Green Eyed Monster

The Chamber of Secrets

SEEING how Peter was standing reluctantly in the doorway, Olivia barely suppressed her sudden enormous urge to laugh.

Less than half an hour ago, he knocked on her apartment door wearing his flirty, confident, self-assured smile and looking all worked up and smoking hot.

Right now, Peter Bishop seemed like an insecure, frightened little boy who was warily taking in his surroundings, without daring to come any closer.

-Come on in-she smiled and motioned with her head. –I won't bite.

Peter chuckled at Olivia's use of his own words and cleared his throat, trying to look braver than he really felt at the moment.

He stared angrily at his all too visible erection, cursing the fact it was making him feel like a fool, and pulled the lapels of his already unbuttoned shirt over it, simultaneously taking off his socks and his shoes. Peter then stepped hesitantly on her soft beige bedroom carpet and leaned nervously against the nearest wall.

Olivia grinned, inwardly approving of his actions. He looked so cute and lost, standing at her bedroom door, barefoot and almost bare-chested.

The lights in Olivia's room were turned off, but the milky white ray from the streetlamp deliberately entered through the window and fell on her pale, faultless body, still clad in a pallid bathrobe.

To Peter, Olivia suddenly seemed strangely otherworldly, as an archaic, mysterious Greek lunar deity Selene, presiding over the moon, night and magic, about whom he used to listen a lot in the evening, while his mother was telling him bedtime stories.

Olivia went to stand by the window, turning her back to Peter, while simultaneously running her fingers through her hair, and looked pensively outside, down on to the quiet street. A car passed, and then, several seconds later, a giggling couple as well. After that, no more sounds could be heard.

Peter plucked up courage and audaciously approached her from behind, his feet padding gracefully and softly on the rug as those of a huge, slinky wild cat, which was carefully and determinedly stalking its prey. His ice blue pupils glinted hungrily in the dusky room, wanting nothing else but to meet and devour the gaze of her bright green ones.

Peter's big, warm, callous palms encircled Olivia's waist tentatively and timidly, and he placed his head on her right shoulder, sighing into her neck and planting a gentle kiss on her soft cheek. He could sense her relax and lean onto his chest.

-What took you so long?-Olivia teased him and Peter knew she was referring to the time he spent to approach her since the moment they passed through the door.

-My deepest and most sincere apologies, my lady. I seem to have gotten lost in your castle, and I needed some time to orientate myself and find the way to your chambers.

Olivia instinctively giggled to his words and it made him bury his lips in her hair next. He was absolutely enthralled by that cute sound she was producing.

-Livia…-he croaked huskily-I swear I am going to record you giggling and play it on repeat every time I need a fix of your voice or of your laughter.

Olivia half turned her head to look at Peter's enamored eyes and smiled widely, blushing slightly; but she didn't comment on what he had just said. Instead, she playfully inquired:

-So… how come you have gotten lost in my castle, kind sir? Do tell.

-Well…. There isn't much to say, really. I have never actually been in your room before. Once you slammed the door right into my face, remember? When you were jealous about Rachel putting an apron on me… The night right after the No-brainer case, when I offered to make dinner for the whole family and you left us, saying you were tired-Peter teased her.- On the other hand, you have been in my shabby shack dozen times already… Witnessing shirtless Peter that you seem to have grown fond of-Olivia shook her head at that particular remark but Peter went on-Almost naked Walter in a red bathrobe, Walter displaying his weakness for wool socks, Walter offering us a bed thinking how we want to use the room…However, your quarters, milady… You could say they are like a chamber of secrets for me.

-Is that another Harry Potter reference?

-Is that Special Agent Olivia Dunham recognizing a Harry Potter reference?

Olivia raised her arms in the air defensively.

-I haven't read the second one, you know. In the end of the first one, well, at least in the edition I have read, the writer, J. , was inviting young readers to delve deeper in her magical world and read the book two as well. And seeing how I have a photographic memory, I remembered the title she suggested.

-Okay-he teased her-I'll take your word for it.

Peter then slowly spun Olivia around to face him, staring at her adoringly.

In the scarce light, her emerald eyes looked dark, but two incredibly bright stars twinkled inside them and Peter was suddenly certain he would never be lost again as long as he had those stars to guide him on his life path.

He sighed and kissed Olivia's forehead next; his hands finished untying her bathrobe, allowing it to slide down her shoulders and onto the floor and leaving her only in a tight dark green nightdress. She pouted her lips in a "no fair" expression and her gentle fingers did the same to his already unbuttoned shirt, in order to even the score.

Peter grinned incredulously at her boldness, now standing in front of her in nothing but white flannel pants and his hard-on became so painfully obvious that he shyly averted his gaze from Olivia's slightly mocking eyes and paid more attention to his surroundings instead, in order to at least partially mask his newborn confusion.

Peter deeply inhaled the irresistible fragrance that floated all around him as his nostrils widened. It was too overpowering and all of Peter's senses were suddenly overwhelmed and numbed.

While before he was only able to get a glimpse of Olivia's skin, a whiff of her scent, or to casually brush her arm and pass it as a friendly gesture, now, Peter was completely immersed in the bouquet that was uniquely hers, he could see her in all her glory, he could touch Olivia's cheeks and her hair, he could kiss her lips and embrace her as ferociously as he has always wanted.

It was too much for Peter and he let out a loud moan, clutching her even closer to him, as his heart madly started to thump in his ribcage.

-What?-he heard Olivia whisper inquiringly.

-God… This room… It smells just like you… Increased a hundredfold… It's so enticing, Olivia…And… So unbearable…

Her tiny palm rested knowingly on his chest and Olivia heaved a sigh, feeling Peter's strong, incredibly rapid heartbeats.

-Yeah. Oh, my dicky-ticker-Peter smiled, ridiculing himself and went red in face yet again.

When he noticed her slightly puzzled frown, Peter smirked.

-Don't tell me you have never seen 'Allo 'Allo.

Olivia shook her head, amused and Peter went into a full explanatory mode, babbling away.

-It's a British sitcom, a parody, really, of another war time drama, "Secret Army"… Used to watch it all the time as a teenager. Anyway, there is this old rich guy, Monsieur Alfonse, who is, um, an undertaker.

-How appropriate.

-Right. He also has a small fortune in a Swiss bank account; he's the functioning mayor of Nuvion, that is, uh, the French town where the action takes place, he owns the local hairdresser and vineyard… The undertaker's catchphrase is "Swiftly and with style", while announcing his services. Which is pretty weird, you've gotta admit it.


-Well, apparently, Monsieur Alphonse suffers from the less publicized "tricky truss" and whenever he has a glimpse of women's overclothing, his "dicky ticker" goes into an overdrive mode. Kinda like mine has done just now. So I had no choice but to quote him-Peter gulped and then returned to his teasing tone of voice. -But not to worry, sweetheart. Your boyfriend will organize movie nights, let's say… At the very least once per week and educate you by playing the best shows and films you might have missed so far.

Olivia beamed at the word he had just used so casually and which meant the world to her. She couldn't quite get used to any of this. After so many lonely nights which she had spent trying to banish Peter Bishop from her mind, assured that he was to be her sister's, he was finally here with her. In her bedroom. Telling her things that she had always wished to hear. Olivia raised her eyes to look at him and smiled seeing how his inquisitive, intrigued, sharp blue gaze wandered around her room yet again.

Peter curiously explored the squeaky clean, overtly ordered living space he was in, trying to take in as many details as he could.

Everything around him had a certain shade of green, except the carpet, which was sporting pale, coffee-with-milk color.

The big double bed which Peter sized up approvingly was perfectly made, and each little thing in Olivia's room apparently had its place. That didn't surprise him at all. A faint smile adorned his lips as he was glancing around at Olivia's furniture. He had never had a cause to be in here before. It made him feel closer to her.

There was a huge wardrobe and Peter subconsciously wished to open it and peek inside, half expecting to see neatly lined up military uniforms in there.

Right next to her bed, there were two nightstands, each one adorned with the lamp, and on the left one Peter immediately detected Olivia's glasses and he fondled them with his tender gaze. Beneath them rested a book "If You Meet Buddha on the Road, Kill Him" and he chuckled with glee.

-Have you started reading the book?

-No, I was actually going to, tonight, but…-she shrugged and wrapped her arms around his neck.

-Change of plans-Peter whispered huskily, encircling her waist and staring at her green depths. –You know it's my favorite book? It was first published in 1974. The author, Sheldon Kopp, died in 1999. And the very first copy I've bought from Markham many, many years ago, when I was 19 or so… I gave it to you.

-I didn't know that-Olivia said, a bit crossly. –You told me Markham chose it for me.

-No. I lied-Peter admitted sheepishly.


-I thought if… If I told you it was my preferred book, you would… You would have guessed how I felt about you, Olivia. And I wasn't ready for you to find out yet. I thought you… You didn't harbor exactly the same type of sentiments for the con-man over here, so I didn't wanna reveal all my cards and… Look like a fool-Peter swallowed.

She stroked his face comfortingly and then inquired, impishly:

-What about those suggestive drawings you were warning me about? Erotic Kama sutra positions and the like?

-Yeah.-Peter looked everywhere but in her eyes. –Those are mine, too. I… Scribbled them along as I read the book…-he lowered his gaze. –What? I was nineteen at the time.

Olivia's face lit up at his cute, defensive bewilderment but she chose not to press the matter any further, seeing how embarrassed Peter was.
After couple more seconds passed, Peter's pleased eyes shifted onto the second nightstand, discovering his other gift lying there.

-I am glad to see you aren't using the hair ties I gave you-he muttered, caressing Olivia's sleek hair.

Olivia initially thought it was a sarcastic comment, and she hastily apologized:

-I'm sorry, I… I was going to put one on when I came to visit you early this morning at hospital. But I didn't. However, I still think the present was incredibly practical and original. I will start using them soon, at work. I promise-she smiled.

-Liv-Peter whispered into her ear, shaking his head. –I really meant what I said. I like it better when your hair is loose. So as far as I'm concerned, don't use them at all-he grinned.

-Why give them to me, then?-Olivia asked, completely dumbfounded.

Peter smirked crookedly. -I simply needed something to put in the shell box, and the hair ties were the first thing that occurred to me because I knew you… Well… You needed them, seeing how you would "lose" one of them every other day.

-Lose? If I recall correctly, you were the one who was stealing them and performing your magic tricks, hiding my ribbons and ties all around the lab office-she fumed a little.

-Yeah, so… -he gave in, widening his arms in defeat. –I wanted to make it up to you. But the wooden shell box was the real gift.

-It is lovely-Olivia admitted. –I was just admiring your handiwork this afternoon. How old were you when you made this?

-I was sixteen. Walter was already gone. Locked up, confined, call it whatever you like. My mother was heartbroken. Some of my high school friends invited me to… Go to the Horseneck beach in Westport that summer, you know, to cheer me up. It's the best surf near Boston, really, if you watch the riptides… The water is very warm, warmer than at Singing Beach where everyone normally goes…-his voice trailed off, but Olivia said nothing, and kept on listening intently. Peter cleared his throat. –I… Suggested my mother we should go to Greece, to Hydra… It's, um… One of the Saronic Islands, where Elizabeth was born and raised. Her parents, my grandmother and grandfather used to live there back then. I wanted to spend the holiday with my mother there, like a family. Or at least what was left of it. I thought it might do her good to see her parents. I didn't want to leave her alone as well. Like… Like Walter did. -Peter clenched his fists. -We had already moved out from our old family holiday house at Reiden Lake, and we also sold the house you and I had visited… Remember, when we had the case of the bus with people trapped inside, like mosquitoes in amber? And we were looking for that strange device to put on poor Roy McCombs head?

Olivia merely nodded. Strangely, she was just thinking about that case minutes prior Peter's arrival that night, while she was watching the "Lady and the Tramp" cartoon.

-Well we couldn't afford those anymore, we couldn't pay the mortgage so… We started living in a modest apartment. But we still had money left from the house sale and… I wanted that summer to be special for Elizabeth. So we went to Greece, to my grandparents' place-Peter's eyes stared somewhere behind Olivia's shoulder and it was obvious to her he was in pain.

-Peter…-Olivia softly spoke his name and he paid attention to her lips, struggling to return to the reality of the moment. –You don't have to…

-No, no, I do. I want to tell you. Just… Let me speak, Olivia, please… I need to… Get this out of myself—he inhaled deeply and resumed his reminiscence of the past.-Every day, I would wake up at six o'clock sharp.

-You?-Olivia shook her head incredulously. Mr. Bleary-Eyed at ten o'clock in the morning?

-Yeah. I know it's a lot to take in … but… Yup. I was an early bird at the time. The sky and the sea were one and the same, indiscernible in color… And I remember the little waves fishermen's wooden boats used to make…-Olivia smiled surprisingly at his vivid, detailed, poetic description. -I knew them all by their names… Adonis, Christophoros, Vasilis, Stavros, Nikos… Sometimes they would take me with them… On a boat… And… Those were great days, Livia. The fresh breeze, the saline scent of the sea… I used to spend entire mornings out there with those simple, kind men, listening to their life stories, getting more and more suntanned by day. Elizabeth used to tell me I was starting to look like a blue eyed gypsy.-Peter chortled at the memory of his mother's rebukes and Olivia, unconscious of what she was doing, touched her lips with the tips of her fingers. They still guarded Peter's cool flavour and salty sea aroma, and Olivia now fully understood why it was that Peter's kiss reminded her of all those things.

-And the island was a blast, Livia-Peter started speaking incredibly fast, with the great amount of enthusiasm.-Not many people lived there, around two thousand or so Hydriots … The locals, you know. No cars were allowed, I think, actually you can't go there by car today either, the only transport is by bike, on foot, or by donkey.

-By donkey?-Olivia sniggered and he kissed her fingers adoringly.

-Yeah. There was a harbor, and you could hear inviting, teasing screeching of the seagulls every day… They would just circle around our heads, mocking the two-legged humans who couldn't fly…. And then they would leave towards the horizon, free, and unburdened…-Peter sighed deeply, recalling all the times he spent on the island and the times he had wished to follow the seagulls.

-I didn't picture you as a poet-Olivia snickered tenderly.

-Well, what can I say? Get to know me a bit. You bring out the best in me, I guess-he said timidly. –Anyway… That summer, in 1994… Whenever I would go out on the boat with fishermen, I would dive into the water and come back with different seashells every day. There were all sorts of colors, shapes and sizes… I chose the ones that I deemed were most appealing and glued them onto the wooden box I carved out myself. One of the fishermen's sons, Spiro, showed me how it was to be done. I remember it as if it was yesterday. I found Elizabeth alone on the beach. She was staring at the sea. Her eyes were all… Red and puffy. She had been crying-Peter croaked, feeling an uncomfortable pressure building up in his throat. -But when I gave her this box, Olivia…-Olivia gasped and clasped her mouth, realizing who the old, carved wooden shell box actually used to belong to. –When she took it in her hand… I swear that her face suddenly looked twenty years younger; she was like a little child again… I made my mother happy on that day, even if it were for just one fleeting moment. But goddammit. She was happy.

Olivia wordlessly placed her golden haired head under Peter's stubbled chin and hid it there, feeling small tremors that were shaking his body.

-Peter. Peter, you shouldn't have given me the box. If… If I had known whose it had been, how personal it was for you and what it had symbolized, I wouldn't have accepted it…

-That's exactly why I haven't told you in the first place, honey.

-But Peter...-Olivia whimpered, starting to protest.

-Shhh-he placed his finger onto her plump lips. -Olivia. I want you to have it. My mother is gone now. My mother is gone. She is gone.-he reiterated and gulped, and made Olivia look him in the eyes, lovingly cupping her heart-shaped face. –But…The memory of her is still so alive in me. Even before the lab accident, Walter wasn't around for me too much. She was practically the one who raised me. That's why I was so prickly towards Walter in the beginning. I blamed him for her death. For her sadness. Only recently, my father and I have managed to reconnect. Somehow... However, our relationship is still feeble, fragile... Like some sort of risky laboratory experiment we're both conducting, just to see if it will work. I have a feeling that it could get blown up in the air after even the slightest tremor-Olivia nodded in understanding.

-It was different with Elizabeth and me. My mother and I shared an unbreakable, incredibly firm bond. She was always the one who paid more attention to me. I guess she also spoiled me a bit. I was an only child and when I was eight, I almost died.-Olivia's lips stiffened in fright, in reaction to this particular piece of information and Peter hurried up to explain.

–Apparently, I was really sick, even Walter wasn't certain if I was going to make it. But in the end, he eventually discovered the cure, so I am still standing here today thanks to him. Of course, I don't remember anything, which is not surprising, considering the lousy memory I have... Since that day on, my mother looked after me too fervently, too obsessively... She pampered me... And then, all of a sudden, with Walter gone, the roles were reversed. I had to look after her, after that frail girl she became. It was like all her strength had disappeared, she crumbled to dust, she was disappearing, fading away in front of my eyes and there was nothing I could do. I tried hard to be the son she had always wanted, and not to take her love and her teachings for granted, but it wasn't enough. She left this world of her own volition. She… Even left me. And I sensed it as a betrayal. And there was no one I cared about anymore so I guess I just... Stopped trying and went over to the dark side, so to speak. I became a rebel. Mr. Hyde. Wild blood started burning in my veins.-Peter remarked bitterly. –You woke up those dormant feelings that lay buried deep inside me, Olivia. Heck, I didn't even know they were still there. You made me feel protective once again just as I did before. I wanted to look after you. I know…-he added, seeing how she opened her mouth in objection. –You don't need anyone to shield you… You never did. But I couldn't help myself. I always wanted to watch your back in dangerous situations, sweetheart, whether you'd allow me to or not. To make you crack a smile when you were sad. To make you feel better. And I thought… Having known all that had transpired shortly before I was released from the hospital…-Peter stubbornly resisted to mention Lucas's name and the way he abandoned Olivia, secretly hoping that that will numb the ache in his chest and the jealousy he could still feel, not quite comprehending yet how Olivia could have slept with him. –Well, I knew you were sad and I knew just the thing to cheer you up.

-Thank you-Olivia muttered, truly grateful for his opening up to her, for the fact that everything Peter had been saying actually helped her comprehend the reasons behind his actions and what he was going through. She was still holding the wooden chest in her hands as he turned his head to stare at an old photograph on the shelf and a wide grin adorned his face.

-Is that your family photo?

-Yes-she replied in a whisper. Peter suddenly felt her become rigid in his embrace. He gently lifted Olivia's chin and planted a soothing, chaste kiss on her lips.

-I want to see little Olive. I wish to see her very much-he murmured tenderly.

She led him timidly and reluctantly by the hand and they stood together in front of the picture.

-This is my Mom-her trembling finger pointed out. Her hands are dirty here because she… She was working in the garden moments prior the picture was taken. My Dad is standing right next to her-Olivia's voice fell silent.

-The tall, scrawny blonde man?

She nodded courtly.

-I swear you look just like him-that was the only comment Peter made, sensing Olivia was uncomfortable of opening up further, like he did moments ago so he didn't insist. He looked down on the ground instead and his heart stopped as he noted a beautiful little blond haired girl in a white dress, with a serious, responsible look on her tiny round, chubby-cheeked face, firmly holding a toddler in her arms, who was trying her hardest to wriggle out of her older sister's steel embrace.

-Olivia…-Peter buried his lips in her hair. –You are incredibly lovely in this photograph. It's so obvious that's my little Special Agent-she flashed a tiny smile at those affectionate words. -I mean, look at you. Standing guard. Hey, do your eyes seem sort of… Blue… Or it's just my imagination?

-Yes, they actually were blue for a long time.

-Ha, ha, and look at Rachel! She isn't too happy about her confinement in your arms!

-Yeah. She was always the explorer-Olivia laughed. –I remember how I had to run after her around the garden when Rachel began to walk. We had a tiny yellow kitten; she would always harass it and pull its tail-Olivia was now beaming in earnest and Peter simply stood there behind her, like a lovestruck fool, marveling at her joyful expression. Olivia opened her mouth and started to say something else but he couldn't hold on anymore, overwhelmed, his emotions caught in a whirlwind of a tenderness and desire.

Olivia felt the warmth of his breath all over her face as Peter impatiently spun her around to face him yet again. Skin prickling with excitement, a shiver raced the course of her spine and her heart began to speed. Her body leaned forward into the wall of Peter's chest. She wanted to lose herself in his gaze, but her eyes drifted closed of their own accord and she was lost instead to the sensation of his mouth. The initial touch was feather light, the merest brushing of his soft lips over hers.

When Olivia's palms caressed his torso, feeling the muscle of his chest beneath, Peter took it as an invitation for more. His lips hovered a long moment barely against hers before he moved forward again. Moving slowly and deliberately he explored the silken feel of her full lips, learning each dip and outline.

Olivia's hands slid upward next, over his shoulders and around his neck. The movement brought her body firmly against his, and she reveled in the contrast of Peter's hard body against her soft, yielding form.

As their lips moved against each other, their tongues danced, a slow seductive tempo that belied the intense desire rising in them. His tongue tempted and teased, enticing hers to follow into his mouth where he captured it between his lips. Peter sucked softly, and Olivia shuddered against him, helpless to stop the small moan that formed deep within her and escaped. His free hand slid down the curves of her body, and around to cup her buttocks, pulling her hips hard into his. Heart pounding, the blood roared in her ears until she was sure she would faint from the pure pleasure of Peter's kiss, her head was spinning so out of control.

To retaliate, Olivia took Peter's lower lip between her own, suckling gently. When her teeth nipped lightly, she was rewarded with the shiver of his body against hers. Emboldened, she slipped a hand beneath his arm and around, dragging her nails the length of his spine as she tortured his lips.

Peter's moan seemed to fill Olivia's ears, and she thought it was the sexiest sound she would ever hear. She felt it resonate from head to toe and wondered how she could draw another from him. Licking her tongue across his lips, Olivia teased Peter, nipping, sucking and pecking until he growled, a guttural sound that thrilled her to the core.

Peter backed her up until her back met the wall, jarring her slightly, and his lips claimed hers greedily yet again. His hand tugged her hair, tilting her head back so he could slant his lips over hers at the perfect angle, his tongue delving and tasting her sweetness. Gripping her ass firmly, he lifted her with such ease that Olivia gasped in surprise. Hooking her legs around his waist instinctively, she clung to him and became very aware of his hips nestled firmly between her thighs. Deep blue eyes locked on hers, and Olivia noticed the shade was darker than normal, and wondered if her eyes reflected her desire in a similar way.

Both breathing hard, they gazed at each other a long moment. Peter's thumb rubbed over her bottom lip, reddened from their kiss, deliciously swollen and tempting. Olivia kissed the pad of his finger, smiling softly as she flicked her tongue against it. Peter's eyes flared, his hand moved to cup her face and his mouth came down over hers. Moaning in approval, her arms tightened around Peter and Olivia welcomed the invasion of his warm tongue, meeting it with her own.

Peter's stubble prickled against her soft skin, adding to the sensations that threatened to make her lose control. Fingers pushed into his hair, massaging his scalp and tugging him ever closer. He pressed her further into the wall, trapping her with his weight as his mouth trapped her tongue, sucking on it as his own tongue stroked and teased. They explored each other endlessly, wrapped in each other's embrace as they kissed passionately.

When they finally resurfaced for breath, gasping, Olivia lowered her legs onto the floor yet again and Peter repeatedly, lovingly, cherished her forehead. It was very much different than Lucas's touch, than Lucas's kiss… While Olivia was simply enduring his lips, waiting for his touch to end, she was longing for Peter's… She couldn't get enough of him.

Peter, entranced, made them both face the mirror on the wall and Olivia blinked hard at the image staring back at her, surprised with what she saw. Her cheeks were flushed and her lips swollen and pink. Her eyes had a wild look about them. Peter had wrapped his arm around her waist and her breasts jutted upwards over his hard flesh.

She'd never seen this woman before.

-Look at you-Peter whispered breathlessly, sweeping Olivia's hair aside as he teased the back of her neck with his lips. –You're so beautiful.

Olivia sighed and leaned her head against Peter's shoulder, inhaling the unknown, fresh scent that was coming from him and that now completely filled her bedroom.

-What is that smell?-Olivia inquired in a curious, playful, girlish tone of voice.

-Um… According to Walter, it's called Acqua Di Gio. Not my standard choice of cologne, but, he sprayed me with it from behind when I wasn't looking. Not much I could do about it, sincerely.

Olivia laughed in earnest, covering her mouth with her hand as she imagined the situation. That awkward situation somehow suddenly seemed quite plausible, as far Peter and Walter were concerned.

-Well, I like it. Walter has a good taste-Olivia noted and wandered over to the bed, sitting on the edge of the mattress, flicking off her house slippers. Peter remained standing next to the wall, looking uncertain, and swallowing hard, after having seen Olivia scoot backwards against cool sheets until her head met the pillow.

Almost a minute or so passed, and he finally plucked up courage to join Olivia on the double bed, lying next to her, but not quite daring to touch her again yet. They lay on the side, looking each other in the eyes, and after Olivia lovingly cupped his stubbled cheeks with both of her palms, he did the same, smiling timidly, enjoying the proximity of her face.

Then, out of the blue, one of the Olivia's hands wandered off below his waist and Peter stiffened, feeling her tiny fingers unbutton his flannel pants and stubbornly tug downwards at the waistline, showing him clearly what she wanted.

He half stood-up and discarded his pants, and they joined her bathrobe on the floor. Peter was now left in nothing but his dark blue boxers and he blushed, fully aware that his protruding cock was all too visible to Olivia's eyes. His reaction to her suddenly registered in full glory, so Peter hurried back to lie next to Olivia, embracing her shyly and thus partially hiding his arousal.

-Are those Calvin Clein Pro Stretch Reflex Boxer Briefs?-Olivia teased him, now daringly massaging his lower stomach, enjoying watching him twitch and buckle into her thigh instinctively and unconsciously.

Peter composed himself and cleared his throat before replying.

-Yeah. Walter bought those for me in four different colors. Blue, light blue, black and white…

-I recognized them because of the contour pouch-she whispered mischievously.

Peter, emboldened by her touches, pulled Olivia impossibly close to him and let his lips languidly roam over hers. Feeling Olivia relax, Peter leaned over her, lifting himself up on his elbows, and planting his hands on either sides of her body.

Peter took a moment to drink in the view of her, as Olivia shifted restlessly beneath him; but her outline was blurry in the darkness and he moaned in complaint.

-Livia… I need… I need to see you. All of you. Please…

He began to stand up, determined to switch on the nightstand lamp that was nearest to him, but then, all of a sudden, both of them flickered and turned on at the same time, giving away faint orange light.

-Did you just…-Peter stared at her in admiration as she nodded shyly. –Use your… Your ability?

-It seems that it somehow works only when you're around-Olivia admitted in a fond whisper.

-Well, I am known to have a strong influence on ladies-he grinned flirtily but his smirk froze on his lips as Olivia impatiently dragged him on top of her and slowly removed the straps of her nightshirt, pulling it downwards in an unhurried motion.

-Oliv… Olivia…-he stuttered like a halfwit, gazing at her smooth, milky pale skin, not being able to avert his eyes and not believing his own luck, as inch by inch of those uncharted waters was gradually being revealed to his lustful stare.

-Peter, you are shivering-she stated worriedly. True enough, his entire body was being shaken by violent tremors, overwhelmed by emotions.

-I feel like I'm gonna have a heart attack-Peter confessed in earnest.

One of Olivia's eyebrows shot up into the air inquisitively.

-Don't look at me like that! I'm in bed with a naked girl of my dreams. What would you do?

-I don't know. I don't dream of naked girls-she retorted coolly and naughtily.

Peter grinned widely-Was that a joke you cracked on me? This Bishop humor is starting to rub off on you.

-I know. Gross, right?

-I think it's kinda sexy.

-That just means one thing. I'm gonna have to start spending less time with you two.

Upon hearing those words, Peter hugged her even tighter, clutching Olivia to his chest, half frightened she might decide to do just that.

To punish her for her threat, Peter straddled Olivia next and ran his fingertips from her neck down her belly, drawing a shudder that shook her entire petite body.

-You're ticklish-he beamed, reveling in his new discovery.

-And you?

-I'm not-Peter grinned victoriously. Just to make sure, Olivia reached under his armpits and caressed the fuzzy hair below. After failing to cause a reaction, her fingers playfully touched the soft skin on the soles of his feet but Peter didn't even flinch.

-That's not fair-she complained, pouting.

-I know. Life's not fair-Peter teased her but stopped speaking abruptly after having felt her fingers lightly brush his jutting erection that was now literally touching his abdomen.

-Hey… -he moaned weakly, inching himself backwards. -All boys are ticklish down there.

Olivia slid her hand up and down his shaft teasingly couple of more times, curious about its length, and then more than eagerly responded to a passionate kiss Peter hurriedly and lustfully placed on her lips, which, in turn, made his rod convulse agonizingly and squirt some more pre-cum upwards.

Shit. I am going to cream in my boxers from just kissing her on the bed. Like a teenager. If we were to do it now… I wouldn't last a minute.-Peter thought to himself, embarrassed, wondering what he should do.

He opted to gently explore and please her first, tentatively pulling her nightshirt downwards and leaving Olivia in nothing but black panties. The sight of her perfect body beneath him, sprawled invitingly on the bed, aroused Peter immeasurably, and his pupils dilated as he was slowly taking in the most beautiful sight Peter could ever hope to glance upon.

As his trembling elbows came to rest either side of her head, Peter whispered to her urgently:

-Have you got any idea how appealing you are right now?

He moved his mouth over her throat, lustily trailing her exposed neckline, and nibbled on the lobe of her ear.

-Everywhere, Liv… I… I want to touch you everywhere-he blurted out.

She smiled.

-What's stopping you?

Peter gulped at those words and took her mouth next, with the gentle abandon, pressing his tongue against hers. He was burning up inside.

When they broke the kiss, Olivia looked into his eyes and spread her palms over Peter's chest, enjoying the crinkling of the sparse hair under her fingertips. She caressed his nipples, taking pleasure in the tremor that ran through him. Olivia was beginning to love the way her every small touch garnered a reaction from Peter.

Peter obscenely stared at Olivia's perfect, firm, round breasts, dumbly blushing like a boy, as if he were witnessing a nude woman's body for the first time, not quite comprehending he was actually allowed to touch them, tentatively caressing and fondling her milky globes. A wide smile spread on his face upon seeing her nipples and Olivia looked at him inquisitively.


-It's nothing.


-Okay, fine-he muttered, embarrassed. –I… At Ella's birthday party…


-You looked unearthly, Olivia. I had never seen you in a dress before that, and I couldn't take my eyes of off you. I would often fantasize about you… In the lab, or… At my hotel room, but… That particular imaginative piece hit me fully on the head in the middle of the party… Anyhoo… I wondered what… What color your nipples were…-he blurted out, ashamed of admitting it to her.

Olivia's cheeks reddened but she accepted the game.

-And did you guess?

-Yeah-Peter grinned proudly, seeing it hadn't bothered Olivia; then he mischievously dipped his head, drawing her left nipple between his lips and firstly suckling on one tender light pink bud, only to begin lapping in earnest at the other moments later, working them expertly both into taut, aching peaks, stirring uproar inside Olivia. When his stubble teased one, and then another rosy diamond, Olivia let out a quiet, erotic moan, recalling her dream as her sensitive peaks sprang to attention and she sank her hands in his hair, writhing beneath Peter, her hips slowly, instinctively undulating.

Her head felt dizzy and she gasped his name several times urging him on, feeling his palms on her firm, flat stomach next. Olivia sensed a thousand butterflies jumping furiously around her innards, wanting to escape their carnal prison when Peter dipped his tongue into the hollow of her belly button and continued to move even lower.

-Olivia… So gorgeous… -he muttered reverentially, in an admiring tone. –So… Incredible… -Peter couldn't believe his luck. Here he was, at the end of all things, or so it seemed, finally in bed with the woman he had been obsessed with during the past year, or his entire life, really. If he were to be honest, it was this ideal, this perfection what he had be searching for so long in the countless eyes of the myriads of women he had previously dated and bedded without the second thought…

Peter was intoxicated, inebriated with her presence, with Olivia's closeness and her warmth. He knelt on the rug next, and placed her neverending, perfectly shaped long gams on his strong shoulders. Firstly, he rascally kissed her soft soles and naughtily, lovingly suckled on her tiny perfect toes, taking them into his mouth one by one, abusing the recently obtained knowledge about Olivia's ticklishness, as she was giggling uncontrollably like a child, gently trying to push him away with her feet but not quite succeeding in that endeavor. Then Peter's lips playfully surged upwards, working their way to Olivia's thighs, dedicatedly and meticulously exploring every inch of the new, unknown territory and trying to memorize as many details as possible. He found himself in awe of her legs yet once again.

-Your legs are so strong, Livia… So muscular yet so exquisitely sculpted… The legs of a dancer and those of a kicker… All in one… The embodiment of perfection, that's what you are, honey…-he whispered repeatedly, kissing her tenderly and with wonder, pleased to see her blush wordlessly at his praises.

When he ultimately reached the soft flesh of her inner thighs, grazing them ever so slowly, Olivia thought she was going to melt and a small quiet cry escaped her lips. Peter's trembling fingers greedily and rather impatiently moved away the soft dark fabric of her black, now dampened panties, pulling them down Olivia's legs and onto the floor. He needed to feel her scent, to taste her so bad…

However, he could sense Olivia stiffen and somewhat cross her thighs in a slightly defensive, insecure way. It saddened Peter, and he climbed back up to look at her in the eyes, to calm her down, wondering why she suddenly shunned his contact.

-Liv…-Peter moaned pleadingly, cupping her face reassuringly. –I… I just wanna please you… To worship you in every way… I want you to feel good, to feel adored… I'm not gonna hurt you, Livia. Let me… Let me make you feel good.

She sighed, simply nodding, as images of Big Eddie's paws raking her body flew through her mind… Dipping his fingers between her legs… He was the last man to touch her down there and that very thought filled Olivia with nausea.

-What is it, sweetheart?

Olivia glanced downwards and her nervous stare met his now incredibly light blue sincere, childlike, questioning, worried eyes. She pulled herself together and eventually replied, briefly and honestly.

-I remembered Big Eddie.

Peter heaved a deep sigh and his mouth twitched unpleasantly. Then he muttered furiously under his breath: -That motherfucker; before he placed his head on her breasts and hugged her tightly, and desperately, repeating soothingly:

-Honey, he's gone. He's dead now. You killed him. He paid for what he did to you, to all of us. I'm here, Olivia. It's me, Peter. It's me.

A single tear went down Olivia's cheek before she clutched his head even firmer and nodded, now reassured.

Peter positioned himself between her thighs again, looking upwards cautiously, checking on her every now and then and ready to stop advancing immediately in case she changed her mind. Her head was tilted on the right, she wasn't looking at him, and a tiny tremor shook her body, but Olivia said nothing.

Peter took it as "yes", but nevertheless, he frowned slightly, wondering how she allowed Lucas to touch her there, to take her fully, and how she explained her fear to him…

Peter braced himself next and gently approached her lady garden once more.

He could see Olivia was aroused, because the tiny pool of her wetness was already glistening on the bed, but he wasn't prepared for the fullness and richness of her tantalizing, bewitching, intimate scent that was emanating from the sheets, and it hit him square in the nostrils, making his knees weak.

That unique bouquet of hers, that sole aroma that was one of the kind, which tormented Peter in his fantasies, made his lower mandible clench and tremble, as his teeth chattered in unison and his tongue darted out from between his dry lips. His mouth watered. He was drawn to her like an ant to sugar.

The swelling in his loins became unbearable and as his rigid shaft violently jumped up, oozing semen on her carpet, Peter, frightened, squeezed his tool between his thighs as firmly as he could, trying to stop himself from cumming then and there.

-Jesus-he growled, bewildered, breathing laboriously. Peter had never lost control over a girl like that before and it terrified him.

Her tiny nub was shyly hiding among her golden curls, protruding ever so slightly, and for some reason that made Peter smile. He took it gently into his mouth and suckled on it slowly, tenderly and lovingly, cradling it between his lips, listening to the tiny quiet gasps of pleasure Olivia started eliciting. She arched her back and her hips instinctively tried to run away from the intensity of feeling, and from the chaos he was causing between her legs, but Peter was having none of it and his warm palms gently stilled her, cupping her tight, firm buttocks, as he eagerly continued his ministrations.

His eyes were closed shut, his head was swimming, and soon after, Peter got lost in the sensation of her wondrous smell and taste, as his lustful tongue started hungrily, recklessly feasting on her honey pot in earnest, flicking faster and faster over her now swollen, pulsating, engorged button, letting out loud grunts of contentment.

Peter felt as if he were somehow glued on to Olivia's venus mound, without being able to pull apart, as time was coming to stand still; he thought he could savor her gorgeousness like this forever if she'd let him…

As he recognized the beginning of the increasing, shaky tremors in her nub, he looked up at Olivia's face and moaned seeing her beet red cheeks, her golden curtain spilled on the pillow in disarray, her perfect body twitching uncontrollably, her tiny fists grabbing the sheets, her tongue frenziedly darting over her slightly parted plump lips…

That immensely erotic scene drove him mad, and Peter vigorously doubled his speed until Olivia finally quietly whispered his name sensually, now burying her fingers into his hair and exploded with soul-shattering intensity in his mouth:

-Oh, Peter… I… Oh.

Her jewel was still throbbing in Peter's lips, jumping wildly, pulsating, and he gently, soothingly nibbled on it further, determined to let her freely ride the aftermaths of her orgasm.

Peter couldn't avert his eyes from Olivia. There was just something so intimate, so feminine in that precise moment when she came apart around him, so fragile, timid, and tender… He marveled at that side of her personality and it marveled him even more to know that Olivia had let him in, that she had finally allowed him to see it.

Then he climbed up to rest beside her, grinning crookedly and self-satisfactorily, and when Olivia eventually reopened her unfocused dark green eyes, her mouth widened in an admiring smile as she giggled breathlessly, caressing his stubbled cheek.

-Oh. Wow.

He sat upright and half bowed, enthralled with her giggle once again.

-What can I say, Dunham? I am multitalented.

-I can see that, Bishop-those words emerged in deep, shuddering gasps from Olivia's throat as she was still trying to compose herself from the radiant waves of pleasure that were running through her body.

Olivia tucked her head under his chin and sighed contently, satisfied with simply lying in Peter's embrace for a minute or two, but at the same time feeling the renewed, unmistakable lusty tingling inside her sizzling core. This desire was just the beginning and she was well aware of it.

Olivia desperately needed more Peter; she wanted to sense him deep within, where she most ached for fulfillment.

Peter's alert, wary eyes followed Olivia as she leaned above him, pausing to gaze tenderly at his boyish face. Her mouth lowered to Peter's for a brief kiss, but when he parted his lips expectantly, wanting more, she mischievously denied it and slid downwards to his neck and to his chest instead.

His tight muscles felt amazing beneath her lips; a saddened expression appeared on her face as she reached the BE letters, whose ugly scars were still engraved in Peter's skin, and Olivia affectionately cherished that very place several times, as if she wanted to console him in the only way she knew how before continuing her journey.

Peter inhaled sharply, suddenly having felt Olivia's gentle hands spontaneously slide his boxers down his muscular thighs. When she started kissing his lower abdomen, the bathtub fantasy smacked him square in the head, and his hard cock with its swollen red and purple head surged rapidly upwards, literally hitting Olivia in the face.

-Fuck. I'm sorry-Peter snarled, beet red, without being able to remember if he had ever been embarrassed like that in his entire life.

Olivia merely smiled, amused, her light green eyes now paying full attention to Peter's shaft.

Her pupils widened at its length and girth, as she couldn't stop herself from eying it appreciatively, gazing in awe. She could see several blood vessels running the length and bulging slightly. He was as hard as steel.

Olivia shot an inquisitive and admiring glance in Peter's direction, and he moaned weakly in reply:

-Yeah. I used to get that kind of reaction a lot.

Olivia's childish face jealously frowned at that particular piece of information, and she vindictively squeezed his aching bulge, grasping it tightly in her fist, shaking her head in surprise when she noticed her fingers couldn't quite extend entirely around his massive organ.

Peter's monster jerked in her palm, throbbing incredibly hard, and thrashing around, coated and stained with transparent viscous liquid, as some sort of slippery eel.

Olivia couldn't resist her desire to taste him, and she slowly took the tip of Peter's manhood into her mouth, savoring the pre-cum that was copiously leaking from his slit. It felt like a mix of salty sweet goodness.

Peter moaned noisily at the first touch of her soft tongue, jumping from the pillow and instinctively placing himself in the sitting position, caressing her hair, staring at her incredulously. He blurted out in short gasps, as if trying to dissuade Olivia, but feebly:

-Olivia… Oh God… You don't have to…-his astonished gaze followed Olivia's mouth as she slowly scraped along his shaft with the back of her teeth.

Meanwhile, her hands busied themselves with Peter's hot and heavy balls, filled with cum, fondling them gently, weighing and rubbing them in her palms, causing Peter to groan loudly. She paused for a bit, lifting her eyes, meeting Peter's feverish gaze, and then she decisively, wordlessly pushed him back on the bed, spreading his thighs so as to gain better access to his crotch.

Peter sighed contently, easily defeated, giving himself away to her lips, nesting comfortably on her mattress, and his piano fingers absently fondled Olivia's sleek golden hair.

Her hands and mouth seemed to instinctively know their way around him, and that revelation surprised and pleased Peter at the same time.

When Olivia teasingly licked and squirmed her tongue at the most sensitive part of Peter's head, slowly sliding down his shaft, he started shivering wildly in earnest, screaming her name, leaking more pre-cum, which coated his dick and her sheets along the way.

Olivia blushed, wondering what her neighbors would think of the animalistic sounds coming from her apartment, but she decided not to care about that just now.

First she licked him clean and then she fully took him in her mouth next, agonizingly slowly, inch by inch, till her nose hit Peter's pelvic bone. His taste was overwhelming, and an abandoned moan escaped Olivia's throat.

The vibration caused Peter's swollen mushroom to engorge in her mouth even more. He growled softly and moved his hips in rhythm as Olivia bobbed her head, increasing her endeavor, feeling that he was close.

As his cock was convulsing in a series of minuscule spasms, Peter, still trembling, started muttering, pleading incoherently:

-Livia… Jesus Christ… Oh God honey… Honey, don't stop… Please… Oh please… Don't stop Olivia… I beg you… This… This feels so… So amazing…

After having realized what he had just said, Peter clasped his mouth, frightened of the way he had lost control over his mind in her presence, under the influence of her touch… Peter couldn't recall he had ever been so affected by a woman. Temporarily regaining his cerebral faculties, and sensing the fiery culmination was very, very near, Peter cupped Olivia's head with both of his hot callous palms, making her look him in the eyes, and whispering:

-Sweetheart… Sweetheart… Listen to me… I am going to lose it… Please stop now, Livia… If… If you continue… I… I think I'll come into your mouth… I don't have power over myself anymore… I… I can just stroke it off onto my stomach… And… You don't have to…Oh, God, what are you doing to me…-his voice trailed off, broken, hoarse with lust as he fell backwards once more, powerless to do anything.

It turned Olivia on immeasurably. She loved seeing Peter's bewildered, aroused face, and hearing that husky, horny tone muttering into her ear…

Instead of stopping as he asked her to, Olivia sped up her movements once again, smiling upon hearing Peter moan from deep within his chest: a long drawn out sound of lust, passion and frustration.

She could hear him call out her name repeatedly, as if it were some sort of mantra, a special kind of prayer; the words were almost undistinguishable amongst his harsh breaths, as Peter's hips rose and fell quickly between her lips, and then his molten, thick, white juices suddenly hit the back of her throat without previous warning.

Olivia gently suckled on regardless, swallowing and carefully, slowly savoring every drop of Peter's semen, wanting to keep the memory of his bittersweet flavor within her forever.

Peter was drained. He felt so weak after the climax that he couldn't even react to Olivia's gentle teasing. She climbed up to lay her head on his chest, and, couple of minutes later, whispered, stating playfully, caressing his torso:

-You taste like oranges.

-Why am I not surprised?-Peter muttered frailly, sleepily. He felt spent and relaxed, and he embraced Olivia, clutching her tight, kissing her forehead. –Two weeks of hospital diet and Walter's visits will do that to you. Seeing how Walter insisted that I…-he fell silent once again as Olivia's hand roamed daringly lower yet again, lovingly caressing his manhood.

Feeling Peter twitch deep within her throat, and then tasting him so intimately, made Olivia famished for more. She had never been so aroused. Her needy place was incredibly damp and moist, slick and swollen, and a small shudder shook her body. Olivia could actually feel creamy droplets oozing from her hungry slit.

Peter sucked in his breath, sensing his tool slowly stir to full attention from its extremely short slumber under her tender strokes, buckling into Olivia's palm.

-Argh…-he stammered, dumbfounded, without being able to stop himself from blindly, lustfully thrusting into her hand. Wherever Olivia would move her arm, his granite hard-on would instinctively, immediately follow, bobbing after it, like a faithful dog on an invisible leash, loyal to his mistress.

-He likes you-Peter whispered passionately, propping himself up on one elbow and gazing admiringly into her face.

Olivia chuckled at that remark and then relaxed, lying on her back, looking at Peter invitingly, her eyes now dark hazel with desire.

No man alive could resist this temptation-Peter thought, as his pupils unabashedly roamed all over her exposed, perfect, curvaceous body. His brain was completely fried the moment Olivia lifted her right hand up in the air, her forefinger beckoning at him in a "come here" motion, her teeth nibbling on her lower lip and her eyebrow shooting high up in the air. The sleek golden curtain of her hair dissipated all over the pillow.

Peter, emboldened with her invitation, straddled Olivia next, gently kissing her forehead, her cheeks, her eyes and eventually tracing her neckline with his lips. He gulped after having felt Olivia's beautiful long legs wrap firmly around his waist, shivering confusedly, disoriented, as if it were his first time.

-Liv… I… I…-Peter muttered, embarrassed… -I don't have a condom-he finally admitted sheepishly.

-You didn't think you would get lucky tonight?-she mocked him good-naturedly and Peter shook his head merrily and incredulously at her audacity.

-No. To tell you the truth, I didn't-he replied honestly with a small smile.

-I'm on a pill-she simply stated, pulling him into a loving embrace and bringing Peter's head to rest on her tiny shoulder.

A tormented frown that overshadowed his face after those words left her mouth didn't escape Olivia's notion and she inquired worryingly:


-It's nothing-Peter lied, reassuringly, resuming the attention he was paying to her left earlobe.

Of course she's on the pill, seeing how just a week ago she probably did it with Lucas in this very same bed. She most likely started taking the pills back then. But no. I won't think about that right now. He is gone. I won't let that spoil my first time with Olivia-he pondered, shaking his head decidedly, bringing Olivia's head lovingly to his chest and seizing her petite body in a tight embrace, longing to feel her nearer.

Olivia reveled in Peter's strength. She wasn't sure she had ever noticed how strong he is, or she simply hadn't seen him like that before, she hadn't looked upon Peter in that way… Her palms leisurely caressed his biceps and his broad shoulders as she pulled him incredibly close.

Olivia smoothed her hands over Peter's back as tenderness swelled inside her. He pressed his lips to hers and sank his hands in her hair. His tongue flickered over hers, tasting and retreating, only to dip back inside again. His erection nudged her belly. She writhed beneath him.

Olivia parted her thighs and moaned against his mouth when he settled between them. His cock carefully probed her warm entrance. She wedged her hand between their bodies and touched him again. She loved the feel of Peter, the heat, the silky skin. Everything.

Peter almost fainted when he felt her tiny soft heel digging into his right buttock, urging him on impatiently, as Olivia whispered daringly:

-I want you inside me, Peter.

He groaned and swallowed hard at those words.

-Liv, I can't get enough of you.-Peter captured her mouth with his. She swept her hands down his back, curving them over his arse. He rubbed his cock against her pussy, making her hips move and her breath catch as he slid inside her just a little. He moved his attention to her breast, working her nipple into a taut, aching peak with his thumb.

Peter then pulled her hands up beside her head, interlacing his fingers with hers against the pillow. He leaned back and looked into her eyes.

-You're sure?

She wrapped her legs around his waist and hooked her ankles at his lower back.


Peter squeezed her hands and plunged inside her.

Olivia bit her lip and clenched her eyes shut. She expanded around him as he drove deep, filling her entirely. Peter's shaft was suddenly completely embedded within her, sheathed in her warmth. He stilled his movements for several seconds, panting, resting against Olivia. His chest hair grazed her nipples, his fingers tightened reflexively in hers.

She heard his restrained breaths as Peter tried to control his own needs, thrusting wildly and rapidly several times, unaccustomed to such perfect tightness, and Olivia winced in pain, closing her eyelids.

Peter was like a starving beggar suddenly brought into a warm kitchen filled with all sorts of delicious food, and he grabbed it hungrily, shoving it recklessly into his mouth with both hands, swallowing rapidly and almost choking on it in process.

He stopped dead in his tracks, however, after having seen the expression on Olivia's face.

She opened her eyes and saw the concern in his.

-Make love to me-Olivia whispered, and Peter kissed her softly as his hips began a new, tender, slow, soothing rocking motion, led by her little foot.

He leaned on his elbow and wrapped his other arm around her. He pulled Olivia close while he thrust gently.

Olivia looked into his eyes while his hips pumped against hers.

Peter stroked her hair, kissed her lips. He whispered words of encouragement to her, all the while invading her body with his hot length. Olivia was swept away with the pleasure of it all. His hair-coarsened skin grazed her softness. His rasping stubble made her feel so feminine. Her every sense was heightened.

Peter buried his face in the curve of her shoulder and kissed her throat. His cock withdrew almost all the way and plunged back inside her. Olivia tilted her head on the pillow and gasped. The gentle pumping of his hips made her moan; his powerful thrusts made her stomach flutter and pleasure streak through her.

She had a suspicion he was holding back, taking it slow for her benefit. She could feel it in his bunched muscles and his strained breaths against her neck.

Olivia had to admit that the slow rhythm was extremely pleasurable in the beginning, especially since it's been a while for her, and she needed to get accustomed to Peter's girth and length, but now the fire that was spreading through her stomach needed a faster pace if it was ever to be extinguished.

She gripped his chiseled buttocks, pulling him impossibly deep inside her, and Peter groaned loudly, finally comprehending what she wanted, grabbing her hips and setting a quick pounding pace.

Olivia was bent in half, as he lay on her chest. His lips captured her rock hard nipples, sucking them in sharply.

With his mouth latched firmly to her pink pebble, he cupped her ass cheeks in his hands, holding her steady, as he ground into her.

The burning sensation skyrocketed Olivia into overdrive, making her coat his manhood in her juices.

Her soft moans turned into shrill gasps. Peter pumped harder, bringing them both to an earth shattering peak, surprised at how shy and quiet she was in bed while he was uncontrollably loud with her, unable to withhold his cries. He actually expected it to be the other way around.

Olivia sensed Peter's hot seed splash her inner walls, filling her completely. Bright white light exploded behind her eyes, as she came hard enough to push his spewing dick out and let out a long, drawn out, silent moan.

Peter felt like he was being blown away by an incredibly strong whirling wind, like his soul was being lifted and taken up and away from his body, and he frantically grabbed Olivia's petite frame for support, to steady himself, finally collapsing on top of her and burying his head in her shoulder.

They were gasping for air, trying to calm down, madly clutching one another in fright, both unaccustomed to the feeling of giving up the control and to the wild sensations that were dominating their bodies, now covered in a fine layer of salty sweat as their scents mingled in a new wondrous aroma.

After several minutes, Peter finally managed to lift himself up on wobbly arms as he peeked into her glowing face, he himself radiating a warm happy childish smile, and then he touched her forehead several times with his lips in reverence.

-Is this a dream?-he blurted out. –Oh, wait, it can't be, since when I dream, I only have nightmares.

-It was beautiful-Olivia whispered, gazing at him lovingly, as she caressed his unruly locks.

-You are beautiful-Peter replied in earnest. To him, this new Olivia Dunham, looked like a butterfly released from a cocoon, bubbly, giggly, carefree little girl, her hear tousled, her cheeks flushed, her expression radiant.

Peter sadly wondered how long before she returned into her special agent mode and put on the cold and formal surgical mask she always wore and he secretly hoped she wouldn't use it anymore when she was alone with him, in the secluded privacy of their little sanctuary.

They both turned to their sides, looking contently at each other's eyes as Peter spoke yet again, flushed in face but emphasizing every word.

-Olivia… I wanted to say that… This is my first time in eleven months. After Iraq. I… I wished it to be with you.

Olivia hugged him and pressed her forehead onto his. Then a tiny questioning frown appeared on her features and Peter inquired worryingly:

-What is it, sweetheart?

She shook her head and laughed at the use of an endearment that had now become a real expression of care from Peter while it had been nothing but a mockery before.



-Did you really… Did you really sleep with… All those women in Iraq… You know… The girls Big Eddie mentioned.

He bit his upper lip and looked away repentantly.

-I did. And I am not proud of it-he hated himself for having inflicted the disappointed look on her face.

-Walter abandoned me. My mother as well. I was all alone in the world. He offered me a farce. I still remember he told me that the members of his gang are all treated like a family. That we watch each other's back. Big Eddie was like a father figure to me. I actually looked up to him, I wanted to be like him. I recklessly committed one mistake after another. I was always a hot head. And those innumerable female bodies I would get lost in… They were giving me the sense of belonging, I felt… When the prostitutes touched me, when they stroked me, when they were telling me they loved me… I was forcing myself to believe that it was real. I wanted it to be real. But the version of the family he was offering to me was a travesty, a mockery, a charade… And I would always be left empty-handed. Then things got ugly. I wanted out. But… Once you're Big Eddie's, you're his for life. And he doesn't forgive so easily, as you have had an opportunity to see.

Olivia felt Peter had been tortured enough physically and emotionally and she decided not to torment him any longer with the questions about his past, brushing those thoughts aside. She turned her tone into playful instead:

-So is this really your first time in eleven months?-she teased.

-Hey! I deserve a hero medal for endurance!-Peter pouted and she gently, consolingly suckled on his lower lip making him moan and deepen the kiss. When they broke apart, Peter admitted, sheepishly:

-Wait a sec… Scratch that… Rewind… I almost did it with the nurse.

-What nurse?-Peter was enjoying this newfound Olivia's jealous, inquiring tone. -Maya Stone?

-You know her? Why am I not surprised, detective?-Peter was astonished but he laughed out loud.

-Yeah. I interrogated her about your behavior that night in the hospital. She almost lost her job. She was really lucky you covered for her.

-How do you…-Peter opened his mouth and then he closed them, marveling at Olivia's deductive abilities.

-Oh come on. Who do you take me for? It was obvious that she was the one who brought you the bottles. She was so nervous and fidgety when I asked her that particular question.

-My deepest apologies for having doubted you, Ma'am.

-I have to admit-Olivia started rationally, albeit a bit sadly-she is kind of sweet and good looking.

-Meh. She was the one who wanted to get it on with me, but I told her she was ugly.

Olivia raised her eyebrow and shook her head.

-Okay. It didn't happen quite like that, but I'd rather not go into details. I am actually very ashamed about what had transpired between Maya and me. She had never been anything but kind to me, and I…-he swallowed repentantly. –I was going to use her. She was just a body. I needed. To forget…

Olivia saw his eyes darken and turn into narrow slits, up to the point of irrecognition, giving him an ominous look as his fists angrily grabbed the bed sheets, almost ripping them apart.

-Peter… -she hastily took his face into her hands. –Peter, calm down. I want you to listen to me… Tonight… It was my first time after Iraq too.

-You didn't do it with Lucas?-Peter inquired, incredulous, feeling like a huge burden fell from his heart and his mind as Olivia started speaking somewhat incoherently.

-I wanted to… But… I couldn't. I didn't understand why at first. Lucas didn't attract me as he used to. I was trying so hard to feel something for him but… In the end… I couldn't. He could clearly see I am not in love with him, so… So he left-Olivia finished.

-I would try so hard never to leave, Olivia. Never to give up on you. And he simply walked away. What kind of a man does that? Did he have any idea what enormous treasure he was abandoning?

-It was my fault.

-Don't say that. He…

-It was-Olivia interrupted him nervously. -While…-she wasn't sure if she should be telling Peter this, but he looked so hurt moments ago that she simply wanted to boost his ego a bit. -While we were making out, I said your name out loud.

-You did?-Peter's wide, happy boyish smile disarmed her completely. –Well in that case… That is a no-no in every guy's dating book-he pulled her into a bear hug. –Aw, honey, that is so sweet. My little Special Agent was thinking of me. My very, very special agent-he whispered lovingly, kissing her face and clutching her firmly.

Olivia sensed him stiffen yet again after several moments had passed and she looked at him warily, wondering what he was thinking about.

-Why did you call him?-he stammered, his voice trembling, all of his anguish, sadness and unanswered queries conveniently fitting in that one simple question.

-Peter, I was desperate. You told me you were leaving. I… I was very disappointed. I felt an enormous void and I felt the need to fill it-she stated simply.

-Well at least you had an easy solution for your love problem. You didn't go around splitting mirrors and tearing away bandages….-he attempted to joke around, to diminished the throbbing ache whose remnants he was still feeling and failed. –When I found out… When Rachel told me everything… I felt so desperate; like there was nothing to hold on to anymore. She visited me and… After that… I went mad.-Olivia worriedly kept track of Peter's face, seeing how his Adam's apple bobbed in his throat and how he closed his eyes in pain. –I didn't know what I was doing. It was as if someone had pulled the ground beneath my feet and left me dangling in the mid air. I felt betrayed, Olivia… I wanted to… To forcedly rip you out of my heart-her eyes widened as Peter began to shake, reliving those moments yet again. –I wanted to forget you, to hate you… To replace you. And I couldn't.-his teeth chattered. -When I took Maya in my arms… She turned into you. She had your everything. Your beautiful golden hair. Those deep intelligent green eyes. Those horrible freckles. That sweet pouty mouth. And I knew then that I was defeated. I couldn't run away from what I felt anymore. I couldn't like, love, or let alone think about another woman anymore. You were so deeply rooted inside my being. Taking you out would mean taking out the part of myself. Do you understand that?-Peter's eyes were teary now and Olivia swallowed hard seeing him like this, repenting for what she had done, unaware that it would harm him so much.

-Peter, I am so sorry. I didn't know. I didn't know.-she whispered repeatedly; placing her head under his chin and thankfully, it seemed to have an extremely soothing effect on him.

-You couldn't have known. I was hiding everything I felt behind the mask of a sarcastic con-man. I never hinted I felt anything deeper for you. Our conversations never crossed the line of a flirt, or harmless banter. It's partially my fault, for not having admitted how much I wanted you. But I couldn't. I was afraid you'd say no. And that you'll close those doors forever. Because I knew deep inside I didn't deserve you. That my only hope of having you was a fool's hope.

-Peter… You don't have to say anything.

-No, no. I do. Listen to me, Livia. It's true. I actually can't believe that this has happened, I still can't process… Olivia… You… Accepting me. I don't deserve you.-he repeated in a broken voice. –I mean… Look at you. You are an angel. Perfect on the outside and on the inside… And I am a crook. A thief. A liar. A gambler. Torn inside… Stained, dirty, tainted… Please clean me, Olivia, help me… -he grabbed her anxiously, shivering in earnest. -I need you to be my strength. I beg you… Don't ever let me become like my father… I depend on you so much. Please… Promise me.

-Peter… You…

-I need you to promise me this, Livia… I need it so badly… If I ever stray away from you or from myself again… Please find me and bring me back home.

-I promise-she nodded in earnest, but added reassuringly after couple of seconds:

-You… You have changed a lot during the last year, Peter. You have always been a good man on the inside. Kind, caring, emotional…And now you are simply letting it show, you're opening up.

-I'm afraid, Olivia-he hid his head in her chest, insecurely. -I'm so scared that all those negative feelings will be back. That the violent villain, the fraud, will somehow, at some point resurface again. I've always been a little rash, irrational, letting my emotions get the best of me… You were the one who had the power to calm me down, with that strong, secure aura… Livia. You've been so together with what was going on. More prudent. I want to be a better man for you. I need you forever. Tell me this isn't one night stand, I beg you.

-It's not-she whispered, barely audibly, marveling at the emotions Peter had been displaying that night, in awe of the richness and subtlety of his feelings for her.

He grinned contently, and suckled on one of her rose buds lovingly, tickling Olivia in the process, basking happily in the glory of her giggles.

-That's all I needed to hear-he muttered, standing up, and Olivia sized his body up bashfully as he was looking down on her, naked, in his full glory. He took her in his arms, lifting her up as easily as if she were a tiny doll and carried her out of the bedroom.

-Where are you taking me?-she laughed, feeling strangely secure cradled so near Peter's chest.

-My little girl is going to have her night bath and then the princess is going to go to sleep-Peter muttered, opening the door of her bathroom with his foot.

-I see you have planned everything out in advance already-Olivia chuckled.

-That I have, milady, that I have-Peter replied, closing the door behind them and gently placing her into the shower cubicle.

-Palmolive milk and honey. The Healthy Body Wash 2-in-1 Pure Vanilla. "The Perfect Vanilla. This time-saving 2-in-1 celebrates the addictive and comforting qualities of pure Madagascar vanilla." Head & Shoulders Apple Fresh-Peter started reading the brands of Olivia's shampoo and shower gels out loud. –Now I know your secret-he beamed boyishly, looking around her bathroom.

Olivia tenderly placed her arms around his neck and his eyes ultimately got lost in hers, as Peter completely forgot what he was saying prior to her embracing him.

She opened her Healthy Body Wash 2-in-1 Pure Vanilla shower gel and squirted some on her palm, taking the shower head in her other hand and letting the lukewarm water run all over Peter's head, chest and legs. He looked so funny with his hair soaked in water, like a wet kitten and she smiled widely at that sight, before she rubbed some apple scented shampoo on it.

Peter was standing completely still, with his eyes closed, enjoying immensely the feel of Olivia's tender tiny fingers, that were gently massaging and soaping his shoulders, his back and his abdomen. The vanilla and the apple smells, which he had been relating with Olivia for eleven long, agonizing months, were on him now, and he sighed happily, getting lost in those wondrous aromas.

Olivia grabbed his chiseled ass and massaged his buttocks with firm, lusty movements; he laughed hoarsely and whispered:

-It's all yours, honey.

-Good-he heard Olivia reply and he chuckled at the possessive tone she'd used.

His breath got caught in his throat and Peter pulled in a lungful of air as Olivia's fingers wandered below his stomach and wrapped around his shaft, stroking it tenderly, admiringly and with care.

Olivia marveled at the fact that the simple touch of her hands was enough to make his rod strain and engorge. She lovingly cradled his pleasure instrument in one palm, recalling how good it felt inside her just quarter of an hour ago, as she was washing away the last residues of the gel and shampoo from Peter's body.

He opened his eyes and moaned, staring at his evident arousal. Peter was now determined to wipe off that satisfied grin from Olivia's face as he slowly placed his hands around her waist and wordlessly turned her against the bathroom wall. Her nipples were pressed into the cold tiles and Olivia whimpered in pleasure, feeling her cheeks grow hot.

Gone was the teasing expression she'd grown so used to over the year. Gone was the laughter in Peter's eyes. His jaw clenched as he pressed his aching bulge into her thigh from behind. Olivia half turned around, taking in every detail so that she could relive this moment later on in her mind, drawing in a shuddering breath.

Peter reached out his hand and stroked the hollow at the base of her throat. His eyes met hers and he ran his fingertips lightly between her breasts, trailing further down to her navel. His touch was so soft it barely registered, so intense it left shivers in its wake.

-You're stunning- he said.

Olivia pressed her lips together to stop them trembling.

-Thank you- she whispered in reply. Her forehead was level with his jaw and she had to tip her chin to meet his gaze. Peter clasped her face in his hands next, brushing his thumbs over her cheeks. He dipped his head and pressed his lips to her ear, feeling Olivia tense below his touch.


She sighed at the calm assurance in his tone. He encircled her in the strength of his arms, holding her close, his fingers flexing against her spine.

Peter's mouth moved over her throat, dropping lingering kisses here and there.

Then cupped the back of her Olivia's head, nibbling on her lower lip. He flicked his tongue over the closed seam of her mouth. Now that Peter's arms were around her, Olivia found it wasn't all that difficult to let go of her unease. She pressed her hips to his erection to feed the desire welling inside her.

Peter made a small hum of approval. His mouth moved with hers in a kiss so slow and thorough her body loosened and melted against him. Her tongue daringly ventured inside his mouth. Peter groaned and shoved his fingers into Olivia's hair. His other hand swept down her back to curve over her rear. He pressed Olivia to him, rubbing her firmly against his erection.

Olivia tilted her head, trying to reach his throat, merely succeeding to nuzzle his stubble covered chin.

-More-he breathed the single word against her cheek and dragged her lips back to meet his.

His tongue plunged inside Olivia's willing mouth, caressing and exploring the moist depths. He slipped his hand under her heavy fall of hair, cradling the back of her neck as he slid his lips over hers. His cock pressed snugly between her thighs, a tantalizing promise of things to come.

Olivia whimpered , overwhelmed by his passion. They were so close she could feel his heart race against her back.

Peter tore his mouth from hers, breathing heavily as he gazed at her.

-You're driving me crazy.

Olivia smiled mischievously:

-I know how you feel.

Peter looked at her for one long, breath-stealing moment, and then he ran his hands over her flat belly in slow, hypnotizing circles. Olivia watched the movements, gazing downwards as if in a dream. Her skin warmed under his touch and her nipples hardened almost painfully, desperate for his attention. She saw the way his eyes had darkened with need, noticed the steely line of his jaw as he held his desire in check.

He cupped her breasts, running his palms lightly across her buds. Her mouth parted and a soft moan slipped free. He massaged her flesh with firm strokes, lifting and pushing her breasts together. The sight of his masculine hands cupping and caressing her with such care almost pushed her over the edge. He thumbed her nipples, pinching them gently until she cried out.

Peter continued his ministrations on her breast while his other hand slid down her belly. Although she knew what was coming, it didn't stop her from jolting against him when he cupped her pussy. Her back arched and she bit her lip.

-Livvy-he sighed. -You feel wonderful; so soft and smooth.

It didn't take her long to start moving against him. Peter massaged her gently, following her rhythm. He pushed his finger through her lips, sliding it up and down the length of her, spreading her moisture in agonizingly slow strokes. She knew without touching herself how wet she'd become, how wet he'd made her.

Olivia unconsciously pressed her buttocks harder against him. Peter groaned and dipped his finger inside her. She closed her eyes and let her head drop forward. Her blonde hair swept over her shoulders, draping around her in a silky curtain.

-Oh, Peter…that's...-she couldn't put into words the feelings he stirred in her – not just the touch of his hands; his presence, his strength, the knowledge he'd keep her completely safe.

Peter moved his attention to her clit, teasing and taunting the swollen bud. She jerked softly and sighed out his name.

-Look at me, Olivia-he said. His voice was husky and deep, thick with desire.

Olivia lifted her head in reaction and shoved her hair from her face, briefly meeting Peter's eyes and then leaning back on him. Her hips rocked against his hand. Her lips parted as pleasure raced through her. Olivia's nipples were thrusting out proudly. The intensity built until her belly tightened and her legs grew weak. Peter's fingers moved over her with such ease she knew it wouldn't take long.

Her breaths grew heavy as they panted from her. She could feel the bulge of his cock against her lower back. She was on the verge of begging him to put it inside her. He rubbed her moisture over and around her clit, his fingers sliding through her wetness. Sensation grew inside her until she didn't think she could take any more.

-Peter… I…-Olivia stuttered, flushed.

-Let go-Peter whispered against her ear.

That was all it took in the end, the sound of his voice coaxing her toward orgasm. Her hips bucked against his hand. She wanted to double over at the intensity. He held her firmly upright as their eyes met. She strained against his hold and let out a long, low groan through clenched teeth. It ripped through her, so powerful her legs would have buckled if he hadn't been supporting her.

He kept rubbing, extracting the final few tremors from her. She gripped his forearm and whimpered as the waves subsided. Olivia shuddered and turned around in his arms.

-That was amazing-she swept her hair back and fought to catch her breath as her eyes flickered over his face.

-God, you turn me on so much, Olivia. Simply watching you, touching you…I almost lost it when you came. Jesus… I don't know how we managed to keep our hands off of each other during these eleven months. There was so much attraction right from the start, Liv… We've always had an incredible chemistry. I can't seem to get my fill of you… I want you wrapped around me twenty four-seven…-Peter's voice broke, passing into a whimper as his dick bobbed covetously, longing to plunge into her.

Olivia basked in the warmth of his gaze, her body glowing with the pleasure he'd given her and she cried out as Peter turned her to face the wall one more time and impatiently penetrated her tight, wet womanhood.

-Oh, Peter… Ah… You're so hard…-Olivia stammered uncontrollably.

-You know that my name in Greek means: a rock-he whispered saucily into her ear.

-I didn't know that-Olivia barely replied as Peter drove himself deeper into her and she moaned loudly, overwhelmed with pleasure, without being able to stop herself.

-Does it hurt?-he inquired worriedly.

-No… Oh God Peter, don't stop…

Peter felt her clit pulsating and he paused his thrusting into her for the moment, focusing only on Olivia's love button again, rubbing it swiftly and with care, increasing the pressure on her little man in the boat until she cried out into his mouth. Then he buried himself to the hilt one more time, embedding his rod deeply and filling her in one swift motion, as Peter's palms cupped and kneaded Olivia's breasts and his mouth claimed hers.

Olivia felt like an old, seemingly forgotten volcano, now throbbing alive with desire, while all of her erogenous zones were simultaneously being covered and cherished by Peter's skillful hands, his lips and his hard member that was driving her mad with satisfaction.

Peter's cock was impaling her tight opening impossibly fast now, on its own accord; the motions of his hips were a blur, as his horny member was finding the rhythm that suited it most, driven insane with the recently awakened lust and the need to quench its thirst. She couldn't possibly hope to keep up with the maddening rhythm Peter was imposing on her, so Olivia simply stood still and trembled with satisfaction, enjoying the feeling of being thoroughly ravished.

Without being able to control his bodily movements, he growled into Olivia's hair, literally afraid of physical and emotional bond they shared because he had never deeply cared for someone the way he cared for this woman:

-Mine… You're mine…

It was so hot, unbearably hot in the bathroom as the steam from warm water and their breaths was mingling around Peter and Olivia in the air. Peter was now burrowing himself so deep inside her, hitting so many pleasure points that all Olivia could do was moan and grind her hips down on him. She discovered that she that was the way she liked it, rough and wild, just as Peter was giving it to her… Olivia had missed having sex so much and all of her inhibition dams were broken, as her body succumbed beneath the waves of desire.

He just kept ramming her harder and deeper and faster until Olivia thought she'd never be able to breathe again.

It was so savage, so primal…

Then Peter hit a magic spot and, Olivia's whole body shook as her volcano erupted; her sweet lava flowed onto Peter's hard-on, coating it completely and dripping onto the shower cabin floor.

Olivia sighed out in pleasure, but even through the haze of delight, she knew Peter wasn't done yet, her hot pool was convulsing, clamping down on him hard, trying to make him pour out inside her fiery furnace, and at last she could feel it; Olivia sensed something bursting so deep in her passion-moistened depths as Peter shuddered and convulsed in his own, longest, hottest release ever.

He continued to push her hard into the tile wall as his short strokes worked furiously to pump more and more semen into Olivia. Finally, Peter arched and cried her name out, burying himself in Olivia one last time and eventually resting his weight against her.

Blind from the pleasure, Olivia melted into the wall, feeling the cold tile against her cheek, her stomach, her breasts. The hot water was still pouring down her body, the shower stall filled with steam. Her knees were weak and she almost slid down onto the floor, but Peter pulled her back up, embracing her firmly, pressing her on his chest and repeatedly kissing her hair, muttering soothing words.

Olivia's light green gaze was unfocused, all of her muscles ached and her insides were pleasantly sore. She could barely stand, so she helplessly leaned against Peter's strong body and yawned, giving herself away completely to his tender hands, feeling him gently shampooing and carefully rinsing her hair. Then she sensed his loving fingers massage her shoulders, her breasts, her abdomen and her womanly secret, working their way down to her thighs and feet, rubbing in the vanilla scented shower gel and washing it away couple of minutes later with a steady, pleasant stream of lukewarm water. It was so easy to let Peter look after her.

-Peter…-she purred weakly, unable to move, as he turned off the water and took a huge soft green towel, wrapping them both inside it and slowly, devotedly drying the moist drops from their bodies.

-My sweetheart is going to go to sleep now-he whispered, nibbling on her earlobe and lifting her into his arms once again.

-Yes, please-Olivia mewled faintly, grateful for his strong, secure embrace as she felt him take her out of the bathroom.

They reentered her bedroom once again, and Peter gently placed his nude little fairy onto the bed, immediately busying himself with her wardrobe and her lower drawers.

-What are you doing?-Olivia inquired in a feeble whisper, struggling to keep her eyes open, trying to discern what his naked form was looking for, kneeling on her rug.

–Where do you keep your hair dryer?-Peter asked in a solemn tone of voice, but Olivia giggled, because she couldn't possibly take him seriously while he was on his all fours on her bedroom floor, with no clothes on.

-Next to my spare gun, in the bottom drawer of the left nightstand-she courtly informed him.

Peter shook his head incredulously, and as he bent down to pry it away, along with the wooden comb he found next to it, Olivia's eyes instinctively checked out his ass. He's so hot-she thought inwardly, fighting the urge to chuckle at herself.

-And here I was halfway hoping you were kidding. That's actually dangerous, you could blow your head off if you decide to dry your hair while you're sleepy, you know…

Not having received any kind of reply from Olivia, he turned around and smiled lovingly at her closed eyelids. She fell asleep. Well, I did leave her exhausted.-Peter grinned somewhat proudly at himself, smirking, recalling how pleased Olivia was with his touch and how readily she responded to his ministrations.

He sat on the edge of Olivia's bed, and lifted her in a half seated position, leaning Olivia's head against his chest and crookedly turning on the hair dryer.

She woke up instantly and protested against the loud humming sound, but Peter simply soothed her with words:

-It'll be over in five minutes.

After quickly having dried her sleek, obedient hair, Peter turned off the hair dryer, and placed it next to the lamp on her nightstand. He dove his nostrils into Olivia's apple scented golden strands and sighed contently, beginning to comb them.

Olivia felt like a pampered little girl in his affectionate arms; she enjoyed the warmness she felt, she reveled in the attention Peter was paying to her hair and she stretched in his heat-emanating embrace confidently and contently.

-Mmm…You're like my personal heater-she whispered.

Peter kissed her tenderly and whispered back:

-I want to be your everything.

After several silent moments, he asked, playfully:

-Hey, now that I am on such a good terms with my boss, do you think she'll let me carry the gun? Or pass a basic FBI training? Maybe I'll get a pay raise and stop being a civilian consultant to the Department of Homeland Security?

-In your dreams, Bishop.

-Nah, that's OK. I'm FBI anyway.

-How so?

-Well, you know what FBI stands for: Female Body Inspector.

Olivia gently slapped his cheek and Peter swiftly corrected himself, flattering her:

-Hang on, we'll invent a new title: OBI- Olivia's Body Inspector. I sure hope that wasn't what "Obi" stood for in Star Wars…-Peter rambled on, since he would always talk too much when was nervous or overtly excited about something, but he felt Olivia relax yet again in his arms and he knew she was slowly falling into a tired slumber.

Peter carefully turned off the lamps on both sides of the bed, and snuck next to Olivia under the covers. She was so lovely when she was drowsy, and Peter stared at her wide eyed, pulling slightly apart, propping himself on his elbows to look at her face.

Olivia moaned in protest, snuggling closer to him, needing to be near his heat, and she was just getting ready to delve into a dream world with the man she cared about so much right next to her, when she heard his husky, deep voice whispering into her ear:

Ich weiß nicht, was soll es bedeuten,

Daß ich so traurig bin,

Ein Märchen aus uralten Zeiten,

Das kommt mir nicht aus dem Sinn.

Die Luft ist kühl und es dunkelt,

Und ruhig fließt der Rhein;

Der Gipfel des Berges funkelt,

Im Abendsonnenschein.

Die schönste Jungfrau sitzet

Dort oben wunderbar,

Ihr gold'nes Geschmeide blitzet,

Sie kämmt ihr goldenes Haar,

Sie kämmt es mit goldenem Kamme,

Und singt ein Lied dabei;

Das hat eine wundersame,

Gewalt'ge Melodei.

Den Schiffer im kleinen Schiffe,

Ergreift es mit wildem Weh;

Er schaut nicht die Felsenriffe,

Er schaut nur hinauf in die Höh'.

Ich glaube, die Wellen verschlingen

Am Ende Schiffer und Kahn,

Und das hat mit ihrem Singen,

Die Loreley Getan.

-Is it "Lorelei"?-Olivia smiled knowingly. –It sounds vaguely familiar, but… I don't understand everything. My German is not that good. Do you actually know it by heart?

-Yeah-Peter grinned proudly. –Don't tell me Lucas never recited this one to you. It's so Olivia-ish.

-Well, in fact, he didn't-Olivia couldn't help but giggle at Peter's self-satisfied facial expression after she had said that.

-The guy's crazy. He's actually German and he missed an opportunity to woo Special Agent Olivia Dunham with this poem? What a waste of time.

-Your wooing isn't going exactly the way you've planned it either, you know?

-And why is that, sweetheart?

-Because I didn't understand the half of the words you were saying.

-No sweat. Let me recite it in English for you.

-You know it by heart in English too? I didn't take you for such a romantic-Olivia sniggered.

-What can I say, Dunham? Get to know me a bit. Every man becomes a romantic and drops the sarcastic façade when he meets the right woman.-Peter retorted playfully as he resumed his deliverance yet again:

I cannot determine the meaning

Of sorrow that fills my breast:

A fable of old, through it streaming,

Allows my mind no rest.

The air is cool in the gloaming

And gently flows the Rhine.

The crest of the mountain is gleaming

In fading rays of sunshine.

The loveliest maiden is sitting

Up there, so wondrously fair;

Her golden jewelry is glist'ning;

She combs her golden hair.

She combs with a gilded comb, preening,

And sings a song, passing time.

It has a most wondrous, appealing

And pow'rful melodic rhyme.

The boatman aboard his small skiff, -

Enraptured with a wild ache,

Has no eye for the jagged cliff, -

His thoughts on the heights fear forsake.

I think that the waves will devour

Both boat and man, by and by,

And that, with her dulcet-voiced power

Was done by the Lorelei.

-Olivia… -he sighed into her hair after having finished. -I feel very protective of you… You woke that up in me. I swear I had no idea I still had it. You are my weakness and my strength. My Lorelei.

-Go to sleep, Peter-he heard her drowsy, yet somehow still bossy voice growl somewhere beneath his chin. Olivia was already accommodated comfortably on Peter's chest and she was actually trying to doze off, but to no avail.

Peter placed a chaste kiss on her forehead and chuckled at her irritation, falling silent, letting Olivia rest.

He, however, alertly listened to the voices in the night, standing guard, clutching his precious woman, not being able to fall asleep himself for almost an hour or so, hardly believing the luck he was experiencing right now.

Then the rhythm of Olivia's soft breathing lulled Peter to slumber as well and he couldn't resist her mermaid call any longer…

Their nude bodies lay intertwined on her bed at peace, now calm and fully satiated, dreaming away about better tomorrow in Olivia's chamber of secrets.

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