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Green Eyed Monster


Peter becomes friends with Rachel Olivia's jealousy is building until she finally confronts him about phone call to Rachel. At the same time, Peter is jealous of Olivia's affection for Lucas Vogel.

Scifi / Romance
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Bedtime Story

God, it was so hard to approach her, Peter Bishop thought observing Olivia Dunham while she was talking to agent Broyles on the phone. Those were the rare moments he cherished, the moments when she would look the other way, either to engage into conversation with someone or just to check up on something, since it was precisely then when he could look at her lovingly and with admiration without being seen. They've known each other for months, he thought, and yet she has somehow managed to maintain that tone of formality in their relationship. They weren't even friends, and they could've become so much more. At least those were his thoughts on the subject. Sadly, Olivia has always wanted to leave the impression of self-sufficient big girl who knows how to take care of herself. She was dominant, serious and stern. Every evening after an especially hard case either in the lab or on the field, she would politely reject his or Walter's offers (he couldn't blame her for the latter) to come in and grab a bite with them, or have a drink in their hotel room. Olivia Dunham emphasized with her every look, and with her every movement, that she wasn't interested in socializing with Bishop boys more than it was necessary and that hurt him like hell. But he was damned if he was going to let it show. Even though he wanted her more than anyone he has ever wanted in his life.

Peter was finally able to confirm the good ole saying "Every cloud has a silver lining" on the day he met Olivia's sister and her adorable daughter Ella. Rachel sized him up bashfully while he was playing with Ella and his blue eyes bore into hers. He studied her briefly. She was cute, forward, funny and outgoing, quick to smile. She complimented him on his behavior towards children. They chit chatted while Olivia was looking for clues around the house, afraid for Ella's wellbeing and Peter had to admit that Rachel was indeed a pleasant company. Her little daughter took an immediate liking to him and it felt nice to form part of a domestic atmosphere for a while, and not to be enveloped in constant tension and angst that normally surrounded him when he was working on the cases with Olivia. Rachel was very open and talkative, she told him a lot about herself and it turned out they even liked the same music genres.

In spite of talking to Rachel, Peter's eyes never left Olivia's nervous pacing figure. He knew she was worried and he wanted to comfort her, to tell her it was going to be okay, that she was brilliant, that she was going to figure it out like she always did. When she came back into the living room and sat between them, her dark green eyes lit up for a second seeing him with Ella and a small smile danced around her lips. He couldn't avert his gaze from her face at that moment and they stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity. Rachel probably got the picture just then, and she stopped flirting harmlessly with Peter, changing her tone of voice to friendly and even truly pleased, while she was observing her sister. After the death of Olivia's would be husband, John Scott, she kinda shut herself, Rachel thought, and this smart and handsome man who was obviously head over heels for her sister, judging by the way he looked at Olivia, might be just what she needed.

-Aunt Liv!-Ella jumped from Peter's lap straight into Olivia's arms and hugged her tightly, smile never leaving her little face.

And Olivia practically transformed right in front of Peter's eyes, she looked like Ella's older sister, as a happy carefree, relaxed teenager. Her eyes were radiating unconditional love towards her little niece and Peter's heart stopped in his chest as he watched Olivia twirl Ella in her arms, smiling at her with a wide grin and singing to her in a soothing, sweet voice. Olivia couldn't see the look on his face just then but Rachel noticed his eyes darken with an indescribable mixture of lust, love, desire and sadness. And that wasn't far off from the truth. Peter Bishop was indeed experiencing all these emotions at the same time, and it pained him to know he might never be able to be with her, to share her joys and her sorrows, to protect her when she needed it, to get her to open up to him, to break the shell behind which she was hiding from everyone. After he came to Boston with her, during the first two months, it seemed as if there was something there, especially after the arrival of the Observers' beacon, when he was hurt, and she came to check him out of the hospital and give him his new credentials. And on the night of her birthday. He could feel her slightly flirting with him despite herself, and eying him when she thought he wasn't looking. However, those games the two played stopped abruptly, and he was quickly friendzoned. Friendzoned for life, apparently, he thought bitterly.

Rachel quickly jumped in.

-Liv, you might have just gotten a competitor for Ella's love!

-How so?-she asked in a soft voice, slightly surprised, and still smiling in that endearing way.

-Your partner Peter has spent with her only five minutes, and she's already started calling him uncle Peter! How about that! Soon she'll start liking him more than her favorite aunt.

-Oh?-she cocked one eyebrow comically and turned to face him.

He quickly replaced his miserable face (he wouldn't give her the satisfaction to see him like this, he thought) with a positive one and grinned widely.

-What can I say, Dunham, I am multi-talented.

-Don't tell me you were also working in disguise as a clown at children's parties?-Olivia teased him good-naturedly. –Peter Bishop, an undercover clown.

-Funny thing is that Rachel has just said more or less the same thing-he turned to look at Olivia's sister and they both burst out laughing heartily at the same time. Olivia joined them after a while, with a puzzled look on her face.

This is where Olivia unwinds herself, he thought. With her sister and her niece she becomes who she really is. Kind beautiful young woman, warm, soft and sweet. Here, she was just Liv. Not special FBI agent Olivia Dunham who constantly wanted to save the world. And he liked this side of her. Her vulnerable, emotional side that she always kept in check, even from him. Hell, especially from him. Why was she so afraid of staying alone with him even for a moment? Did she actually feel something but didn't want to admit it to anyone, not even to herself? "Well", Peter pondered, "I might actually be able to get on her good side if I team up with Rachel and Ella". Why not? He was great in socializing and once he bonded with the two of them, he thought, they might invite him to the house more often. It would be a perfect excuse to see her several times a week, he thought guiltily. And to see her blissfully, obliviously happy, wearing lively colors of light blue and green, instead of the dark materials that ate up her very soul, that made her look nondescript, uniform, nonspecific and ordinary when she was the very opposite…

Bishop, you're thinking too much, he said to himself. He should just go with the flow, flash his most seductive grin and hope that he would be welcomed to Dunham family.

-Say Rach-his smiling azure eyes turned to Olivia's sister-are you and Ella up for Wicked Bishop Omelet? Since I'm here and it's getting dark, some dinner might be in order. I'll cook. It's special treat coming right up from Bishop's Crazy House of Horrors.

-What's Wicked Bishop Omelet Uncle Peter?-Ella squirmed in Olivia's arms watching him curiously.

Peter stood up and approached Olivia who suddenly blushed at his proximity and mentally scolded herself for that. His hands gently brushed hers while he was taking Ella into his own arms and lifting her high above his head.

-It is a special omelet that is made of fresh eggs and human ears! Is there a little girl here who doesn't need an ear? So uncle Peter can cut it off and put it into his Scary Omelet!

-No, no!-the girl screamed and laughed at the same time.

-Yes! I am going to cut off your ear now little girl!

-But how am I going to hear after that, Uncle Peter?

-Well, you'll have the other one left, won't you?-he teased her. Ella happily squealed hugging him around his neck. Then she demanded a pony ride.

-Ella, honey, let Uncle Peter rest a little-Olivia said softly but without being able to suppress a small smile.

-Don't listen to her Ella-Peter flashed a wicked grin-agent Dunham is my boss and she's trying to trick me to stop playing and to start working hard, and I don't want that… Please save me!

-Aunt Liv, are you being mean to Uncle Peter?

-Yes, sweetheart, aunt Liv is being very mean to me…

Olivia giggled like a schoolgirl before she was aware of it. Peter Bishop was just so helplessly adorable, cute and charming tonight and she was actually enjoying the evening. "Tomorrow", she thought, "we have to track down whoever made that program". Her heart shuddered at the very thought of Ella being harmed. She was safe now. The living room was full of light and warmth, and Peter's chuckle was everywhere around them. Olivia felt an immense wave of gratitude towards him for distracting Ella's and Rach's minds from what they've all just witnessed. It was still unbelievable how good he was with the kids, just like her, she thought. Probably the only thing they had in common. She never would've pictured such an honest smile on a sarcastic, cynical Peter Bishop's face.

-How about you and Ella come into the kitchen with me and give me a hand with that omelet, Rach?-Peter beamed to them both like a little boy, looking at Olivia with pleading eyes as if he were a stray puppy that begged her to be adopted just for the evening.

-Oh can I Mum? Please? I want to see how Uncle Peter puts an ear in an omelet.

-Of course-added Peter-I am also going to need a chef's hat and an imaginative apron.

Olivia frowned slightly but said nothing, observing Peter and Ella. Why was he suddenly interested in staying at dinner? Before, whenever she politely excused herself or rejected his invitations, he would accept that, a bit sheepishly but without complaint. Tonight he was different, warm, with a radiating smile, boyish somehow… She didn't understand the sudden change. Was he planning something? Why was he behaving like this? Not that she didn't like it… It was just that… She always wanted to know the reason for everything and this was completely puzzling her.

Rachel was scanning Liv's serious face, trying to guess how her sister felt about this. It was obvious to her that Peter was mad about Olivia. It can't be that she hasn't noticed that, Rachel thought. "His eyes follow her whenever she moves about the room, as if he were drawn to her by some sort of invisible magnet. And he's quite a catch. Let my hot oblivious sister ruin everything good that comes her way".

-Well, you're in luck, Mr. Bishop-Rachel chuckled, cutting through an awkward silence, trying to ease the tension. –There is a perfect apron for you in the kitchen, covered in mathematical formulas, let me help you put it on.

-Great-Peter smiled. –It'll make me feel as if I were at home.

For some reason, the image of Rachel helping Peter to put on an apron unnerved Olivia and she suddenly looked wary. She didn't understand why she was reacting like that and that frightened her. She didn't understand herself. And then she felt anger. This presumptuous Peter Bishop strolls into her house, makes himself at home, charms her sister and her niece and manages to make her feel uncomfortable… Right on cue Dunham. Charms your sister. "That can't be"-she thought. "Is that what's bothering me? That's silly."

-Are you coming, Dunham?-he asked her in a low husky voice as his blue gaze met her eyes. –I could use an extra pair of helping hands in the kitchen.

-No… I… I am so tired after everything that has happened today… What with the program and the fact that I was worried sick about Ella… I'm sorry everyone, I think I'm just going to go to bed-she managed to utter this in her most calm and composed voice. –And I have to wake up early tomorrow, continue working on the case… I am not that hungry either.

-No, aunt Liv! I wanted to make an omelet with you!

-I'm sorry honey, maybe some other time… You can make it with uncle Peter. I'll make it up to you, I promise. I'll bake you some pancakes in the morning.

She was already heading for the bedroom door when she felt a firm hand on her arm.


He stood right next to her, in a dark narrow corridor and her heart skipped a beat.

-Are you alright?

-I'm fine, Peter, like I said, I'm just a little tired-she replied looking down at her shoes, irritated.

-Are you sure you don't want to try my specialty?-he whispered softly, gently lifting her chin so that he could look into her eyes. They were still and unreadable; that made him feel cut out, and lost. "Show me the way, dammit, Olivia"-he thought. "Open up to me".

-I'm sure. I am also sure you'll have a great time without me.

-Don't be a party breaker, Dunham-he smirked.

-I was never good at partying anyway-she said levelly but with a hint of… Sadness, resignation? Peter didn't understand. –Rachel was always the one who loved parties. I believe you two will get along just fine without me. Now, if you will excuse me…

-Olivia-he tried again, murmuring in her ear with his gravelly voice. She shuddered, unwillingly. –Olivia, don't do this to yourself. Why don't you want to pass a nice family evening after all the hardships we've been through today?

-Peter, just leave me be, will you?

-If something has happened, Dunham, and you are worried or angry for some reason, tell me what it is. What's on your mind? We're partners, remember? We share everything. Maybe I can help you with what's been bugging you. Just don't take it out on me, for crying out loud!

-Christ, Bishop, when will you realize that I might simply need some time to myself!

She entered her room and slammed the door. Tears rolled down her cheeks and she fell on the bed despising herself for being so weak and for reacting like that.

Peter was left alone in the dark, confused and hurt. He leaned on her door and let out a deep sigh. "Is Olivia Dunham worth it? Is she worth everything I do for her? I comfort her, I watch her back and this is how she repays me?"-he thought.

His sadness was quickly forgotten. Having returned to the kitchen, Peter lifted Ella on his shoulders and put a chef hat on her head. They sang together and Rachel marveled at his sensibility and kindness. After they ate the famous omelet-Peter shaped the ham in the form of the ear for Ella, it was her time to be tucked in. Peter went into Ella's and Rachel's room and told Ella a goodnight story. Rachel walked in on them just as he was finishing and just as Ella was becoming drowsy and overheard the story ending.

-And so the beautiful sad princess lived alone in a castle on top of the cold mountain. And she was waiting for her true love's first kiss but no one was coming.

-Did she have family living there with her?-asked Ella sleepily.

-Oh yes, she had her father the king, her mother the queen and her sister and her niece… There were a lot of people living with her in that castle. But the princess was the one to inherit the kingdom and she was very serious and responsible and she wanted to look after each and every man who lived in her kingdom and to make sure they all lived happily and undisturbed. And you know Ella, if you want to protect so many people as that princess had wanted, you end up having no time for yourself.

-So the princess didn't get a kiss because she didn't have a boyfriend?

-That's right.

-I don't like that story. I want her to have a boyfriend who is going to be a handsome prince from a faraway land and then they will kiss and have a lot of babies.

-Ok, sweetheart, next time I visit, I'll tell you a story with a happy ending. Now sleep, will you, it's very, very late. Aunt Liv went to bed a lot before you, so you should look up to her, don't you think?

A sad smile crept up his lips while he thought of Olivia and imagined how she looked like while she was asleep. He imagined her serene, calm face, her smooth forehead without creases. In his head, Olivia looked like a little girl while she slept, rid of all earthly burdens. At least until the new morning and the new problems came.

-You know what, uncle Peter? I think Aunt Liv is very much like the princess from your story. She has a very important job and she saves a lot of people but she doesn't have time for me and for my Mommy so much. But that's OK because I know she works really hard. She'll bake some pancakes for me tomorrow morning.

Peter smiled and caressed Ella's face before leaving the room.

Rachel was standing in a doorstep, her eyes moist with tears.

-Rach?-he said, alarmed. –Are you OK?

-Seeing her with you, Pete, it… It kinda reminded me of her father, Greg. And of the fact that he's never been there for her.

-Do you wanna talk about it?-he asked, seriously.

-I don't know… It's late and you and Olive have a big case tomorrow… Maybe when you're free, some other day...

-Hey. It's fine. I have plenty of time. Let's sit in a living room. We'll keep quiet, though, we don't wanna wake up the two sleepyheads.

He smiled inwardly at the thought of Olivia resting so near him, already forgetting how she snapped at him a few hours before.

-Thank you Peter. I really appreciate it. I mean, we've just met and I already feel like I've known you for ages. You are great with Ella, and you really are very kind and comprehensive.

-I wasn't always like that. I used to be pretty selfish, you know. I cared for no one but for myself.

-What changed?-she asked softly. –Can people really change like that all of a sudden? I sometimes wish Greg would… She swallowed and stopped talking.

Peter hugged her awkwardly.

-Hey, hey, hey… It's gonna be alright, Rach. Say, do you want something to drink? I make good cocktails, provided that there's material-he grinned wickedly. –Knowing Dunham, there's bound to be some whisky or rum in the house… She likes her drink.

-Yep, I think there's some rum in the kitchen. Not sure about whisky though. Olive has started drinking more lately, I'm not sure why.

-I guess it's just her way to cope with all this. With our job. Astrid, our lab partner visits a psychologist. My father devours food, sings and dances naked around the house in the lab. I make sarcastic comments whenever I can. It all provides some sort of release for us, I think. For her, it's mostly been a drink. She… She rarely confides in anyone-he finished awkwardly and left for the kitchen. -Be with you in a sec. I'm gonna go look for that rum.

After having spent couple of minutes fumbling through the drawers, Peter found what he was looking for.

-OK, good news Rach, I found some rum, and some pineapple juice. There's also ice in the freezer. Are you up for a pinacolada? Although, there's no coconut cream so I think I'll just improvise.

-Sure, why not? Hey, do you know that song: If you like pinacoladas… And getting caught in the rain…

-Yeah, that's old time classic. However, I can't seem to remember who sings that… I'll make you a deal. We'll sleep on it and try to remember it very hard. But no googling, OK? Googling is cheating.

-It's a deal-Rachel accepted cheerfully. –You really know how to cheer someone up, Peter.

-Thank you. I get that a lot.

They sipped at their pinacoladas and set in silence for a while. Rachel felt a lot better after having drank some of Peter's cocktail and after talking to him.

-When you said you weren't always like this before, what did you mean by that?

-Olivia changed me, I think-he cast his eyes downward.

Rachel looked at him knowingly and kept silent, without wanting to interrupt him. She felt that he was going to say something very important.

-I know it might seem hard to imagine, but I was knee-deep in problems. I had mafia on my trail, I owed a lot of money… I gambled, I cheated, I… I am not proud of who I was. I haven't even visited my father in a mental institution for 17 long years. I hated him, I blamed him for my mother's death. So-he said ironically-I might look like a big boy now, but I sure as hell have some daddy issues unresolved.

-How did you meet Olive?-Rachel asked gently, in a sweet voice. She sensed how troubled he was, she could feel a deep burden on his soul that he seemingly couldn't lift for anything in the world.

-Well, I didn't have to try very hard-he burst out laughing. –She actually tracked me down.

-That really does sound like her.

-Wait, you haven't heard the best part yet. She blackmailed me into following her on a plane from Bagdad to Boston… To save the love of her life-his eyes darknened. Heck, I felt like I was in my own personal fairytale. A man's life depended on me, I could become a hero and drop the misfit and nomad mask I carried around for the past seventeen years.

They both chortled to that.

-She really is something, your sister-his cautious eyes lifted from the floor. –She… She is so moral, so resolute, so determined to right everything that's wrong in this world. She quickly had me cornered and ashamed, and before I knew it, I was questioning my past and trying to reconcile with my father. Olivia practically reestablished my little family unit and I'll always be grateful for that. She made me a better man.

He skipped the part where he fell for her at the moment when they were having coffee on a bench, right after reopening Walter's lab. When she admitted him that there was no file. Her eyes were playful and a small smile danced around her lips. That was when Peter, suddenly and out of nowhere, thought how nice it would be to touch those lips with his, to taste her… He gazed into her beautiful wide green eyes and found himself at loss for words. She looked so lovely while she was guiltily lowering her gaze and confessing that she lied to him… He became aware that he was staring, so he quickly hid his confusion by sipping hot coffee… But that was the beginning of the taming of shrewd and he knew it. That was when a lone wolf accepted her soft hand with which she put a collar around his neck. And he became hers. Even though if she didn't need him. He would always be there for her, watching, waiting, deep down in the shadows. "Well what do you know"-he thought sardonically. "My life has just become a Rasmus song". And that was his demise. She didn't care, he thought bitterly. She… She stopped wanting him, even as a friend. She shut down.

-I think you have influenced her as well-Rachel told him kindly.

-How?-he croaked, not daring to look at her in the eyes. He knew he'd look desperate.

Hell, everyone around him could see right through his feelings for Olivia, everyone but herself. Even Walter noticed couple of weeks ago, while they were working on that giant slug case, just after Olivia's been abducted. He was sick with worry. He paced around the hotel room like a beast in a cage, powerless, helpless, unable to do anything. For some stupid reason Walter smiled at seeing him like that. "He probably guessed I love her. He was so damn pleased. He kept telling her how worried I was about her. And then there was my stupidity with "I care about you". It sounded so theatrical and so cheesy. For a moment I thought she was going to say something but she just looked caught off guard and quickly left. I could've sworn she was uncomfortable. And I just had to blew what we had. We spent a great time together in a bar working undercover as brother and sister. Seeing her flash that wide childish smile while I was showing off with card tricks was the most gratifying thing in months. She looked so sweet and relaxed."

He sighed and Rachel drank some more of the cocktail sensing his internal struggle and not wanting to speak yet until he calmed down.

Also, Peter hated himself for not being able to control his words. No matter how much he loved Olivia, he still had his own pride and he wasn't about to allow her to stomp on his heart and on his ego. He couldn't just tell her what he felt and then get a cold shoulder. Maybe she still loved John Scott. Or Peter simply wasn't her type. That meant he could lose her even as a friend. Lose those moments they spent together, eating, joking, or working on a case. Moments when she'd drop by the lab and he could watch her move about and admire her beauty and resolve. "And maybe it would be better that way"-he thought. "At least I wouldn't torture myself anymore". He hinted how he felt many times. When she came out of that tank for the last time, he clearly told her: -Olivia, I'm there for you if you need me. He's never told that to anyone before. He's never offered his unreserved affection like that. But she just brushed it off with the casual: -I know-before she left.

He was so frustrated. Did she know? Did she just ignore him on purpose? How did Olivia Dunham actually feel about him? Walter wasn't really helping him with all his talk about penises, condoms, and safe sex. Olivia just looked even more awkward after his mad father opened his mouth so there was that too. And Peter was on the edge of nervous breakdown because of his father. He felt as if the roles were reversed, that he, Peter, was the father and Walter was his son. And then there was that woman who came looking for Walter. Peter wanted to shield him from Carla's mother, he didn't want Walter to meet her. Olivia disagreed. He hasn't elaborated on the topic because he knew they'd fight over it but it gnawed on his conscience. And why the hell did she leave so abruptly tonight? What did he do? It seemed that she couldn't even bear the sight of him in her apartment…

He buried his head in his hands.

Rachel clumsily patted him on the shoulder.

-She is… Different. More opened up. She smiles more. She talks about you a lot, she says you're really smart and funny…. She likes being around you.

-Does she now? Somehow I haven't noticed that tonight, Rachel, but if you insist…-his eyes darkened. –Let's not talk about that anymore, shall we? Tell me, why did you cry?-Peter finished, bottling up his pain and anger.

-It's Greg-her eyes were moist again. –My husband. I… I think I still care for him, even after everything he has done to Ella and me… When I saw you tonight with her, you reminded me of how he used to be before… Before he changed. But now I'm afraid he might file for divorce and… I don't want that, Peter… What can I do?

Peter reached for her hand and looked her straight in the eye.

-Let me tell you something, Rachel. I'm going to be completely honest with you. Men are generally scumbags. Not many of them mature, and become good loyal husbands and devoted fathers.

-But he was so in love with me in the beginning… And I can't believe all that is gone… Just like that. I think there still might be some hope.

-I'm going to give you an advice, honey. Never humiliate yourself for a man. You are worth a lot Rach. You're beautiful, kind, good-natured young woman and you have a great kid. And he knows all that. Heck, if he were a man enough he would've never left you in a first place. He would fight for that feeling and hold on to it, he would never give up on you. He should come to you begging on his knees, and even then, if I were you, I wouldn't consider accepting him again. You deserve so much better than someone like that, Rachel. Be positive and happy, just be yourself, don't dwell on dark thoughts and the right guy will come to you. He will love for who you are and be a great father to Ella. Trust me. Greg sounds like a typical jerk to me.

-So you're saying I shouldn't try to patch things up?

-That's right. What's done is done. I know you'd like to be with him again, maybe not only because of yourself, but because of Ella as well, but do you really want to be with someone who left you? With someone who sure as hell doesn't love you anymore? I repeat: if he truly and deeply loved you, he wouldn't have left in the first place. He wouldn't be able to live without you. And to be with him only because you have a kid together? That would be coercion and blackmail. You would not be happy in such a relationship, I promise you. You would feel lack of love from his part and you couldn't live like that.

She nodded in understanding, tears running down her cheeks. Peter felt uncomfortable.

-OK. I think I've just said too much and it all came out a way too cheesy. I believe that I might open a hot line advising for unhappy couples.-he tried to joke despite the seriousness of the situation.

-I appreciate your advice, Peter. I really do. You sound like a good, honest man. And I must say that I have met someone recently. A neighbor from the ground floor. He's cute and kind, and he's really good with Ella. Couple of days ago, he invited me to grab lunch in a nearby restaurant and I said I didn't have time. He gave me his number and told me to call him whenever I felt like it. After having this conversation with you I do feel like calling him.

Peter stood up and hugged her.

-I'm glad I could help. I really must be going now, it's almost two o'clock and my father will wake up for his night snack. I want to make sure he doesn't set the hotel room on fire. It was really nice meeting you, Rach. You're a great person. Ella is very cute and smart. We'll keep in touch. Don't forget about the song, deal? I'll call you to see how you're doing and how the date with your neighbor went. Good night.

-Good night-Rachel whispered looking at him leaving slowly, his hands in the pockets of his pea coat. –And, Peter?

He turned around with an inquisitive glance.

-Don't give up on her. I know you won't.

He blushed and raised his hand in a salute as he ran into his car. He was freezing. He hoped Walter hasn't woken up yet.

Three weeks later

The last three weeks were very busy for Peter. After having caught the madman who designed that computer program, the Fringe team worked very hard on a transformation case, Olivia found out that she was apparently treated with Cortexiphan which gave her a super cool new ability to turn off lights. Peter joked that it was great: She didn't have to grope for the switches in the dark, she could just turn the lights on and off in her apartment when she was pleased.

-You're like a walking Deluminator now, Dunham! You know, the lighter that Dumbledore used to turn the lights on and off… Forget it. I should've figured you aren't a fan of Harry Potter books. I picture you more like Stephen King and Clive Barker type.

Peter remembered how she shot him a glare after he had said that and chuckled.

Then there was the case with an abandoned bald child they found shivering in the bases of a building that was supposed to be brought down. Olivia bonded with him and Peter enjoyed watching them communicate. It brought out her soft side.

And that night, Peter thought, exhausted, as he was wondering if he should hit the hay, they concluded a case of a lion-snake named Harriet. The beast managed to somehow get Charlie pregnant so they had to go down into the sewers and collect some of its blood, and inject it in Charlie in order to trick the larvae and make them stop feeding on him. And it worked. Charlie just crapped the larvae out afterwards. But that wasn't the strangest thing that happened. The change he noted in Olivia during the night he stayed at her place was becoming more and more visible and he was wondering if the moment had finally come to confront her and be honest about how he felt…

When it turned out she was right about Carla's mother, since the meeting with her really gave some sort of closure to Walter, he felt so ashamed. He remembered their fight in the car and his roughness with her. He recalled telling her that it was none of her business, that she had no right to intervene in their lives. Peter was mad at her. She shut him out of her life, so he wasn't going to let her pry in his and Walter's, for that matter. However, after what had just transpired, he felt like he owed her an apology. And it wasn't easy.

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Martha: Me gusto mucho la trama espero ver el cap final y tengo la teoría de que lo amenazaron con el video

Kaari: I love the little details that don't make logical sense but seem to bring the story together to complete a circle that can't be broken. Alot of writers don't grasp that books are a freedom of sorts you can literally take it anywhere you want to. It's a real gift when the author is able to break n...

Relator10: It's a believable world with funny anecdotes about the characters. The format with one MC take the spotlight at a time works well. People who into werewolfs should give this a try.

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