Green Eyed Monster

The Cat is Out Of The Bag

After having wiped off his honey and sour cream covered face on Olivia's stomach, Peter enjoyed for a while, laughing as he was listening to her yelling; then he paid his entire attention to her chocolate smeared breasts, tenderly licking away the chocolate sauce and tickling her in process. Olivia couldn't stop giggling and pushing him away so he had to pin her to the bed with his body and his arms in order to prevent her from moving.

Her childish chuckles suddenly turned into gasps of contentment as Peter reached up to cup and massage her bosom with his hands, rolling Olivia's nipples between his fingers, making them become even harder and managing to make her moan in pleasure. Olivia instinctively moved a little closer so Peter could enjoy her full breasts completely. Peter sighed deeply, giving himself away, burying his face in Olivia's soft flesh, sucking and nibbling her nipples until they stood out like points.

Olivia was soaking wet. She felt Peter's hands slide down her body until he was gently stroking the back of her thighs. The feeling was incredibly erotic and when it became too much to bear, she rose up and stripped his pants and his briefs down to his knees, while Peter simultaneously continued to swirl his tongue around her pink buds, not stopping even for a second.

Olivia felt Peter reach between their bodies, gently inspect and stroke her wet slit, smirk knowingly, then slip couple of fingers inside her. She shuddered with pleasure and arched her back as his thumb began to massage her swollen clit while his digits continued working their magic in her molten insides.

Just as she was about to go over the edge, Peter leered, deliberately taking his hand away, earning an incredulous look and a loud dissatisfied grunt from Olivia.

A wide teasing smile adorned his face, but not for long. Moments later, Peter felt Olivia's lips on his, as she propped herself up on the elbows to reach him. Her tongue gently teased his, and Peter moaned, reacting to her, losing himself in a passionate kiss without even having noticed that Olivia had decidedly flipped him over and straddled him.

Subconsciously, ever since she had met this rugged, sarcastic crook, Olivia had dreamt about wiping that smirk from his smart-ass face, shutting his mouth with a dictating kiss and being finally in charge of everything what Peter did and what he said, controlling him. In a way, he was also her blue eyed mannish boy, and a misbehaving boy at that, who needed to be taught some manners.

Peter, on the other hand, secretly observing the bossy robotic blonde during an entire year and the way she commandeered the Fringe unit, falling hard for her and longing for her body and soul, unawarely fantasized about Olivia dominating him as well, about him relishing all his control to her, letting her have the complete power over his senses. Like she always did. Well, now his fantasy was apparently rapidly becoming reality.

They both grinned at this exchange of roles as Olivia tenderly leaned forward, kissing Peter yet again, but not fully, merely slipping the hint of her tongue. Peter groaned in objection but she paid no attention to him. Olivia's lips slowly, languidly traced their way to his huge cock, across his lean chest and his soft skinned abdomen. She spent a few minutes kissing along Peter's hips, his inner thighs, everywhere but where it mattered, ignoring his pleas. Peter was hard as a rock, wriggling slightly, desperate for her to just start blowing him already.

After what felt like hours, she kissed the tip of his bobbing dick, then agonizingly slowly took him into her mouth. Back and forth... Back and forth... Eventually Olivia sped up and began using her hand as well. Peter was getting so close...

Suddenly, Olivia stopped and resumed kissing his thighs.

-Sweetheart, I was so close-Peter moaned in desperation as he restlessly shifted around her bed, desperate for the ultimate release and cross with Olivia for the punishment she was giving him.

-I know-Olivia responded saucily as she continued kissing around his hips. Hearing Peter so turned on got her even hornier... She knew she wouldn't be able to hold out much longer.

Once she knew Peter wouldn't be able to cum immediately, she shifted into position. He moaned slightly as Olivia rubbed her dripping pussy on the head of his stiff cock, but without actually sliding down it. Olivia could feel Peter's enormous shaft thrashing wildly beneath her and she knew he was dreadfully aching to fuck her. She wouldn't give him that satisfaction, though, not yet. Olivia wanted a petite revenge because he had denied her the pleasure of climaxing just minutes ago.

Peter cried out in frustration as his helpless hips blindly rose and fell without reaching the desired target.

-Livia… I need… I need to be inside you right now-he whispered feverishly and urgently.

-Be a good boy and say "Please" she muttered back playfully and he knew she had him cornered.

He had to admit this woman owned him wholly; Peter was at her mercy and his body and soul belonged completely to Olivia Dunham, who seemed like a beautiful and terrifying femme fatale and an insecure little girl at the same time.

-Jesus… You're torturing me.

-Say it, Peter-she growled demandingly.

-You really are enjoying this, aren't you?-he panted laboriously, looking adoringly into her darkened eyes.

-Maybe-Olivia replied in a teasing voice, as her right eyebrow shot up into the air.

-Just… Fine, damn it… Please… Please, Liv… Let me feel… Oh God.

Peter whimpered incredulously and disappointedly as her hips rose from the tip of his manhood, moved away and traveled upwards. With no further word or sound, she held his arms, shoving them to his side, spread eagle under her, as she straddled his face, her pussy inches from his lips.

Olivia's juices began dripping onto Peter's mouth before she even settled and he opened them lustily, thirstily drinking in her liquid heat. He went to work, having no other option but to yield to her demands. His tongue was swirling over her like a living thing. She ground her folds against his lips, already on the edge within seconds of his first lap.

As Peter was satisfying her, his left hand instinctively wandered downwards, frantically trying to escape its confinement in Olivia's right one and envelop his painful erection, but she was having none of that and she grasped both of Peter's hands in hers even more firmly, denying him the possibility of self-pleasuring. His cock was sadly twitching in anticipation, yearning to feel her smooth and hot around him.

Yet, Peter could do nothing but simply lay there, devouring her, as he was struggling to breathe while Olivia rhythmically rode his tongue, sighing each time his stubble would accidentally scrape her sensitive fleshy nub.

Pained, stifled whimpers fought for release as Peter finally brought Olivia to orgasm, causing her whole body to tremble. She had to lift her quivering pussy from his lips long before he was ready to stop licking for her juices, unable to endure the pleasure any longer.

Moments later, Olivia ultimately lowered herself onto him, squeezing her muscles down to make his cock feel especially welcome, then leant forward so her hard nipples teasingly brush Peter's face as her breasts swayed with her movement.

Peter roared loudly in pleasure after finally being sheathed in her warmth, and tentatively reached up, praying she would allow him to squeeze her soft breasts, which she did, embracing his head and bringing it closer, kissing his hair in the process.

After Peter let out yet another noisy groan, enjoying her tightness and the harmony of her rocking movements, Olivia offered him her pebbled left nipple to suck on, in order to make him quiet, as she slowly rode up and down on his cock, swaying her hips to draw him as deeply as possible into her.

As the intensity of the lust took them over, their eyes locked in understanding. For almost a year, Eros moment was what was missing. Peter and Olivia had everything: they knew each other incredibly well, they cherished the bond they shared; they had their occasional flirting and banter but those taut bodies simply needed to ride out their eleven months long horniness. They just couldn't get enough of each other.

Olivia's hair began to lift off of her body as she quickened her pace, squeezing him between her legs and milking him hard. The bed shook slightly as the momentum carried Peter deeper inside of her. His hips began to involuntarily lift with her motions and Peter could feel himself boiling inside of her, ready to explode.

Knowing that he wanted her just a little longer, Peter slid his hands away from hers and pulled her away so she was leaning back. His head thrust up against her g-spot and Olivia gasped in a silent excitement. She could feel her walls tightening around his cock as it was jerking and twitching inside of her. Her fingers curled into the bed sheet as Olivia leaned back and let her hair fall down her back, tickling her spine. It mingled with the sweat rolling down towards her ass. It didn't take long before Olivia shuddered with a powerful orgasm, collapsing breathlessly on top of Peter as her juices gushed over his manhood.

Peter let out a bellow as if a dam had broken loose from his loins and pulled her hips towards him as he spilled his seed inside of Olivia. With Peter twitching on the bed, Olivia rolled beside him and their gazes joined as their hearts slowly relaxed while their juices slowly leaked out and onto the sheets, their desire finally temporarily sated.

-Oh, wow-Olivia whispered, blushing, and caressing his cheek as she clasped her mouth.

-I know-Peter barely had the strength to utter his agreement. –I guess now I know that "mind-blowing sex" isn't just another of those erotic novels phony metaphors. So… Miss Dunham. I must admit I am a bit jealous. Where have you learned to ride like that, cowgirl?

-Just a sudden streak of an inspiration-she giggled as her cheeks suddenly reddened.

-Right-Peter frowned and he seemed sad for some time.

-What's wrong?-Olivia asked tenderly, cupping his stubbled cheeks.

-I was thinking about you and… Lucas… And John.

-You're the one to talk, Peter, the two of them are the only people I've been with before you. While you…-she shook her head. –If you are so curious, I'll admit it that both Lucas and John were… Well, maybe a tad too traditional in their love-making style.

Peter beamed in earnest and then he stared dreamily at her big doe like eyes.

- Hey, can I ask you a personal question?

-Might as well-she motioned around them and smiled. They have been intimate enough now and she was ready to answer whatever inquiry Peter had in store for her.

-Have you ever read Kamasutra? Or…-he paused. You know, seen porn movies a lot?

-Actually, no-Olivia answered truthfully, wondering if that was a minus in his book. –Why?

-Maybe you should-Peter grinned saucily. Seeing how you have a photographic memory and all that… You'll remember all of the positions in no time and then we could try them out-he enjoyed watching bossy Olivia Dunham blush as she playfully slapped him. –What? I am everything but traditional in my lovemaking style, agent Dunham, which I will be happy to show you. Rachel was right.

-About what?-Olivia said curiously.

-She said something along the lines: "Sparks will fly when you two get your hands on each other. Good thing Olive's bed is firm".

-Rachel said that?-Olivia went beet red in face.


-One more reason to kill her has just been added on the list.

-Don't be so rough on her.

-She was on your side all along! What kind of sister does that?

-And yours too, Liv. Don't you forget it.

Olivia sighed. –Well, I guess you're partially right. I'm still going to let her have a piece of my mind.

-I'm sure you will-he chuckled.

Peter's hands got entangled in her hair as he gazed lovingly into Olivia's heart-shaped face. They were lying on the side, facing each other when he murmured.

-I love your hair. The way it shines like molten gold in the morning sun, reflecting its beams…

-You've been watching how my hair shines in the morning?-Olivia couldn't believe her ears.

-I preferred to focus on that than on the gruesome crime scene to which we were all regularly exposed to. And it's so sleek, so obedient… Look at it. It just peacefully and perfectly falls all over your shoulders, even without you trying. I could caress it like this all day long.

-Well yours is a mess. I would sometimes think: "How does he even comb it?" It looked as if, however you'd do it, no matter what you tried, some stray lock would always escape your notion. And you have overtly big ears.

-Ouch. That hurt. Do not.

-Do too.

-Take it back. Yours are too small. I wonder how can you even hear anything with those tiny ears on? And, just for the record: is there anything at all you like about me? I mean, apart from my eyes and my voice, which all ladies seem to prefer?

-Yes-she replied shyly, hiding her face in his shoulder.

-Tell me, then-Peter spoke softly.

-I like your stubble.

That short sweet sentence made him smile and Peter started scraping her cheeks and her breasts with his two days old beard. He enjoyed watching her squirm and giggle under it, as Olivia was halfheartedly complaining but obviously liking everything Peter did to her.

-I like your chest too-she rested her head on it and he embraced her tightly, never wanting to let go. –It's so firm and… Soft at the same time. I can't explain it very well. It makes me feel safe-her mind drifted away to the day Peter had pulled her out of the tank and cradled her securely in his embrace, repeating that she was going to be fine.

-My chest likes you as well, so the feeling is mutual-Peter replied with a shy whisper, placing her head below his chin and letting out a content grunt.

Her hand mischievously lowered to cup his firm buttocks and it was Peter's turn to blush.

-Yeah. I kinda noticed you liked my derriere. Especially last night in the shower. Livvy…-he landed light kisses all over her face. –I love everything about you. Those big questioning eyes that seem to reach and penetrate knowingly the very depth of my soul. Those god awful freckles.


-Have you ever counted them?

-No-she scowled.

-Do they glow in the darkness?-he was being a perfect tease and he knew it, but seeing how she was still frowning, Peter went on complimenting her crookedly. –That pale swanlike neck… Those beautiful full breasts I couldn't stop staring at and that cost me many mistakes I committed in the lab and on the field.

-It did?

-What?-he shrugged. -You, woman, are a walking distraction for my eyes. Especially that drop dead gorgeous pair of legs you have. Long, toned, slightly tanned, strong… Nice thighs, too…-his big warm palm caressed them fondly. –I can't believe I'm holding you in my arms now, Olivia-he admitted again in earnest.

Olivia smiled at the salve of his recognition, happy that Peter admired her body.

-Not to mention you're a super woman too.

She shifted uncomfortably.

-Peter, I…I haven't told you everything about… My ability.

-What is it, sweetheart?

-On the night I turned off those lights I… I got a call from Nina Sharp.

-What did she want from you?-Peter propped himself up on his elbows, worried, pulling her impossibly close to him.

-She… I asked her to look something up for me. She confirmed that… There have been Cortexiphan trials in… In Jacksonville. Where I lived when I was a girl.

-Wait, hang on a sec. You're trying to tell me that… You might have participated in those as a kid?

-Yeah-she nodded, trying to look braver than she felt.

-Maybe Walter knows something about that. He and William Bell used to perform experiments for the government in Jacksonville. I think my mom took me there several times, to see where he worked. I was like eleven or twelve at the time, I don't recall it well. Maybe we have met before, Olivia Dunham, and we simply don't remember it-Peter desperately tried to joke about it, seeing how upset Olivia was with the additional affirmative information he gave her about the experiments. He didn't want her to trouble her mind about it, at least not until he was able to scavenge more information from his inane father.

Thankfully, she bit the bait and smiled at him tenderly.

-You know… It was probably something like this-Peter put on his goofy face, ready to invent a funny situation and Olivia looked at him with interest.

-You were sitting in a playroom reading "Forensic science for beginners". I came in, took advantage of your distraction and stole a plastic red brontosaurus that was lying next to you on the table. Then you jumped up from the chair, pulled a toy gun on me and asked me to follow you into the improvised police station for having taken something that didn't really belong to me. And that is how a criminal met a lovely lady of the law-to be. Who knows, maybe you kissed me in that improvised police station and forgave me for the felony I've committed. I was a comely young lad after all, you know.

-Well I wouldn't be the first one that kissed you then, would I?-Olivia smirked. –Nothing will ever beat your first kiss in the sewers when you were nine years old.

-Actually, the second kiss I had in the sewers, just two days ago… Pretty much beats any other kiss I've ever had in my life-he admitted lovingly and their lips joined tenderly yet again. –I'm so glad the jealousy, aka green eyed monster got you, Liv. I think that… You… Believing I liked Rach… It really made you realize how you felt about me sooner. And now you are my own, my personal green eyed monster-he added with an adoring smile, kissing her light green pupils.

-Peter-she sat upright in the bed. –What time is it?

-Um… 10.15, why?

-We have to get up, now. Look at these sheets. What a mess! They are full of chocolate stains, honey stains, sour cream…

-And our stains-Peter sized her up lustfully and she reddened.

-I have to put all these in the washing machine before Rachel…

-I'll do it. I'll do the dishes as well. And I'll cook lunch. But later, please-he moaned, grabbing her around the waist, pulling her back on the bed and hiding his face between her round breasts.

-Peter, get out of there-Olivia tried to sound stern but his boyishness was disarming her.

-No-he shook his head in a desperate protest, burying his face even more and she had to giggle.

-Well, at least let me get up, please.

-Liv. Rachel and Ella are coming around 14 h. Let's rest for a while longer, we have time.

She sighed, giving in.

-Okay. But I have to set the alarm clock.

-Set it on half past twelve-he muttered sleepily, accommodating on her bosom as Olivia reached for her cell on the nightstand. Peter kissed and gently suckled on one, and then on the other nipple before he let out a happy groan and closed his eyes, placing his head on both of her soft breasts.

-That's not a pillow-Olivia whispered into his ear educationally as she was tenderly caressing his hair.

-It is-he insisted stubbornly, but his words were barely discernible as he was already drifting away to sleep.

Olivia smiled and closed her eyes as well, enjoying in the weight of his warm head on her chest.

PETER woke up first again. He glanced at his wristwatch and saw that it was 12.20. He lifted his head from Olivia's breasts and watched her chest heave, listened to her quiet breathing. He reached for her cell phone next and turned off the alarm clock. Peter wanted to wake her up on his own terms and not with some noisy melody.

His lips landed light kisses on her stomach and surged upwards towards her neck. Peter tenderly, persistently suckled on Olivia's earlobe until she fidgeted and raised her arms to embrace him. She looked helpless as a small kitten when she was sleepy and he cherished her forehead with tenderness.

-Is it time already?-she inquired drowsily, opening those bright beautiful eyes on him and his heart stopped for a split second.

-Who is the one who wants to sleep now?-Peter teased her.

-Oh, God. I had such a strange dream-Olivia placed her head between her hands.

-Did I star in it?-he grinned impishly.

-No… Not that kind of dream. I… I dreamt that I was a man.

-Well, you do dress and behave like a man-that remark earned Peter a smack on the head-but you most certainly are not one, agent Dunham. I mean, have you looked yourself in the mirror lately, princess?

-Now that you mentioned a mirror. The man… That is… Me… Seeing how I was him in my dream… He got up and did fifty push-ups, like I really do every morning as well… Then he opened his wardrobe and it was full of non-descript grey and black clothes and coats. When he went into the bathroom and looked himself in the mirror… His face seemed so familiar to me, Peter, I swear it. As if I had already seen him somewhere before. He had a scar just above his left eyebrow.

-It was just a dream, honey-Peter wanted her to stop dwelling on those weird, dark alter ego thoughts. He gently lifted Olivia's nude body into his arms as if it were a feather, and steadied her against the wall. The mere sight of her perfect naked figure made his cock half hard and he pressed it wantonly between her thighs, determined to show her what she was doing to him.

-Peter, no. Not again and definitely not so soon..-Olivia growled in protest. –I am so sore right now. I swear I won't even be able to walk-she added sincerely.

Peter burst out laughing and he knelt on the rug, placing his head on her stomach, adoring her and complying to her wish.

-Fine-he got up a while later, grinning.

-I'm gonna go and take a shower first-she stated. –You can put those sheets in the washing machine.

-Can I join you in the shower later when I'm done?-he smirked.

-Don't you dare Bishop, if you know what's good for you. We'll take turns.

-But…-he put on his best pleading face. –We can just… Have a shower. We don't have to do anything.

-Yeah, right. Not even you believe that-Olivia smiled, kissing him tenderly before she disappeared into the bathroom.

Olivia was in there for almost half an hour, and Peter used that time to put the bed sheets in the washing machine and to tidy up her bedroom, taking away the food leftovers and ordering the living room as well. He was just finishing with washing the dishes in the kitchen when Olivia emerged from the shower, wearing that white bathrobe that turned him on so much. She nodded in approval seeing how clean the bedroom and the living room were now.

-Done-he grinned proudly and they shared a long passionate kiss. –Missed me?

-Well, I was only gone for half an hour.

-Yeah, but still.

-Fine-she exhaled. –I did miss you-Olivia tugged on his his ears. –What are you doing?

-I was um… Just starting to peel the potatoes. I wanted to make mashed potatoes with meat and salad for lunch. And a raspberry pie for desert-he smiled proudly.

-Peter… You don't have to do everything. Why don't you go on in and take a shower? I can peel the potatoes and put them in a pot. I can also make the salad in the meantime. At least I know that much.

-I like your suggestion, Miss Dunham. Look at us, dividing housework as a real couple.

-But you'll have to prepare the meat!-she yelled after him. –I tried to fry some chicken wings once but they got burnt.

-Ay ay, milady-he saluted mockingly from the bathroom door. –And we'll bake the pie together, I'll show you how it's done.

-It's a deal.

She rummaged around her wardrobe and quickly put on dark green jeans, wool socks and house slippers. After Olivia finished putting on her bra, she reached for the light green shirt when Peter's light blue one caught her attention and she put it on instead with a wide smile.

When Peter came out of the bathroom, he put on his briefs, white flannel pants, socks, and his shoes. Then he looked around, surprised when he wasn't able to find his shirt. Peter made for the kitchen, wanting to ask Olivia if she had seen it, but then he stopped dead in the doorway, gazing in possibly the most beautiful sight his eyes had ever looked upon.

Olivia Dunham was wearing his shirt. She was wearing his shirt. That cute affectionate gesture completely swept him off his feet.

She rolled up the sleeves, frowning and focused, while she was carefully pulling the boiled potatoes out of the pot, and her firm little buttocks looked perfect in tight green jeans. In that moment, if somebody had asked Peter how he preferred Olivia, he would have said he'd take this Olivia, recently woken up, wearing his oversized shirt over the glamorous Olivia in a beautiful green dress any day.

He softly approached her from behind, embracing Olivia and burying his nose into her hair. She gave a tiny surprised yelp but she leaned on him anyway, giving herself away to his strength and firmness.

-You came to look for your shirt?

-Well, yes, actually, but now, after having found it, I think it might as well stay just where it is. It looks great on you, Livia.

-And you look great shirtless.

-Is that what all this was about?

-Partially-she admitted. –But I have also discovered I like to wear your clothes. It makes me feel closer to you.

He sighed. I love you, Olivia Dunham-Peter thought, biting his tongue. It was incredible how this woman could always surprise him with her spontaneous, sincere declarations of affection.

-How are the mashed potatoes coming?

-The potatoes are done, now I just need to mix them with milk and butter… And I made a salad.

-That's my girl. I'll just fry the meat in a jiffy, and then you and I can have some fun making raspberry pie.

-Are we going to make it with dough?

-Yup. And I'm gonna stain your pretty face with flour.

-Peter-she snarled menacingly. –No food fights now. It's one o'clock and Rachel and Ella will be here in an hour. We need to look presentable.

-Fine-he sighed, disappointedly.

After a lot of giggling, pushing around and stolen kisses in the kitchen, the couple had finally managed to prepare lunch for four. Peter was just laying plates on the table, placing the two bowls with salads and mashed potatoes on the tablecloth, when the doorbell rang. He checked his watch.

-It's ten past two. But… It can't be Rach and Ella. They wouldn't ring the bell, would they? Rach has a key.

-Nothing that comes from my sister really surprises me anymore-Olivia shrugged and then she gave a terrifying look in Peter's direction, having realized she hadn't returned a shirt to him.

Peter's eyes widened as she stripped rapidly in front of him, and he could have sworn he looked like a half -wit staring at her black bra, as she was tossing the light blue shirt in his direction, and running towards her bedroom in order to get dressed.

He put on his shirt as quickly as he could, his mind still lingering on Olivia's previous state of semi-undress, and he went towards the door.

Sure enough, it was Rachel and Ella, giggling in front of the door.

Well, now that cat is out of the bag, I don't know how Olivia and I are going to endure everyone's teasing, moony eyed looks and "Awww" gasps.

-Uncle Peter, Uncle Peter!-Ella fell into his embrace as soon as the door was open.

-Good afternoon, ladies. You're just in time for lunch-Peter stated, and then looked down to where Ella was standing.

-Hi, sweetheart-Peter pulled the little girl into a bear hug and he twirled her around the room. –Did you have a good time last night with Grandpa Walter?

-We did! We played Cluedo. But Grandpa Walter cheated. And then Mommy and I slept in a big double bed together and Grandpa Walter made special blueberry pancakes for breakfast.

-Well you're in luck, young lady, because aunt Liv and I made special lunch just for you. I hope you like mashed potatoes.

-I do! Did you make a dessert too?

-She has a sweet tooth, doesn't she?-Peter turned to Rachel.

-Honey, don't bother uncle Peter with so many questions. I'm sure he's got a lot on his mind. Maybe he and aunt Liv didn't have time to make a dessert-Rachel smirked.

-Actually-Peter blushed. –We did. We made a raspberry pie.

-Where is Olivia?

-She is… Um… In the bedroom, getting change of clothes…

Rachel looked knowingly down onto his rumpled shirt and disheveled hair and smiled.

Olivia emerged seconds later, her cheeks flushed; her appearance propelled Ella into yet another squealing mood, as she shifted from Peter's arms to her aunt's.

Peter then went into the kitchen to bring some bread, glasses, apple juice and a large oval plate laden with fried meat and eventually the four of them sat down to have lunch.

Rachel couldn't stop staring at her sister. Olivia looked… Ten years younger, like a teenage girl, carefree and positively alive. So much different from that absent-minded, distraught Olive who looked like she couldn't wait to get rid of Lucas Vogel on the day he came to have lunch at her place. Peter's adoring eyes were drawn to her, flickering over Olivia's figure whenever she would move about the room and that, and the amount of love in the air mostly made Rachel so happy that she wanted to jump around the apartment and hug them both from time to time.

-Oh my god you guys!-Rachel couldn't hold it in anymore. –I am so happy for you two.

They cleared their throats as Rachel inquired mischievously next:

-How was it? Olive? You have to tell me all about it!

-I… I am not sure Ella and I should be sitting here and listening to this-Peter stated, half jokingly, half embarrassedly.

-Of course. As soon as you tell me all about the neighbor from the ground floor-Olivia said sweetly, but with the murderous glare in her eyes which was stating I'll talk to you later.

-Look, Mommy, Mommy!-Ella exclaimed. –Aunt Liv and Uncle Peter are holding hands beneath the table while having lunch because Aunt Liv eats with her right hand and he eats with his left hand so they can do it!

-That's sweet-Rachel felt as if she was going to melt and Olivia had to smile as well as Peter squeezed her left hand encouragingly beneath the table.

-Uncle Peter, can I ask you something?-Ella chattered away.

-Sure, kiddo, fire away.

-Are you Aunt Liv's new prince?

-No, munchkin, I… Let me put it this way to you, Ella. I'm more like Shrek.


-Yes, honey. I don't live in a castle. I live in a mud hut. As you have had the chance to see.

-But Uncle Peter, I liked your hotel room.

-It's not much, but it's home. For now. And it's still a mud hut-Peter went on describing, emboldened by Olivia's sweet incredulous smile.

-Also, I am frequently moody, grumpy and sarcastic. Just like Shrek.

-But Shrek is good, Uncle Peter.

-Well, I'm occasionally good too. My father, Grandpa Walter, is just like that annoying enthusiastic hyperactive donkey, since I can't get him to shut up most of the times.

-And Aunt Liv is Princess Fiona?

-Yup. Aunt Liv is my princess during the day, though, when the sun goes down, your aunt suddenly turns into a bad ass, green skinned FBI monster girl who knows karate, kung fu, taekwondo and other complicated Japanese words, and who starts saving the world from criminals like a vigilante.

They all laughed out loud at Peter's comparisons and Ella and Rachel let out a squeal as Peter tenderly brought Olivia's lips next to his and held her in his embrace for a while.

When they broke apart, flushed, Rachel said:

-Oh, I completely forgot! With you two being so adorable, who would remember anything else?

-What is it?-Olivia inquired, worried.

-Astrid told me your partner… Um… Charlie, right? Will be coming to the lab around three so that Walter can check him out just in case… She will bring Walter to the lab at that time so you two should go as well.

-What time is it?

-It's half past two.

-Maybe we should go now, Peter. I really need to see how Charlie is doing.

-Was he injured on an assignment?-Rachel inquired worriedly.

-Something like that-Olivia said courtly, not wanting to go into details. The last thing Rach and Ella needed was to hear about a hybrid monster that roamed around impregnating people with its stinger.

-Fine by me. Let's move-Peter sighed contently, standing up and rubbing his full stomach, after having completed his second piece of raspberry pie with sour cream.

Olivia went into her room to find her trench coat.

–See you around, you two-he firmly embraced both Rachel and Ella from above.

-Oh, I don't doubt I'll be seeing you around a lot, Casanova-Rachel winked at him. -Now that my sister is entranced by you, you'll practically start living with us.

Peter smiled at her and whispered a "thank you" in her ear.

-For what?

-For… Supporting me. Believing Olivia cared about me and pointing it out to me when I haven't even believed in it myself.

-Come on, Bishop. What the friends are for? The worst part of it will be Olivia's scolding.

-I told her to go easy on you.

-You did? You're such a sweetheart.

-Well, I'm not sure she'll listen to me-Peter smirked. –You know how she is.

-Yes-Rachel sighed. –I do. I'll apologize to her and try to make her understand.

-Let's go-Olivia emerged from the bedroom, wrapped up in her trench coat, and Peter put his dark blue jacket on. –I'll see you in the evening-she shook her head at her sister, but a small smile that played around her lips told Rachel that Olivia might not feel as vindictive as she thought she would be.

WHEN Peter and Olivia got into the lab, it was quarter to three, but there was no trace of either Astrid and Walter or Charlie. Only Gene's steady mournful mooing greeted them from the corner.

-Aww… Sweetheart-Peter approached the cow and caressed her muzzle. –Did Walter forget to feed you again? Now who's a good cow?

Olivia observed him tenderly as he placed some fresh hay and alfalfa cubes in front of the hungry cow and scratched her beyond her ears.

-Well I guess all we can do is wait-he turned to Olivia with a sweet smile and then he strode away to the piano, tentatively caressing black and white keys.

-Dunham? Any requests?-he inquired mischievously, accommodating himself on the stool. Olivia's heart fluttered at the sudden déjà vu that hit her, at those familiar words he had spoken to her so many months ago, back when they first met each other and when he first played the piano for her. She approached and leaned over with an adoring look in her eyes.

-I won't ask for Bach since I know you won't oblige and you think it's way too stuffy.

-So you're just gonna let me choose again?

-I guess so, Mr. Bishop. Let me see in what ways I inspire you.

Peter gulped staring at the upper part of her light green shirt, and then his gaze drifted all the way down to her bosom, clearly visible to him since Olivia was leaning forward and the first three shirt buttons were, as always, undone. His flannel pants were becoming uncomfortably tight as he felt the pressure increase between his thighs.

-You inspire me in oh so many ways, honey-he whispered saucily. –I have a real treat for you today, agent Dunham. Not only will I play the piano cover of this famous song for you. I am also going to sing.

-Well, let's hear it-Olivia said, with a curious childish spark in her eyes. She couldn't recall ever hearing Peter sing, but she was certain he had a pleasant raspy voice.

And she wasn't wrong. Peter started playing, without removing the gaze from her figure, while Olivia stared at his quick, nimble fingers, watching them race over the black and white keys, remembering how they caressed her last night, as the time was coming to standstill and Peter's enjoyable husky voice reverberated through the lab:

It might be hard to be lovers

But it's harder to be friends

Baby pull down the covers

It's time you let me in

Maybe light a couple candles

I'll just go ahead and lock the door

If you'll just talk to me baby

Till we ain't strangers anymore

Lay you head on my pillow

I'll sit beside you on the bed

Don't you think it's time we say

Some things we haven't said?

It ain't too late to get back to that place

Back to the way we thought it was before

Why don't you look at me

Till we ain't strangers anymore?

Sometimes it's hard to love me

Sometimes it's hard to love you too

I know it's hard believing

That love can pull us through

It would be so easy

To live your life with one foot out the door

Just hold me baby

Till we ain't strangers anymore

It's hard to find forgiveness

When we just turn out the lights

It's hard to say you're sorry

When you can't tell wrong from right

It would be so easy

To spend your whole damn life just keeping score

So let's get down to it baby

There ain't no need to lie

Tell me who you think you see

When you look into my eyes

Let's put our two heart back together

And we'll leave the broken pieces on the floor

And make love with me baby

Till we ain't strangers anymore

We're not strangers anymore

We're not strangers

We're not strangers anymore

A single tear appeared in Olivia's eye. No one has ever sung for her like that, so personally and with such an emotion, in her entire life. She now fully understood how lucky she was she had this caring man beside her and how important the decision she took last night, the decision to let him in her emotionally void life, was.

-There. Did you like it? It's a piano cover for Bon Jovi's song "Till we ain't strangers anymore". Personally, I think it fits us perfectly, honey-he smiled widely, finally lifting his eyes from the piano keys, but seeing how Olivia was crying, Peter swiftly stood up and hugged her firmly.

-Liv? What's wrong?

-I just… It was so beautiful. No one…-she fell silent abruptly and hid her face into his chest.

-Come here-he whispered into her hair and pulled her onto his lap on the stool, rocking her gently in his embrace and murmuring soothing words into Olivia's ear until she calmed down a bit. –You know how much I care about you, don't you, sweetheart?

Olivia nodded shyly.

-And that's never going to change, I promise. I swear, Olivia.

Several awkward moments passed and Peter didn't know what else to say to her, how to comfort Olivia; he wasn't used to her being this vulnerable. He was just about to crack a joke and ease when she frowned and moved impatiently around his lap.

-Peter, I'm uncomfortable-she complained and he smirked, knowing exactly why.

-Well I can't precisely control the reactions of my body, especially when you lean forward like you did and when we are this close-he sighed into her hair. Olivia, you have no idea what you were doing to me during these last eleven months right in this lab, starting from the very first day, when you entered the tank in that black underwear. God, how much I fantasized about you. I was practically barely able to focus on my job. I used to go to the bathroom two or three times a day just to… Lighten my load.

-What did you daydream about?-Olivia inquired audaciously.

-You, me…-he blushed. –Doing it-he blurted out, partly ashamed for having these fantasies about his boss. Peter's cock bobbed again beneath her, following his perverted thoughts, and Olivia gently squeezed the soft flesh between her thighs, even though they were both still fully clothed.

-Where?-Olivia's voice was barely more then a whisper when her breath tickled Peter's ear and he groaned, horny like hell.

-In the office… On your table-he moaned, barely able to speak, as his now clumsy fingers fumbled with the buttons between his legs. Olivia took both of his palms into his hands, prohibiting him to take off his pants, and he cried out incredulously, on the verge of begging her to let him pull his manhood out. Peter felt like he was going to faint from the straining between his thighs; either that, or like his cock was going to rip its way through the linen.

-Where else?

-Livia…Come on… Jesus…-Peter bit tenderly into her neck, scraping her cheek with his stubble, teasing her, and it was her turn to gasp now, but Olivia held her composure. –Just let me…

-No. Tell me…

-If… If I tell you… Will you let me?-he panted heavily, clutching her into his arms.

-Yes-she replied playfully. Goosebumps ran down Olivia's spine as she was listening to his lustful, hasty confessions in that hoarse, guttural, gravelly voice:

-Next to the file cabinet… On the piano keys… On… On Walter's lab table… Against… Against the wall… I even… Thought about us doing it next to Gene… In the hay but… Eventually those fantasies stopped because… Because I think I couldn't look that cow in the eye ever again if we were to do that… In the… In the storage room. In Walter's old car.

-Why there?

-Because the seats creak a lot… And… It's a mayor turn on.

-Peter, you've really given much thought to this.

-Let's just say… I had a lot of time and a good stimulant to do it.

-Anywhere else?

-You know how most normal couples dream about a romantic sex in the tub. Red candle lights…Rose petals on the warm water surface… Some champagne and that perfect someone. Not Peter Bishop, my lady. Sex in the sensory deprivation tank instead of the tub would really get me going.

-You have got to be kidding me-Olivia definitely burst out laughing this time.

-You're so beautiful when your hair is damp. Right when you get out of the tank… Your eyes somehow seem bigger, more expressive, I dunno. And your lips are so full, with that bluish tinge… Your skin is cool… Your nipples get wet and hard. God, you're sexy. We definitely have to try that one day. We'll lock ourselves inside and get the party going-Peter whimpered, not being able to resist the overwhelming sensation anymore, standing up and pulling Olivia upwards with him, hooking his fingers right beneath her buttocks and decidedly placing her on the lab table, urgently pushing between her thighs with his linen imprisoned hard-on, nibbling on her neck.

-Peter-she sighed into his ear, already feeling quivering sensations in her aching core. –Its five to three. The three of them will come in any minute now. We can't…

-Agent Dunham, don't tell me you are not familiar with the word quickie?-his lustful voice inquired, grinning slyly, seeing how she was shaking his head at him.

Peter urgently slid her jeans and panties down to her knees, groping at her plump, firm ass cheeks while his lips left a trail of kisses along Olivia's collarbone. A whimper of pleasure escaped Olivia after he unbuttoned her shirt as well. Olivia's bra came undone easily in Peter hands and her full breasts came into view. Instinctively, Peter took one in each hand and let his thumbs wander over the sensitive areola, evoking a groan from within her. Their tongues danced once more as Olivia's impatient hands tugged his trousers down and eventually they landed on the floor. She grasped Peter tightly through his boxers and it was his turn to groan into her mouth.

Peter sucked at one nipple, nibbling at it lightly while he rolled the other between his thumb and forefinger; her approval was audible. Olivia ran her hands through his hair, grabbing it in fists as Peter's mouth traveled down past her navel to the top of her underwear, feeling the dampness and smelling her musk. She panted slightly, filled with lust and in need of the touch of a man.

Peter was done teasing her; now was the moment. He urgently removed his boxers to release his engorged organ. He couldn't remember a time before that he had ever been so fully erect; so absolutely, unbelievably aroused. His mouth came up to meet hers again and they shared a long, strong kiss while their bodies shared their heat.

-I want you so bad that it hurts-Peter growled in her ear as he positioned himself at Olivia's entrance.

-I need you, Peter- she mewled up at him, her teeth bared and fire in her eyes, and Peter plunged into her depths to a cry of ecstasy. Like a machine, he ploughed into Olivia again and again, feeling her inner walls contract to draw him in. Olivia yelled out with every thrust, spurring Peter on, imploring him to go faster. Peter spread her legs wider and his hips rose and fell with increasing velocity, the sound of their flesh slapping together echoing through the room. Expertly, Olivia matched her thrusts to Peter's, forcing him deeper still and driving them both ever closer to the edge. Adrenaline was coursing through Peter's veins, giving him energy he never knew he had, and Olivia screamed his name at the top of her lungs as he brought the intensity to a new level. Their bodies were one entity, bumping and grinding together to achieve one ultimate goal of satisfaction, they moved in unison again, climbing higher and higher towards their peak.

Peter's long strokes hit Olivia just in the right place every time and she yelped loudly enough to alert the students and the passers-by, thus warning him she was nearly there, using an assisting hand to tip her over the edge.

Peter kept pushing up into her with all his might, watching as Olivia's body trembled and convulsed with her climax, feeling how her tightened grip was pushing both of them to the brink.

-Peter…Peter…Oh, Peter…This…-she moaned his name repeatedly, uncontrollably and his heart swelled with emotion, listening to her calling out his name, holding on to his shoulders and letting out tiny gasps of contentment.

One last, almighty shudder that ripped her entire body let him know Olivia was through it and Peter returned her smile through his deep grunts. To see the woman he loved so clearly satisfied and to know he was the one to please her was all Peter needed. He let himself go.

Peter's orgasm erupted like a volcano deep inside Olivia, neverending spasms releasing lashings of his seed. When it was finally over, Peter breathed a deep sigh and pulled her into his chest, just holding her for a minute.

Their breathing was rapid and shallow, Peter's chest was heaving as she nuzzled into his neck lovingly.

Sex with Olivia was, by far the most incredible sex Peter had yet experienced in his life and he knew then that it would be hard, if not impossible to beat. Her sweat-coated body clung to Peter's as their hearts gradually returned to their regular rate.

-Two fifty-nine-Peter whispered victoriously into her ear. –This is where the phrase "They should be here any minute" gets its literal meaning. Sadly, only one fantasy down. That's too bad, but… We'll have plenty of time to try the other ones in the days to come.

They both rapidly pulled their pants up, and Olivia buttoned up her shirt, running her fingers through her hair. If nothing else, at least they were now fully dressed and they looked presentable.

Their cheeks were still flushed as he embraced her and pulled her into his arms, kissing her desperately, adoringly, with such tenderness, whispering he was never going to let her go, when the lab door opened and a few moments later loud joyous shout "That's my boy!" reverberated all around them, upsetting Gene who mooed in protest.

Peter and Olivia jumped up and quickly parted. Olivia looked onto the floor, feeling ashamed, and Peter slapped himself on the forehead, knowing well an avalanche called "Walter" was about to come at them, full speed.

Astrid's hands were joined and she was staring at them with the similar expression Rachel had previously had. "Aw, look how sweet they are" was written all over her face even though she said nothing; she simply nodded quietly at both of them with a small smile and announced that she was going into the storage room to get the materials needed for agent Francis's inspection. Peter was immensely grateful for her discretion.

Charlie cleared his throat several times and actually grinned at Olivia who nodded timidly in his direction, before he spoke seriously in his guttural voice, motioning towards Peter's shoulder:

-How's your wound, Bishop? Good job in the sewers, both of you.

-Better-Peter replied confusedly but added, seconds later: -I've been worse. And so have you. Did you crap out the larvae as Walter predicted? I've been meaning to ask you that for two days now.

-I did. I came here this afternoon for a regular check out-Charlie chuckled in his rasping tone. –My wife has no idea what has happened to me. And it's better that she doesn't find out.

-Yeah-Peter agreed, thinking that this change of topic might be just what he and Olivia needed, when Walter pushed his way forward next to Charlie, and firmly pulled both Peter and Olivia in an enthusiastic embrace.

-My son and my daughter.

-Whoa, whoa, whoa. Walter…-Peter raised his forefinger warningly in the air.

-What is it, Peter? Agent Dunham is like a daughter to me now.

He sniffed the air around him.

-The musk smell in the air informs me that you have just fornicated. Had intercourse, sex…

-Okay, that's enough-Peter interrupted him, seeing how uncomfortable Charlie looked and how he strolled over to the window feigning he wasn't listening to that embarrassing conversation.

-Did you use protection, Peter?-Walter stared long and hard into his son's eyes, completely ignoring Olivia's horrified facial expression when he turned to her next.

-Agent Dunham… Remember how I told you you should make sure all your sexual partners wear condoms… I bought the Crown skinless skin condoms for Peter last night but he didn't want to take it with him when he went to your apartment… I don't know what came over him… He is generally nice and sexually educated boy… Me and my late wife told him about these kind of things… Maybe he wanted to fully enjoy your first sexual experience together… That was really selfish of you Peter, I must tell you that… I hope Olivia isn't angry at you. My son is quite big down there you know, dear, and he has a high sex drive, so it's no wonder…

-Walter-it was Olivia's turn to stop him from talking. –Can we please… Just focus on Charlie?

-Of course my dear… I hope he didn't give you a bun in the oven down there, though-he muttered under his breath.

-What was that, Walter?-Olivia inquired.

-Nothing, I was talking to myself, agent Dunham…

-I'm on a pill-she stated calmly and both Peter and Walter spun around incredulously, astonished at her serene directness.

-Oh. Than that's a different matter entirely. Well done, agent Dunham, well done-Walter concluded with a smile, and then he pulled astonished Peter aside as Olivia joined Charlie by the window.

-Listen to this, boy: three bedrooms and a nursery, right across the park and a community pool. There is a bakery near, too.

-What are you talking about?

-The apartment for you and Olivia, of course.

-Walter… I knew this was going to happen.

-What? You can't live in the hotel room forever, and you can't always barge into her place either.

-Just… Don't rush anything and let our relationship develop at its own pace.

-I would like it to be a girl. You could name her Hana. It's a nice, strong name. Or anything that begins with H, really.


-Your child, my granddaughter, of course! For a smart boy, you can be really stupid sometimes, my son…

-What child? We have been together since last night!

-Days are just numbers, Peter… You have been connected and predestined for each other since long time ago. I just know that.

-The only thing I know right now is that I have an insane father. Just… Take it down a notch, will ya? Don't ruin this for me, I beg you. I sometimes wonder if Astrid was right when she joked about how I shouldn't bring that special girl to the lab to meet you.

-Nonsense, Peter. Agent Dunham already knows me very well, and she is quite affectionate with me.

-If you don't quit behaving like that… She might as well stop being so affectionate.

Peter decidedly moved towards the storage room.

-I am going to help Astrid to prepare the materials.

Walter followed him like a small curious child, nudging him constantly with his elbow.

-How was it? Did you fulfill the expectations?

-I am soo not answering to that question, Walter.

-And how did she like the outfit I ironed for you?

-She… Liked it well enough.

-Did you make breakfast in bed in the morning, Peter?

-I did…Blueberry and raspberry pancakes-Peter replied tiredly.

-Good job, A+, smart boy. It's so obvious that you are my son…

Echo of Walter's enthusiastic voice and Peter's grumbling replicas died down slowly as they approached the storage room doors.

Just before entering inside, Peter looked worriedly at Olivia, who was standing by the window, obviously having the same problems he had just had with Walter, but merely with teasing Charlie, which, in Peter's opinion, must have been much easier to endure.

As if she knew Peter had been watching her, Olivia turned around, instinctively and abruptly, giving him a small, encouraging, conspiratorial smile, which was saying so many things at once that Peter choked on the wave of emotions that unexpectedly appeared inside him.

That small beam of her happiness was telling him she wasn't angry, that she was mildly amused, even, and willing to endure this teasing and many more of them to come, for the sake of their budding relationship, and that was all Peter needed to know. They belonged together, Peter knew it now, and they were going to overcome any obstacle that might stand in their way. Boston thugs that were still after him, Olivia's ability whose origin and purpose she couldn't yet comprehend, her recent strange dream that she was in male's body… Everything. And much more.

For the first time in many months, Peter Bishop sensed that the frustration, nervousness and violence that was growing like a weed inside him ever since Walter had been institutionalized has died out under the tender look of that woman's eyes, under the small curve of her endearing smile. He was finally, blissfully happy. He was at peace. Olivia brought him that peace, she was the one who had that calming, steadying effect on him, and whenever his heart and mind desired to roam in the wrong directions, she would carry him home, and be his safe anchor. His haven.

She promised him that and he believed her.

-Boy! Did you know that, during the traditional mating style, there actually is a scientific way of conceiving a female child? Listen to this, Peter, it is very important. "It has been suggested that engaging in intercourse about 3-4 days before ovulation begins is the best time to start trying for a baby girl. This is because the sperm that carries the X chromosome or those responsible for a baby girl, is stronger than the sperm that carries the Y chromosomes or those responsible for a baby boy. As such, by the time the egg is ready to receive the sperm, the male chromosomes will have died off, thereby increasing the chances of conceiving a baby girl. Avoid intercourse on the day or a day after ovulation.

It has been said that having intercourse in the missionary position is one of the ways of increasing the chances of having a baby girl. This is because it allows for a shallow penetration position, and the entrance to a woman's vagina is less alkaline. It is possible for the X chromosome to survive in such a highly acidic climate, while it is difficult for the Y chromosome to do so. As such, the chances of having a baby girl are increased.

As mentioned earlier, it is difficult for a male chromosome to survive in a highly acidic environment but an alkaline climate is suitable for it. As such, to avoid an alkaline environment, it is essential that the female does not orgasm during intercourse. When a woman is about to do so, it increases the alkalinity in the area, and increases the chances of having a baby boy. Avoiding it on the other hand, will help you have a baby girl.

A lot of women have found that simply by eating certain foods, they have been able to conceive and deliver a baby girl. Foods such as fish, fresh vegetables and fruits, beans, corn, cranberries and blueberries, wine and yogurt should be consumed by both partners. It is also believed that women who wish to have a baby girl should eat lots of chocolate." Good job on those blueberry pancakes, huh, son?

Peter sighed and turned to his father, ready to hear out his entire enthusiastic tirade.

This was going to be a long day.


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