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The Hyperion and The Pandorian


A Pandora born girl meets a powerful and ruthless man. She was a normal girl leading a normal life. He was a man on the search for a vault and its key. She was born as a siren with many powers. She always heard from pandorans about Handsome Jack. None of what she heard about Handsome Jack was good , it was bad things. His main goal was to find a new vault. He also was the president of Hyperion or the CEO. He is Handsome Jack ,The "handsomest" man on Pandora and on Hyperion. They both were from different worlds. The vault hunters made sure Handsome Jack didn't hear about the new siren. What if Handsome Jack found out about the hidden siren on Pandora and in the sanctuary? Will Handsome Jack get his hands on the siren and make her help him find and open the vault for him ?

Romance / Scifi
Age Rating:

Welcome to Pandora Kiddos!

Handsome Jack here! Welcome to the wonderful planet of Pandora. The people who live on this rock love Hyperion and me! Handsome Jack ! Follow Hyperion rules and don't disobey loader bots unless you want to end up in a ditch and your family wondering where you went. Anyway I will see you later in the story probably after I meet this sweetheart of a siren.

Nelliel:Handsome Jack what are you doing outside of the story? The readers aren't suppose to meet you yet.

Handsome Jack:They are new Pandora so I was giving them a big Hyperion welcome.

Nelliel:that's good. Can you please go back into the story now?

Handsome Jack:bye kiddos! Hail to the king baby.

Nelliel:Yes hail to the king.

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