I'm No Genius

Chapter 7

At home, where I spent hours trying to look good. This is my first date, and honestly, I can't believe. I decided to wear a navy blue dress that came down to my knees and black tights. I put on some make-up, and put on some high heels, and now I've been looking at myself in the mirror from about 10 minutes now. Just trying to figure out if I look well enough for a date. I will probably look better than Hiro considering he didn't want to dress up at all.

“Emily, your date is here!” My mother called from the hall. My face warmed up and a smile appeared on my face. I twirled around in the mirror quickly before rushing out into the living room where I found Hiro and my mother. They seemed to be introducing each other before they both turned to me.

“Oh! Before you go I must take a picture of you two!” Mother chirped before rushing into the kitchen to grab her camera. I looked over at Hiro and smiled graciously. He had dressed up for the occasion. He wore a back suit, and combed down his hair, which looked oddly weird since he always had his hair messy and unkempt. He looked good. He actually looked really good.

“You...look great. I guess you weren't joking about the whole dressing up thing.” He cackled taking his hand in mine. I blushed and looked to the ground having my smile shine the whole floor.

“You don't look to bad yourself...” The next moment my mother intruded the honorable moment with a camera in her hand.

“Oh my, you guys look so cute! Get close together and pose!” She beamed profoundly holding the camera to her face. I looked to Hiro before stepping closer to his side and allowing him to put his arm around me. His arm, although covered by the black sleeve, was warm to the touch and my cheeks heated immediately. A smile plastered on my face as I great spray of light hit both Hiro and I's faces. Stunned, it was over.

Hiro then took my hand and lead me out of the house. Since none of us has a car, we walked, and he was leading the whole way. I'm not sure how exactly, but he knew his way around the town. Leading his way from paths threw parks, to long sidewalks, and dark alleyways. A fun adventure I must admit, but it's so long I wonder if walking is our date. It would be enough, I'll have to say. The talks, the stars, and the night. It didn't matter where we were going as long as I am with him.

“We're here!” He smiled holding his arm out to the small bakery. I raised an eyebrow and my smile was small with confusion.

“A long, romantic stroll to your house?” I asked with a small giggle tailed at the end.

“Not just my house, but my bakery.” His smile showed confidence and pride. I trusted him in making a night special. I trusted him in making me happy, but that is mostly because he already has. I took his hand and gladly let him lead me into his bakery.

When we entered it was different from all the other times a came before. It was dark, and the tables had fancy white cloth gently laid over top of it like a small blanket. On these table clothes were fancy candles lit to perfection. Although all the tables were empty they were all decorated. There was one table in particular though that was different from the rest. This table had two plates and a menu waiting just for us. Hiro held out my chair and I sat. I looked around the place absolutely amazed.

“This is so beautiful!” My eyes danced around the scenery with glee. Hiro cackled and smiled proudly.

“I did it just for you...” He trailed off with a small blush on his cheeks. I giggled and blushed as well deciding to hide in my menu. Shortly a familiar lady stepped out in front of us.

“What may I get for you this fine evening?” Aunt Cass asked with a big smile on her face. She kept herself in character, but it was obvious she was overwhelmed with joy.

“Water for both of us.” Hiro answered, and I, again, cocked an eyebrow. Something inside me felt...exhilarating. All of it felt exhilarating. Aunt Cass wrote in a small notepad and walked away smiling back before going into the kitchen. Giggles came out of me like a fountain.

“This is so amazing...” I was so happy I was close to tears, but I knew I must stay calm. We both smiled greatly at each other, but none of us had any words. I couldn't even find anymore words anyway.

Cass shortly came back with tall glasses of water, and I took a small sip out of mine. We ordered a meal, and she, once again, took off into the kitchen. The wait seemed like forever with our long silence of awkwardness. I've always dreamed of something like this, and finally it had happened. My first date...

After our food came we ate politely. We talked about normal things that we usually talked about. You know, he'd say something smart, and then I would ruin it by saying something really dumb and laughing. It felt like the perfect moment. We just laughed and joked until our food was done.

Music shortly came on and made the room lively. Hiro abruptly stood up and held his hand out for me to take. At first I was confused, but then I hesitantly took his hand standing up. He lead me to a clearer part of the room and put one and on my waist and the other still in my hand. I lightly put my hand on his shoulder and appeared in the movement of going side to side.

“I can't really dance...” I told him in a soft, quiet voice with my head down.

“It's okay, I can't either.” I looked back up at him gladly, and I felt a lot of acceptance. We moved in closer into each other as I wrapped both my arms loosely around his shoulder, and he firmly held my waist. We were so close our noses were touching and his forehead was resting on mine. I closed my eyes lightly and kept swaying to the music. It was the most unforgettable moment ever.

Our walk back to my house was shorter than our walk before. We held hands and laughed. The bond between us was unbreakable like a wall of bricks. Everything felt so magical.

We finally reached my house where it was time to depart. I held both of his hands in mine and looked deeply into his eyes. We were so close the I could feel his breath and he could hear me sigh.

“I had a great time tonight,” I smiled helplessly. He smiled too with a great sense of pride.

“I did too,” we stayed like this for a moment before he gently pressed his lips against mine. It wasn't our first kiss. It wasn't our longest kiss, but it damn well was our best kiss.

His lips were soft and creamy against my chapped ones. He gently caressed my cheek with his thumb, and broke away. My eyes were still closed and breath was staggered trying to comprehend this experience. He dropped my hand, and stepped a few steps backward. I opened my eyes and smiled. My cheeks were brushed with red, and even though he was farther away, I am sure he could hear my heart pounding in my chest.

“I'll see you later...” I said softly before slowly ascending towards my house. Before I entered the house I looked back at Hiro who stayed his position where he was. I smiled softly and headed inside.

I closed the door and leaned against in disbelief over what happened. The kiss...the date...the dancing...

Suddenly, I bounced up into the air and skipped to my room in shouts of joy. I danced in my room in the light of stars and lovely music that played in my head. It was a wondrous night. A world where I thought was just full of pain was also filled with things I couldn't imagine.

Feeling...and living...

Things I didn't even think I could do...

It was filled with love. Everything was. Everything was driven by love, and it created joy and emotions. The way the earth moves and everything grows and breathes and lives. Everything is filled with the decision of life and happiness, and if you looked in the right angle everything was beautiful. Everything could make sense for once, and even if the bad days came back there would still be the memories of the good ones. Locked away in times of pain it would suddenly all come back to us. Laughter is the shortest distance between people, and love was the longest time period of happiness. As long as you have someone to love...as long as I have someone to love, then I guess I have at least one reason to live.

Even if it is just one...it is enough. Love will always be enough, and that, my friends, is what you have to keep in mind.

When in times of rush,

you feel nothing can be done,

well stop your fuss,

because you will somehow be found.

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