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I'm Moving to Middle Earth


Written under Drakeluvr (That later became Glitchie) on Fan Fiction Net 2/15/2008. After losing her husband and only child in a car accident, Teresa slips into a dream... Legolas finds a mysterious woman on the way to Rivendell and discovers she has no memory of who she is, or how she got there. Is it real or all just a dream? This could be chalked up to a Mary Sue since it was born when my husband asked me what I would do if he died... Contained in the story are the lyrics to 'Don't Leave Me on My Own' by Chris Isaac from his Forever Blue album. These lyrics have been slightly altered to fit the mood of the story within the context they appear. They were translated into Elvish using the Elvish Dictionary and Phrase book provided by The Grey Company.

Fantasy / Romance
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The Awakening to Change

Galadriel couldn’t sleep, something was wrong. Quietly, she donned her robe and left the nosse that she shared with her husband, Celeborn in their home in Lothlorien. She seemed like a ghost as she glided silently down to her mirror, a sacred pool that allowed her to see things unknown.

A whisper drew her this night. ′I’ palurin kanttaty.′ The world is changed. ′Amin tyavta e’ i’ alu.′ I feel it in the water. ′Amin tyavta e’ i’ kemen.′ I feel it in the earth. ′Amin firta e’ i’ vilya.′ I smell it in the air. Something was coming, but tonight’s glimpse into the mirror did not comfort her, for even the mirror could not tell her what was wrong, or what was coming. Sighing heavily, she returned to her sleeping husband and tried to find comfort in his soft, rhythmic breathing.

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