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Out of Darkness


"He's passed every S.H.I.E.L.D. exam with flying colors, Agent Garrett," the woman behind the desk says, handing him a folder reading Ward, Grant. "Are you sure about this one, John?"

"Thank you, Commander Hill," Garrett smiles wryly. "And yes. I've never been surer."

As Garrett walks away to join Ward, Hill looks after him, eyes narrow. "Phil?"

Phil steps out from the office, looking at their retreating backs. "You're worried?"

"He shouldn't be level six."

"I agree," Coulson says. "He should be level seven."

"Phil? Are you serious?"

"That kid's spent too much time with Garrett," Coulson says firmly.

Hill looks up. "He's your friend."

"One of my best friends. I know him. And I see how that kid looks up to him. You know Ward's history, Hill. He's never had anyone who treated him like he was even human until Garrett, and it worries me."

"Are you saying you don't trust Garrett?" Hill asks, surprised.

"Of course I trust him," Coulson says. "But you know what he's like. He can teach Agent Ward a lot, but he can't teach him how to be human."

"You're not serious." Agent Hill shakes her head.

Phil looks up at her in surprise.

"You want him, don't you, Coulson?" Hill shakes her head fervently. "You want him on your team.

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