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So these are some of my gacha life characters, I might do a story that could happen you never know.

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Dylan Sarah Starr

Hewo! I am back if you haven't notice I have not been online until August, I will try to be more like online, I won't be doing this as a daily thing so I will be like weekly about. And I will also try and make more things for the frerard fan-fiction. So anyway, I will be trying something new. So here we go:

↜ Info Template ↝

Quote • "I ain't gay, I swear."

Name • Dylan Sarah Starr

Nickname • Deakie, the 'spooky one'

Age • 16

Gender • Male

Sexuality • Gay (but in the closet)

Species • Human.

Magical Abilities • Art (because that totally counts)

↜ Some More Information ↝

Height • 5'5

Weight • 120 lbs

Body • Skinny boi

Looks • Black hair, hazel eyes, usually wearing a shirt with a band or cats, black trousers and shoes.

Likes • Cats, drawing, rock music from the 70-90s, singing.

Betweens • Actually being nice to people I hate.

Dislikes • Gym, fakers (been dealing with them irl)

Family • 1 big sister (Elizabeth), 1 older brother (Jimi). His mom and dad (divorced)

Pets • 8 cats (I told you he likes cats)

Behaviour • Salty, bad anger issues, depressing, high.

Reputation at school • Not popular.

Personality • Bitter, emo, high of 'stuff'

Talents + hobbies • Singing, drawing, playing with my cats.

Background/story • His earliest memories is him and his dad just being in the car and listening to Queen whilst his brother and sister hated it. And a few years his mom and dad divorced because 1. Dad was cheating and 2. His mom was a lesbian. So the dad took Dylan and Elizabeth and the mom took Jimi. As Dylan got older the dad became more abusive towards Dylan but not Elizabeth (it isn't going to be a ' hated child becomes a hybrid ' crap.) The dad became an alcoholic blah blah blah. The dad started to sell drugs for money. Elizabeth became the spoiled brat because they both knew that Dylan was the 'worst kid in the whole world'. He became suicidal and he knew they didn't care about him so he took the bloody drugs he knew they wouldn't care. Dylan knew that his family (not his mom or older brother) was homophobic and Dylan was gay so he decided to stay in the closet. The rest is now I guess.

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