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Patch Jackets


Japan is starting a new year at school with her only friend America. She does her best to maintain a living drawing comics online. During all of this, she starts to bond with a newer country South Korea who is every bit as crazy as her. This story is not accurate. This follows the Idea that a country's body si reborn. Every time they hit 50 their body resets to 12 and they have to go to school again. They have devices that make them look like normal humans but can tell when there is another country. Also, a countries birthday is their independence day/creation day or if we don't know it, I'm gonna default to May 20th. This is not good in any way.

Romance / Other
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School Starts Again

"Wake Up Japan. Get out of your bed idiot."
"Mhh." I turned off my alarm and sat up in bed. It's the first day of school again. Now I can't spend all day drawing my comics while sitting in a tree.
I threw on a quick dress and spun. At least this means I get to hang out with America again. Even if he won't read my comics after the first time I showed him one. I quickly made myself lunch and hopped to the bus station. Maybe this year will be different.
I arrived at school. "Hey, Ame!"
"Hey Japan, How was your Summer?"
"Not bad. How was your family?"
He looked sad. "Same as always. Dad still doesn't like me too much and Aussie brought a snake into the house that almost bit Canada. Heh. He really needs to be more careful."
"You have me now Ame. Your relationship with your mom is still good right?"
"Of course. I don't know how I would survive without her and Canada. "
"See, You still have a family that cares about you."
"Sorry. I know you have it worse."
"It's fine Ame. I'm here for you just like you are here for me."
"Thanks. Let's head to the Library." We walked there. I didn't see too many people around. I guess It's a little early. For the rest of the morning, Ame and I joked around in the library. He showed me some memes he found that was pretty funny. When the bell rang we went to our different classes not sharing any.
I ran out of school hoping I could catch America before his mom picked him up. "Ame!" His mom wasn't here yet.
"Japan, Don't you have a bus to catch?"
"It doesn't come for another 5 minutes. I can always walk too. Anyways, I know you didn't have a birthday party so here's your birthday present really late." I handed him my badly wrapped up present for him.
"Oh, thanks Japan, You really didn't need to."
"I'm your friend, of course, I do. Now open it before I have to run to the bus." He quickly opened it from the side. and pulled it out unfolding slightly.
"Japan, You knew I wanted one of these. Thank you so much you're an amazing friend."
"I also got a patch if you wanted to sew one onto your jacket."
"You should get going if you don't want to miss the bus."
"Ahh, right. Bye AME!" I quickly ran up to the bus and got on a little before it left.
When I got home I put on some music. It was loud and distracting from some of the memories in this place. I should move out but that would erase the last memories I have of my mom.
I pulled out my jacket. It's the same as Ame's but it's in white. I keep our flags on opposite shoulders. Ame just keeps ours together. I pull out the Patch I had gotten for myself when I bought Ame his. I slowly stitched on the three-colour heart right where it would logically go. Ame's wasn't a heart. I got him that rainbow flag patch to go with his other flags. I hope he likes it. He went on for a while about how he was too nervous to ask his parents for a pride flag. The one I got was a small cheap $5 one-off amazon but I know he will love it.
I put on the Jacket feeling the warm fleeciness of it contrasting the shiny exterior. It's so nice and warm. I grabbed my bag and sat in the tree I like to draw in. It's starting to get a little chilly so I won't be able to do this for more than a few weeks before it gets too cold. I began to draw a new story. A cute, short story with no words. A few speech bubbles with emojis and question marks but no words. I also decided not to draw any heated scenes like I normally do. This one would be child-friendly.
I squinted and looked up. Dang, the sunlight is almost gone. I slipped my art into my bag and climbed down the tree. I scanned in and posted my new comic before sitting down and having instant noodles.
I rely on my art to make money now that Mom is gone. It's not easy but I'm able to make enough money to Survive. I carefully signed all the Papers meant for her to sign in my neatest forgery of her signature.
I got up. My noodles were cold and untouched. I looked over at the oven clock. 3 AM. I rubbed my back a little. Falling asleep in the chair was not comfortable. I slowly ate the cold sad noodles, my loneliness feeling stronger than ever. I breathed slightly faster hearing something from my mom's room. It was locked and the key was buried under a plant. I haven't entered it since she died. It's too painful although I know exactly what it looks like. The plants in her room probably haven't died from her automatic watering system. Unless that broke.
I sat down at my desk and checked notifications. People liked my new story. I opened up my drawing application and slowly drew more of an ongoing story following some of my notes. As I drew I slowly relaxed. What I heard before was probably just the house creaking. At 4 AM I walked to my room and slept.
School reminds me too much of my mother before her death what feels like only a few years ago and for my body, it has been only 2 years. In the real world though that was about 70 years ago. Time is wonky for all of us countryhumans.
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