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Legends of Ninjago: Rise of Evil

By TRikiD

Adventure / Fantasy


Legends of Ninjago: Rise of Evil

Chapter 1 – Beginnings

It was dark, and there was nothing but silence that filled the black void. But then there was the sound of men fighting, two men from the sound of it, and there was also the sound of metal clanging and bashing. From one clashing sound came a quick glimpse of a large bright fire, but the darkness remained, and eventually the fire disappeared as quickly as it appeared. With another clank sound, there was an electrical buzzing noise, and along with that, was another quick glimpse of not fire, but bright blue strands of lightening, and it disappeared too. Another clashing metal sound came, and with it, beautiful white wisps of snow flakes appeared, but disappeared as well. And with one final and loud crash, there was the sound of what seemed like the earth's ground shaking, and then the sound of rock breaking apart. With the sound of the breaking rocks, eventually came the sound of a man screaming, but the screaming faded away, as the dark void stayed.

A bucket of water appeared as it looked like it was sitting on simple concrete ground. Faint footsteps were heard as they approached the water filled bucket, and a human shaped figure that was hard to make out became visible in the water. Suddenly the figure stuck a hot blade of a sword into the bucket, and steam clouds rose as the scorching blade was being cooled. The figure that put the sword in the water bucket was actually a six foot tall man. The man had fairly tan skin, short, yet extremely spiky, brown hair that was apparently glossy from too much hair gel. He had amber brown eyes, and on his right eyebrow was a small scar. He wore a white t-shirt and khaki jeans, but underneath a heavy leather apron like blacksmiths wear, because the man was working in a small humble blacksmith shop, and he wore muddy looking boots on his feet. The spiky haired brunette brought the blade out of the water, and the blade was straight and shiny, and there was no more steam. The man smiled at his work. He brought the sword up to his face and made it horizontal in front of him.

"Huh, not bad," the man sighed, and then put a finger on the blade, but the blade wasn't fully cooled off, so he singed his finger and immediately took it off the hot blade.

"Ouch!" the man exclaimed as he put the sword down gently and held the hand that had the burnt index finger. The man inhaled and looked up, and then exhaled as he looked back at his burnt finger, and he continued to inhale and then exhale, and then look up, and then back at his finger, and so on and so on. The man wasn't alone in the shop, there was also a woman with him, and she looked to be a few years younger than he, and the man looked to be in his mid-twenties. The woman had short black hair. She wore a beautiful red t-shirt with shiny yellow lining, and matching red dress pants, and red sneakers, and she had amber brown eyes, like the man. The woman stood at the front of the shop, looking out for any customers, but the land in which they lived was very desolate, very hard to find a city in these parts. All that was there were maybe a few houses and farmland, and people were out working on their farms, but in the old fashioned way; no combines or tractors, just horses and cattle and crop fields. The woman giggled as she watched the grown man overreact to his injured finger.

"Oh, come on Kai, you're being a bit dramatic. Just go run your finger under some cold water and you'll be fine," the woman said to the man, Kai.

"Hey, you're my sister, not mom, Nya. You can't always tell me what to do," Kai said to the woman, which was his sister, Nya.

"A thousand pardons. I didn't mean for my love for my brother to make you feel weak," Nya said sarcastically.

"Easy sarcastic," Kai protested.

"And you would think a guy who's been a blacksmith for a good long while would know NOT to touch a scorching blade that was just made," Nya added.

"Don't back sass the guy who made all this," Kai said as he forgot about his finger, and pointed to pieces of metal that were formed into things like metal chest plates and helmets for samurai armor, and other swords and daggers, "this is true art work right here," Kai said with a smirk.

Nya rolled her eyes. "Yeah, I know Kai, you've been determined to make stuff like this ever since you made that vow to be a better blacksmith than dad was—ever since dad died," Nya said sadly.

Kai frowned at this and walked up to Nya. "Dad may not have been around for long—and mom was never really around for you either ever since the day she died shortly after you were born—but they wouldn't want us to grieve over their deaths, right?" Kai said softly with a smile.

Nya closed her eyes as Kai cupped her face, and a tear rolled down her face.

"Couldn't have said it better myself," an elderly male voice came. Kai and Nya looked behind them and found an old man standing at the front of the shop. This man was maybe a few inches shorter than Kai, he had bright blue eyes, wore white clothes that covered his arms and legs, and white shoes. On his shirt were black sashes and a black sash across his waist like a belt. Surprisingly, the old man had such a long white beard that it was practically long enough to reach his torso, and he wore a straw sun hat atop his head, and in one hand, he held a wooded staff, and it acted as his walking stick.

"Who are you old man?" Kai asked with a scowl.

"Kai," Nya growled for being disrespectful to the elderly.

"No, no, do not worry, I am aware that I am old—but the point being—I came looking for something," the old man said, "oh, where are my manners, my name is Wu, but my students call me Sensei Wu," the old man, Sensei Wu, chuckled a bit, and offered a handshake out to Kai and Nya.

Nya was the first to smile and take his hand. "Hello, sir, I'm Nya, and this is my older brother Kai, can we help you find anything in particular?" Nya asked, and stopped shaking Wu's hand.

"Whoa, hold on, 'student', what are you, like, a mentor or teacher or something?" Kai cut in.

"Or something, I am a sensei that teaches a rare yet powerful martial arts that was passed down from my father," Wu replied.

"But back to the point, what are you looking for, Wu?" Nya asked.

Wu was just about to open his mouth to speak, when a boom in the valley was heard, and the ground began to shake with it. Nya whimpered, and Kai grabbed his frightened sister.

"Hold on, Nya," Kai demanded. Suddenly the once beautiful blue sky was filled with black and dark purple smoggy clouds as a beacon of black and purple light burst from the ground just over a hill in the distance.

"First came a boom, then an earthquake and creepy dark clouds. What's next, the walking dead?!" Kai exclaimed.

As if on cue, from the beacon in the distance came massive vehicles, they had monster truck wheels, and had skull like designs on them, and they began to rev and drive right towards the blacksmith shop. But driving these scary vehicles were actually the walking dead, they were skeletons with no skin on their bones, and inside the pits of their skulls where their eyes would be were nothing but bit glowing purple light that acted as pupils, and the skeleton people would wear chest plates and helmets for armor, and a few had shields, swords and spears for weapons. There was one skull vehicle that was bigger than the others, and driving it was a bigger and more bulky skeleton with more armor and glowing red eyes. After the skeleton people began to drive closer to where Nya, Wu, and Kai were, they ravaged through farms and terrorized people—even running over and crushing some unlucky people. They began to come into better vision, and Nya could see who was driving the big monster trucks.

"You had to ask!" Nya exclaimed sarcastically.

Kai pushed Nya away and ran to the back of the shop and grabbed some of the armor that was made. Kai first put on some chest armor, and then slipped on a helmet, and looked over to the sword he just made earlier, and picked it up. "Time to see how well this works in battle," Kai said as he looked at the sword. Kai ran a short ways out of the shop, until Nya shouted,

"Kai, wait, you-," Nya called after Kai, but Kai stopped and interrupted her.

"You two stay here, if they want anything here, they can have me to thank when they won't get it," Kai growled, and glared at the fast approaching skull trucks and scary skeleton people.

"But, Kai…" Nya protested, but her voice trailed off, "Wu, do you know what those creatures are?" Nya asked Wu worriedly.

"I believe they are the Skullkin, horrible, murderous, and evil creatures created from the bones and remains of other carcasses of dead bodies. Their soul purpose is to serve any evil they can come across, and their leader is the biggest one, he goes by the name Samukai," Wu explained loud enough for Nya to hear over the screaming and rumbling as he tried to focus on the biggest Skullkin creature driving the biggest truck.

"What can I do to defeat them?" Nya asked.

"Grab any weapon you can and fight like there is no tomorrow!" Wu exclaimed, despite that he was old, he wasn't frail, he ran onto the battle field, and Nya took his advice as she went to the back of the shop to find a weapon.

Meanwhile, as Kai waited for the Skullkin to arrive, they did, the Skullkin halted their vehicles many yards away from Kai, but they began to flee their trucks and headed right for the shop. Kai got into fighting stance as he scowled at the ugly skeleton creatures. Kai let out a battle cry as he stormed towards the nearest Skullkin, and the Skullkin was wearing chest and head armor, and he was wielding a spear in his claw like bony hands. The skeleton cackled as he watched Kai run towards him. When Kai finally reached the skeleton, there was the sound of loud clashing metal, and Kai had a grin on his face, thinking he defeated the Skullkin, but when he looked, his sword had snapped in two, and the piece he held in his hand was all bent up. Kai whimpered as he dropped the other half of the sword and held up his hands in defense and the Skullkin reared his spear back to strike Kai. Suddenly it seemed that a blade from behind the skeleton cut right through the bone neck of the Skullkin, but his head didn't fall off.

"Huh?" the Skullkin looked confused as he looked down to see his neck.

"Batter up!" Nya's voice rang from behind the Skullkin, and with that, she used the blade of her sword to hit the Skullkin's head off and decapitate it, and the skeleton's body fell soon after. Kai looked at his sister with shock.

"You would also think an experienced blacksmith would also know not to use a newly made piece of metal—not so experienced, in my opinion," Nya said with a smirk. The funny moment was soon ended with a loud thud when Samukai came crashing feet first onto the ground behind Nya, and stared at her with his glowing eyes. Nya turned around slowly to look at Samukai.

"Oh god; giant Halloween decoration!" Nya exclaimed and leapt behind Kai to hide.

"Stay back," Kai demanded Nya, and she took a few steps back, "come on, Achmed, just try and blow me up!" Kai yelled at Samukai.

But suddenly without warning, another pair of arms unfolded from behind Samukai's back, and he now had four arms, and clutched within each of his four claw hands a razor sharp dagger.

"Hmm, you will regret saying that—when I take away your beloved sister," Samukai said in a haggish and scratchy voice.

"What?" Nya whimpered.

Suddenly, Samukai threw his four daggers, and they were hurtling towards Kai and Nya. As the daggers went towards the two, everything slowed down and went silent. But luckily, a staff came out in front of Kai and Nya, and it was Wu's staff, he used his staff to block the daggers, and it resulted in all four blades to get stuck in the wooden staff. As soon as the daggers splintered the wood, everything was at normal pace again, and the growls of the Skullkin and the terrorized screams of bystanders could be heard again. Samukai grinned at the sight of Wu.

"Wu, nice to see you—your brother has spoken about you before," said Samukai.

"Garmadon," Wu said silently with a shocked face.

Samukai chuckled, and then turned towards one of the trucks. "You know what to do!" Samukai exclaimed to the Skullkin driving the nearest truck, and the skeleton nodded to Samukai.

On the truck was what seemed to be a giant grabbing claw, but with a long chain that extended, and the big grabbing claw took the appearance of a skull and its mouth was the grabber. The skeleton aimed the claw at a certain angle, but it was aimed straight for Kai and Nya's direction. Without warning the claw was shot from the truck, and its claw was open as it aimed right at Nya.

Nya noticed the claw, and gasped. "Kai, look out!" Nya shouted as she pushed Kai away from her, and in a split second, the open claw landed right around Nya, and it clamped down on her, and Nya winced and shrieked in pain.

"Kai, get away from here!" Wu shouted.

"No, they're taking my sister, I'm not leaving without a fight or Nya!" Kai snapped.

"Ninja-Go!" Wu's voice rang as he was soon engulfed in a miniature golden and yellow tornado and he spun his way over to Kai and swept Kai with him and took him away from the spot.

Meanwhile, Nya was still trapped in the skull claw, and suddenly the chain was being pulled from the truck, and the claw was being pulled back with it. Nya screamed as the claw and herself was pulled onto the truck, and she was now in the Skullkins' clutches.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!" Kai screamed each time he was spun around in Wu's spinning fighting style, until Wu finally stopped spinning and Kai was flung a few feet and landed on his back on the ground. Kai groaned and sat up as he rubbed his back.

"Oh, I think I fell on my keys," Kai groaned, and then he gasped and his eyes widened when he noticed the Skullkin were revving their monster trucks, and they drove away over the hills and towards the black and purple beacon shooting from the ground in the distance, and after a few seconds passed when the trucks disappeared over the hill, the beacon went away too, as well as the dark clouds. Kai was panting a bit, and then he screamed in rage towards the sky. After a few seconds of screaming, Kai stopped and stood up.

"Kai, please, I was trying to help you," said Wu.

"No, you didn't help, you did nothing to save Nya, oh, you could've used that stupid spinning or twist-itzu thing to save her, but no, you only saved me!" Kai snapped, and sighed and began to walk, "I'm going to go find her, whether you're coming or not," Kai growled.

"I hate to burst your bubble, but where they took your sister is a place a mortal like you cannot go," said Wu.

Kai stopped and turned to Wu. "What are you talking about?" Kai asked angrily.

"Where they took your sister isn't in this world—they crossed over to a world only they can reach—the Under World—it is a terrible place where the evilest of creatures live, and a human like you, I'm afraid, can't just merely cross over from this world to the Under World," Wu explained.

"Why are you telling me all this, why are you even here?!" Kai exclaimed.

"It's like I said, I came looking for something—long ago, when this beloved world of ours, Ninjago, was first created by the god we know as the First Spinjitzu Master-," Wu began, but Kai cut him off.

"Spinjitzu?" Kai cut in.

"Please, no interruptions—anyway, when he first created the land with the four elements: fire, ice, earth, and lightening, he also made four weapons from gold to wield and control the elements, they were known as The Sword of Fire, The Shurikens of Ice, The Scythe of Quakes, and The Nun chucks of Lightening—not only did he have the weapons to look after, he also had his two sons, but when he passed away, his oldest son succumbed to evil, and the youngest son had to fight against his own brother, and once the battle between brothers ended—the oldest brother was sent to the Under World," Wu explained sadly.

Kai's face softened at this. "You were the younger brother," Kai said.

Wu sighed, "Yes, and the older brother—my older brother—his name is Garmadon—and I'm sensing he struck a deal with Samukai and his Skullkin army to try and retrieve the golden weapons to take over Ninjago," Wu replied sadly.

"Well then, why'd he take Nya if he's looking for these so called 'golden weapons'?" asked Kai.

"Because after Garmadon was sent to the Under World, I knew I had to do something to keep the golden weapons out of the wrong hands, so I took each golden weapon and hid them in a secret location, and each location had a guard to protect the golden weapons, and with each location I hid them, I drew a map so I would know where they were, but I knew I couldn't keep the map, it was too risky, so I had to give the map to the most trustworthy man I knew—that man was your father," said Wu.

Kai was shocked. "My dad, you gave the map to my dad?" Kai questioned.

"Yes, and the reason Garmadon wanted your sister is because he must believe the offspring of the man I gave the map to must also know about the map," said Wu.

"But our dad never said anything about a map," Kai said worriedly, "oh no, what'll happen if Garmadon asks Nya about the map and she doesn't know anything?" Kia whimpered.

Wu didn't answer, all he did was walk back to the blacksmith shop and looked up the shingles of the roof of the shop.

"What are you doing?" Kai asked as he went after Wu. Wu didn't reply again, all he did was take his staff to reach up to the shingles of the roof, and he hit them so hard they broke, and a few tiles slid off the roof.

"Hey, what are you doing messing up this roof?" Kai asked angrily, only to be answered by a shingle that fell onto his head. "Ow," Kai said immediately after the tile hit his head.

Wu only held out his hand under the spot where he hit the roof, and as if on cue, a rolled up piece of parchment fell right into Wu's palm.

"I thought he might hide it up there," Wu said as he smiled at the rolled up paper.

"Is—is that the map?" asked Kai.

"Yes it is, but if you want to save your sister, than come with me—and I will teach you the art of Spinjitzu," Wu said and he began to walk away.

Kai watched Wu walk away, and then sighed. "Fine, I'll come with you," Kai said and began to follow Wu, "but I have a bad feeling this will turn out just like Kung Fu Panda," Kai murmured.

In a different terrain, one with mountains here and there, it was a bright and peaceful day, Kai and Wu were climbing up the tallest mountain, but along the sides of the mountain was a twisted stone staircase that went up to a distant building at the top of the hill. The mountain was so tall it went above the clouds, and Kai was breathless from so much climbing, but Wu seemed just fine, but neither of them were very close to the top.

"Wu-," Kai began, only to be cut off by Wu.

"Ah, ah, ah, now that I've taken you under my wing, now must call me Sensei Wu," Sensei Wu snapped.

"Fine, Sensei Wu—why do we have to travel so far up here?" Kai panted.

"Because up here is where you will be training," Sensei Wu replied.

After a few more flights of stairs up the mountain, Kai and Sensei Wu reached to top. But what Kai saw at the top was something he did not expect, it was a monastery.

The monastery was round, and at the center of the monastery was nothing but pavement, and nothing was in the middle. When Kai entered through the open gates of the monastery, he was shocked.

"A monastery, you expect me to fight in a place of peace?" Kai questioned.

"I didn't say fight, I said train," said Sensei Wu.

"Train where, there's nothing here," Kai said as he looked around the empty place.

"That is one thing a ninja must learn, he must learn to see what others cannot," Sensei Wu said as he walked up to a wooden pedestal with a small dragon statue.

"Ninja?" asked Kai. Sensei Wu didn't answer all he did was take his staff to the dragon statue, and the statue, surprisingly, flipped up, and under it a small red button was revealed. Kai quirked and eye brow, but Sensei Wu pressed the button with a finger, and with it, a training course appeared from below the pavement of the empty space.

There were swinging dummies, a punching bag that was being swung from a center pillar all around the place, there were other wooden pillars that moved rapidly up and down, or side to side.

Suddenly, the swinging punching bag came out of nowhere and hit Kai, but Kai couldn't let go, so the slug buddy took Kai with it. Sensei Wu sighed.

"This is going to take a while," Sensei Wu sighed.

The time of day changed, now the sun was setting, and the sky had turned mostly dark purple, but with a few hints of orange.

At the monastery, Sensei Wu was sitting cross legged on the wood deck the lead to the monastery's entrance doors. Kai was no longer wearing the samurai armor or his blacksmith leather apron, now he was just wearing usual clothes, a white t-shirt, khakis, and sneakers.

Kai was running through the course at lightening speed. He would wisp past the sideways motion pillars, and would jump on and off the up and down moving pillars quickly. Once he was off the pillars, a sword came out in front of him and was about to slash at his head, when Kai bent backwards and dodged the blade. Kai looked up, now all that was left was the swinging slug buddy. Kai waited for the slug buddy to hit him, and when it did, Kai was taken away with it away again, but this time, Kai grabbed onto the chain holding up the slug buddy and held onto it. When the slug buddy was just feet away from being in front of Sensei Wu, Kai jumped off of it, and landed feet first on the ground in front of the old man, and was panting.

Sensei Wu smiled. "Hmm, out of the other countless times you failed, this time, you passed," said Sensei Wu.

"Great—now when can I learn this special Spinjitzu I've heard about so I can save my sister?" Kai asked flatly.

Sensei Wu stood up, and opened the doors to the monastery. "You shall see, but for now, I suggest you get some sleep," said Sensei Wu said, and with that, he left the doors open for Kai to come in and walked into the building.

Kai sighed and went into the building too, but what he didn't notice were three dark human figures sitting on the roof watching Kai.

The three figures were dressed in black ninja suits, and they had their masks up, so their faces and hair were not visible, all that was visible were a pair of eyes. One of the three figures had emerald green eyes and big black bushy eye brows and he pale white skin, the other figure had white skin to, and he had blue eyes and light brown eyes brows, and one eye brow had a scar, and the third figure had silver colored eyes and blond eye brows, and he had pale skin too. The figure with the bushy eye brows was holding a scythe, the figure with a scarred eye brow was holding a pair of nun chucks, and the figure with the silver eyes was holding a shuriken in each hand. The three figures seemed to have the body shapes of men, and they looked at each other and nodded as they all leapt off the roof.

The sky was now completely black and was filled with stars and a crescent moon.

Kai was now dressed in red pajamas, he wore long pajama pants and a short sleeved red shirt. He was in the bathroom and was brushing his teeth. But what Kai didn't notice as he brushed his teeth were the three same figure dressed in black from outside were traveling between the gap of the building's roof and the support pillars, and the figures sat in silence on the pillars. After Kai spit out some toothpaste foam, he looked at himself in the mirror.

"Get some sleep huh, yeah right, I don't need sleep," Kai scoffed, and rinsed his mouth and tooth brush. But as Kai was rinsing, he didn't notice the three dark figure drop silently from the ceiling, the one with the nun chucks hid behind the shower curtains in the bathroom, and the one with the scythe along with the one holding shurikens hid behind the pillars that supported the doorway to the bathroom in the hall.

When Kai finished rinsing, he walked out of the bathroom, but because of the pillars, he didn't notice the two figures standing in the hall, so he just continued to walk down the hall. The man that hid behind the showers curtain in the bathroom walked out of the room and up to the other two men in black. The three looked at each other and nodded, and followed Kai in silent pursuit. Kai was walking in the direction that led to the doors to exit the building to get to his room, so when Kai looked, he did a double take to finally notice the three men, so he got into fighting stance.

Outside in the empty space of the monastery was quite peaceful, but that peace was not to last because without warning when Kai and the other three men came bursting through the doors and were all wrestling with each other. But the three men got confused and began to fight each other. The man with the shurikens and silver eyes accidently punched the man with blue eyes and nun chucks in the stomach.

"Ow, you're supposed to hit the other guy!" the man with blue eyes groaned in a comedic high pitched voice as he held his stomach.

"Sorry, I got confused," the man with silver eyes replied in a velvety voice.

Meanwhile, Kai was still fighting the man with black bushy eye brows that was wielding a scythe. The man tried to swing his scythe to Kai's legs to knock Kai off his feet, but Kai jumped up and dodged it. But unlucky for Kai, the man turned his scythe so the pointy end of the blade pointed down, and he brought the other end of the scythe up and hit Kai in the place where the sun doesn't shine. Kai winched and fell to his knees in defeat after the man brought his scythe away.

"Enough, all of you!" Sensei Wu's voice boomed. All the men, and Kai meekly, looked up to find Sensei Wu with his staff in hand and was scowling at them. The three men took down their masks and their faces became visible.

The man with pale skin and bushy eye brows and green eyes had a mop of shaggy black hair that didn't reach his shoulders, but it was a few inches from there, and he had some bangs, the man with the scarred eye brow and blue eyes had short and wavy brunette hair, and the man that had silver eyes had blond hair that was so light colored, it was practically white, and his short hair managed to stand up a bit.

"Cole, you should know better than to treat a new student like that," Sensei Wu said angrily to the man with the black hair and scythe, who's name was Cole. And each man looked to be around Kai's age.

"Wait, new student?" Cole asked with shock.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, Sensei, you never said anything about a new student, it's not four, it's three, three little pigs, three musketeers, three blind mice…" the brunette with nun chucks and blue eyes began but trailed off.

"We get it, Jay," Cole growled at the brunette called Jay. Kai got up slowly, and the pain seemed to go away.

"Are these the students you were talking about before?" asked Kai.

"Yes, they are—and I'd appreciate it if all four of you get along—and introduce yourselves," Sensei Wu said, and eventually smiled.

"Don't know if you've gotten it yet, but the name's Jay Walker," Jay introduced himself to Kai and stuck out a hand. Kai snickered, and took Jay's hand.

"Jay Walker?" Kai asked while trying not to laugh, but was failing. Jay's smile went away when he and Kai stopped shaking hands.

"Ugh, yes I know what my last name is, don't remind me—the kids at my school would always make fun of my name," Jay groaned.

"Hey, I'm Cole Bucket, and before you say anything, yes you heard my last name correctly, but I'm also team leader, so I suggest that you keep your trap shut—but despite all that, I got your back, and I ain't afraid of anything in this world," Cole said as he brought his scythe to Kai's throat to emphasize what he said, but then he brought it away.

"Well, that is not one hundred percent true, Cole is actually afraid of dragons," the silver eyed blond haired man said in his soft velvety voice.

"Zane, I just said to tweak it—and dragons aren't in this world," Cole corrected the blond named Zane.

"Uh, yeah, in fact, they're not even real," Kai snickered again.

"What'd I just say?" Cole growled at Kai.

"Yeah, whatever, I'm Kai—apparently, I'm the new student you were never aware of," Kai introduced himself to the three men.

"But, Sensei, now that we have a new student, what are we all to do now?" asked Zane.

"First—we must get you four fitted," Sensei Wu replied with a smile.

There was a long pause.

"Uh—fitted?" Jay asked, breaking the silence.

Sensei Wu didn't reply to Jay, he simply jerked himself one way, and did Spinjitzu again as he was engulfed in a golden mini tornado like before. Wu spun his way towards the four men, and actually Spinjitzu-ed right into the four men one at a time. He went from Zane, to Jay, to Kai, and last but not lest, Cole. When Wu stopped spinning and was no longer engulfed in his golden light, the black clothes Cole, Jay, and Zane were wearing, and Kai's pajamas had all changed. The clothes they were wearing were all the same design, but were in different colors. Each of them were wearing their own ninja suits, with leather straps across their waist and over their shoulders. And each of the suits was in a different color, Cole's suits was as black as night, like the suit he was just wearing, Jay's suit was a dark blue color, Zane's suit was as white as snow, and Kai's suit was a dark red.

"Wait, why am I still wearing black?" asked Cole, as he looked at his new suit.

"Ooh, cool magic trick, oh, oh, oh, pull a bunny or some flowers out of your sun hat next, Sensei!" Jay said enthusiastically, and he wasn't being sarcastic.

"Is he always like this?" Kai whispered to Cole.

"You have no idea," Cole grumbled in reply.

Sensei Wu chuckled, "Who says you cannot teach an old dog new tricks—but the point being, you are a ninja team, and these colors you now wear symbolizes your elemental powers," said Sensei Wu.

"Elemental?" asked Zane.

"Powers?" asked Kai.

"Let me explain: Cole," Sensei Wu said as he walked over to Cole, "you are the black ninja, and master of earth—they say no matter how the wind blows, the mighty mountain will not bow to it, just like you will never succumb to evil or lose faith in all that is good, you are too strong for that—just like the element you control," Sensei Wu explained, and Cole bowed.

"Jay," Wu said as he walked over to Jay, "blue ninja, the master of lightening—you have the jokes and snappy comebacks that are as fast as the lightening powers you control," Wu said, and then chuckled, "but you also have that glow from the lightening that shines to show everyone the light in the darkest and stormiest of skies," Wu continued, and Jay smiled at this.

"Zane," Wu said and proceeded towards Zane, "you are the white ninja, and the master of ice—many say that ice can be a cold, cruel, and harsh force, but when used for good reasons—the ice that flows trough you will never melt, just like you will never stop protecting Ninjago, and Ninjago will never lose faith in you," Sensei Wu explained. Zane blinked at this, but kept a straight face and nodded. Sensei Wu looked at Kai and walked in front of him.

"And last but not least Kai, the red ninja, and master of fire—just like the other elements the others control, they stand for good, and your element shines the brightest, caressing everything with its warm grasp—and Kai I have but one thing to say for you: When you find that your back is up against the wall, because your element is too powerful and too tall; then you must make a sacrifice to stand for good, and then everyone will honor the ground on which you stood; and believe me when I say this has not been said many times, but it works, because it rhymes," Sensei Wu said, and then smiled. Everyone got a chuckle out of Sensei's 'advice.'

"Wise and humorous—wasn't expecting that," Kai said with a smirk.

"Indeed," said Sensei Wu, "but for now, we must get ready to head out—we have a long journey ahead of us," Sensei Wu said as he turned and he started to walk back inside the monastery.

"Wait, I thought you said to get some sleep!" Kai called to his new teacher.

"Oh, that was just a test to see if you would be ready for the accidental ambush by the others," Wu said as he stopped and turned, "even though I knew it would happen," Wu continued.

"So, it wasn't really 'accidental'?" Kai asked with air quotes.

"Apparently not—but get ready men, we will be heading out when the moon reaches its peak," said Sensei Wu. The four ninja looked up at the waning gibbous moon that was high in the sky, but not quite where Wu said it would eventually be.

"But, it will be there in about forty-five minutes," Zane protested, but kept calm.

"Then I suggest that all of you stop talking and start packing for the trip, and if you are not ready by the time we are meant to leave, then we will leave without you, am I clear, my students?" Sensei Wu asked firmly.

"Yes, Sensei," Cole, Jay, and Zane said in unison, but Kai wasn't ready.

"How about you, new pupil?" Wu pressed on.

"Aye," Kai simply said.

"I'll take that as a yes," said Sensei Wu.

"Whoa, hold on, why would Kai come here with you in the first place, Sensei?" asked Jay.

"Because these freaky undead guys kidnapped my sister," Kai replied.

"Oh, we're saving a girl, is she pretty?" Jay asked with a goofy smile, and Kai shot him a death glare, and things went silent for a moment. "What's her type?" Jay asked quickly, breaking the silence.

"Shut up!" Kai snapped.

"Do I need to hit you with this thing, again?" Cole growled as he brought his scythe to Kai's throat again, and brought Kai out of his argument with Jay.

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