us stay and for allowing me some form of comfort.”

“Like you said, it wouldn’t have been fair to kick you off since you did technically save Chloe’s life.”

“Hey, you were listening!”

Settling In:

Chloe and Lt. Scott showed us where we would be able to sleep. We were given our own quarters because for one, nobody wanted to sleep with a giant prehistoric cat in their room and for two, they wanted to be able to keep an eye on us until they were willing to trust us. Chloe stayed a while longer to help me unpack my belongings from Storm. We left the raptors in the blankets and on Storm for the time being because I still needed to dissect the creatures so that the meat could be divided up. As we unpacked Storm, Chloe and I talked about stuff in general.

“You know, it’s going to be great to have someone else my age on the ship.”

“How old do you think I am Chloe?”

“Maybe in your early twenties…Am I wrong?”

“Just a little off; I’m more mid-twenties. I turned twenty-five last week. I actually thought I was going to be stuck on Dinoplenta for the rest of my life.”

“Well, what about the people that had been traveling with you when you crashed?”

“I don’t even want to talk about it. How about we talk about something else, say the fact that the crew is going to have plenty of fresh meat for a while?”

“Okay, but you’re going to have to open up about your past eventually. So, other than meat, what else is a dead raptor good for?”

“Well, we can use their claws as a way to scrounge up food from the ground, their teeth are good for using as arrowheads, their skin is good for any kind of clothing or even rain cloaks since the hides are scaly. If we have a female raptor, then she most likely has eggs that can be harvested and they really do make one yummy omelet. And you can mount their heads as a sort of decoration.”

“You would mount a raptor head for decoration?”

“Well back on the planet I only mounted their heads to ward off unwanted predators. It seemed to work, until it started to draw the larger carnivores so I had to stop that practice.”

“I understand that part. Come on, we should get the raptors out of your room and dissected. Will you dissect them yourself?”

“Seeing as I’m the only one that knows how to dissect a raptor, it would probably be best. Besides, I don’t mind.”

Chloe and I left my room with Storm right behind us. Lt. Scott had been outside the door so he just showed us where I could dissect the raptors and then left to go find Grear. Chloe also left the area as she didn’t want to see how to dissect a raptor but Varo and TJ showed up to either watch the dissection or to keep an eye on me.

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