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Pollyanna's Universe


Today in the life of Pollyanna, young bridge between humanity and PSI, she struggles to find the middle point. She's scared after the invasion of what she thought was one of them. Scared to be human.

Action / Fantasy
Starla Garrett
Age Rating:

Full Disclosure

The green fire ravaged behind the Pure Melodies. They all stared into the ocean, where a rampaging fusion is being dragged to the bottom.
Pollyanna's tears dried, in favor of shock. Ninten tried to break the silence. "Well...that could have been..a lot worse." He tried to be positive. Cyrus looked behind him, seeing flaming pieces of debris. "Could've gone a lot better, too…" His voice was balancing back quickly, but it still had Lucas's southern vibe with Claus's deep baritone. It'll quickly meld back into his baritone slight southern accent once more.

Tony spoke to Pollyanna, via the phone. "Polly, I got your message! Polly, what happened?"
She looked at her feet, in which the waves tried to fill the claw marked that Pokey and Commander,or..Zaveran, made.
Ness startled her as he cheered. "WE WON!" She was lifted, along with her mood as Ness spun her. Tony tried to get her to speak. "Was that Ness?"
Pollyanna smiled as Lion nudged her shoulder, blinking. "Ah..What's going on?"

Tony held the receiver close to his ear, worried that something bad had happened. "You said something about a giant space hand and dying!?"

Ness's loud screams of happiness and victory were heard as he mess up her hair. She spoke. "Tony! You're not going to believe what happened. Where do I even start?! It's been a madhouse over here!"

Ness grabbed Ninten by the waist, cheering. Ninten struggled, blushing. "That's enough celebrating,Ness!"

Cyrus put a hand to his chin as a horn honked.

Greg was throwing all his caution away he pulled to a stop and looked out his window. He called when he saw his daughter. "Pollyanna!"

She turned around. "Dad!" She spoke into the phone, quickly. "Tony. I-i have to go, I promise, I'll call you back." She slid her finger over end call, and pocketed her phone.

She ran to her father. "Dad's back, Dad's back!" Greg was running up, arms opened. "Oh thank goodness, you're okay!" He lifted her off her feet and hugged her, humming in joy. She was okay. She was okay.
" I saw the Spaceship start to leave and then it crashed so I came back and …" He saw her black eye, and moved her hair to her ear. "Ooo, You're eye."
It twitched, obviously bugging the young child. He smiled, with her. "But you're okay!"

He swung his fist. "I guess those guys were no match for the Pure Melodies, huh?"
She shook her head. "No WAY, they were super strong!"
He became nervous. "But you still beat them back, right?"
He flinched.
"No. They totally stomped us! This warrior,Commander, was super beefy and knocked me unconscious. Then they abducted me onto the ship because they wanted to take me away forever. And then we crashed the ship and I almost died!"
Greg's face was like a role of film, a three times taller than Ness. He asked, as he held his hair. "What did they want from you?"
She quieted. "They think I'm Mom."

They..they were going to punish her for something that wasn't her..fault..oh gosh.
Greg had to try to continue talking, panicking about what he knows and never wants her to go through. "Are more Homeworld Users coming after y-you?" She thought for a moment. "..Maybe.."
He was shaking, as he lifted a hand. "Pollyanna. I'm supportive and very proud of you...and I'll be right back." He ran to his van and got in, forgetting about how she blew out the door.

He, in the van, took some deep breaths. "Gotta calm down." He reached into the back of the van, grabbing some Cds. "Where's my relaxing Cd?" He couldn't tell which was which, and took a guess. "This one?" He put it in,...it was death metal.

"Wrong one! Stop! Eject!" He hit the radio. He leaned back, and took some deep breaths. What he didn't know, was Pollyanna was watching it all through the spot the door used to be. She heard, over the music, her ringtone made by herself for Tony.

Dada. dadada. Dada. dadada.

She looked at her father, and then back to the phone. The van's wheels came off, making Greg panic even more.

How can I word this better?

She walked down the beach, the sky clear and it was actually morning now. She spoke to her contacts list, her thumb hovering over a photo of a smiling Brunet.

"Now, Tony. Please don't freak out. But a giant laser hand tried to steal me into space. But it didn't, it didn't. I'm back and everything is fine now..."

She tried to open the door to the Big Donut, and looked up. She saw all the glass was shattered. Her phone rang again, as she ran from the site.
She paced through town, her anxiety growing as she feels the phone rumble in her hands.

She tried something lighthearted. " Um, Tony. Funny story. As it turns out, there's a lot more Psi Users out there than we thought. And I think they wanna... kill me?"

She nearly tripped over a piece of the ship, in which many part scattered the town. Her ringtone blared, scaring her. "Aah!" She calmed a bit and laughed, trying. "Hey, that message. It was but a dream!" She continued her pace, holding her head.

"No, he's too smart for that. Save it for Ness."

She didn't know how she ended up at the hill, but she did!
She felt hot, and stupid, and just plain tired. She..ugh, she hated this.

She paced upwards, as she her phone made her head ache. She brought her hands to her head, frustrated.

She didn't know why she didn't just throw her phone into the sea!..She can't do that.
She looked at the phone, for the umpteenth time, distraught. She sighed, hair picking up the wind.
She looked at the smoking spaceship, that was the sole reason she wasn't pacing in her house.
She wanted to be as far from it as she could right now.

She pocketed her phone and thought.

Tony'll flip! Dad freaked out. How can I put this.

Pain shot in her eye and she covered it. She felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked up and saw Mason. "Oh hey Mason."

"Didn't you hear? Mayor Daalaam is calling everyone back to the city, we can go home!"
He looked up at the sky, while her gaze stayed at the ocean and wreckage. Well, half her gaze.
"Oh...You come here to brood too, don't you?"
She looked at him and raised her eyebrow. "Brood?"

"Mm-hmm. It's what people like us do. Suffer quietly, locking away the knowledge no one else can bear."


"As an aficionado of the weird yourself, you've probably noticed ordinary people fear the cold leaded anchor of the truth. The abyss is no Sunday swan ride."
The waves crashed into the cliff below them.

"I-i know! My dad freaked out when I told him!" Maybe I was too blunt…

" Typical. But, it's a good reminder. This is no easy path we've chosen here. There are... sacrifices. Look at them all down there, Polly."
He waved his hand over the city, and then to the crash site plaguing the air around her home.
"It's our duty to let those simple people live out their simple lives, without ever knowing the burden of being friends with us."
She closed her eyes….She loves her friends but..should she even have them? She looked up at Apple Kid. "At least we can be there for each other.." She smiled.

He suddenly ran a hand through his curly red hair. " Is that giant hand from the sky sitting right in the middle of the beach?! I gotta get some of this for my blog!" She saw him run off and sighed.

She listened to the crashing waves, and began to sing.
"Everybody told me Psi's stuff's dangerous...guess I didn't believe it…"
She gazed over the wreckage that the temple was in front of. "Until now, Dad's always seemed apprehensive...and now he's really freaking out, what do i do?"
She was trying to use her singing as a way not to choke out.
"I don't want that for you…"
Her phone rang, giving her song a tune. She fell to her butt and pulled it out of her pocket. She set it next to her and covered her ears. Her eyes were wet as it stopped ringing.

She flopped onto her back, continuing.
"Everybody told me life is precious…"
She grabbed the phone, and scrolled through her memories with Tony.
"And that mean's you and I want to protect you…"
She looked at his blushing face, as she snapped surprise selfies with him.
"What if somehow you get hurt...What would I do?"
Several unacknowledged tears slid down her face.
"I don't want that for you.."

She harmonized..it sounded like whining, with the ring-tone. "Oooooooo,"
She dropped the phone and hugged her knees, as it flashed his name again.
" ooooooooo, ooooooooo, ooooooo... "
She looked into the sky, remembering the time she was in the ship. She didn't know how long she was knocked out.

"What am I going to tell you?" A green hand came down from space in front of us, It was so terrifying…

"You're better off not knowing the trouble I'm in." Cyrus got split in half in front of my eyes. I thought he had died…

"About what've just seen, about where I've just been…" I was in a huge space hand jail! I got Lucas and Claus back together, they form Cyrus…

"You don't have to be apart of this…" We were well above Earth. We could have been so much farther…

"I don't think I want you to be…" I hadn't ran faster that day…

"You don't need this…." If he'd just let me help him….

"You..don't need me…" The ship blew up with us inside..I've never seen so much green and I wear it everyday….

"Oooooooo, ooooooooo, ooooooooo, ooooooo…" Pokey and Commander, fused and they..basically kamikazed on us…

Her heart leapt as the phone rang again, pulling her from her memories.
By then, a ghost of sadness passed over her face. She grabbed her phone and stood up. With one final thought, her decision was made. She put her hand to the screen and clicked "Ignore." You don't need me…

Her hair flew in the wind as she walked home, her thoughts clouding her head.

She stared at the window as Ness complained. "Ah, come on…" Cyrus had his arms crossed. "No whining. We need to start cleaning up debris."
Ninten agreed, nervously fixing his hair.
"Cyrus is right. People are starting to come back to town."

Pollyanna spoke up, grabbing the blinds. "We need to keep them off the beach. If any humans got a hold of PSI technology they could seriously hurt themselves."
She closed the blinds, they're shadow covering the light in her eyes. "Maybe we should shut them out. For good." She was dead serious.

Ninten put a hand to his chin. "You know..we did have a fence once."
He perked up. "Let's get a new one!" He fed the flames of Pollyanna's plan of cutting off humanity.
"With barbed wire!" So no-one can climb it… Ness was complete on board with being guard again. "This time...let's build a moat!" He brought his hands to his face, taking off his hat.. "I can be.." He sang, his head turning into a crocodile. "The Crocodile!"
He did the Jazz hands. "Jazz Hands.~" Ninten crossed his arms, looking away.

Cyrus's visor became yellow. "No." Ness looked disappointed. "Why not?"
Ninten put his hands on his hips. "You always said you'd be the crocodile, but you never commit." He changed back, putting his hat back on. Cyrus stated. "No fence, either."

They both looked really disappointed. "Cyrus!"
His visor gave a warm sunflower glow, as he defended their ties to Humanity.
"Pollyanna needs to see her father, and her friends."
She paced to look at her closet. "No, I don't."
She put her hand against it. "I can't keep clinging to the vestiges of my humanity..I need to get serious.."
Her phone rang, making her cringe and moan in despair. Ninten was curious, about one thing only. "Polly, why is your communication device making that song?"

She explained. "It's Tony...He's trying to call me, but I can't face him anymore…"
She looked away. Ninten tried to understand it, as he reached out to try and comfort her. "So you're just going to ignore him, forever?"
She crossed her arms. "It's the best thing for him…"
Ness was looking out the window, as he stated. "It's gonna be hard, because he's coming up the steps right now." She whipped around. "What?!"

Tony was, in fact, stepping onto the porch. He wore the same sea green outfit from when they formed Pollyanny. He knocked on the door, and Ninten and Cyrus answered. "Oh! Hello, Tony…" He was nervous. Tony asked, worried. "Is Polly home?"

She was sneaking out the window, and behind him. "No." Ninten stated.
Tony brought his hands to his chest. "Is she okay? I'm just really worried! She hasn't been picking up her phone all day. What's going on!"
Ninten saw her booking down the beach. " Uh... I- I don't know. I don't understand your human relationships. So.. uhm... goodbye!"
He closed the door and stood in it. Cyrus waved, showing Claus's core. He pulled Ninten over to the blind area.

He groaned and turned around,..to see his friend running away from him.

"Polly!" Her flats kicked up sand as she ran through the wreckage, Tony calling after her. "Polly!" She ran through a corridor, making Tony do the same. He looked around the finger.

He emerged and saw the thumb...to which the girl hid behind. "Polly? Polly?!" She tried to catch her breath as he called out. "Are you in trouble!? Is something wrong?!..Did I do something wrong!?"
She moaned, she didn't want this!..What does she want?
He called. "Why are you avoiding me?" She hugged her knees, face in her hair as she moaned again.

He took his phone out of his pocket, and dialed her number. Her ringtone blared, and she quickly pulled it out, and hit "Ignore". "Polly, I know you're there! Why are you hiding from me?!" She took a deep breath, and texted him.

He read from his phone. "..I don't want to be friends anymore…" He took a deep breath, trying not to cry. She, after all, was the..greatest thing to fly into his universe…

He dialed her number, and she picked up this time. She spoke into the receiver, trying not to cry herself. "You can't be around me..I have a destiny." Tony called, tears welling up.
"Pollyanna, you say that to my face! Say you don't want to be friends anymore! If you can do that-"
He put the phone away from his ear, and called without it.
"If you can do that, I'll leave you alone! And I'll just go back to having no friends!" He called. "But, I won't believe it until you say it to my face!"

A shadow covered his face. She had climbed atop the thumb. With a grunt, she jumped down. Her hair was in her face as she kept it down. "Well!?" He yelled at her.
He pacified, as she was shaking as if a hurricane hit her. She threw her head back, making her hair fall onto her back.
She was bawling, as a thin line of mucus trailed down her nose. "I-I still wanna be friends!" She sobbed. She shook and went to wipe her eyes.

Tony gasped, and ran up. He grabbed her face and did it for her. "Polly, you're eye!" He gently moved his finger under it, making her wince slightly.
"What happened to you?"
More tears came down her eyes. 'I-i didn't want you to worry…" He was appropriately angery at that. "I've been worried sick all day! Why do you think I'm here!" He threw his hand up.
She used her palm to wipe her cheek. "I just wanted to protect you."
He grabbed her hand. "Stop." He held it up. "Just talk to me."
She sniffed as she hugged him,he patted her back, letting her let it out.

They sat in front of the shore, the story over. Tony looked at the water. "So Pokey and Commander are somewhere underwater."

She was holding her knees. "Uh-huh. Jeff got away while the ship was could be pretty much anywhere…" Tony shuttered, "That is a lot to take in."

Pollyanna looked at him. "Are you okay?"
He looked at her like she was crazy.
"Are you okay? You're the one that's actually gone through this!" He smiled at her. "Least I can do his listen."
She shook her head. "I can't ask you to do that." He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her into a hug. "I WANT to. I want to be a part of your universe."
She smiled and returned the hug, blushing. They heard the sounds of a van.

Greg drove up to the two, who scrambled to stand. "Kiddo!" He ignored their cuddling, and asked Tony. "Oh, Hey Tony. Need a ride home?"

She had to ask. "Oh, Hey, dad. You doing okay?"
He smiled at her. "Eh, I got it all out of my system."
He shot her with a finger gun. "I'm back to being your super cool dad." They chuckled as they climbed into the van, the door not yet fixed.

They gave music to all, as they drove past the recovering city. Mason pulled some debris, as Duster sweeped.

They waved to Clement, and Ana.

Mr. Carpainter smiled as he walked down the boardwalk. Andonauts, Saturn and Poo listened to Mayor Daalaam's speech rough draft, practicing using his passion to power his voice instead of a microphone.

They drove away, towards the end of Beach City, and everything finally felt okay.

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