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A World Worth Waking Up In


Once upon a time a girl named Kim Haneul (heaven in korean) loved someone but she was let down as she caught him with her one and only best friend Lee Umji she thought she could trust him, she thought she could trust her but sadly...no but one day she met a man that changed her life, brought the color and light back into it...who could it be?, who do you think it would be? Read the story to find out

Poetry / Romance
Jm and Bangtan
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

So....I guess thats how it is huh?at 13 years old my parents were killed in a car accident....


Last night at 8:30 pm my parents died in a car crash...and, I didn't..even have a chance to say goodbye.....and now I'm in the hospital trying to process everything that happened now?.......all I have now is my bestfriend and my grand parents....my mom and dads family don't really care about them anymore and when me and my grandparents returned home I heard the door bell ring and I answered it with a long face when the door opened completely there stood my now ex bestfriend Lee Umji with such a cheerful smile and upon seeing my sad face, hers was quickly painted with worry and sadness, then she asked with such a gentle voice

Umji: hey...angel you alright?

My nickname given to me by my one and only friend at the time

Haneul: does it look like I'm alright?

Umji: oh...yeah I'm so sorry about your loss, come on let's get ice cream it'll distract you for a while

*flashback ends*

Wow how sweet of her before, I..I figured out That she was in a relationship with my boyfriend at 18


As I was strolling in the park I heard familiar voices so I followed the sound and I saw my boyfriend and best friend at the most romantic spot at the park holding hands and.....it immediatley broke my heart to pieces and then one by one tears ran down from my sad brown eyes onto the cold concrete ground and I ran, I ran to wherever my feet would lead me I didn't care anymore my heart was too broken....the as I grew tired I had stopped running to catch my breath and then I looked around to see where my feet lead me......the cemetery and not just any cemetery the cemetery where my parents, and grandparents were buried and I walkes to my grandparents grave and....not my parents because they were always busy and that was when they were going to pick me up to finally bond as a family.......and as I was infront of my grandparents grave memories of me coming home to them both "sleeping" at home but....no they weren't and I felt my knees turn to jelly and I knelt down on the dirt and got some candles and matches from my bag while doing so I cried harder....and as I finished lighting both candles I said....

Haneul: Halmeoni, Hal-abeoji if you can hear me jebal.... Please make something interesting happen in my life p-please*sobs*

*flashback ends*

And now.....as a 20 year old I, of course have a job, I work at a big company that pays I high salary of 30,000....and now I'm at my desk finishing up my work and...done and I can finally go home.....and finally I finished my day again my really sad and boring day....

(A/N: this is my first FF please tell me in the comments your guess on who it could be)

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