The Lost Girl

Event The Horizon

A World of Beauty:

It was another three days before Destiny dropped out of FTL at one of the outer planets. After Myst basically told the whole crew that she had been a slave that had been won by a guy that wanted to free her, they had gone back to being nice to her. It was weird to think that if she hadn’t told them all that then she would probably have been let off on the first habitable planet that they had stopped at. But now that the Destiny was in a inhabited galaxy, every time it dropped out of FTL, the countdown clock showed 2-3 days before it would jump back into FTL and be on its way to the next inhabited planet.

When Destiny dropped out of FTL, Chloe and I walked into the gate room to see where we were at. Eli had a Kino and the gate had just been activated. Storm sat on his haunches waiting to see if we were going through or not as Chloe and I went to stand near Eli who had just sent the Kino through.

“So it looks nice and all; doesn’t look like it’s inhabited though.”

“I remember this place. It’s called Florineta since it’s known for its medicinal flowers, plants and herbs. Most of the medical personnel have to spend a year here in order to get to know what kinds of plants they will be using in order to cure the patients they’ll be seeing. There is a medical facility in the middle of the continent where all the personnel live and study. They should have any medical plants and seeds that will be needed to stay on-board Destiny.”

“Guess it is a good thing we decided to let you stay on board then.”

“Florineta is one of the many vocational destinations as well since there are beautiful waterfalls and floating islands that have small cabins on them for those that really want to get out and enjoy the nature that surrounds them. There are even a few Sabrekey (Saber Patrol Riders) groups that have made Florineta their home so that the people visiting and temporarily staying here feel safe. They should be able to tell us which worlds are okay to travel to or not. If Storm and I go through, word will spread that a Sabrekey has come through with friends and then the others will come and we can talk to them about what we need for the ship and what we could possibly trade.”

“Definitely a bunch of information now. But won’t your old master know you are alive if you venture off Destiny?” Camille asked.

“He never ventured out this way and most Sabrekey’s hate slavers so they tend to stay away from them. Though I don’t know anyone that isn’t a Sabrekey who rides a Sabertooth. I’m the only ‘civilian’ that rides a Sabertooth so I don’t know how they will react when I tell them that I am not a Sabrekey.”

“Well, Lt. Scott, get a team together. We need to explore this planet as much as we can. How long on the countdown Rush?” Colonel Young said.

“That’s the weird thing about this.”


“The clock says we have almost three days to explore the planet.”

“Maybe it senses that it’s in a habited galaxy and wants us to explore all we can and communicate with as many of the people as possible. Maybe there will be a planet like Icarus out there somewhere in one of the galaxies if not in this one.”

“Well that’s a valid point.”

“Alright, get a team on that planet. If we need to use the shuttles then we will. TJ, you might as well go with them.”

“And we can use Storm to bring anything back that we trade with. I have a few things that I can get rid of if you need something to trade with. And I’m sure you can get some weapons and ammo as well. The military in this galaxy don’t use bullets with their guns, more like plasma. Most of the weapons use plasma to do some damage.”

“Again, good to know. The two of you want to go with don’t you?” Colonel Young finished, asking Chloe and Eli who had smiled on their faces.

“Yes please. And we can help Myst in any way we can. Storm will want to explore, maybe and Myst can stay with us.”

“Okay, but maybe we should get her into some actual clothes, no offense, but it might be better if it looked like you were dressed.”

“No offense taken. These are my Dinoplenta clothes and whatever I could salvage from the crash. I could go with some new clothes anyways.”

“Well then, since you and I are about the same height you can borrow some of mine until we either make you some new clothes or we buy/trade for some new clothes.” Chloe said.

“Well, if I’m correct, Florineta has a good tailor shop within the campus so that the participants and guests can buy some new clothes or have some made.”

“Well there you go. Maybe we should bring some items we could trade, say like some of your clothes you don’t fit into anymore and you can get a new wardrobe.”

“Sounds like a good idea. How about we meet back here in about twenty minutes after everyone has packed and Myst is on Storm?” Colonel Young stated.

“Got it!”

Everyone headed off in separate directions and twenty minutes later everyone was back with everything they wanted to bring with. Both Myst & Chloe were up on Storm ready to go with two bags. Chloe had her backpack on and Myst had tied a bag full of her stuff onto the back of the saddle that she had made for Storm so it would be easier to ride him.


The gate was activated once again and the group went through with Storm in the lead. The Kino was still hovering next to the gate after the gate had deactivated so Eli just took the remote and used it to look around and it followed the group as they went. Chloe wasn’t really hanging on or anything, since the saddle was actually a two person saddle. Myst had made it a two person saddle so whatever she needed to put on Storm wouldn’t really fall off.

As they made their way away from the Stargate and towards whatever Campus Myst had talked about, all got the feeling that they were being watched and not in a bad creepy way but still in a not so good way. Chloe nudged Myst as if to ask her if she felt the same way.

“Don’t worry Chloe, it’s just the Florine’s (living flowers) they guard the Campus from any imminent threat. If they had sensed we were a threat, then we wouldn’t have been able to move away from the gate. They will let any Sabrekey in the area know that visitors are here and we will be met by them first.”

“Well that makes me feel a little better. So what does the Florine’s look like?”

“They are the giant flowers with the teeth.”

“Oh, you mean the prehistoric fly traps?”

“Yes, those would be the ones.”

“Hey what are you two talking about up there?” Grear asked coming up.

“Just about the Florine’s, the flowers that watch us at the moment and will alert the Sabrekey that we are here and they will meet up with us first.”

“Well at least we will be greeted. But maybe we should stay a little closer to you since you know all the names for this world as well as the language.”

“That would be fine; might want to tell the laggers to hurry up then.”

As we waited for the others to hurry up and join us, a group of Sabrekey showed up. Their weapons were holstered which was a good sign but you could tell that they didn’t like seeing another Sabertooth that didn’t obviously belong to a Sabrekey that they might know. The man that had won me to free me had sent his Sabertooth ahead with his platoon so that he could buy the saber cub and transport it back with me. When everyone was next to Storm, Scott, Grear & TJ held out their hands to the men in front of them and started with a greeting, unfortunately the men didn’t understand them so I dismounted from Storm and translated for them.

“Kroupa chal’ka totruta. Kroupa achee totruta taltusfa lakte fay tutra. Dakk ool vate ahsee fay tutra (We come in peace. We are peaceful travelers looking to trade. Do you have anything to trade)?” I asked.

“Di cocoba Sabrekey (Yes of course Saber Rider)?”

“Akka cho yourt numrat co-Sabrekey (What is your name fellow Saber Rider)?”

“Nukk’ra cho numrat atch yourt (Nukk’ra is my name and yours)?”

“Myst cho numrat atch tut achee mit commardes (Myst is my name and these are my commardes). Dakk ya spake Inglishi (Do you speak English)?”

“Ah, your comrades do not speak our language. Then we shall speak there’s. We speak English fine but tend to move into Krochan language amongst ourselves. The Sabrekey of Florineta welcome you travelers to the galaxy of Krocha. Your companion here can translate for us what we want to say if we do not know the English word. She obviously has spent much time talking English as we don’t get that many visitors that do not speak Krochan.”

“Myst has told us that this world is known for its medicines. My name Lt. Johanson and I’m a medic from the ship we arrived on. Would you be willing to trade for some medicines that we need desperately?” TJ said.

“That will be up to Klut’ane, she is the main doctor here but if you need medicinal’s that you can’t get from your home world then she most likely would be willing to let you take some sapling’s with you in order for you to grow your own medicine. She might also give you some seeds to grow your own. You will have to tell her what kind of herbs and medicinal’s you need and she will know how much to give you. Now, Myst is it? How did you come upon your Saber-tooth?”

“We crashed together. The man that won me and gave me my freedom died in the crash and told me to raise the cat as if he were my own. We have been together for three years. If it hadn’t been for my friends here, I wouldn’t be here right now and you wouldn’t have let them venture onto Florineta at all.”

“Well then I thank your friends for saving you. Now, about the man the freed you, do you by any chance remember his name?”

“His name was…let me think…ah yes, Kut’rat’a, his wife was Kut’ra and his daughter was Eterna. I have his Vidoa with me if you would be able to send it to his family that would be greatly appreciated. I promised him I would give it to them in person but I don’t think I will be headed their way any time soon.”

“No need, you can give it to them yourself. I am Kut’rat’a’s brother-in-law. He married my sister and when he failed to show up three years ago, Kut’ra moved to Florineta so to be near me and I could help her raise her daughter. Eterna is a student at the Campus. She will be glad to know that her father was not alone when he died, though where he died will have to be told to them and they will most likely want to see the Vidoa.”

“No problem. I knew that there would be some Sabrekey’s here so I brought the Vidoa along just in case I had to send it via Mila-Shuttle. Can we take some food back with us as well as some fresh water? The ship is old and they need as much as they can get.”

“No problem. I will have my men collect the fruits, vegetables and water and it will be ready for when you leave tonight. Sorry to say, we are an all veggie planet, there isn’t that much meat around and the Sabers are too significant to be killed.”

“No problem. At the moment we have enough meat anyways. The planet they rescued Storm and I from was one with dinosaurs on it. I called it Dinoplenta because I didn’t know the real name of it. Anyways, I killed two raptors and saved some of these soldiers here and they let me stay with them. I haven’t been to many of the worlds in nearly three years, but we were wondering which ones were safe to go to and which ones weren’t.”

“Well we can give you a map. It’ll be up to that ship of yours if it wants to stop or not.”

“Thank you Commander Nukk’ra.”

“How did you know I was a Commander?”

“You said you would get your men to take care of gathering the food and water. If you were not a Commander, you would have said ‘my men and I’.”

“Smart girl; alright, let’s get to the Campus and get you settled in to start collecting what you need. I will bring Eterna and Kut’ra to you in a few hours, after you’ve had time to look around and do any trading.”

With that we ventured to the Campus where Commander Nukk’ra left us and headed with his men out to the fields and wherever they kept their fresh water. As soon as we were at the Campus, Klut’ane introduced herself and said that she spoke English and she and TJ went off to the medicinal garden with James and Camille. Chloe and I headed for the tailor shop where we met a woman by the name of Kli’ta, who just so happened to be Klut’ane’s daughter. We were able to trade some of my clothes that no longer fit for two pairs of saber skin sweats, four shirts made out of bear fur, a pair of shoes, a pair of work boots, a multi-durable coat made out of the skin of a Cluta (like a cow). We also traded for some sewing material as well as a bucket of socks and underwear, for everyone of course.

As soon as we were done trading, Kli’ta followed us out to Storm and we loaded him up. Scott, Grear, Varo and Eli were still standing in front of the Campus, only they were talking amongst themselves. When TJ, James and Camille came back with Klut’ane, they had buckets full of not only herbal & medicinal plants but also seeds that would grow into what they needed. Klut’ane had also given TJ the cure to her disease (ALS or Lugherig* Disease). They had the cure for many other diseases known on Earth as well as those that ran rampant in the Krocha Galaxy.

As they packed the bins up on Storm, Commander Nukk’ra came back from gathering our supplies with a woman and her teenage daughter. I climbed back up on Storm and pulled out Kut’rat’a’s Vidoa and then jumped back down. We would have to walk back to the gate now that Storm was loaded up with everything we had traded for. TJ also had a book explaining the different uses of the herbs and medicinal’s she had managed to get, something that would come in handy if they ever needed to know something about the plant they were using.

“Myst, this is Kut’ra and her daughter Eterna. Kut’ra, this is the girl I was telling you about. She was with Kut’rat’a when he died.”

“Welcome to Florineta Myst. Please show me what my husband left in your care.”

“He asked me to give this to you if ever I passed your way. He said that he loves the both of you but he knew that he wouldn’t survive very long so I recorded his Vidoa to give to you if ever I met you in person. Here you go.” I said as I handed her husband’s Vidoa over to her and she took it from my hands.

“Thank you for this. My daughter and I have always wondered what happened to him. His Saber-tooth Rage was given back to us as it is our sole means of transportation now. But I see you kept the one he was transporting back with you. He said that he had just won a slave whom he was planning on setting free after transporting her and a Saber-tooth cub back to our home. He was going to make you a part of our family. But now I see you have friends of your own. He would however, wanted you to have something to remember him by, other than your Saber-tooth. Eterna has brought one of our dictionaries for you to use as Nukk’ra told us you travel with people not of this galaxy. You can teach them our customs, our language and whatever suits your liking. As well as the dictionary, we give you a Stritu (domed portable beehive). This way you will be able to sweeten anything you like.”

“Thank you very much. I know my friends will enjoy it very much.”

“We will be accompanying you to the gate as we will be helping load your Saber-tooth up with all the food and water so that he may go first and then you and your friends can go last with any excess that doesn’t fit on him. By the way, what is your Saber-tooth’s name?”

“I named him Storm, after the storm that crashed the shuttle Kut’rat’a, the cub and I were traveling in. It was the only way I could remember Kut’rat’a.”

“Storm, a fitting name for a saber. Know that Rage will always have a brother if you should need a helping hand.”

“Thank you very kindly Kut’ra.”

As we reached the gate, Eli took the remote out of his pocket and activated the gate back to Destiny. We loaded Storm up with as much of the food that we cared to without hurting him. We would carry the water through the gate ourselves as it would take several trips back and forth to get all the water that had been collected.

“As promised,” Nukk’ra began, “I have a map for you and your friends. It will let you know which planet is safe and which is not. Also, the containers the food is in is yours to do with what you wish. We only ask that you try and sell the baskets at any planet you stop near and tell the locals where they can get more. As for the water, it has come from one of our most proficient waterfalls in the Qutar Mountains. The containers the water is in can be used to store many things. Among the food, we figured your people would want some seeds and have thrown those in as well.”

“Thank you Nukk’ra for helping us in this way. Destiny will be in orbit for another day or so, so we might be back down here to enjoy the nature that Florineta provides.”

“You are welcome. You will always be with us, sweet Myst. We keep word of your travel as quiet as possible, don’t want your old Master to know that you are still alive and all. When Kut’rat’a’s shuttle went missing, the two of you were declared dead and I think he may have even bought a new slave, but I do know that he coveted you for some reason or another. He comes to Florineta every now and then to gather supplies for his compound. If he stops by here while you are still here, send a friend before coming. He is due to stop by in a few days, but he may come earlier than usual.”

“Thank you for the information Nukk’ra. We will keep her on-board Destiny with all the organizing that needs to be done now. And we might bring a shuttle down to some or your floating mountains that Myst has told us about.” Scott said.

“If you take the shuttle, know that her Master won’t be able to get to the floating mountains since he does not own a shuttle. He travels only by the gate, as most of the people in this galaxy do.”

“We will keep that in mind.” Grear said.

Once the gate was activated, I took the Map that Nukk’ra had brought and walked through the gate with Storm behind me. Everything that I had brought to trade was now in the Tailor shop and I had enough clothes to last a while. Once on the other side of the gate, I moved Storm to the galley so that we could unload the food and then told Colonel Young that we would have to make multiple trips through the gate to get the rest.

“What do you mean by ‘rest’ Myst?”

“Commander Nukk’ra has supplied us with fresh water. There are gallons of it waiting by the gate to be brought back to the ship. Storm was loaded up with most of the food and the stuff we had traded for at the Campus so we couldn’t bring it back on him. There aren’t enough of us on the planet to bring it all back together.”

“Can’t you ask Commander Nukk’ra to have his men help with their Sabertooth’s?”

“They have helped enough. Besides they gave us all this food for nothing. They only ask that we try and sell the baskets on any planet we stop at.”

“Well I don’t think we have much of a choice now. Seems the Commander has thought the same thing and has his men helping out in any way possible. Storm isn’t the only Saber-tooth on Destiny at the moment.”

“Well, then there is your answer.”

With the help of Commander Nukk’ra and his men we were able to get all the water loaded in only two trips through the gate. Once everything was put away, we bid farewell to Commander Nukk’ra and his men as they had some business to attend to on Florineta and they said they probably wouldn’t see us any time soon. He did say that he would give orders to all that lived on Florineta that my arrival on the planet was to be kept under wraps should my old Master venture through any time soon. I thanked him for that and he left us to store everything away.

A World of Hate:

After we left Florineta, three days after Destiny dropped out of FTL, we dropped out of FTL near a world that according to the Map was called Hortate. Hortate was something of a weird planet. I looked it up in the dictionary as I had never heard of the planet before and found out that it had just recently been settled by all the racists in the galaxy. It was a planet we didn’t visit much. We were only in orbit for about a day and a half before we left. Most of us couldn’t go to the planet anyways because the people on the planet would have attacked us for not being of the same religion, color or community. We went back into FTL within a few hours.

A World of Slavery:

Once we had left behind Hortate, we dropped out of FTL two days later near the planet of Crotate, also known as the planet where all slaves are raised, bred, trained and sold. It was a planet I refused to set foot on lest my old Master be on it and find me and drag me off to be a slave again. I did know that most of the people I knew as slaves one time or another had lived on Crotate. I had never had the pleasure of living on the planet myself as my Master had bought me at an early age, but I still knew people that did live there and they said you had to fight to stay alive, fight for food and water and fight to just keep a little bit of your dignity.

The soldiers were the only ones that went to the planet and when they came back, they had enough weapons and ammo to last for a while. We left Crotate almost as fast as we had gotten there. It was a world that made my skin crawl and every time I passed by the gate I would hurry past it as if something was going to come through it, grab me and drag me back to slavery.

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