The Lost Girl

Enslaved Again

Myst’s World:

I woke to find myself in the storage room of Mak’ro’s home, chained to what looked like a bed post. The last thing I remember was Mak’ro grabbing my arm during the Untrea Dreat, screaming and then a gun blast. I don’t know if anyone was injured or anything, my mind becomes fuzzy after that point in time. What I do know is that Mak’ro has me again and I have to fight to get away from him once more. There is no Sabrekey here to win my freedom this time. I have to fight him myself. My thoughts are interrupted by a door banging loudly open and I am brought back to the present as Mak’ro’s form fills the storage room doorway. He looms over me with a sneer on his face that tells me that I am in trouble.

“Yourt bracha ratush olf yit (Your drink warring off yet)?”

“Wolch riid ya zeta mit (What did you give me)?”

“Ya spike rache iil (You don’t like it)?”

“Do, nupa lok’re mit falt (No, now let me go)!”

“Oon yourt dreaps (In your dreams)!” With that he smacked me and grabbed me around the neck, pulling me tight to him and smelling me all over. I knew what he wanted, but I wouldn’t give it to him.

“Y’acki meitra raj (You’re mine forever)!”

“Falt ti hort (Go to hell)!”

My back talking got me another hand across the face, but I didn’t care. I was buying myself time for Colonel Young to mount a rescue mission and hopefully get the Sabrekey to lend a hand. I knew that Storm would be with them as he would want me found as quickly as possible. We had never been separated before. Mak’ro threw me on the makeshift bed that he had put in the store room and then descended onto me. I knew that I would not be able to get away from him. My screams were smothered by one of his large hands.

A Rescue Plan:

Colonel Young was dismayed to hear what had happened at the festival that Myst so obviously loved and was showing them around. He’d come to an agreement with the Sabrekey on Aphelion that they would help in the search for Myst as well. Grear and James would be on Storm as he seemed to like them more than anyone else at the moment and they had been training with Myst on how to control him. Varo was coming along as well as a few key members of the crew that really wanted to get me back. Though it was only soldiers that were coming on the rescue missions, all of the crew of Destiny wished for my safe return. TJ was on standby, having not wanted to be there when the young girl was rescued. She had opted to staying behind and figuring out what she might need to help the girl cope. The rescue team met up with the Sabrekey on Aphelion five minutes after leaving Destiny through the gate. They had kept the shuttles docked on Destiny for there was no reason to show these people what they were really capable of.

An Escape & Rescue:

I came to with Mak’ro looking at me. He was dressed again and I realized that all he had done was move my sweats down to do what he wanted. He was holding what looked like a whip and I knew it was over. I prayed that Colonel Young and his soldiers would find me soon because I didn’t know if I would be able to survive Mak’ro’s whip this time.

He started hitting me as soon as my jacket, shirt and raptor knife was on the ground. My arms were tied above my head and my back was to him. He had a smile on his face as he lashed my back over and over again gaining a scream from me every time the whip made contact with my skin. By the time the Sabrekey got there I didn’t know how they would find me. He continued to whip me and I continued to scream over and over again. Neither of us heard the sounds of a patrol unit coming to a halt outside.

Meanwhile… Colonel Young and his search team had met up with the Sabrekey that was looking for Myst and her former Master. A slave that had gotten her freedom was to never be a slave again, as is the law of the Krochan Galaxy. The fact that Mak’ro had deliberately grabbed me to get me back in his grasp again was breaking not only Aphelion law but also the law of Jingul (President of Aphelion). According to Jingul: no slave was allowed to become a slave again if they had their freedom. If a slave was taken back after freedom was given, then the Master shall have prison time and lose all his possessions and standings in the community. When the Master got out of the prison, he was automatically made a slave and would never get his freedom given to him (or he would die a slave).

The Sabrekey had come to a halt in front of a house where screaming had been heard by all neighbors. Colonel Young and his team were standing next to Storm when his ears peaked up. He started a low growl which told the group as well as the Sabrekey that his friend and rider was in the house and in danger. Varo jumped down from Storm but James kept him in check so that he didn’t give away their position. The group made entry with the Sabrekey and within moments the screams had stopped.

In the store room…Mak’ro seemed to realize that there was someone else in his house besides himself and me for he had stopped whipping me and turned around just in time to get the butt of a plasma shotgun to the side of his head. He collapsed and the Sabrekey bound his hands behind his back, dragging him outside in the process. Varo grabbed the raptor knife from the ground where it had been discarded and cut the cords that bound my wrists above my head. Grear picked up the shirt and handed Varo the jacket to put on me before he picked me up. Colonel Young and his group left to go back to the gate and the Sabrekey said they wanted to be told if I lived through the night. They promised to let them know as Varo mounted Storm with me in his arms. The group left the way they had come; only now they had their newest member safe in Varo’s arms.

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