I'm No Genius

Chapter 2

It has now been a couple of days since I met Hiro. We've really clicked during those couple of days. We always walked home together, and we actually live quite close to each other. Either he walks me to his bakery/home after me having another awful day, or he walks me home and I'm to embarrassed of myself to let him come in. We're like best friends, and even though school is horrible the last couple of days has been the best!

“See you tomorrow!” Hiro waved walking toward his home leaving me in front of my house.

“Bye,” I called waving at him and going inside. Basically what I've learned about this kid is I can not stop thinking about him! I just...it's fun to find a new friend. I can't say I like him, but I'm always so happy to be around him, and I get so antsy when he's gone. Well, this kid apparently has a pet robot named Baymax, and he's just the cutest! Super awesome I'd say; so smart! He's some kind of super hero with his best friends, and last year saved the world. Compared to him, I must be super boring.

“Emily, how was school?” Mother asked sitting on the computer doing work stuff. You know, things I don't necessarily care about.

“Horrible, as always.” I replied bluntly showing off an irritated frown.

“Was that your boyfriend you talk about so much? The one you had dinner with and such?”

“He's not my boyfriend!” I whined with a plastered smile on my face and a slight giggle, “just a friend.” But a grin was still on my face.

I went to my bedroom and ended up laying there bored doing nothing. As always. My thought has always just been on my new friend because that's just what I do. I plan all my conversations. Especially one with special people. Is it bad that I'm starting to get scared of talking to him? What does that mean? I'm going crazy because I want to go see him right now! Should I? No, that's to desperate...I think...

Soon my anxiety of friends went down and I ended up going to sleep...at four in the afternoon.

Around six I woke up from another horrible, weird, but fun dreams I always have. Guess who was in it? Not who you're thinking I bet. Okay maybe it is who you are thinking, but that still means nothing!

I walk out my room to see my mother fell asleep in her room. I decided to actually walk around my small apartment. It was one floor and it wasn't really special, but it was still better than where I lived before. I started thinking about what happened then. I shut my eyes tightly and my breath hitched; I was going to have an anxiety attack.

Before I let anything escalate I decided to take a walk. I put on a soft jacket and some tennis shoes and quickly rushed out the door. The cool night air calmed me some, but I could still feel my heart beating intensely in my chest. It felt as if it was about to jump out, and that's partly from having the thought of running into Hiro. Before that thought would never come true, but that was until I actually came across his bakery/home.

He wasn't outside or anything, but I couldn't help but stare. All I wanted was someone to talk to, and he was the only person I know. Well, besides my mother but with all that happened in my life I don't exactly trust her. I was just contemplating whether to knock or not, and after ten minutes I turned around and decided to go back home.

The next day I woke up bright and early. I don't even remember when I went to sleep, but my mother wasn't even up at this time. I got dressed quickly and went to make some coffee so I can actually function. It's weird because I don't really like coffee, but it doesn't matter. I decided to head to school so I grabbed my bag and started for the door.

It was dark and dank at this time. I wasn't to early, but it seemed so late. I kept walking when I saw Hiro. I stopped for second and my breath sped up. He goes to school at this time? I thought slightly scared. I don't know if I should say hi or keep walking. I'm not even sure if I want to talk to him right now, but then he turned around.

“Oh hey, Emily!” He greet with a wave, “Do you want company? I'm a little early and your school isn't too far away.” He gave a coy smirk and walked towards me.

“Um, sure. I mean if you want. I don't to cause you trouble or anything...” I rambled with my cheeks dusting with pink, and an awkward laugh escaping my throat.

“No, it's fine. Let's go,” We started to walk in the direction of my school, and I was hysterical on the inside because this is the first time he walked me to school. It was quiet, but not the awkward kind of quiet. Hiro had his hands stuffed in his pockets, and glanced at me.

“You wanna hang out after school or something? I saw you stalking me last night.” He recalled with a mocking smile.

“I wasn't stalking you! I was going for a walk when I came by your house...” I defended. My cheeks grew a rosy color and I my eyes gave a intense glare in his direction.

“Well, you came by my house, stared at it, and then turned around and walked back.” He recalled looking at me with those light brown eyes.

“I didn't mean too! I just...I didn't know if I should have knocked... I wanted someone to talk too...” I trailed off looking at the ground to hide my blushing face. I didn't know he noticed me out there! Why didn't he come out then?

“You can come by anytime. We're friends.” He said nudging me. I gave a slight chuckle and smiled. Friends...yeah... “Anyway, you wanna come by after school? I'll let you play with Baymax.”

“Oh great, playing with your nurse pet robot! That's, like, the only thing I ever wanted to do!” I said sarcastically making him laugh. Thing is, I actually did want to play with Baymax. He was so adorable. Almost as adorable as Hiro, but you know, not like that. Of course.

“Yeah, last time I checked Baymax missed you.” He said.

“You guys were talking about me? Hmm...” I laughed and his face got all red.

“Well, uh, no! He's the one who noticed you stalking me!” He laughed back his voice rising a little. My giggles came up like a fountain.

“I told you, I wasn't stalking you,” I told him. “but yes, I would like to hang out after school.” I looked at him while he gazed back at me. Even though it was nothing my face was heating up. Then we arrived at my school and I had to tell him goodbye. I slowly made my way to the school taking glances behind me to look at him. He had done the same.

School was horrible as always. Making me suffer alone in a claustrophobic room while cramming useless information down my throat, and making me work with obnoxious people. Just an awesome day as always, but today was different. I got my interim today.




I was in so much trouble! I can I be getting bad grades! I hate everything...

School finally ended so I rushed out the door. Each step I took made my stomach queezy from guilt and the fact I really wanted to hang out with Hiro. How am I going to hang out with him? I need to study, and do homework, and stay after school, and get a tutor, and....

My breath became faster as my anxiety rose. Hiro wanted my to hang out, but now I can't. I'm going to fail school, and life in general. He knew I was in front of his house too. Is that bad? No, he wants me to hang out. Does that me he likes me? Like a friend, of course. Maybe he's scared of me now. Maybe he's going to say he doesn't want to be friends...

“Hey Emily how was school?” A voice asked knocking me out of my thoughts. I slightly relaxed to see a happy Hiro standing a few feet away from me.

“Uh, I don't think I can hang out today.” I quickly said not making any eye contact and walking past him.

“Okay, why not?” His expression grew into disappointment.

“I just don't want to today...” I lied to embarrassed to admit that I have bad grades to the super genus. I gave a sour look and a hint of pain stained my voice.

“What do you mean? What about last night? I know you are just dying to hang out with me!” He joked. I gave a slight grin, but quickly hid it.

“Well, not anymore. I'm super busy being smart and useless.” I replied casually going back to my previous goal, to get home and make myself stress out. Now going with Hiro sounds much better... Maybe I could put off work for a few minutes...or hours.

“You lair, what happened?” He came up and put a hand on my shoulder.

“Nothing, okay?” I wiggled his hand off and gave a stressful laugh.

“You at least want me to walk you home?” He asked with a half smile. He seemed slightly upset from the rejection. I looked to the ground making sure I make absolutely no eye contact.

“No...” I lied, my voice soft and low. He could almost read me like a book. He could tell I was stressed, and he knew I wanted someone around. In fact I needed someone around, and he was the closest thing to a friend. He held out a hand and gave me a smile.

“Come one, a few hours won't hurt.” I stared at his hand for a few moments before taking it and allowing him to lead me to his house. Even though I knew exactly where he lived at this point.

After awhile I realized he was right. Honestly I never knew such a nerd could be so fun! We went into a garage like place and hung out with Baymax. Hiro put some kind of gear on Baymax and he was able to fly! He took me by the hand and lifted me up to the ceiling of the garage. I accidentally let go and started falling, but then Hiro ended up catching me and Baymax apologized. We laughed, raced, played games, and Hiro even suggested to help me build my own robot! After our adventure we finally just went up to his room and relaxed. Well, I laid on his bed while he was working on some blueprint thing.

“I'm failing classes,” I admitted looking to the ceiling not daring to see his reaction. He looked up at me though.

“Really? Is that why you didn't want to hang out today?” He asked with his eyebrow cocked. He seemed intrigued.

“Yeah, I wanted to make myself do things and I thought you wouldn't like me anymore if I told you.” I decided to look at him and meet his gave. A soft look appeared on his face. He leaned against a chair to put his full focus on me.

“Why would you think that?” He asked sympathetically.

“You know why...”

“No I don't.” He raised his eyebrow again in curiosity. I looked to the other side of the room to hide my blushing face. I didn't want to talk about it. It just kind of hurt to much, but he pushed on for answers. So I cracked.

“Because you're a super genus kid, and I'm just some girl!” It sounded even more pathetic out loud. “I thought you would be embarrassed about being friends with me.”

“You know since I'm smart and all I could just help you...” He trailed off. I looked at him and laughed. I groaned in complaint and rolled off the bed.

“Gross, no!” I replied with a goofy smile plastered on my face.

“Why not? Hanging out and getting work done. It's killing two birds with one stone.”

Study date.

That's the only thing that came to mind when he said that.

Study date.

I giggled and got off the floor, and made my way on the bed again. I sat criss-crossed on the bed looking at him, and replied, “Lack of motivation.”

“Alright. Fine, keep failing. See what I care.” He said sarcastically turning back around to work on his blueprint. I laid back down on the bed and stared at the ceiling again, thinking. I looked back at Hiro again.

“You know I've been thinking...” I started to say.

“Yeah?” He replied not taking his gaze off his work.

“Remember when you said you were some kind of super hero kid or something?”

“I said I sometimes helped people with my friends,” he corrected.

“Well, did you give yourself the name Hiro then? You know, as a nickname for being a superhero? Or is that actually your real name?” I knew it was a stupid question when I asked it, but honestly that would be something I would do. I was just curious. He looked back to me and laughed. Practically mocking my ignorance.

“That's my real name. I can prove it too.” He replied with a smirk.

“No, no. That's okay. I was just curious. People do that too, you know.” I informed staring at the ceiling.

“You think I would do that?”

“I was just asking...” I laughed and yet again we were hit with silence and I craved his attention. I looked over at him and watched him worked. I admired his persistence and the fact he actually had motivation to do something so hard. Like make something come to life. It amazed me.

I looked over at the clock and realized it was getting late. “I'm going to go home now. My mom might be worried or something.” I told him while I went to grab my bag. He looked over and got up from his desk.

“Okay, see you tomorrow?” He asked obviously stating he wanted to hang out as well. He walked over and opened the door for me. I stared into his warm eyes, almost getting sucked in.

“Yeah, sure,” I said lightly but shook my head ferociously walking out the door. “I mean, I don't know. We'll see.” I find myself at the exit door and look back with a small smile. Getting sucked in before saying my goodbyes to Hiro's aunt Cass and leaving.

When I got home my mother wasn't there and I decided to get ready for bed. I was so happy. I don't remember the last I was this happy, but I just smiled myself to sleep. Who knew it could be such a peaceful night.

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