Green Eyed Monster

Morning Glory

PETER'S eyelids flew open, bothered by the first lonely ray of sunlight and he looked blearily and disorientedly around the unknown room. At first he had no idea where he was and he frowned in confusion, but then the last night's pleasurable occurrences hit him square in the head, jogging his memory and he grinned like an idiot.

Holding his breath, he warily glanced towards the right side of the bed, the one that was nearer to the window and sighed in relief finding Olivia's dormant figure inches from him. Her pale body was sparkling in the morning sun, and her hands were placed in such a way that she resembled a white angel trapped and entangled in bed sheets. For one fleeting, terrifying moment, Peter was actually afraid she was going to fly away like an apparition, as a trick that his mind played on him while none of it was actually real.

Then Olivia lightly stirred and silently moaned in a dream that she was having and that little sound she produced warmed his heart, reassuring him she was really there.

His heart jumped violently in his ribcage, overjoyed, and the first thing his hands wanted to do was to grab her, to recklessly pull her in a close embrace, to squeeze her hard, to rock her left and right in his arms and tickle her everywhere in a jubilant, ecstatic victory dance. He felt like a mere boy in primary school who would love to harass the girl he likes and pull her ponytail.

But Peter knew better than to try something like that so early in the morning, especially now when Olivia was sweetly slumbering next to him. He was certain that the cute napping white kitten would transform into an irritated fierce lioness in a jiffy.

It's probably better not to touch her at all while she's sleeping. She might freak out semi-consciously and attack whoever touched her, me, in this case-Peter grinned imagining Olivia disorientedly jumping out of the bed and instinctively grabbing a spare gun from the bottom drawer.

He lifted his gaze to look at the clock on the wall. It was half past seven in the morning. His stomach rumbled unpleasantly and he vaguely recalled Olivia mentioning that she was starving last night.

Breakfast, Peter. The most important meal of the day-his father's voice resonated in Peter's head and he chuckled inwardly.

Well what do you know… Walter was actually right about the whole energy replenishing business.

His eyes lovingly fell upon Olivia yet again, as if drawn by an unknown force and he grinned at the fact that she was still in a profound slumber.

She's normally up at six o'clock, as far as I know, and look at my sweetheart this morning. Half past seven and Olivia hadn't even stirred. It's no wonder, after the tiresome events from the last night. Thank God apparently there isn't a new case.

Peter's cheeks actually blushed as he was recalling everything what had transpired between them, the places where Olivia had touched and cherished him, the things he did to her, the rough and possessive way in which he claimed her in the shower cubicle.

Looking back at what happened, I feel like I was an actor in a porn movie.

He stared down at his now finally sleeping, sated member, grinning self-satisfactorily and sighing in relief after having noticed that for the first time in almost a year he didn't get an inevitable morning wood as a wake-up present.

Take that!

An idea about a breakfast surprise appeared in his mind and he cautiously moved about the huge double bed, careful not to wake Olivia up.

I could go and take a sneak peak… See what's there in the kitchen… I dunno what she would like for breakfast… Waffles are always an option… I can also make pancakes pretty good… I learnt that much from watching Walter making our morning meals… Though, I should probably check if I have all the ingredients.

Peter decided to let Olivia sleep for a while longer, hoping that he was going to be able to quickly make breakfast in silence. He wanted to be right next to Olivia when she opened her eyes, or, even better, wake her up himself with an unexpected morning meal. Not being there when your better half wakes up after the first night you had spent together was a no-no in every girl's dating book.

Peter cautiously got up, thankful that the bed hadn't creaked, and then he softly padded on Olivia's rug, rummaging around for his briefs, pants and his shirt. He found his socks and shoes by the door and then he carefully left Olivia's room stark naked, with all of his clothes in his arms.

Peter felt incredibly sleepy, since he actually dozed off much later than Olivia. That was why he first paid a visit to the bathroom and washed his face with cold water, yawning hard in process. He quickly put on his clothes and his shoes, and went to the living room to find his jacket. It was on the sofa, next to the bunch of Disney cartoons. An almost empty bottle and a glass of wine lay on the table and Peter took them to the kitchen, determined to be the one who would wash the dishes later, after they both ate.

Now… For the ingredients… If I remember correctly… For the waffles, I would need… Eggs, flour, some milk, oil… Sugar, salt… Um… And… Baking powder and vanilla extract… I like mine with chocolate topping but I'm not sure if they'll have some in the house… I know they have a waffle iron, I'd seen it before in the kitchen when I was making dinner with Rach… As far as the pancakes are concerned… I need basically the same ingredients, minus the waffle iron-he chuckled at himself. Well, those and some butter. I could make both blueberry and raspberry pancakes, so Olivia can choose whichever she likes best… So I'm gonna need some marmalade and fresh fruit… Of course, sour cream and some honey… They won't be any good without it… Other stuff would simply not do…-Peter paused to think and then he laughed out loud realizing how much he sounded like Walter. And how much in love he was. He wanted everything to turn out perfect for their first morning together. First normal morning in their lives, after so much angst, so many pattern related cases and life threatening situations. Peter knew they both deserved this and he desperately hoped there weren't going to be any new cases just today.

After having inspected the fridge thoroughly, Peter found out he needed to buy baking powder, vanilla extract, chocolate topping, sour cream, and fruit.

It was twenty to eight and he hurriedly stormed out the apartment, recalling there was a supermarket just couple of blocks away. Rach and he bought food and drinks there for Ella's birthday party.

He absentmindedly placed his hands in his jacket pockets. The morning was incredibly chilly. As he felt the tiny, firm metallic body of his cell phone, Peter swore, remembering he left it on "Silent" last night.

Shit. What if Broyles called? I'm as good as dead in that case.

Then he recalled Olivia never left her cell on silent, and that it was on her nightstand.

Whew. Broyles would have called her first. Since he didn't… Awesome.

However, upon checking his mobile, Peter found out he had one missed call and two unread messages from Rachel.

The first one said:

"How's it going? I am dying to find out! Write me ASAP!" Rachel wrote that one around eleven p.m.

Peter's cheeks reddened and he smirked with satisfaction as he remembered what Olivia and he were doing around that time.

Another message was sent around midnight:

"Okay Casanova… I can imagine how it is going. ;) We're fine here… I expect a detailed report tomorrow! Call me when u read this!"

Peter pressed the "Call" button, albeit a bit reluctantly, and Rachel replied almost immediately in an excited voice.


-Where are you?

-I'm in a bathroom. Walter and Ella are still asleep-she whispered. –Don't worry, they won't hear a thing. And?-she reiterated impatiently. –Just don't tell me she said no and you spent the rest of the night in a bar downing shots.

Peter cleared his throat.

-Oh my God! She said yes!-Rachel let out a screaming whisper and Peter briefly amazedly wondered how she did it. She sounded ridiculously thrilled, overjoyed even, but, at the same time, the sound she was making was unbelievably quiet.

I guess she has a lot of experience in this kind of conversations.

-Aww… Pete. I am so happy for you two. You can't imagine how happy I am. Now I am going to be a bad girl and tell you the three words man hate most: "I told you so". I knew it! I knew you should have made your move and I am incredibly glad you did! So how was it?

-You are most certainly not getting that kind of detailed report-Peter was obdurate.

-You don't wanna talk, huh?-she laughed crookedly. -No matter… I'll pry it out myself from Olivia…

Peter sincerely hoped Olivia wasn't going to share with her sister all of the particulars of those intimate moments they spent. Luckily, Rachel changed the subject.

-Anyway. Listen, Astrid called this morning.

-She did? What did she say?

-Well, she said she came back from a little family trip she and her father went on, and she asked me when I was heading home, so she could come and continue to Waltersit. I told Astrid I was going to call her back as soon as heard from you.

-Olivia is still asleep, so…

-You left her exhausted, didn't you?-Rachel smirked, and Peter went on, deciding not to pay attention to her saucy commentaries:

-And I am at the supermarket…

-Breakfast in bed plans? My sister is a lucky girl.

Peter coughed.

-Okay, okay, we know when we aren't wanted… Let me strike a deal with you. Ella and I will let you have your breakfast in bed, and… The joyful things that precede and follow it… If you make lunch today. We'll come home around two in the afternoon. And I expect a nice surprise. You owe me that much, seeing how supportive I was about you two hooking up right from the start.

-Deal-Peter swiftly and simply replied, relieved Rachel hadn't opted for delving deeper into his and Olivia's intimacy. If Rachel is behaving like this, I can't imagine how enthusiastic Walter is going to be when he finds out. –What would you like to eat?

-Surprise us.

-OK-he laughed. –So I'll see you in a couple of hours.

-See you, loverboy-Rachel teased him good-naturedly and he chuckled into his cellphone.

After having glanced on his wristwatch, Peter discovered it was almost eight o'clock in the morning. He swiftly entered into the supermarket, and started moving hurriedly between the aisles, looking for the stuff he needed.

Peter found everything pretty fast; then it occurred to him he should probably buy some juice as well, and something he would be making for lunch. He paused for a moment, thinking hard. Eventually, he opted for keeping it safe and easy, and he decided to make some mashed potatoes with beefsteak and salad on the side… Peter wasn't sure what either Ella or Rachel liked to eat, not to mention Olivia, but he was certain people generally liked meat, potatoes and salad, so he knew he wasn't going to blow it. And seeing he had already bought raspberries, he thought of making the raspberry pie for dessert. It usually had around eight servings so all of them could get a second helping if they wanted to. And the ingredients are already in the house, so… why not?-Peter concluded, proud of himself for having shoved all of the necessary stuff in the trolley in under five minutes.

He ran up to the counter, but there was a long line and Peter bit his upper lip, afraid if he was going to make it.

As he was waiting for his turn, the images of last night's events floated through his mind and Peter smiled happily, staring vaguely into an empty space, looking like a lovestruck fool.

How sweet and reluctant Olivia was when I brought her closer for the first kiss. The way her brain and her body wanted to pull apart but her lips remained on mine.

Peter sighed.

So long. I had been waiting for so long. So much time had passed. And I… I was consumed by desperation because of it all. And then it finally happened… Just when I thought she would never accept me. I can't believe Olivia said "yes". Now I half expect to wake up in my own bed in a shabby hotel room, next to naked Walter reciting ingredients of various beverages into my ear, realizing it had all been just a dream.

His radiant smile was becoming wider and wider by the second as some of the words Olivia had said to him last night came into focus…

I love your voice. It's so deep, and soothing… With so many different tones just in one sentence that it's like your own melody, a musical signature that's solely yours. It's amazing.

Who would have thought my bossy sweetheart had it in her?

Peter tenderly remembered how intently and carefully Olivia had listened to him as he was telling her about his holiday in Greece. About the gift which had belonged to Elizabeth and that Peter had deliberately passed on to her as a symbol of what he felt for Olivia and how much she meant to him.

He briefly closed his eyes, sadly recalling seeing the cute, serious, blue eyed girl on Olivia's family photo next.

She didn't want to talk too much about it. Probably because of the enormous gap between the child she was and the woman she is now, the fissure which frightens her, makes her feel uneasy. Perhaps she'll open up more to me in time.

Then, all of a sudden, images of nude Olivia's body invaded his thoughts, the way her tiny forefinger was inviting him to come closer, the way her legs were wrapped around him…

It seemed to Peter that if God existed, he surely must have opened the door of heaven just for him last night, the door he had been knocking on for so long, until he desisted and slid down them, tired of trying.

In the least expected moment, it had happened. Someone had given him his undeserved prize. Peter wasn't about to ruin the beautiful opportunity that had been presented to him for the first time in many years.

An impatient coughing and throat clearing suddenly reverberated somewhere from behind him and Peter saw an old lady, who was pointing out to him that it was his turn.

-Sorry about that-he smiled widely.

-Hrpmh-Peter could have sworn she went on muttering about today's young people with their heads in the clouds but sincerely, he didn't mind. Nothing could dampen his spirit on that particular morning.

-That would be forty nine dollars and twelve cents-a shy girl behind the counter whispered to him, eying him appreciatively and Peter gave her a kind, wolfish grin, placing a fifty dollar bill into her hand.

-Keep the change.

-Thank you-she stuttered a little and blushed slightly under his light blue gaze. Peter nodded to her amicably, wondering if he would ever stop having that effect on girls, and ran out from the supermarket.

His gaze lingered on a single daisy which was shyly raising her golden face and white crown from the yellowish grass in front of Olivia's building. Peter plucked it without second thought, smiling widely.

Realizing he was seriously running out of time, Peter entered through the already opened building front door, after being sized up suspiciously by the caretaker and ran up the stairs to the Olivia's apartment door.

His hand reached for the handle but seconds later it fell limply on his sides as Peter dropped the bags he was holding and slapped himself on the forehead.

The key. I don't have the key. It hadn't even occurred to me… I was in a hurry. I could have taken it from Olivia's trench coat pocket but… I didn't remember.

Peter's first thought was to ring the bell. He pressed his lips tight together.

But if I do that, Olivia will open the door. And I won't be able to surprise her.

He sighed deeply, disappointedly.

Then a crazy idea occurred to him and he started rummaging through his pants and his jacket pockets. A wide smirk appeared on Peter Bishop's face when he found what he was looking for.

He carefully pulled out a large paperclip out of his jacket. Then his nimble fingers unfolded it into an "S" shape, straightened it out at the smallest end and fashioned the larger end into a comfortable grip.

Then Peter knelt on the rug in front of Olivia's door, praying none of the neighbors would pass by precisely at that moment and see him picking the lock.

He placed the shape-altered paper clip in the smallest end of the lock, stroking the top lightly, in order to keep some of the pins in the correct position. He felt right to the back and after couple of tries, when Peter found out he couldn't go back anymore, he slowly started to turn the paper clip in an opposite direction. A faint metallic clicking sound was heard and the door opened.


He re-entered Olivia's place as quietly as possible and headed back for the kitchen, where he placed everything that he had bought in the refrigerator. It was already quarter past eight and Peter was decided to make breakfast until half past eight at the very least.

Firstly, he started with the obvious and the easiest task, so he poured the apple juice into the two glasses he found in the kitchen cupboard.

He grabbed a large bowl, mixing flour, salt, baking powder and sugar; he placed milk, butter and vanilla extract together into another bowl and stirred them in. Then Peter preheated the waffle iron at the desired temperature and placed the batter inside carefully with the ladle. When the waffles became crispy and golden, Peter placed them on a plate aside and covered them in a chocolate topping and some sour cream.

Now for the pancakes. The batter is basically the same-Peter thought, wiping a few drops of sweat from his forehead. It's getting hot in the kitchen.

He took a yet another two clean bowls and poured the flour, salt, sugar, and baking powder inside. Then Peter made a small well in the center and poured in eggs, milk some butter, and fresh raspberries in one, fresh blueberries in another bowl, stirring everything in carefully afterwards.

He preheated the frying pan with a thin layer of vegetable oil inside and grinned proudly at himself, after having realized he actually knew how to flip pancakes, since that was one of the few things Walter had taught him to do when he was little. Peter made eight pancakes in total, four from the first bowl and four from the second one, and then he spread a thin layer of honey on top of them, coating them in sour cream for a glorious finish.


Peter took a step back to admire his cooking skill.

Even Walter couldn't say no to this, and he has such a refined taste in food.

It was quarter to nine and Peter was disappointed with how long it took him to make everything. He cautiously tiptoed towards the door of Olivia's bedroom and peeked inside, finding her in the exact same position as he had left her an hour ago.

Thank God. She's still asleep.

But the door creaked slightly as Peter's shoe accidentally got caught in the doorframe and Olivia stirred restlessly in her bed, almost completely discarding the sheets, which now covered only her stomach.

Her long sexy, curvaceous toned legs that seemed to go on for miles extended in front of Peter's gaze and his eyes followed them hungrily. They looked so breathtaking, sensuous, delicious… So alluring.

Jesus, her legs turn me on so much. I can't keep myself away from them. I'd sell my soul to the devil for Olivia's legs. If he existed, of course.

Peter approached her lustfully and knelt beside Olivia's bed. He stared at her sleeping, peaceful face, the face of a little girl, rid of all earthly burdens.

He cherished her amazing, perfect, smooth calves, peppering them with light kisses, mindful of his stubble, trying his best not to scratch Olivia with it.

He exhaled noisily, basking in the glory of her presence, and, not being able to control himself anymore, Peter slightly parted her legs and began to kiss her soft skin.

Olivia reacted to his mouth with a silent moan, murmuring his name while still half-asleep, barely aware of what was happening, but recognizing his touch and starting to feel the pleasure of it all. That turned Peter on immeasurably.

As his hands roamed all over her thighs and knees, his lips surged upwards towards Olivia's sweet valley, kissing, licking in the creases where it met her leg, not ignoring one inch of her body. He relished the feeling of her squirming beneath him, knowing her pleasure was mounting.

Peter looked up to see Olivia's eyes now wide open, as her head was rolling back and forth on the pillow. He loved those little shudders she gave while he was kissing her between her thighs. First it was the right inner thigh going down Olivia's leg to kiss her toes, and then up the other side. Peter thought it was an involuntary action on Olivia's part that her legs opened for him to venture further towards the goal that he so blindly, lustily sought.

He still kept getting tremors himself to smell of her very own essence, that heady perfume that came from between Olivia's thighs and he impotently buried his nose into the lower part of her golden curls, giving himself away to Olivia's scent.

Gently, Peter moved his hands to her lips and unfolded his prize. Her pearl glistened with her wetness and she was pink and swollen with excitement.

-Olivia-he stuttered, entranced, feeling nothing but her softness, her smoothness. He first ran his tongue all around her nub before homing straight on to it, taking it in his mouth. Olivia's hands went to his hair and her hips rose. While Peter sucked and nibbled on her clit, he simultaneously gently slid two fingers into her pussy, shortly after successfully finding and massaging her G-spot. As his digits were moving, giving her more excitement within, Olivia cried out softly and went into some sort of spasm whilst Peter's fingers were playing a symphony inside her.

Having felt him delve so deep, Olivia almost sat straight up, cringing and sighed with abandon, clutching his head between her fingers.

Peter's hand suddenly became very wet and he felt her body begin to tremble. He knew Olivia was close to her release.

Olivia's thighs came together like a clamp to imprison Peter's hand, his head being trapped at the same time as she began to buck her hips up and down, either to get him to stop or to get him to stay. Her words were unintelligible. Peter hadn't really known the strength Olivia had in her legs while she held him trapped and thrashed about as she came hard.

It took quite some effort on Peter's part to spread Olivia's legs again, to be able to extricate his fingers that were now covered in her juices; to put his mouth down there, to take and drink from this well of succulent juices that were seeping out of Olivia's body with her coming.

It was a sweet nectar to him and he took it, drinking and savoring the very essence of her body; Peter sucked noisily till all what was to come came to an end, but nonetheless he kept on licking Olivia till she was clean of her orgasmic experience.

When Olivia stopped shaking, he pulled back and looked up at her. She seemed like an angel, with her hair spread out on his pillow, and her face glowed. Olivia was now lying there like a limp doll, slightly panting, staring at him incredulously, not comprehending yet how he could cause such an uproar inside her, but still able to pull on Peter's ears as if to say that enough was enough.

Peter took a hint and moved back up over her body. Olivia hugged him with a satisfied, loving sigh, actually kissing him fully on the lips. The fact that they were still wet from her own juices didn't seem to matter one iota to her.

-Hey, sweetie-Peter murmured tenderly, caressing her flushed cheeks with one hand, and her soft hair with another.

-Hey yourself-Olivia whispered back, still having some difficulty breathing.

-Good morning, sleeping beauty-Peter teased her next, placing her head below his chin and wrapping his arms contently around her perfect nude body. –Was it you who made the sun come up on this glorious day?

-Peter, that is so cheesy-she protested, shaking her head but smiling at the same time.

-I know-he beamed at her. –I just couldn't help it. It sounded so right and appropriate to say in this situation.

-Gosh, what time is it?-Olivia straightened up in bed abruptly, and worriedly glanced at her cell phone.

-Don't worry, there isn't a new case. At least not yet. Broyles hasn't called either of us. Oh, and, by the way, it's around nine a.m.

-What?-she stared dumbly at him without comprehending. –That's impossible. I was positive it was around seven in the morning or so. I don't recall when was the last time I…

-No such luck, honey. Guess what: you've just lost two hours of stressful morning to a quality sleep. What a horrible occurrence.

Olivia thwacked him lightly on the chest and relaxed but she tensed again mere second later and squirmed in his arms, trying to wriggle out of Peter's embrace and to get up.

-Peter, we…

-What is it, sweetheart? Calm down-he kissed her again in order to soothe her.

-We have to get up now because… Ella and Rachel… They might come back any second and…

-Shh-he placed a forefinger on her plump lips. –I've spoken to Rachel an hour ago. She and Ella are coming over around two in the afternoon. So we have five more hours just for ourselves, Miss Dunham-he winked at Olivia saucily.

-You spoke to her an hour ago? When did you wake up?-Olivia sized him up inquisitively, surprised that he was fully dressed.

-Around half past seven.

-Well that's a first one-Olivia smiled.

-It most certainly is.

-But Peter… You fell asleep much later than me. You probably haven't slept more than five hours.

-What can I say? I abruptly became an early bird-he chuckled. –It's just that… My eyes didn't wanna stay shut anymore. They needed to open and to look at you-Peter pulled her closer for a long, sweet kiss and Olivia responded tenderly, gently suckling on his tongue.

-And then you stirred in bed… Your sheets flew off-Peter blushed. –The rest is history. I felt the need to give you a nice wake-up call.

-I could get used to this-Olivia murmured into his ear and Peter couldn't suppress his victorious, radiant grin.

-Well, you've gotta admit it, it certainly beats the Broyles's phone call-he replied with an impish twinkle in his eyes.

-It does-Olivia agreed quietly and tussled his hair.

That loving look she gave him completely knocked Peter of his rocker. His heart pounded and he bit his lips before a gentle, spontaneous "I love you" could escape from them. He repeated those three words in his mind, however, closing his eyes and sighing into her hair.

Now is not the time. I can't tell her that I love her on the first day of our relationship. Olivia wouldn't think I'm sincere enough. Heck, she herself said she was still getting used to my new romantic persona. I don't wanna scare her off.

He went on in a teasing tone of voice:

-I'll make you a deal, Special Agent Olivia Dunham. If you let me spend every night in your room from now on, I'll get you used to this and much more.

-Oh?-her eyebrow shot up inquisitively.

He is simply unrecognizable. So romantic, sweet, tender, sincere… What happened to the devil-may-care cynic? Did I… Did I really have such influence on him without even being aware of it?

Olivia's curious green eyes peeked into Peter's face. He looked completely smitten with her and she gave him a small hesitant smile.

Then both of their stomachs rumbled in unison and Peter beamed.

-You hungry?-he inquired puckishly.

-I'm starving-Olivia complained in a childish voice, pouting her lips.

-No sweat, my pet. Like I told you last night, we complement each other. Remember that?-he rubbed his stubble against her cheek and Olivia protested weakly, nodding in response.

-So you don't have to worry about a thing! I'm a fantastic cook. You no longer have to trouble that pretty little head about food preparation. I'll do it all for you.

He got up swiftly from the bed and Olivia groaned in a complaint since she was torn out from his warm embrace.

Peter kissed her forehead and said "Be back in a second", as he stormed out of Olivia's bedroom.

He indeed returned in less than a minute, carrying a huge tray laden with food. There were two big plates, one filled with pancakes and another one with waffles, two glasses full of juice and chocolate topping and sour cream rested next to them.

He placed the tray on the right nightstand and smugly announced, bowing to her:


Olivia stared at him, astonished, her mouth wide open in surprise and then she giggled like a schoolgirl.

-Peter, what is that?

-Why, don't you recognize it? It's called breakfast, milady. You should try it once in a while, it's fun. Here, let me introduce you. Breakfast, Olivia. Olivia, breakfast.

-I do take breakfast occasionally. I like cornflakes-she said defensively, still not being able to process what was going on. –But this is simply too much, Peter…

-Nonsense, it's the most important meal of the day. Also, you didn't sup well last night and that was partially my fault so-Peter motioned towards the fresh, warm food. –I thought I'd make it up to you with a rich breakfast full of calories and fattening carbohydrates. And cornflakes are made of pencil sharpeners anyway.

-Ugh-she shuddered at the suggestive cornflake thought. –How did you make all this? Where did you get the ingredients? When did you have time to prepare both waffles and pancakes?

-I'll quote Walter on this one, sweetheart: You're like a question machine. Relax, Liv. Just… Enjoy the moment-he sweetly caressed her soft lips with his own, gently probing her mouth with his tongue. She returned his passion and welcomed him into her arms, filled with gentle overwhelming awe.

When they pulled apart, her breathing pace was somewhat increased but Olivia still stubbornly insisted on receiving more details:

-So did you go to the supermarket then?

Peter smiled seeing that he would eventually have to give her some, if not all answers. He felt like he was in an interrogation room.

-Yeah. So… I woke up before you. Decided to make breakfast for my girlfriend. Went early morning grocery shopping, bought some stuff for lunch too...

-Really? You did all that?-her eyes sparkled as she was slowly taking this new Peter Bishop in.

-Sure. Then… I ran into a small trouble at your front door but nothing I couldn't handle-Peter lowered his head sheepishly.

-Peter…-Olivia's tone of voice was full of warning. –Don't tell me you picked my front door lock.

-Okay. I won't tell you-Peter agreed.

They both laughed loudly and uncontrollably at the same time. Olivia even had to wipe a tiny tear from the corner of her eye.

-You amaze me-she said and his entire face lit up after having heard that simple recognition coming from Olivia. –How did you make the breakfast? How did you find the waffle iron? I myself don't know where it is half of the time and I actually live here, unlike you.

-Let's just say… I know my way around your kitchen.

-Yeah, obviously. Since that night you made the omelet with Rachel.

Peter rapidly placed a soothing kiss on her plump lips.

-My god woman, you are jealous.

Olivia frowned for a second, wrinkling her forehead but Peter didn't give her a chance to ponder on those torturing thoughts of the past.

-So… What'll it be? Waffles with chocolate topping and sour cream, blueberry pancakes with honey and sour cream, raspberry pancakes with honey and sour cream…

-Can I have some orange juice?-Olivia asked teasingly in a spoiled child's voice.

-Absolutely not-Peter didn't understand the joke at first and he went rambling on. –There is none. I bought apple juice. No oranges for me for at least a month. Or anything that has a similar taste for that matter. For month… Or longer, on the second thought. Oh-he finally comprehended Olivia was kidding and he jovially shook her petite body. –You got me there, princess.

-Raspberry pancakes, please.

-Right away, Ma'am-Peter bowed once again and took a fork and a knife, sitting on the edge of the bed now. He cut one raspberry pancake with honey and sour cream into small pieces and neared the fork to her mouth.

-Now open up… Be a good girl.

-Peter, I'm not a child…-Olivia complained but she opened her mouth nonetheless, swallowing the piece of the pancake.

-Please let me spoil you Olivia… Let me indulge you… God knows you deserve it… There. Is it any good?-Peter inquired, eager to hear what she thought.

-It tastes great-she replied, smiling. –I didn't know you can cook.

-Another bite for my girl.-he approached her mouth with a fork once again.

-Peter… I can eat by myself-her voice was slightly irritated.

-Okay-he chuckled. –I'll let the lioness feed, then.

Peter casted several amusing looks at her, seeing how she quickly ate her first pancake and then went for the second helping. She's famished.

-I love the blueberry one too, just for the record-Olivia spoke with her mouth full of food and his heart did a somersault at that adorable scene and at how cute and relaxed she was in his company. He immeasurably enjoyed Olivia's presence.

Peter squeezed some more chocolate topping on his waffle. It tasted good and he almost swallowed an entire waffle in one bite, but then opted against it and cut it in half, recalling he was with Olivia. He didn't wanna gross her out.

Maybe mine are not as good as Walter's but they are most certainly edible. Who knows what he puts in them. I hope LSD is not a secret ingredient.

He shook off his thoughts noticing Olivia was watching him eat as well with a tender smile.

-You have chocolate stains around your mouth.

-Yeah, that happens often to me. When you visited me at hospital and brought me the Four Cheese Damiano's Pizza, I got cheese stains all over my face. I'm a sloppy eater, what can I say. I enjoy fine food way too much.

Her replying affectionate grin warmed Peter's heart, and he leaned towards her with a piece of waffle in his mouth.

-Wanna try some of my waffle?-he glared at her seductively, and tentatively placed the tip of the waffle on Olivia's lips. She parted them willingly, going with the flow, tilting her head to the side and Peter gently popped the chocolate-coated cake into her mouth. The flavor of the waffle mingled with the taste of his lips and his tongue as they both chewed on it simultaneously, kissing in the process.

-Mmm-Olivia whispered after having swallowed it. –It's amazing.

-And you gotta to admit that it tastes even better when you get to eat it mouth-to-mouth-bird style-Peter beamed at her adoringly and Olivia got lost in his smile.

He was so incredibly flirty, emanating constant sex appeal, that it was contagious… Apart from his stunning good looks and magnetically attractive personality, Peter was unbelievably charismatic; Olivia had to hand it to him.

He encompasses it all. Intelligence, old-school charm, great sense of humor… That bad boy aura that most women find extremely appealing and that I can't resist either.

And the way Peter was watchfully and adoringly looking at her, without blinking, without removing his gaze from her face, not even for a second, following her every move, as if she were the only person in an entire planet… Olivia couldn't believe her happiness. She felt so desirable with Peter, like she hadn't for a long, long time.

-I am so lucky right now, being with the most beautiful woman in the world-he comfortably nested his head between Olivia's bare breasts, planting a kiss on them beforehand.

-Flatterer. He really has a silver tongue.

-Am not. Tis a truth, milady. I thought that since the first moment I saw you, Olivia. Since you went all bossy and formal on me: "Peter Bishop? Olivia Dunham".

-Well what would you have me say? It was the first time we were even speaking to each other-Olivia observed the situation from the rational point of view.

-And my mind went blank for a split second, you know? I actually sized you up thinking how lucky I was to have such a beauty approach me, but then came the magical words: "I'm with the FBI".

-Yeah-a small smile appeared on Olivia's lips. I could definitely see the change in your demeanor when I said that. You somehow seemed more guarded, more… Wary, I don't know-Olivia's eyes were staring pensively somewhere behind his shoulder as she was trying to recall the precise moment of their meeting.

-How strange, don't you think? Now why would a criminal and a con-man be wary in the presence of a federal agent, sweetheart? Gee, I can't really think of a reason, can you?

Olivia slapped him mischievously for his cheekiness. Peter retaliated by tickling her and her stern expression changed into a chuckling one as she was trying to push him away in earnest.

-I'm with the FBI… I'm with the FBI…-he did a perfect mocking imitation of Olivia's leveled, robotic, businesslike tone of voice, and pausing between sentences while he was peppering her face and her neck with kisses. -Not so tough now, are you, honey? Now you're at my mercy.

Olivia shook her head at his playfulness, amused by Peter's childish behavior but she didn't resist his embrace.

Peter paused, savoring the moment, drinking in her beautiful features and she looked up at him with a question in her eyes. He seemed so stunned and bewildered.

-Livia. I'm so happy. I'm so happy-he reiterated. -Here, with you, right now. I have never felt happier during the last two decades of my life. I gotta talk to Walter about me and him getting down to business and inventing a time-stopping machine. I want this moment to last forever-Peter sighed.

-Me too-she replied timidly, giving him a small, shy, courteous nod.

Peter wiped her mouth gently with the napkin and then he took a daisy from the tray and put it inside her sleek golden hair.

-Where did you find it?-Olivia thought there was no end to this morning surprises.

-In front of the building. It immediately reminded me of you. Such a small, apparently insignificant, fragile flower, and yet so stunningly beautiful in its simplicity, so strong and resilient. And it grows in all weather conditions.

Olivia was overwhelmed with tenderness. She didn't know what to say, how to react to this flood of emotions that were coming from Peter. She was literally drowning in his affection.

Olivia thought Peter must have contained all that he had wanted to tell her during many long months and she felt sorry for not having recognized the love and admiration this man felt for her before.

-When did you know, Olivia?-his voice made her snap out of her thoughts and somehow Olivia knew exactly what Peter was referring to.

-After Big Eddie-she answered with calm. –I didn't want to lose you. I understood I couldn't bear it and I understood fully how much you meant to me and that I needed you in my life.

-And you kissed me after a monster attacked me-Peter was deep in thoughts.

-And you, Peter?-she inquired shyly.

-Actually, I fell for you from the start. You were stunningly hot and enticing. I wanted to get in your pants from the day one. Who wouldn't?-his simple sincerity disarmed her completely and Olivia didn't comment on what he was saying; her cheeks reddened slightly as she was waiting for Peter to go on. –But I guess I understood how much I really cared about you as a person, and not only as an object of a sexual desire… When you were abducted. You know, during the giant slug case?

-I remember. You even directly told me you cared about me-she blushed. –In front of Walter. And I got suspicious when he was constantly emphasizing how worried you were while I was gone.

-Yeah. He was onto me in a second and he wasn't exactly being subtle about it. He isn't my father for nothing. Even though he hadn't seen me for seventeen years, Walter immediately recognized what I… What I felt for you-Peter swallowed and stopped talking.

-We were sitting in the car, waiting for Mitchell Loeb. I was wondering what was up with that. You were very nervous; you wouldn't look me in the eye. I… For a second… I thought you might…-Olivia blushed. –You might like me and I was pleased although I couldn't explain why. But then came the No-brainer case…You met… You met Rachel and you two were so compatible from the start and I… I started to believe…

-I know-Peter interrupted her, kissing her tenderly. –It was all a big mess. I'm just glad the things are how they are meant to be and that everything got disentangled. We'll take it slowly from now on, Liv, I promise. And we'll try to be as normal couple as we can… Given the circumstances-he smirked. –So you started liking me after my life was put in jeopardy, agent Dunham. It's good to know.

-Well you're the one to talk.

-I guess you and I aren't so different at all then, sweetheart. Who would have thought it?-Peter grinned crookedly as he reached for the plastic bottle of chocolate topping with his left hand and pretended he was going to put it on yet another waffle.

Olivia unsuspiciously reached for the glass of apple juice when Peter squeezed the bottle as hard as he could and squirted liquid chocolate sauce all over Olivia's breasts.

-Oh! Peter! What the… You… I can't believe you just did that!-Olivia exclaimed incredulously staring down her now chocolate smeared body.

-Sweetheart, I believe you've got some chocolate on your nipples-Peter grinned widely, daring her to comment on what had just transpired.

-You do, don't you, mister Bishop? Do you wanna know what I think? I think you have some sour cream on your face.

Peter barely had the time to process what Olivia had just said as she speedily grabbed the nearest sour-cream and honey covered pancake and rubbed it all over his face.

-You wanna food fight, doll?

-Well, maybe I do.

-Oh, it's on. It's soo on-Peter whispered crookedly, rubbing his face off on her stomach, enjoying listening to Olivia cry out in protest.

It was obviously the beginning of a very pleasurable day for both of them.

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