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I'm Moving to Middle Earth


Teresa and Adrian Thompson wanted a child badly. They had been married in 2001 and had not been successful though they tried often. Finally, they were blessed with a son they named James. They had experienced so many problems having James, that they decided he would be an only child. Though his parents doted on him, James was not spoiled and cared more for his parents than he did himself. Just before James’ third birthday, Adrian asked him what he wanted. “A puppy, a puppy,” he said, and his eyes twinkling, James jumped up and down as he clapped his hands.

“Please don’t go,” Teresa begged the next day. “Not today, something about you going today doesn’t feel right.” Adrian was getting ready to take James to pick out his puppy, while Teresa prepared for the party, which would consist of James, Adrian, both sets of grandparents and herself. The closer the time came for them to leave however, the worse she felt. Adrian knew not to question Teresa’s instincts. More often than not, her instincts proved true. However, James had his heart set on going to pick out his puppy before the party, and would not be swayed to wait, so he and Adrian left to go puppy shopping. That was the last time Teresa ever saw her beloved husband and son. The accident was unavoidable, even for a driver as experienced as Adrian. After hearing the news, Teresa closed herself off to everyone who loved her; she was admitted to the psychiatric ward where she retreated into a dream…

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